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By – Dr Nunglekpam Premi Devi
Independent Scholar

Frequently I heard calling, calling me addressing;
May I know not, pretty and adorable, isn’t that?
Asking enough questions to self, how and why and what for?
Hopefully am I too darling to them? Sweet and winsome;
I raised ears to overheard it’s echoing,
Why should I be call? Wondering what may I be?
It’s too rationale, yes indeed! Too purposefully;
‘Reasoning’ difficult addressing me ‘Angaobisidi’;
Am I to them? Too grounding still sounds great;
Days passed by, months passed by, years passed by,
Understanding! I can’t cooperate practically;
Make me no sense, I dare searching, what makes ‘them’ call?
They knows well, ‘Angaobi’, undying sanity I ever try to know.

Forgive me; forget me not; I usually pray
Holding ‘them’ within me, I see them through extremity;
I cried hard when life flings, harder I cried I behold ‘them’;
‘Give me strength’, ‘Forgive me’ easy touching their feet;
Distance! Carries me away far and wide,
Time! Making me no easy, casting shadowing;
‘Give me wings’ I may come and hear your call,
Happily I responded, ‘Angaobisidi, Kamdouri nungairibra’?
Still I see, with your teary eyes, constant smiling,
Oh Dear! Dear father! I love thy calling;
Sweeter I feel within, making me no shame;
Magnificence Dignity! I presume ‘am sustaining;
What may I be? ‘Angaobisidi’, undying sanity I ever try to know.

Breaking no barriers; I stand firmly;
Seeing ‘them’ unexposed tight and concern,
I still wonder, why? Anger I hated the most;
It’s bitter, too bitter when ‘you’ turn away;
Tired you’re; holding untold memories of six;
Mother! I pray thy solidity, overcoming resilience;
‘Call me angaobi’, ‘Give me a chance’ your virtue;
How weak I am? Stretching no arms to hold ‘you’,
‘Your’ murmuring, I see a lots, yes I am the one!
‘Let me love you; let me wipe off your enduring tears’;
Appreciating much, I adore and cherish your sanctity;
Soft and teary, I can’t apprehend your discern;
How truth I feel? Call me more ‘Angaobinidana’;
What may I be? ‘Angaobinidana’, undying sanity I ever try to know.
Question after another, I verify honestly;
I may or I may not; what fault I may have;
Experiencing! I witness many through ‘call’;
Identity! What may I have, lies I may cope to;
Certainty, they have upon ‘me’ I need to accept;
Bravely I drive my swallow options;
‘Angaobi’, ‘Angaobisidi’ ‘Angaobinidana’ I bet the summary;
‘Call me’ ‘address me’ but I see through your teary eyes;
Thy untold memories, delineating fathoms maneuver;
What may I be? ‘Angaobinidana’, undying sanity I ever try to know.

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