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‘Suspend Corrupt Officials, Reform TA&Hills/TRI, for better Manipur’

Open letter to Hon’ble Minister of Tribal Affairs and Hills, Govt. of Manipur and Chief Minister, Manipur:


Honourable Sirs,

I am deeply disappointed to write to you through this esteemed daily as the Govt. has failed to addressed my grievances despite complaints and reminders after reminder. Both of you are unanimously credited for being personally honest and perceived to be strong leaders but what strong leaders would remain personally honest but allow dishonesty and corruption under their nose? For this reason, with all the respect and trust I have for you and your Govt., I am unable to rejoice much, for your Govt., were napping as the thieves were looting and emptying the coffers.
I am writing to you today to share my experience and disappointment on how the Govt., departments under your leadership is functioning. As a citizen, I have every right to endorse my grievances through the Govt., Department. But what if the Govt.,officials who are supposed to be the guardians become a beast in themselves? Such is the story of this one man versus the whole set of corrupt officials in the Department of Tribal Affairs & Hills. I was also one of the candidates who appeared for the DPC for the contractual post of Research Officer in TRI. But unfortunately, one Mr. John Gaidingam Dangmei who was one of the least qualified candidates was selected for the post. He was just a second class MA without M.Phil or Ph.D. As if that was not enough, he was found regularised but into different and higher post of Administrative officer cum Research Officer in TRI by increasing his Grade Pay three folds i.e from Rs. 4400/- to Rs.5400 which is not at all in tune with the service fundamental rules.
An RTI follows and soon the Pandora box was opened and the ugly creatures were none other than the bureaucrats and officers of the TA&Hills/TRI. I am still unable to believe that an officer/s (IAS) can stoop so low surrendering his integrity and professional ethics just for his personal gain. This is a very dangerous sign as such officer could do much harm to the Govt. as well as the public and it happen in my case.
I was denied my RTI information for more than two months after which I filed a complaint to the Manipur State Information Commission under Case No. 29 of 2018. After the Department received the summoned letter from the Commission I received my RTI replied dated 23rd June, 2018 signed by the Director, TA&Hills/TRI, Shri Joseph Pauline Kamson but the documents were not certified as requested. A very shocking things was discovered in his RTI replied and the enclosed documents. Shri Joseph Pauline, an IAS officer enclosed a copy a Govt. Gazette No. 485 but it was found that the fifth middle line of the Gazette was found to be completed missing/ erased. I signed on all the pages of the documents and returned it to the Commission to get it signed from the Director as I sought a certified copy. I submitted a written application to the Commission that I want back the copies which I had signed to be returned back to me after certifying it. The Director was caught red handed and he refused to give back the copies with my signature. He replaced all the documents. The Commission after hearing the case gave directives to the Director to clarify as to why Gazette No.485 was manipulated by erasing one complete middle line. Finding no option the Director wrote a letter to me that it was a human error. But it was done with malafide intention.
In the same RTI replies to query No.6, 9 & 11 he repeatedly claimed that the post of Research Officer was re-designated as Administrative Officer cum Research Officer from contractual Research Officer Post. But till today he could not provide the re-designation orders from RO to AO cum RO.
What can be more shameful to IAS officer who does not know the difference between the letter A & B. Again he claimed that the Administrative Officer cum Research Officer belongs to Group-B with Pay Band of Rs. 9300-34800+G.P. GP.Rs.5400/- whereas an RTI replied from the Finance Department(PIC) reveals that AO cum RO of TRI belongs to Group-A. How can an IAS officer stoop so low? He was replying intentionally in order to conceal that fact that Mr. John Gaidingam who was engaged as RO with monthly remuneration of Rs.13,700/- i.e Rs.9300+GP Rs.4400/- when regularised as AO cum RO increase his grade pay three folds i.e Rs.9300-34800+GP Rs.5400. Now the question is - Is the said Director fit for his post and title? Why did he provide wrongful information? Why was he dancing at the tune of a mere officer by surrendering his dignity as a public officer?
