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The ILP movement

We can’t simply put the blame to the law enforcers either they are under the state government or the central government, regarding the present turmoil happening in the region. We all know that these people were only following the orders from their higher up. The connotation Higher ups refers to those bureaucrats who are giving direct order to these law enforcers following the strong directives of the legislators who are assigned to take charge of the various department including the Home department as cabinet ministers.
For decades, Manipur has been a turning to a theatrical staged where some directors or script writers are steering to whatever direction that they desired to the performers. It was under the supervision of the director that plays are being staged and the similar thing happens. The recent uprising of the of mass movement is the architect of the Chief Minister his cabinet colleagues. And the main artist performing is the state police and the people of the Manipur.
May be people of the state may not be able to think on the same line that some people think to certain burning issue like introduction of an ILP like act in the state. But it is also a fact that almost all the people of the state particularly the Meitei community among the Manipuris that had felt necessary for introduction of ILP like act. It is because of the insecure position of this community that the people consider ILP or similar act is the need of the hour. The demand is not a new one. It is a demand of the people since 1980s. And the government while trying to get the mercy of the Union government has been able to suppress it time and again by using any means.
It is also a fact that many in the state police force were once active supporters of the JCILPS and its equivalent organisation spearheading the mass movement in those days. It is simply surprising to see them treating the agitators in support of JCILPS as animals by these police personnel of whom some were leading such agitation before joining the state force.
The high handedness showed to the agitators and the kind of atrocities committed by them is a clear signed of pouring anger to the already burning anger of the people. The more the police force mishandle the more the agitation with intensify. Police logic to utilise maximum access can’t be understand, as, if they had stopped utilising maximum force the tendency of the peoples’ movement might reduced.
Now, it is certain that the Chief Minister Okram Ibobi Singh is now changing its tactics to end the people movement. He might now try to win the heart of the people. It is at this hour that people should be more careful.
In this crucial hour let me remind each and every citizen of the state not to make U-turn to the present agitation.

With regards,
Dinesh Yengkokpam
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Letter to the editor

MPSC’s Latest RTI reply hints at massive irregularity in 2010 MCS exam

Respected Sir,
Most of the examinations conducted by the MPSC do not happily get finished without a controversy. Be it for a right reason or wrong reason. We do find instance where many candidates who felt let down use to take legal recourse for redressal of their grievances. I am also one of such candidates who have fought relentlessly to get to the bottom of the alleged violation of the MCSCC Examination Rules in the conduct of 2010 MCS/MPS exam. My whole fight actually began when I was informed by the MPSC vide RTI reply datd 05-11-2012 that I had not obtained the qualifying mark in the General English paper and as such my other seven main papers had not been evaluated by virtue of the provision incorporated under Note (ii) of Section II of Chapter II of the aforesaid Rules. Surprisingly, it was later found that all my seven main papers had been duly evaluated by the concerned examiners which virtually put me in the fourth position of the overall written test of the said exam. Leaving aside all these for a while, what concerns us the most at the moment is how MPSC had applied the same provisions of Note (ii) in 2010 exam and subsequently in 2013 & 2014 exams. To get a complete picture of 2010 exam, we need to move a little back to the court proceeding. During the writ proceedings, MPSC by filling an affidavit had submitted that the provision under Note (ii) is only a directory rule, but not a mandatory rule that until and unless the qualifying paper (General English Paper) is examined and the result thereof is out, the other papers cannot be examined. MPSC further submitted that there is no such legal necessity that the General English paper should be examined first and therefore, under compelling circumstances, all the papers of the candidates including General English paper were examined at the same time (simultaneously) to save time3, money and everything. Thus the initial statement made by the MPSC in their RTI reply which indicated non-evaluation of my seven papers on account of my failure to obtain the qualifying mark in General English paper and the later statement made by the MPSC in their affidavit regarding simultaneous evaluation of all the papers including General English paper are contradictory to one another. Even though the Hon’ble High Court of Manipur has also decided the case in my favour, the controversy surrounding 2010 exam does not seem to end even today. The recent development has further put a serious question mark on the credibility of those officers of the MPSC who were at the helm of affairs during 2010 exam. I had filed another RTI application on 01-10-2014 but this time with respect to 2013 and 2014 examinations. The information which I sought were how many candidates have failed to qualify in the General English paper in 2013 and 2014 exam and whether the remaining seven main papers of those candidates who had failed to qualify in the General English paper have been evaluated further or not. Despite my repeated request, MPSC refused to furnish the information. Then I had filed a complaint petition before the Central information Commission (CIC). On the direction of the CIC, Manipur Information Commission took up the matter and summoned some officials of the MPSC. Consequent to that, the information has been finally provided by the MPSC after almost eight months vide RTI reply dated 12-06-2015 which reveals that only 7 candidates in 2013 Exam and 14 candidates in 2014 Exam had not qualified in the General English paper and the other seven main papers of the said candidates has not been evaluated. (in 2010 exam, 109 candidates were deliberately disqualified in General English paper). Therefore, the subsequent action of the MPSC clearly implies that 2013 and 2014 exams had been conducted with maximum care keeping in mind the legal requirement as envisaged under Note (ii) of the examination Rules. The word ‘directory’ as cleverly invented by the MPSC in order to sweep the irregularities of 2010 exam under the carpet had ultimately become a ‘mandatory’ one in the subsequent examinations. Summing up, the latest RTI reply which has vividly reflected MPSC’s strict adherence to the examination Rules in 2013 and 2014 exams regarding evaluation of seven main papers of only those candidates who had qualified in General English paper almost confirms that MPSC had altogether violated the provisions of note (ii) in 2010 exam. This again leads to the logical conclusion that the MPSC has also made a conscious attempt to interfere with the due judicial process by misinterpreting the provision of note (ii) as a “directory” rule. Legal, MPSC may win or lose court cases but somebody has to be necessarily there to take cognizance of serious acts of impropriety or immorality committed by any of its officials. Always switching to the idea of fighting every case in a court of law by hook or by crook is not a healthy proposition for a constitutional authority like MPSC. Legal expanse is not a big deal for MPSC so long as they are getting adequate fund from the State government. But for an individual litigant, it is an uphill task to fight a case financially. Transparency and accountability is what everybody expects from MPSC but not ‘manipulation’ ‘discrimination’ and ‘litigation’. The deadly combination of this trio can ruin the entire lives of many deserving candidates.
Yours Faithfully
Hanjabam Bobby Sharma S/o H. Kunjakishor Sharma
Brahmapur Thangapat Mapal, Imphal East (8794496150)  

