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Items filtered by date: Friday, 01 September 2017 - Imphal Times - A Daily Eveninger

Education Minister attends The MTU Freshers’ Meet

Imphal, Sept. 1: Education Minister Thokchom Radheshyam said that every moment in life should be treasured for once the time is gone it will never come back. Every difficulties or tasks that come in life should be appreciated for they shape and polish the life making it more refined.
The Minister was speaking as Chief Guest at the Freshers’ Meet, 2017-18 of Manipur Technical University (MTU) at the Government Polytechnic Auditorium (Temporary Campus). He said that everyone present in the institution should appreciate each other, the different facets of ideas, philosophy and religion as members of a big family of MTU.
 Forgive and forget are qualities that make the great man, filling the environment with positivity to support and help each other.    The teacher and guardians should guide and mentor the youths in taking the right choice, he added.    

Vice – Chancellor, Manipur Technical University H. Deleep Singh said that the institution in itself is in the initial stage having been only two years old. He said that the profiling of the institution lies in the hand of the students who are studying here as these student will one day become the faculty. Character foundation is one of the important needs that must be established in the institutions for development of students, he added.
Principal, Manipur Institute of Technology R.K. Hemakumar Singh said that knowledge, skill and attitude are the qualities which are a must for the engineering students to become the contributor of the society.  Certain facilities of e-journal and software have also been provided in the institute to benefits the students. He urged the students to make the best use of the available resources.
During the meet, students presented numerous cultural programmes. The function was attended by Principals, teachers, faculties and student of the institute.

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Consistency in containing the vagaries of nature

Every year, a certain day is dedicated and observed as “World Environment Day” throughout the world. The irony, however is that it would not be far from the truth to say that everybody is feeling the consequences of the damages man has inflicted on the environment right this very minute. But the uncomfortable truth is that unless we start doing something concrete to reverse- if possible, or contain the damage, the rise in temperature and the consequent disruptions in the natural climatic cycle will continue at an increased rate. That is not a very rosy picture, and yet precious little has been done on the ground to slow the ravages of man on our ecosystem. There is bound to be a conflict of interest between conservation of environment and development as has been witnessed countless times before, an inevitable crossing of paths arising out of necessity. But such conflicts need not result in disaster or damages though that has been the case so far. All it needs is proper understanding and earnest effort to bring about a cohesive system where nature and environment can be integrated into the developing world. It has now become a chick or “the in thing” to flaunt one’s eco-friendly lifestyles. This says a lot for the changing mindset towards our environments- a welcome change for sure, compared to the wanton destruction of forests and natural greeneries a few years earlier to make way for concrete structures and artificial jungles of concrete and glass.
But the most emergent question everybody needs to be asking at the moment is: is dedicating a single day of the year to reaffirm our commitment and responsibilities towards our environment enough to make the necessary and desired changes? The answer couldn’t be any clearer. This year, we have witnessed and experienced one of the worst floods in recent years, and the more relevant point that needs to be looked into is the frequency of the disaster. As of today, we have experienced flood situations at least four times in the state, the most recent one wreaking havoc at Senapati District, destroying, among others, an orphanage and leaving the kids with just the clothes on their backs.

The effects of the wrath of nature cannot be stressed enough. While it would not be possible or practical to expect the government to set things right and make plans to ensure that such calamities does not occur, there are areas where the government, both at the central and the state level, can look into and take up concrete steps to minimize the effects and contain the damage. Yet whatever has been done so far by way of any and every efforts towards addressing the issues, almost all of them turned out to be just another excuse by the contractors, engineers and others involved in the process to serve their own self-interests. The need of the hour, on the other hand, should be to implement a consistent plan to help nature and our environment to heal. This will undoubtedly prove easier said than done, but greater challenges have been successfully met and overcame with cooperation, dedication, a sense of purpose and resilience.
Meanwhile, making informed judgment by everyone of us, in the way we choose eco-friendly products and organic foods that does not contaminate the soil and water, to that of choosing things which are made locally instead of the ones that has been flown halfway around the world, as also inculcating a more evolved civic sense could make a much bigger and significant difference than we think possible.

Governor, CM greets on eve of Eid-Ul-Zuha

Imphal, Sept 1: Dr. Najma Heptulla, Governor of Manipur extends warm greetings to the people of the state on the occasion of Eid-Ul-Zuha, terming it as a festival to spread the message of peace, brotherhood and universal love. In a message released today, the Governor urged the people to strengthen the feeling of oneness and to forgive and forget any ill-will which may be there while stressing on the concept of the world as a single family and the need to resolve all strife through peaceful means. Chief Minister N Biren also extends his greetings to the people of Manipur on the auspicious occasion of Id-Ul-Zuha and reiterates the supreme sacrifice made by Prophet Ibrahim for the sake of mankind and reaffirms faith in the allegiance of man to god. Stating that the joy of sharing and charity associated with the festival promotes the feeling of compassion and love to serve the poor and needy, the Chief Minister wishes that the festival unite everyone in a spirit of common brotherhood to serve the cause of humanity for a more peaceful and prosperous Manipur. Karam Shyam, Minister CAF & PD also expressed wishes for a prosperous, peaceful and harmonious state in a press release greeting the people of Manipur on the eve of Id-Ul-Zuha

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NH-37 stir called off, normal traffic resumes

Imphal, Sept. 1: With the problems/demands put up by the Nungba Area Joint Action Committee (NAJAC) resolved today after consultation with a Medical Dept. GOM led by the Additional Director, Health Services, the indefinite total shutdown imposed in between Barak and Khongshang has been called off today with effect from 2 pm today. It may be mentioned that the NAJAC has been demanding several points including adequate posting of Staffs and diagnostics equipments. The NH-37 (Imphal-Jiri) route is now resuming normal vehicular traffic and all the shops/markets were opened again at Nungba, Kambiron, Barak and Khongshang respectively.

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Security personnel are political victims: Maoist Communist Party Manipur

Imphal, Sept 1: a press release of the proscribed group Maoist Communist Party Manipur claimed that the security personnel are being victimized by the political system and the politicians whom they are delegated to provide security and are made to flaunt the law on the insistence of the politicians of the state. The release further cites examples of a police officer who was mishandled by a group of security escorts of a politician in front of his own family as well as the case of the Fake encounter case which is awaiting a final verdict by the Supreme Court. Highlighting the unfortunate incidents where the security personnel were made to go beyond their call of duty to indulge in excesses emboldened by the proximity and assurances of the politicians who are then left to fend for themselves when any legal complications arise, the release appealed to the people of the state to lend support in efforts to bring the fake encounter case to its logical conclusion and also to refrain from indulging in unlawful and excessive manner at the behest of the politicians of the state.

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