As the saying goes - one rotten apple spoil the whole barrel, it happens in the case of the officials of TA&H/TRI. One case leads to another and in their attempt to hide something they commit more crime. In another RTI replied, the Joint Secretary, TA&H, Shri George K. Maram arrogantly replied that the re-designation order may be obtain from the Department of Printing and Press. Again he said that he is enclosing Govt. order of re-designation from RO to AO cum RO in Annex-G but the enclosed annexure was found to be the copy of regularization of Mr. John and not re-designate copy as claimed. In this regards, RTI Case No. 46 is registered with the information Commission. Shri George K.Maram is also one of the masterminds in concealing information thereby delaying justice. He was also the Chairman of the DPC for the non sactioned post of RO in TRI with M. Z. Solomon, the then Joint Director as Member Secretary who already retired in 2012.
However, they started playing more dangerously and aggressively. In every hearing of the case Joint Secretary Shri. George Maram and Shri Gaikhonlung Gangmei, Legal officer, TA&H cannot provide the re-designated copy of RO to AO cum RO as claimed by them. Soon Jt. Secretary George and Legal Officer Gaikhonlung Gangmei started cheating by stating in two letters dated 12th July, 2018 & 20th July, 2018 that the information sought by me could not be furnished as one Mr. H. Ezra complaint to the Chief Vigilance Commissioner regarding the contractual engagement of RO and subsequently regularization as AO cum RO and they have submitted a report and files pertaining to Mr. John was submitted to the Vigilance Commissioner. In every hearing since July they have been claiming the same thing. The Commission also directed the Dept. to recall the files and furnished the wanting documents to me. But the Dept. never complies and I was harassed to such a great extent.
In this matter, RTI Case No. 47 is filed wherein the Commission summoned the SPIO/Jt. Secretary, Vigilance and Anti-corruption Department Moreover, the Commission summoned the SPIO/ Joint Secretary, Vigilance and Anti-Corruption Department. Shri L. Bikram and gave directive to furnish more elaborate and appropriate reply based on records within one week - whether the report that one Mr. H. Ezra lodge a complaint to the Vigilance and Anti Corruption Department, due to which the files of Mr. John had been submitted to the Vigilance dept?.
As directed by the Commission, the Under Secretary, Vigilance & Anti-Corruption Department again furnished one letter dated 2nd Nov., 2018 that there is no such complaint received by the Directorate of Vigilance & Anti-Corruption which itself is self explanatory. Now, when there was no complaint made to the Vigilance by Mr. H. Ezra then why did Legal Officer Gaikhonlung and Jt. Secretary, George Maram invented such theory and fools not only me but the Commission as well as the Vigilance Dept.? The case is still pending in the Information Commission. Where is their integrity? All these are happening at the behest of Mr. John.
Since the Department of TA&H/TRI did not give me the copy of the re-designation of AO cum RO from RO post (as claimed by the Director, Mr. Joseph), I filed an RTI application to the Department of Personnel & Administrative Reforms (Personnel Division) seeking information whether the Administrative officer-cum-Research Officer of TRI is a re-designated post from Research Officer?
The Under Secretary DP transfer the RTI on 13th Sept, 2018 to the Under Secretary, TA&Hills since the matter pertain to the AD, TA&Hills, the Dept. may reply to it.
But nearly after 2 months, I did not receive any reply. I wrote an appeal to the then Secretary, TA&Hills, Shri Athem Muivah to give me the reply within 2nd November failing which I have no option but to file another case.
Again, their cheating nature did not stop as on 31st Oct, 2018 I received a letter signed by Dr. R.A. Ransing, Under Secretary, TA&Hills stating that he is enclosing the RTI information sought by me. But again, the Dept. cheated me by enclosing a Gazette copy (No. 485) which is a copy of the regularization of Mr. John Gaidingam D. as Administrative Officer cum Research Officer on 24th December, 2016 and not of re-designation. It was not at all related with the re-designation of his post from RO to AO-cum-RO.