An Open Letter to AMMIK

Very respected Apunba Manipur Matam Ishei Kanglup, in the name of holy traditions of the land, I’m sending you my deepest regards.I hope you are doing well and I believe I’m not disturbing you in your daily raga recital. The last time I heard about you was when you insisted the government to declare Sana Leibak Manipur as the state anthem just after the demise of the legendary Bachaspatimayum Jayentakumar Sharma who penned the song. Unfortunately the authority is indifferent as always but lesser than that of the people, who are assured that this song would evoke the false pride in you. That’s another story. Image from Tapta’s Fan Blog You have made a bolder step this time. But why would you act like the army and issue diktats? As far as we know, you are a group of contemporary singers just as your name suggests; and neither would anyone believe you are a fascist organisation. Didn’t you feel getting out of tune when you write out that Tapta cannot sing anymore simply because he is not a member of your organisation? Probably you don’t. That’s why you have not only boycotted him but gone ahead and made your terrifying royal promise of banning the film as well of which he is a playback singer. Perhaps the film, Keishal, under the banner of Plus Media Production, might never see the light of the day. This is considering that you can summon artistes for negotiation in rebel camps or pay the police to do what they do best: threaten the people. However, there are so many things at stake here.Truth be told, your name must remain as it was: like a band of Nazi-inspired musicians but in a non-existential zone or wherever far from a sane society. Today, you might not mind it, you have never. You would not care that you have become the laughing stock in the whole town these days. A real musician would have produced a fine work from such humiliation but we know you are callous. Your fascist ideology—if there is any other such thing beside sheer stupidity behind your organisational workings—is only as good as your crappy tabla-harmonium music. If there is one thing that is so typical in the world of artistes, it is their love for freedom and liberty. But clearly you have become blind and you cannot see beyond your overbearing octave. For that matter, Tapta is more popular than all of you combined, yes, he also performs better than the combination of all your rule-obsessed, cheesy singing mates. Doesn’t this give you some clue why people are calling you all sorts of names because you are blindly trampling on the people’s choice of music and professional affiliation? Tapta is creative, independent and politically engaged—all of which you are not. We can see these issues would be too much because for you, art should be only for art’s sake. You have nothing to do with the diktats from both the state and non-state actors, which have shoved us into a corner of collective listlessness. Of course, nothing can be more important than obtaining a visharad degree from your alma mater located in faraway Agra and Gwalior and others; and yes, flaunting your power in this land of no master. The royal order of the AMMIK Image:Plus Media Production Again, Tapta is more popular than your organisation. This fact might be a source of great disturbance to your inflated ego. Why don’t you go and sing on the radio if it is not the music season in the town? There are lots of issues at hand that the people should care about. For instance, in one eastern corner of the land, in Chadong, hundreds of families have been displaced from their homes. The government’s myopic plan of building a dam has backfired though the authority is nonchalant as ever. The rhythmic patterns of violence and underdevelopment have already imprisoned us in a time warp of nothingness. In this kind of situation, your diktats and boycotts have become an unnecessary pain in the ass. An album cover pic of the Eastern Dark Image: Eastern Dark’s Facebook page We are grateful to you for keeping up the Manipuri language. Albeit, everybody knows your disciplined approach to learning and practising music is doing much harm than helping it. Have you watched the film “Western Sankirtan”? You should ask your big brother, the Film Forum Manipur, if you have not. To explain briefly, the theme of the film is about going back to our roots, but while ignoring or too stupid to know that Sankirtan can never be a marker of our identity. It is no less different from your borrowed ragas and khayaals. And oh, your mates are tired of your adopted microtones and semitones: now they are aping the shittiest music from all over the world. I presume you like Ranbir Thouna. I like him too but I cannot tell how AR Rahman sounds so much like him. I’m kidding, I don’t like him but the mention about AR Rahman is true. In the last few days, metal-inspired Eastern Dark has also come out with their stories of intimidation. Incidentally like Tapta, this band is known for its socially relevant music just in case you had missed it in your self-righteous ride to conquer the music world in the stupidest ways. Pop stars from the olden days including Sanaton and Naba Volcano were the closest you can get but they are gone a long time ago. If copycats, alien music styles and unquestioning loyalty are the foundation of your world, you might as well boycott yourself and excuse us for some time. We know what our choice of music is and you cannot dictate what it should be. Please admit you are a fascist organisation and you are all powerful. We might be able to boost your ego and help do away with your talentless struggle, or, probably show you how it takes fans and supporters—and not primitive aggression and high-handedness —to raise an art form.
Finally, you are only strong as a group and, for your kind consideration, there is an adage: those people who cannot work outside a group or on their own, they are a nobody when they are alone. For all the talents you don’t have, it seems you are making it up with your illegal dictatorial rules. Please do go to Agra and improve your skills. You might become a better singer some day. Who knows?!
 Yours sincerely,
An anonymous music listener

