I’m sorry

/ Poem / Sunday, 27 January 2019 17:11

By : Dr Nunglekpam Premi Devi
Independent Scholar

When I say it about, I mean it properly
When I mention it something, I mean it exactly
When I say words heavily, I mean it seriously
When I say words hastily, I mean it may be false
When I say loudly, I mean it someone has lies
When I say suddenly, I mean it by pressuring
When I say with tone, I mean it their attitude
When I say verbally loose, I mean it their favorites
When I mention it repeatedly, I mean exactly theirs
When I say it breaking, I mean it not confidently
When I say it seeing again, I mean it regretting
I’m sorry and always am sorry, when I mean it, it’s ok.

When I say enforcing, I mean its happening
 When I say it a purpose, I mean it definitely true
When I say it like a motive, I mean it something to understand
When I mention it twice, I mean it exactly what I want
When I say it murmuring, I mean I don’t want it any longer
When I say it quickly, I mean it to stop immediately
When I gossip about it, I mean it ‘m totally wrong
When I shout about it, I mean it exactly I hate those
When I’m angrier, I mean it truly I’m letting it go
When I say it wishing best, I mean it breaking from within
I’m sorry and always am sorry, when I mean it, it’s ok.

When I say, I hate it; I mean it more valuable
When I mention love, I mean it basically ‘PEACE’
When I say it hurting, I mean it for the love ones
When I abuse it too much, I mean it I care it for better
When I say still, I mean it I’m engaging lots
When I speak less, I mean it letting it go ahead of ‘mine’
When I say it with eye, I mean it connecting right ‘Yes’
When I mention dirty words, I mean it exactly the ‘Truth’
When I say it smiles, I mean it; I haven’t left dirt on it
When I say be happy, I mean it something incomplete
I’m sorry and always am sorry, when I mean it, it’s ok.

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