I personally met the Under Secretary on 2nd Nov.2018 and asked him as to why he is supplying irrelevant document through RTI? He replied to me that he did not have any knowledge and Mr. Gaikhonlung, Legal Officer took his signature stating that it’s an urgent matter. He mentions that he has no idea what was enclosed. But till today, I did not receive any further letters and documents or clarification from his side also. Therefore, it is a clear indication that the officers of TA&Hills/TRI are dancing at the fingertips of Mr. John Gaidingam D trampling RTI and violating the sanctity of the Act.  
Based on the above stated facts it is for your kind information that Mr. John Gaidingam Dangmei serving as Adminisrative officer cum Research Officer in TRI was said to be appointed on 13th July, 2016 to a non-sanctioned post of Research officer with U.O.No. 317/2012/FD (PIC) dated 18/3/2013 but  an RTI reply dated 10th July, 2018 from the Deputy Secretary, Finance Department (PIC) reveals that there is no such record with U.O.317/2012/FD (PIC) dated 18/3/2013 which means that it is a fake U.O.No. Moreover, it is found that he was regularised as Administrative Officer cum Research Officer on the same day the post was sanction i.e 24th December, 2106. Moreover, an RTI replied from the Department of Personnel & Administrative Reforms (Personnel Division) dated 13th Sept., 2018 also reveals that – No RR for the post of Aministrative Officer cum research Officer in TRI has been framed by DP as per record.
Again, the officer is found to be enjoying a grade pay of Rs.5400/- which is equivalent to MCS GP under MPSC whereas when he was appointed as Research Officer his GP was Rs.4400/-. Since, the Director, Shri Joseph claimed that there was no promotion but re-designation was done I put him with a simple question – how did Mr. John GP increased from Rs.4400 to Rs.5400 when there was no promotion. If at all (for e.g) re-designation was done then only the title will change and not his Grade Pay. Is this justice for all those officers under the Manipur Govt. who are enjoying Grade Pay of Rs. 4400/-? If the GP of Mr. John can be increased from Rs.4400 to Rs.5400/- within few months then Hon’ble Sir and your cabinet are requested to do the same for all officers of Manipur. Why only in the case of Mr. John? Every employee should be treated equally without biased.
I have been toiling door to door for justice but till today why no action is taken up against the fake RO cum controversial AO cum RO, Mr John of TRI. Can IAS / Bureaucrats do whatever they want? Should we remain silent knowing the truth? Is Govt. officials not accountable? Are they exempted from penalty? Why is the Govt. silent about the matter? Should the public stop supporting the anti- corruption campaign or is it just for show? If the Govt. cannot handle/ solved such a small case then I doubt that the Govt. can do anything. It is just a hollow promise.
The fake RO cum controversial AO cum RO, Mr John Gaidingam D, Jt Secretary, TA&H,  Mr. George K. Maram (who is on deputation since 1st August 2012 from Pondicherry), the masterminds, Director, TA&Hills/ TRI, Mr. Joseph Pauline Kamson, an IAS who does not know the difference between A & B, Legal Officer, TA&Hills, Mr. Gaikhonlung Gangmei, who become illegal officer, Under Secretary, Dr.R.A.Ransing must be suspended  immediately as they are involve in preventing and obstructing the process of the investigation by supplying wrongful, incomplete and misleading information intentionally misusing their power. The information Commission had called all files on 12 Nov.and they too found that the AO cum RO was not re-designated post as alleged by the department in his decision.
Moreover, I strongly demand for immediate suspension (without pay) of Administrative Officer-cum-Research Officer Mr. John Gaidingam D. during investigation period as Vigilance case is also pending against him. Allowing him to work and handle office files is leading to more corruption which in return impede the process of investigation against him. Moreover, as he is not suspended he is taking upper hand by blocking the investigation which is not justifiable to me. It is also very disheartening as to why action against him is not taken up by the Department despite the proof and why the department is allowed to function at the whim and fancy of Mr. John?.
        I also once again strongly demand to recover all the salary he had enjoyed as contract Research officer as there is no such record with U.O.No.317/2012/FD (PIC) dated 18/3/2013 regarding contractual engagement of Research Officer in Tribal Research Institute, Manipur with Finance Department and as his salary is found to increase from Rs. 13,700/- i.e Rs. 9300+ GP Rs. 4400/- to Rs.9300-34800+GP 5400 without promotion when he is said to be regularised as Administrative Officer-cum-Research Officer in order to encourage the fight against corruption and nepotism without any reservation and bias.
I also demand to know as to why no action is taken as per the instruction given by the Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Govt of India as per the D.O. No. PS to MTA/21/506/2018 of P.S to Shri Jual Oram, Hon’ble Minister of Tribal Affairs, Govt. of India dated 11 October, 2018 given to Shri Athem Muivah, Secretary despite lapses of one month. What and who is stopping the Dept. from taking action?.
Hon’ble Sir, I am not writing because I’m perfect but because I’m tired of seeing the people and myself beaten down by these corrupt officials. Corruption, dishonesty and nepotism have become more important to them than their human dignity. Their corrupt philosophy has limited the trust and faith in your Government and the departments. It is high time to take a hard look and awake from the deep slumber and set a precedent in the history in fight against corruption, nepotism and injustice in public interest.
 The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything –Albert Einstein

