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Items filtered by date: Tuesday, 06 June 2017 - Imphal Times - A Daily Eveninger

WCAL demands judicial enquiry to the killing of A Shanti Devi at Moreh; stage protest, submit memorandum

Imphal, June 6: Working Committee on Apunba Lup (WCAL), a conglomerate of Human Rights and Civil Society organizations based in Manipur has demanded judicial inquiry to investigate the killing of Arambam Shanti Devi at Moreh market on May 22 evening.
According to report Arambam Shanti Devi, a labourer working at Indo Myanmar Border was mercilessly murdered by two mask men who came in a motor bike by pumping half a dozens of bullets to her body. Her son, an auto driver picked up his mother and took her to Moreh Hospital but she succumbed to her injuries.
Large number of members of Apunba Lup today stage protest and proceed towards Chief Minister Bungalow to submit memorandum demanding justice for the decease lady today afternoon. The protestors were however, stopped by a large number of Police at Keishampat. After a brief confrontation, the police team allow few of the representatives of Apunba Lup for submitting memorandum to the Chief Minister.
The memorandum demands institution of a special Commission of Judicial Inquiry, comprising Legal Luminaries, Forensic Expert, etc. to investigate the Killing of A. Shanti Devi and immediate prosecution of all those involved in the crime. It also demands security forces to stop any form of engagement of surrenderees, SoO/ Peace talk groups in their duties and urged to institute a High Power Committee to strictly monitor the surrenderees, SoO or Peace talk cadres in their movement and activities.

In view of the excess committed by the security forces, the Apunba Lup also demanded immediate repeal of draconian act – The Armed Forces Special Powers Act, 1958.
In the memorandum submitted today the Apunba Lup warns serious agitations if the government fails to comply with the charter of demand mentioned in the memorandum.
Apunba Lup also expressed strong suspicion on the involvement of certain protected individuals by Assam Rifles. In the memorandum it is stated that the killing took place in close proximity to the Assam Rifles camp and besides, an AR vehicle (Gypsy) was seen parked at a very short distance from the spot of the killing. They question on why the AR personnel collected empty cartridges lying at the spot where the killing took place when the police are yet to arrive at the crime scene.
Further, the Apunba Lup also questioned on why 2 suspects arrested on the intervening night of 23 and 24 May along with a small unregistered pistols were intervene by the Commanding Officer of 11 Assam Rifles. As per information with the Apunba Lup it is stated that the 11 AR CO strongly resisted any proceeding for further investigation to the two suspects arrested by the the police.

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Unresolved challenges

The recent rise in inhuman crimes of killing people in the most heinous way is not a good sign of good governance. When no words comes out on the homicide crimes, the outburst of the state Government and subsequent show of political conviction against the increasingly violent intimidations and coercion by various armed groups operating in the state professing various lofty ideologies ranging from freedom to emancipation of the society has made the public sit up and take notice, and have even managed to enrage a section of the society. What has sparked the imagination of the people more than the show of military strength is the swiftness and alacrity in implementing its promise. The troubled state has been experiencing more than its fair share of unwanted and unfortunate incidents, so much so that the common people have become inured to these often violent distractions and have started reconciling themselves to this particular way of life. But this does not mean that the very same people have given up on their hopes and aspirations of leading a simple, carefree life free from fear and violence. On the contrary, these elusive dreams have spurred them on to try harder and fuelled their irrepressible spirit to try and rise above the travails being endured everyday. But what exactly is the genesis of such a situation? Would it be possible to ascribe the cause to a particular group of individuals, a particular ethnic group or a set of persons subscribing to a particular ideology? The answer, and therefore the solution, will undoubtedly be a daunting, if not an impossible one. And yet nothing is likely to change, let alone improve, if nothing is done to address the situation. Someone has to make a start somewhere, and by all indications, the task will be fraught with challenges, setbacks and of course danger. Such a perilous undertaking needs to be planned meticulously and executed precisely, with undeterred commitment and tenacity. The obvious choice to take up such a challenge is the State Government, conceived and formed to protect and lead the society towards progress and prosperity. The only question that remains to be answered is: is the present Government committed enough to carry out its promise and see things through to the end? What about the various discrepancies and bureaucratic mismanagements that are, at least in part, responsible for various groups to make an excuse to resort to arms, citing betrayal and suppression of the society, allegations which, in a way cannot be discounted? The tough stance taken by the state Government against the increasing atrocities and violent intimidation by various armed groups is a welcome and a much needed impetus in the right direction. The much harassed public would want it no other way than to see it through, and at the same time to cleanse the government of the rampant abuse and misuse of official positions for personal benefits being practiced at present and have sadly seemed to have been ingrained into the system. Until such stumbling blocks and aberrations in the system is cauterized, there will always be an excuse to espouse further violence and mayhem within the society.

