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Items filtered by date: Wednesday, 14 June 2017 - Imphal Times - A Daily Eveninger

Rivers closing on danger level, NDRF rushes team

Imphal, June 14: Most of the rivers in Manipur are flowing close to danger levels today as heavy rains continued to lash the state for the last couple of days.
The monsoon rain continued to wreak havoc in some states of Northeast including Manipur. In Mizoram, eight persons were killed and other six were reported missing after flash floods. A least 250 houses were washed away by flash floods in the border village of Tlabung in Lungeli district of southern Mizoram bordering Bangladesh on Tuesday.
Imphal river section at Kairang breached in the morning after the torrent broke through the embankment. But a temporary dike was built to prevent from more flooding in the area, a report said.
Though the water levels of Imphal river and Nambul river was gradually receding in most places, some parts of low lying section of the Imphal river after Lilong area were still facing a threat of flood as the water was flowing above the danger level.
A major breach erupted at the confluence of Imphal river and Thoubal river at Chabung Company in Mayang Imphal late in the morning. According to reports, the residents first noticed a spring of water gushing out inside the temple compound of Ibudhou Wangbarel Lairembi. At round 10.30 the torrent assumed menacing proportion and the retaining wall on the bank of the river behind the temple caved in completely letting out large volume of fast moving water towards the western side. The surge of the water was such that the top layer of bitumen on the road was scraped away.
According to the latest reports, the overflowing water had inundated more than 100 houses and around 1000 acres of agricultural fields and fish farms. In some parts, the river water had crossed over to Imphal-Mayang Imphal road, some two kilometers from the breach.

Local residents were seen making an all out effort to fix the breach using earth moving machines and metal poles. However, they were unable to contain the overflow till last report. The affected villagers were taking refuge on higher grounds and concrete roads after towing away their house-hold items and valuables.
The report said residents were building floodwalls in Lilong Arapti section, the confluence of the rivers Imphal and Iril, to control water overflowing from the Imphal river. Catchment areas of the rivers in the state received heavy rain causing water to flow above the danger level.
A man was washed away by river in Kangpokpi district where several houses and bridges were damaged due to heavy shower which wreaked havoc life across the district yesterday.
Meanwhile, a team of National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) has arrived in Imphal to help tackle any flood situation. Officials said the NDRF has geared up to tackle any flood situation in the state.
The MET office, meanwhile, has predicted more heavy rain in the Northeast.

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Doubtful sincerity

Times are a changing but the sort of changes happening in our state is nothing to write home about or rather everything that should be made public. It has become a breeding ground for unscrupulous elements where the name of the game is “instant wealth”.

Gone are the days when enterprising people, by dint of their sheet tenacity and unwavering pursuit made fame and fortune. The “get rich quick” mantra being increasingly subscribed to by the younger generation has begun to bear fruit rapes, murders, extortions, thieves and burglary, drug trafficking and corruption the list growing linger by thee day. The race to amass wealth even at the cost of giving up one’s peace of mind and the hearth and home have taken precedence over the concept of a peaceful and fruitful easy life. Conscience and morality have been shoved off to the furthest corner of one’s mind shedding the last remnants of humility to enter the temple of mammon. The result is a society where might is right and truth is relative. Honesty and sincerity is at a premium and the ideology of high thinking simple living having been replaced by the reckless aim to attain power and influence. Humility and respectfulness has begun to be looked down upon and is being equated with weakness a trait to be avoided. Truths are being sold and brought at a price and the collective mentalities have started to revert back to the Stone Age where survival of the fittest holds true. Making things worst are the growing number of indolent youths accustomed to luxury and exhibitionism influenced in no small measure by the western cultures but failing to capture the essence of the dignity of work and the regard for fellow humans that underlines the basic principles of these western societies. Abusing the powers entrusted to them and turning their official domain into their personal fiefdom is the order of the day for bureaucrats and politicians while the common people are left in the lurch with a feeling of betrayal and alienation in their minds. This has created a chasm that is growing wider with each passing day leading to a feeling of suspicion and getting cynical of the steps of the public. This social turmoil paves the way for a breed of human parasites living off the sweat of another’s labour intimidation and fear being their weapon of choice and not thinking twice about taking lives if their whims are not catered to. Shouts of negligence and deprivation trying to drown out the screams of the unfortunate public destined to lead a life of uncertainty and fear. Tolerance is no longer a virtue and wealth is the benchmark of a person’s worth never mind the means one used to a acquire it. Public memory has inexplicably shrunk to let matters pass if only to wash their hands off the trouble of facing the bitter reality or to rectify it. Rationality has succumbed to power and ethics is an alien notion. A bleak future is in the offing it is for us to stand up and stand fast for the life we lead the way we want to. It is in us to walk with our heads held high and taste the sweat and the fruit of our own labour. At the end of the day what really matters is an unburdened mind and a good sound sleep. 