Yours faithfully,
Shri Manglien Gangte
 Lambulane, Imphal East

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Lakshya enters World Junior Badminton semi finale

By a Correspondent
New Delhi, November 17,

 Lakshya Sen, living up to expectations, defeated Aidil Sholeh Ali Sadikin of Malaysia 21-8, 21-18 to enter the men singles semifinals in the Li Ning BWF World Junior Badminton Championships 2018 at Markham (Canada) on Friday night.
But the Indian pair of Vishnu Vardhan Panjala and Srikrishna Sai Podile could not progress any further as it went down to the Korean duo of Tae Yang Shin and Chan Wang in the quarterfinals. The 10th- seeded Koreans won 21-11, 21-8 in men’s doubles.

The world No. 3 Indian opened strongly against his Malaysian rival and finished the quarterfinals in just 31 minutes. He surged ahead with a solid lead in the first game where his opponent was a mute spectator.  
But in the second, the Malaysian did well to keep abreast of Lakshya and was separated by a few points. The Indian, using his court craft and hitting a nice rhythm led throughout. The Asian Juniors champion, playing his strokes well with excellent smashes, ended the Malaysian agony.
In the semifinals, Lakshya will take on the top-seeded Kunlavut Vitidsarn who disposed of Indonesian Alberto Alvin Yulianto 21-14, 21-17.
Talking on his semifinal encounter, Lakshya said he was confident of a good performance against the Thai. “He is a very good player and I am aware of it. I will have to be on my feet to beat him. I am up for the challenge,” said the Indian.
In contrast, the Indian doubles pair was no match to the Koreans which worked in tandem and complimented each other with better display of court craft, especially at the net. Their smashes, too, brooked little challenge from the Indians.

Mary Kom has a tough opponent in Kim in AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championships

New Delhi, Nov. 15

Five-time world champion M. C. Mary Kom is among seven other boxers who have been accorded first-round byes, but she is the only Indian to get one of the top-seeding slots for the 10th AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championships which begin at the KD Jhadav Hall here today.
The No. 2 seed Indian in 48 Kg Category will not have to enter the ring until Sunday when she takes on the winner of the preliminary round bout between Kazakhstan’s Algerim Kassenayeva and American Jazzell Bobadilla. The pugilist from Mongolia, Jargalan Ochirabat in light fly (48kg) has been given the top seed position.
Mary Kom, who is chasing her sixth world crown and considered the hosts’ best bet to win gold, is placed in the second half of the draw. She faces two main hurdles in Uzbekistan’s Julasal Sultonalieva and North Korean Kim Hyang Hyang Mi, too have received first-round byes. However, the Indian’s main opponent in the semifinals could be the North Korean and also the winner of a silver medal at the ABC Confederation.
The other Indians who have received first-round byes include Rani Pinki (51), Sonia (57), Sarita Devi (60), Lovlina Borgohain (69), Saweety (75) and Seena Punia (81+)
But Manisha (54), Smranjit Kaur (64) and Bhagyabati Kachari (81) will jump into fray straightaway as their weight categories have more entries and they will have to fight at least a couple of rounds to qualify for the quarterfinals, which are slated for Tuesday next.
India will also hope a medal from former world champion and five-time Asian gold winner, Sarita Devi in lightweight category (60 kg), the second best boxer after Mary Kom. However, the fourth-seed woman, is likely to take on Chinese Yang Wenlu, the defending world champion, and Russian Anastasiia Beliakova, the Rio Olympics bronze medal winner earlier than she would want to.
However, Seema Punia in heavy weight class (+81) is the only Indian who can get into the medal round with least efforts as she will play her quarterfinals, after having been given the first-round bye. In the quarters, she will be running into Chinese Xiaoll Yang. This is the only category which has 10 boxers in fray and six of them have been accorded the byes. But she will have to be wary of Yang Xiaoli of China, the back-to-back gold winner from Jeju and Astana. Glasgow CWG bronze winner, Pinki Rani, in 51 kg will have a tough time as the Indian, drawn in the second half, has two likely contenders for medals in Chinese Chang Yuan, the Asian Games gold medallist, and England’s Ebonie Jones, a highly talented boxer.
Sonia in featherweight class, making her debut in the Worlds and placed in the second half, will have some torrid moments facing the likes Chinese Yin Junhua, the Rio Games silver medallist, German Ornella Gabriel Wahner and CWG silver medal winner, Michaela Walsh from Ireland in early rounds.
It will not be easy for Lovlina, Saweety and Seema as their opponents come with greater reputation. Saweety, the silver medal winner from Jeju worlds in 2014, has the top-seeded Mireille Nouchka Fontijn from the Netherlands who is a silver medal winner from Rio Games, and other Europeans and Asians in her half of the draw.
The 21-year-old Lovlina has to contend with Finland’s Elina Gustafsson, a silver medal from the last edition in Astana and Taipei’s Chen Nien-Chin, a world championships bronze medallist in the first half of the draw.
 The ceremony opened with performers projecting India’s rich culture in various dance forms—Bharatnatyam, Kuchipudi, Oddisi and folk—getting a big applause. The martial arts exponents also brought out their expertise during the ceremony which kept the spectators mesmerized.
The Shillong Chamber Choir, comprising 25 members, including 15 singers, soloists and musicians, made the audience and foreign participants regale with their foot-tapping music. The choir members rocked the stage, making the occasion a memorable one with melodious performances as the pianist, Neil Nongkynrih, conducting the orchestra to finesse. Their western classical music, Khasi folk songs and opera singing made the group endearing to the audience. 
The Light & Sound show, including LED drummers and fusion music, also captivated the participants and the audience alike as they enjoyed the show.

