Amidst Sorrows and Hopes

/ Poem / Sunday, 05 April 2020 14:08

By - Lipavi Yepthomi
6th Semester Pol Sci. Hons
Tetso College, Dimapur, Nagaland

All the houses are getting close.
People are doing their work themselves.
It’s a good thing indeed.
21 days lockdown!! Seems fine.
You are lucky to be home.
You are lucky to have your family with you.
You are lucky to have all the food supplies and water.

But what about those labourers and poor people!
Who rely on daily wages for food?
If there is no work, what will they eat and where will they stay?
How they will earn their daily wage, as all those small works we give them has now stopped because of the lock down. Are you listening to me?

What about those poor people who are now jobless.
How will they be able to afford food and water.
Now staying put is a bigger problem for them.

Labourers are now more scared of dying of hunger than dying of virus.
They are travelling kilometers after kilometers to reach their home town,
Just with the little hope that they might get some food there.
They are getting kicked out from the house by their landlord.
They don’t have enough money to survive this 21 days lockdown

We should now stop thinking about oneself.
As it is the time for us to help others.
What if it was You and me.
What If you were far away from home?
How would you feel if others does not help you?
Will you still believe and have faith in Humanitarian ideals of world?

This is the right time to come together.
To remove all those barriers, those walls of hatred that were built years ago.
We can do this. We can remove all those.
Only if we come together and help each other.
Forget about the castes, the religion, colour and creed
As at the end of the day we are all human beings
Let’s all help our brothers and sisters, to fight this virus, to survive, to live.

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