Startup Weekend Imphal 2.0 Edition

For the second time in Manipur, Startup Weekend Imphal successfully concluded its 3 days event at Nibiaa Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.Singjamei, Imphal, Manipur from 26th to 28th of May 2017.The event was jointly organized by three startup companies in Manipur namely Nibiaa Consultancy Pvt. Ltd., Basic Platform (basicP) and Uchan Enterprises.
With the objective of building a startup ecosystem in Manipur, to nurture& validate business ideas and to generate more job creators (entrepreneurs) instead of job seekers for long term economic development of the region, such an event was organized with the support of local sponsors and spirited effort of the organizers who themselves run small startup Companies in Manipur and without assistance from any government agencies.Startup Weekend is a non-profit global network of passionate leaders and entrepreneurs, based in Seattle, Washington who organizes 54-hour events across the globe on a mission to inspire, educate and empower individuals, teams and communities to share ideas, form teams and launch startups. So far, 23k+Teams Formed,193k+ Alumni Community Members, 150Countries (That’s more than Starbucks!),2.9k+ Events to Date.
Startup Weekend Imphal is a general edition of a 54-hour event where developers, designers and business development folks come together to pitch a raw idea, which could be in any vertical/theme and work on building a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) thus propelling them to take their ideas to the next stage of launching a business, all in one weekend. It is a great opportunity to test startup ideas/hypothesis, meet potential co-founders, build a powerful community in Imphal and launch your next startup! This weekend will be a priceless opportunity to pitch the ideas in front of local entrepreneurial leaders and evolve them with their critical feedback and aids from coaches.
All together 55numbers ofaspiring entrepreneurs registered and took part in the 54-hour startup marathon (three days event). On today’s final daya total of 7teams (5 members each) demonstrate their MVP (minimum viable product), business model and their execution strategies in front of 4 judges. Each team was given 5 mints time for presentation and 3 minutes for Q&A. The company names of the ideas which were presented are Sai-yon Services, One-go-Recipe, Mahei Mangal Edu Consultancy, Thougal Event Solutions, Chengtel Ingkhol, Beacon Financial Services, Solar Fan on Umbrella. The top three team were selected and awarded were Beacon Financial Services as 2nd runner up, Thougal Event Solutions as 1st Runner up and the winner of the event was One-go-Recipe.
As a part of “Post Event” initiative the top three team will be provided with free incubation space for three months at the office of Nibiaa Consultancy Pvt. Ltd., Singjamei,Imphal. During the three months all the business ideas will be nurtured and mentored to bring up to “investible stage”. Also, any startup enthusiast can also join the incubation space to validate their business ideas and connect with any one of the organizing partners.
The Startup Weekend Organizing team will continue to organize Startup Weekend every 6 months to nurture more business Ideas and help create Startup Ecosystem in Manipur. Since, this event aims at democratizing the process of starting a new startup company in Manipur, We the organizing team of Startup Weekend Imphal would like to request the State Government and concerned authority to help and support the organizing of future events in all possible way and help develop and creation of entrepreneurial ecosystem in Manipur.Aeroshil Nameirakpam Founder Nibiaa Consultancy, Rojen Leimapokpam Founder Basic Platform and Ningthem Ningombam MD and Co-founder Uchan Enterprises took a lead role in successfully organizing the event. Volunteer student Bony Yumnam and Rajkumar Shitaljit also played a big role helping organize various logistics of the event.

Mortal remains of Kimngaisiam, Lianlunmang laid to rest

CCpur, June 6:  Mortal remains of baby Kimngaisiam and master Lianlunmang were on Tuesday laid to rest after the siblings had died drowned in Lanva river of Churachandpur district six days ago.
After five days of frantic search in Lanva river, the body of baby Kimngaisiam was finally recovered from under Saidan bridge in Churachandpur district yesterday.
The body of the deceased kid was found around 4:40 pm there, about 10 km away from the spot where she was presumed drowned along with her elder brother on June 1 last.
Baby Kimngaisiam and her elder brother master K Lianlunmang drowned after they were swept away by the strong current of Lanva river while playing near the bank of the river around 3:00 pm of June 1.   The body of Lianlunmang was found after two hours of search in the river that day. The siblings were students of Rayburn High School, Churachandpur.  
The Manipur government has promised to pay ex-gratia to the next of kin. An ex-gratia of Rs 4 lakh for master K Lianlunmang was handed over to their parents on June 3.
The last rites of the siblings were held at Lanva Cemetery.

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Centre keen to make Manipur better: Dr Jitendra

Imphal, June 6: Development of North Eastern Region (DoNER) Minister Dr Jitendra Singh stated here on Tuesday that the government was giving special impetus to the development of the hill districts of Manipur.
Participating in an entrepreneurs meet cum exhibition at Hotel Imphal, Dr Jitendra said the Centre intends to make Manipur better among the rest of the states in the country.
“Manipur has a lot of talents and potentials but these remain still dormant. It’s very fortunate now that Manipur is having a new BJP government which will help leverage the full potential of the state of Manipur for better.
He said the scheme on development of hill areas started off ever since a meeting of all Chief Secretaries and Planning Secretaries held on May 30 last. The meeting proposed and agreed to take up the development policies as a pilot project in the hill areas, he informed.
Earlier in the day, the DoNER Minister took part in a function to celebrate three years of rule by the BJP-led NDA government at the Centre.
Besides Dr Jitendra, the function held at the BJP Manipur Pradesh office, Nityaipat Chuthek was attended by Manipur Chief Minister Nongthombam Biren Singh and a host of party leaders.
On the occasion, the speakers highlighted various policies and programmes taken up by the government across the country during the past three years.

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NEFIS urges probe into Shanti killing case at Moreh

Imphal, June 6: North-East Forum for International Solidarity (NEFIS) held a candle-light vigil at Arts Faculty in condolence for the recent incident of brutal shooting of a woman, Arambam Shanti in Moreh town of Manipur.
NEFIS has also submitted a letter addressed to the President of India, demanding investigation of the case by an Independent Probe Team. It should be known that on 22nd May 2017, at around 4.00 PM in Ward No. 4 Premnagar, Moreh, two masked men on a bike brutally killed Shanti by shooting at her.
The NEFIS urged the President to investigate the matter by handing over to an independent Investigation Team to ensure   that the Assam Rifles’ involvement should be probed thoroughly in a time bound manner, under the direct supervision of your good office. It also demanded removal of Assam Rifles from Moreh.
NEFIS further alleged that the suo moto case taken up by the Moreh Police regarding the killing could not be proceeded  due top interference from the Assam Riffles.

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