There is already a constitutional breakdown in local governance - ATRPFM

A democratic government is by the people and for the people but where are the voices of the people gone? The genuine voices of the people shall be heard by the government of the people. ATRPFM has been demanding for conduct of election of ADC Chairman in respect of Churachandpur, but our peaceful voices were not heard. Are we demanding something not constitutional? Have we shown any personal or political bias in favour or against any political party or individual? We can proudly say that we don’t. We are purely a civil organisation for proper implementation and protection of the tribal rights. The Hon’ble Governor has written to the concerned Department for conduct of election at the earliest. The Hon’ble High Court of Manipur has also passed an order with a direction to conduct the election on 5th November, 2018 without fail of which the State Government ought to comply with in larger interest of the public and also for the ends of justice. Instead, the State Government has filed an appeal against the order, but on what ground? Where is the rule of law? Any election has to be conducted within a reasonable time, it could not hold on indefinitely. It is a constitutional breakdown and a very negative sign of governance.  
Tribal people have been demanding election of ADC Chairman, Churachandpur, the elected members have been also demanding the same for the last more than four months. But the State Government under the leadership of Shri. N. Biren is reluctant to conduct the same. What’s the intention behind? Is it not a political bias, a political game at the cost of thousands of tribal populace? It clearly indicates that governance under the present Government has absolutely failed as far as local governance in hill districts are concerned. No ADC has secured proper functioning under the present Government, there are numbers of court cases, and also camping for chairman posts. Tamenglong, Senapati, Chandel, Churachandpur - all ADCs face court cases and camping for Chairman posts. Are ADCs for the development of hill people or for personal political game? What types of Governance is this? What types of leadership is this? Governance has failed, ADCs have failed, constitutional breakdown already there.
It is indeed a very shameful thing on the part of the State Government under the leadership of Shri, N. Biren Singh that a particular ADC who had switch his party from Congress to BJP with a hope that BJP would do something more than his own party has returned to his parent party. As the BJP has failed in all respects in functioning of ADCs, Shri. Ngamhao Touthang, an ADC member elected from 14-Tuibong DCC, Churachandpur has tendered his resignation from the BJP and has ultimately returned to the Congress Party. It is not a sign of good governance at all we are deeply concerned about hampering the functioning ADCs under the present Government. He resigned from BJP primarily for failure of conduct of election for Chairman of Churachandpur.
We support Shri. N. Biren led BJP government, we are supporting till date and we wanted to continue to support it. We have faith in BJP government but as of now we are deeply disappointed seeing all the negative developments.
We have been also demanding for implementation of Pension Scheme for Employees of ADCs but there is no positive response till date although rules for extending penionery penefits were already framed, re-framed and amended by the State Government itself. It is the government that framed the pension rules, how can the government question its own laws or rules? We strongly urged the State Government to conduct election of ADC Chairman, Churachandpur at the earliest and we also demanded that pension scheme for employments of ADCs shall be implemented as mandated under relevant rules framed by the State Government which is clearly reflected in the State Budget from 2017-17 to 2018-19. We request government not to invite agitations, not to create law and order problems, and not to create constitutional breakdown. They talk peaceful co-existence between hills and plain, integrity, go to village, hill people’s day, communal harmony and equal developmental, we appreciate that but their action shows otherwise which is shameful and blatant lie. Peace can’t be force feed, it can only happen when the constitutional rights of the minorities and weaker section of the society are protected and respected. If the State Government fail to fulfill our demands and act in accordance with laws and practices, we will submit all the negatives side of the State Government against the tribal people in the upcoming International Samvaad-Tribal Conclave from 15-19 November which is to be held at Jamshedpur, Jharkhand where 10 countries are participating. Our team would leave Manipur for Jamshedpur on 14th November, 2018 for participating at the proposed Tribal Conclave so that our voices are reached to the Union Government and any eventualities would be that of the State Government. 
Jaojianlung Gangmei),
 Info&Pub. Secy, ATRPFM