Stage set for 2nd ‘Meeyamgi Numit’ at CM secretariat

Imphal, June 14: All necessary arrangements have been made to hold the 2nd Meeyamgi Numit (People’s Day) at CM Secretariat tomorrow.
Chief Minister Shri N. Biren Singh will meet the general public to attend to their grievances from 8 am to 2 pm. However, registration for issuing entry tokens will be closed at 12 noon.
All the Ministers, Administrative Secretaries, DCs, SDOs and HoDs etc. will also meet the public in their respective offices on the day.
The noble step has been initiated to make elected leaders, top bureaucrats and officials of the State Government easily accessible to the general public.
It may be mentioned that the Chief Minister made the announcement of setting aside the 15th day of every month as ‘Meeyamgi Numit’ while speaking as the chief guest at a reception function hosted by the women vendors of Khwairamband Keithel in his honour on April 9 this year

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AMUCO observes 16th Protest Day; Calls fellow Manipuri to stand together for protection of territorial integrity

Imphal, June 14: All Manipur United Clubs Organisation (AMUCO) observed the 16th anniversary of Protest Day at a function held at Kwakeithel Bazar today with strong participation from representatives of civil society organizations and general public.
Protest Day was a public movement launched by AMUCO on this day in 2002 to protest and demand the revocation of the Bangkok declaration signed between the government of India and NSCN-IM which extended the purview of the ceasefire with the Naga militant group that was previously confined to the state of Nagaland to an all encompassing ‘without territorial limit.’
The landmark protest was the precursor to the historic public uprising against the ceasefire agreement and June 18 firing during which and subsequent related incidents 18 protestors fell to the bullets of law enforcement agencies. The June 18 firing can also be regarded as a spin-off of the Protest Day which main feature was public demonstrations along the major thoroughfares of Imphal as well as other areas. After its success, AMUCO, in the next round of counteraction to the Bangkok declaration, called a 66 hours agitation on June 15. Public poured out into the streets in tens of thousands to express solidarity to the call for revocation of the agreement. On June 18, 2002 during one such rally hundreds of angry protestors tried to storm government and political offices when security personnel on guard fired at them. After witnessing the blood bath the Government of India ultimately scraped the clause ‘without territorial limit’ in defining the area of coverage of its ceasefire agreement with NSCN-IM on July 27, 2002.
“Finally, the people of Manipur emerged victorious and an annual observation to mark the incident is being staged without break to highlight the momentous stand against the divisive policy of the Indian government,” a leader of AMUCO said during the observation.  

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Anti Drug Campaign

Imphal, June 14: An Anti Drug Campaign under the theme “Avoid Drug Abuse For a Better Manipur” has kick off today at Johnstone Higher Secondary School, Imphal, today
Hijam Priyokumar, Vice President of CADA; Manjit Sarangthem, President of AMSU; Ayekpam Sangeeta, Principal in charge of Johnstone Higher Secondary School were the dignitaries of the event. Speaking as the resource persons of the occasion, Padmashree Dr Ayekpam Jayantakumar, National President of FINGODAF expressed the drawback of using drugs in our life.
The campaign is jointly organised by All Manipur Students’ Union (AMSU) and Coalition Against Drugs and Alcohol (CADA).

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Liquor seized at CCpur

Imphal, June 14: A team of Churachandpur Police has seized 243 bottle of Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL), 47 beer bottles today.
The liquor were seized during a raids conducted by the police team at different shops in and around Churachandpur areas who were selling the liquor illegally. The raid was conducted by a police team led by Kumarjit Singh, Additional Sp (OPS) and Anil Kumar Singh, OC of Churachandpur Police Station.

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PREPAK arrested

Imphal, June 14:
Combined troops of Manipur Police Commandos and 6 AR led by Additional SP (Ops) I/W Dr. S. Ibomcha arrested a member of the proscribed group PREPAK while conducting search opeartion at Bamon Kampu Makha Leikai last night. OC of I/W CDO P AChouba also accompanied the combined team. The arrested member of the proscribed group has been identified as Sagolsem Noyon Singh (52) s/o (L) S. Kame of Bamon Kampu Makha Leikai. The arrested person has been handed over to Irilbung Police Station.

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Meritorious students feted Waikhong

Thoubal, June.13: Social Reformation Committee,Waikhong has felicitated toppers students of the Hiyanglam and Sugnu A/C who have passed the HSLC/ HSS Examination 2017 in a function held at Meitei Sanglen of Waikhong Ningthoumanai Leikai yesterday. Chongtham Shanti Devi,Zilla Parishad Waikhong, Elangbam Deben Singh Pradhan Waikhong G.P and Pastor Kansim Chothe,Believers Church Waikhong grace the function as the Chief Guest, President and Guest of Honours respectively.

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Successful Flight Test Of ATGM Nag

Lt Col Ajay Kumar Sharma
PIB defence, imphal
Imphal, June 14: The Anti-Tank Guided Missile Nag was successfully flight tested on 13 Jun 17 in the desert ranges of Rajasthan. The Fire and Forget 3rd generation ATGM Nag is incorporated with many advanced technologies including the Imaging Infrared Radar (IIR) Seeker with integrated avionics, a capability which is possessed by few nations in the world. The capabilities of the top attack ATGM Nag is unique in nature and in today’s mission it successfully destroyed the target. The test has been carried out by DRDO Scientists of the Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Missile Complex at Hyderabad, DL Jodhpur, HEMRL and ARDE at Pune. Also the ground systems were developed by the Ordnance Factory, BEL and L&T. Senior officials from the Armed Forces participated in the tests.
SA to RM & Director General (Missiles and Strategic Systems)Dr. G. Satheesh Reddy witnessed the launch and said “The successful flight test of 3rd generation ATGM Nag further strengthens the country’s defence capabilities.”
Secretary, Department of Defence R&D and Chairman, DRDODr. S. Christopher congratulated all the team members and armed forces who have been part of the mission.

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