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Boss, Manipur Sun sets earlier

by Sh Ajit
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By: Sh Ajit
Imphal, May 14:

Chief Minister N Biren, the symbol of people’s choice, once again shows his innovative idea by introducing different time sloths to primary, high and higher secondary, higher education. Moreover the office hours of government employees is made changed from 9:30 – 4:30 to 9 -5. The reasons for changing such working hours are circulated among the people; some are very critical about the school hours; some are happy citing traffic congestion. Well, it is notable that our Chief Minister has a treasure of innovative ideas, for which we are proud of him. As there are many followers both in his party and public who are sincere fans who never question to his innovative idea. They try their best to materialize N Biren’s ideas and tirelessly engage themselves in translating his ideas into action. But, when the Government of Manipur announces the change of working hours for different sectors, automatically, without any malice, I like to know: Boss, what exactly we are trying to achieve out of such change. Is it the solution of traffic congestion or giving time for weekend? Is it just copycatting of mainland Indian behavior, if not of western societies?
While fixing office hour, my Boss, usually the Governments consider sunset hour. We all know that 5 pm is just evening, not late evening or night in many parts of mainland India where the sunset time ranges from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm. After working hours, everyone has about 2 hours for other works ranging from marketing to social gathering before they reach home. Boss, as we all know, India has only one time zone and Indian Standard Time is calculated in reference to Allahabad; the sunset hours in places east to Allahabad is geographically earlier than that of places west to Allahabad. This is just a simple geographical knowledge. For a ready reference, we can look the Sunrise and Sunset hours of a few State Capitals during the present week of May 2022.
Therefore asking government employees to work till dusk (considering Manipur’s position vis-à-vis 5 PM) is just inhuman. We cannot follow every step of New Delhi even in deciding office hours. 5 PM in New Delhi is 2 hours before Sunset while in Imphal is just 47 minute. One can say that fixing office hour 9-5 is simply torturing government employees.
Moreover, the transport system of the State, though our Chief Minister is so ambitious and innovative, is next to worst. Regular bus services are simply unavailable. The public transportation, owned by private individuals, in the form of Auto-rickshaws or other light vehicles is available in limited areas. Persons have to take another means to reach their localities from such parking areas. This is very complex and undependable. This fact of public transportation adds more burdens on government employees who have to rush back home after hard office works in the late evening. The burden is more on the shoulders of lady employees. Boss, Singapore model does not operate everywhere as well as Delhi is far from Manipur both in distance and development.
The innovative idea is good. It is also true that there will be resistance to any innovative works. But, we cannot generalize that all the innovative ideas are always good. For fixing office hours, the main point that should be considered is productive work done in those days. Will you kindly assess the productivity of the office hours of 9-5? Is there any change in the work culture of government establishments after the innovative imposition of the office hours? Some employees are happy because all Saturdays are holidays; almost all the employees are sad because they reach home either at late evening or night.

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