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Memories of a Mayang

Dear Editor:

I am called a “mayang” but I feel I am a Manipuri & I love Manipur. Imphal is my home-town.
I have been the world over, but have never found a place so  beautiful as Manipur was in the Sixties.
I lived in Manipur for about 10 years.
In 1958, I found that the “Central Library” would lend books only to Govt. Servants.
I wrote a “Letter to the Editor” to the “Eastern Express” complaining of the above, as a result of which the library agreed to lend books to the public.
What was I doing in Manipur?   After migrating as Refugees from Pakistan after the Partition, my parents settled in Manipur.
I worked as a Lecturer in a college in Imphal for 5 years.
In the college, I had the privilege of having some wonderful friends, including:
1.     Prof. Damodar Singh, a most noble person
2.    Prof. Budharanjan, a very close and affectionate friend
3.    Prof. Th. Tombi Singh, my closest friend.
4.    Prof. Gaur Gopal, a very sweet friend
5.    Prof. S.P. Chatterjee, a most sincere friend, who remained my companion during my stay London
6.    Prof. Sanamacha Sarma - A very close friend 7.    Prof. Ibopishak, a most friendly person
8.    Prof Mani Singh - who was most helpful
9.    Prof. Khomei Singh
10.    Prof. Janab Khan
11.    Many others.
In my time, the Manipuris were the most friendly and fun-loving people.  I hope they have not changed.
Only one person was utterly cruel to me.   Let us call her Kh. J.L. of Singjemei Mathak.
She jilted me after encouraging me for several weeks.  She broke my heart.
At that time there was a Statistics Office in Sinjemei Mathak across the road from her home.  The members of that office were very, very helpful
during that most difficult time.
Some of my friends have passed away.
To all of the above who are still around, I wish every happiness and a wonderful Diwali.
I also wish a very Happy Diwali to all Manipuris.

J Kochar

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Punia enters World Championship semifinals Three other Indians fade away early

From a correspondent
New Delhi, Oct. 22

Jakarta Asian Games gold medallist Bajrang Punia beat Tulga Tumur Ochir of Mongolia 5-3 to enter the Freestyle 65 kg semifinals on the second day of the World Wrestling Championships at the Papp László Sportaréna in Budapest today.
In a thrilling quarterfinal, the Indian held upper hand until the last minute, leading 4-1. But Punia conceded to his Mongolian opponent three crucial points, including one for the neutral position and two for the takedown within 40-odd seconds, almost stopping the Indian’s progress.  
But luckily, Punia held his nerves and even thwarted a challenge by the Mongolian in the last second, thus earning an additional point for the CWG gold medallist. “I am happy I was able to keep my cool in the last few seconds to see this through. I am confident and I also knew that the challenge cannot go against me,” said a relieved Punia, who led 3-1 at the end of the first period,” said the grappler from Budapest over phone.
The Indian will take on in the semifinals, later tonight, Alejandro Enrique Valdes Tobier of Cuba.
Coach Jagminder was equally happy to see the grappler enter the semifinals. “I am happy for Bajrang. He is an experienced player and did well throughout the bout but I am particularly happy that he could keep cool and win it despite the match being very close,” said the National Men’s Freestyle Coach.
Earlier, Punia defeated Roman Asharin 9-4 in the first round and beat Korean Lee Seungchul 4-0 in a bout which saw both grapplers trading cautiously. After having earned three points in the first period, Punia added just one more in the second even as the Korean was concentrating more on his defence.
In other bouts of the day, Sandeep Tomar scored an excellent first-round win over his Guatemala opponent Jose Mox Arias with a score of 10-0, six of his points coming in the second period. He, however, lost the second round to Azerbaijan’s Giorgi Edisherashvili 2-2—his opponent was declared winner because of a warning which the Indian received in the first period.
Sachin Rathi lost his first round 92 kg category bout to the strong Mongolian wrestler, Unurbat Purevjav, 13-1, the latter outclassing the Indian in the second period. On the other hand, Deepak, who received a first-round bye, lost the second-round bout to Liubomyr Sagaliuk of Ukraine 4-0.

Davinder Singh ruled out for the season; Joyner Lourenco brought in as replacement

From a Correspondent
Mumbai, Oct 18,

Mumbai City FC defender Davinder Singh has suffered an injury to his anterior cruciate ligament and will miss the remainder of the season. The 23-year old will undergo surgery on his knee later this month and will continue his rehabilitation with the club.
The young defender signed for The Islanders last season and was handed his debut in an away fixture against Kerala Blasters. He went on to make a total of 8 league appearances in the 2017-18 season and showed incredible promise, following which he signed a two-year extension to his contract with the club.
All of us at Mumbai City FC wish Davinder a swift recovery and hope that he returns to the football pitch soon, doing what he does best. The Islanders, meanwhile, have brought in 27-year old defender Joyner Lourenco who joins The Islanders until the end of the season. The Goan full back will replace Davinder in Mumbai City FC’s squad for the 2018-19 season of the Hero ISL.
Joyner began his footballing career barely into his teens when he signed for his local club, Goa Velha and went on to play for the u-15, u-16 and the u-19 sides of Dempo FC.
Taking the next step in his career, Joyner switched sides and joined Sporting Clube de Goa as a 19 year old in 2010. Making an immediate impact, his side won the u-19 I League in his first year at the club – a tournament in which he went out in the semifinals previously with Dempo.
Joyner went on to play for Sporting for a total of seven seasons, and finished as a runner-up in the 2013-14 Federation Cup. His strong performances for Sporting earned him a call up to the Indian u-23 National Team for the 2014 Asian Games in the final 20-man squad. He went on to make two appearances in the tournament wearing the Blue of India.
Following his stint with Sporting, Joyner was picked by fellow ISL side Bengaluru FC in the 2017 ISL Draft. He represented them four times in their AFC Cup campaign, finished as the runner-up of the ISL and won the Hero Super Cup.
The Islanders will play their third game of the 2018-19 Hero Indian Super League, the Maharashtra Derby, on October 19 against rivals FC Pune City at the Mumbai Football Arena.

Another first for India wrestling: U-15 girls to take plunge in Asian Juniors  

From a Correspondent
New Delhi, Oct, 18

 Indian wrestling will score yet another first with the Under-15 girls entry in the Asian Junior Wrestling Championships in Fuji-Mi, Japan.Wrestling Federation of India has named a 10-member junior girl squad for the event, scheduled for November 16, 2018.
This is the first time ever that an under-15 Indian wrestling squad will be competing in an Asian-level competition. This was in tune with the Wrestling Federation of India’s ‘Catch ‘em Young’ policy to encourage young wrestlers and identify future talents. All the 10 girls named for the Fuji-Mi event are the top performers in their respective categories at the Under-15 Nationals, held in Meerut earlier this year.
Wrestling Federation President, Brij Bhushan Saran, talking on the importance of such Junior Tournaments said: ”Wrestling fraternity is committed to identify and support the next generation of champions. It is important to identify potential junior talent and give them right exposures abroad. India’s participation in the Under-15 Asian Championship is one of our numerous initiatives to realise that goal.”
“The Asian Juniors will give our wrestlers a competitive field to test their skills,” he further added. 
The squad for the maiden Asian event for junior girls comprises eight girls from Haryana, while the other two wrestlers come from Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra.
The Squad: 1.Pooja Rani (33kg), 2. Komal (36Kg), 3. Pinki (39Kg), 4. Sweety (42kg), 5.Antim (46kg), 6. Priyanshi Prajapat (50Kg), 7. Pratibha Janghu (54Kg), 8. Bhagyashree (58kg), 9. Sittu (62Kg) and 10. Sunita (66kg).

An open letter by two social activists regarding ST demand to The United Naga Council, The Zomi Council and The Hmar Inpui

Dear Friends,

    With reference to your representation to Shri Jaswanthsinh Bhabor, Union Minister of State for Tribal Affair, Government of India, regarding inclusion of the Meetei in the list of scheduled Tribe, we, on behalf of Pan Meetei Convention would like to say the following —
    We may begin, by stating in a nutshellthat the Meetei are a people made of seven clans or SALAI TARET – Khuman, Luwang, Mangang, Angom, Moirang, Kha-nganba and Salang-Leishangthem. According to Meetei mythology the seven SALAI are the seven sons of Pakhangba, the son of God, ATIYA MARU SIDABA. Accordingly the seven sons became the progenitors of the seven clans or the Salai Taret, who formed the Meetei some thousands of years before the birth of Jesus Christ.
    After the independence, when a list of different tribal groups, who happened to be indigenous people, was prepared by the concerned authority of the Indian government to enlist them in the scheduled tribe list of the Indian Constitution, all the indigenous groups of the Northeast were included except maybe the indigenous Meetei people. The reason was, the Meeteiwere Hindu converts and the then Meitei leaders claimed that the Meetei were the descendants of Brabubahon son of Arjuna of the Pandava of the Hindu epic the Mahabharatta. That was a travesty of the fact of Meetei being Hindu converts.
    Since 2012, STDCM (Scheduled Tribe Demand Committee Manipur), on behalf of the Meitei people has asked the Government of India to rectify the wrong that it had committed against the Meetei people by leaving them out of the ST list six decades ago. Now the STDCM demands to put the indigenous Meitei people in its rightful place in the list of scheduled tribe of the Constitution, without further delay. The demand is genuine by all measures.
    Now, coming to your apprehension that is clearly reflected in your representation to the Union Minister, quote, “until and unless proper Constitutional protection with special administrative provisions specifically and exclusively for the currently recognized 34 hill tribes of Manipur are put in place and their implementation without any outside interference a mandatory requirement, the Meitei ST demand should not be further entertained so as to avoid a disoriented, highly volatile and destructive state of relationship and existence between the hill tribes and the Meitei/Meetei”.
    In this connection, we would like to say that we genuinely appreciate your concern and apprehensions. And we can assure you of our full cooperation with you to fight to protect your interests in matters of your fair share in the state government job, education and land, because we do not mean any ill will against any of our neighbors.
We believe that the state can also make relevant laws in matters of job and education by the state assembly as it is done in the neighbouring state of Nagaland. Perhaps,together we may ask the state to make specific land laws to protect both the hill and the valley people.
    The truth is Meetei people need to have a level playing field in the national level. And we want to protect the little area of the valley of 700 square miles which is the only natural habitat of the Meitei people on this planet.     For ages we have been living together. We had our good times and bad times as well that we had experienced together. The past is our shared history. We truly believe we can always find a way out that will take care of your apprehensions. We hope, we can sit together and sort out the differences as good neighbours.
    We expect a positive response from your end.
Thanking you

Yours most sincerely
Heigrujam Nabashyam

Hijam Rajen
General Secretary

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Lakshya Sen wins silver at Youth Olympics Emulates Pronnoy as India adds a badminton medal after 8 years

From a correspondent
New Delhi, Oct. 13,

India’s Lakshya Sen settled for the silver medal after he went down to China’s Li Shifeng 15-21, 19-21 in the men’s singles badminton final at Youth Olympics Games in Buenos Aires late last night. The final lasted for 42 minutes.
Thus, the rising badminton star and World Junior No 3, Sen became the second Indian only after H.S. Prannoy who achieved the honour eight years ago in Singapore.
The former junior World No. 1 Sen, who won a dramatic semifinal against Japanese Kodai Naraoka the previous evening, could not repeat his performance against the Chinese who maintained a good lead from the beginning to wrap up the first game in mere 17 minutes.  
The Indian found it difficult to cope with the pace of the Chinese who not only sent down withering smashes but also the clever use of drop shots to keep Sen engaged. Li, who hit a nice tempo in the opening act, marked by pinpoint clears to the deep with constricting net game brooked little challenge from Sen. However, the fourth seeded Indian, playing a better game, matched his rival’s stroke for stroke and kept within reach just after the midway of the second game, only to lose steam despite holding four match points. The Chinese, handling the crunch situation pushed for the win without dropping a game.
Sen admitting to his early mistakes gave full credit to his Chinese rival. “He was very good and won the crucial points. I couldn’t push myself tough I managed to prolong the inevitable,” said Sen after his final. “But I am happy to be the second Indian to bring back a medal in badminton from such an elite championship,” he added.  
It was a sort of a revenge for the Chinese whom the Indian had beaten in the quarterfinals of the Asian Championships earlier this year.   
Congratulating on his silver-medal performance, BAI President Himanta Biswa Sarma said, “Lakshya (Sen) is a world class prospect and I would like to congratulate him on his medal winning performance at the Youth Olympics. I was particularly happy with the way he fought his way back in the semifinals and can certainly say that World Badminton has a new rising star in him”, said the BAI Chief. He showed tremendous character and fighting spirit and this surely is not the end of it,” he further added.  
Ajay K Singhana, Secretary General of BAI, too complimented the reigning Asian Junior Champion. “You did us all proud. On behalf of the entire BAI I congratulate you on your medal win as you add the seventh medal to the list of wins at the 2018 Youth Olympics,” he said, in his congratulatory message to Lakshya.
Lakshya, next plays the Word Juniors in Markham (Canada) from November 5 to 18 and is a part of the 24-member Indian squad.

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