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Stop publishing news about bandh


When newspapers stop the publication of Bandhs/blockade news, there will be no more Bandhs/blockades. Please see times of india, hindu, tribune etc. You will not find news of Strikes/Bandhs in front page. It’s too much in Manipur. Media should play a proactive role in the development of Manipur but to no avail. Instead of ANSAM, UCM, DESAM, MSF etc, please run after policymakers, MLAs, Ministers. Manipur is hotbed of corruption but our media don’t have time to do sting operation. They don’t have time to interview Ministers, MLAs except some media briefing. If you don’t have any news other than bandh/blockade, please leave your pages blank. You all know that Manipur is are fed up of such daily useless news, then why do you publish it? Why don’t you change the taste? Why don’t you target the developmental projects? Why don’t you target the 60 MLAs? Why don’t you target the MU, JNIMS, RIMS? Why don’t you visit the remote hill villages and minimise the hill-valley gap? Why don’t you visit an Anganwadi and enquire its works ? Why don’t you take photos of the unauthorised checks made by MP, IRBs who mint money from bikers without any challan or receipt and publish it ? Why don’t you take a photograph of broken road and publish it alongwith the name of Works Minister ? ....Media of Manipur have educated public regarding Bandhs/Blockades. That’s why bandh after bandh and strike after strike. I know, my frustration is of no use because our mindset are used to old habits. But, please have a look into my request/suggestion. Please put up the matter with AMJWU. Please take public opinion. Let’s make Manipur a better place to live in. Let’s make Manipur a developed state. But without Bandhs and Blockades.


Mohd Amir, Yairipok Bamonleikai, Thoubal

- Editor’s reply : We do feel your anger to the frequent bandh and blockade called by various organisations in our state. But reporting such an event is also our duty as such reporting is also a measures to avoid any unwanted incidents that might occurred due to communication gap between the organisation members and the common people. While reporting about some organisation calling bandh or blockade we are not encouraging them but rather alerting the people and those in the government to provide full security for the people.

Thanks for your concern about this decaying society.

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MCS Exam is 25% ahead of IAS Exam

Respected Sir,
You may be well aware of the sorry state of affairs which had marred the Manipur Civil Services Examination (MCS) 2010. Despite adopting similar examination Rules as followed by UPSC, 50% was fixed by the MPSC as qualifying mark in General English paper in the said examination. The Hon’ble High Court of Manipur has also struck down the fixation of 50% on the grounds of illegality and arbitrariness. Thereafter, MPSC have filed an appeal before the Hon’ble Supreme Court which is yet to be decided. Having said all these, let me now bring to your kind notice the remarkable judgement of the Hon’ble Supreme Court rendered in the landmark case of Ashok Kumar Yadav & Ors Vs State of Haryana & Ors (1985) 4 SCC 417. In this case, the Apex Court has categorically held that “there should be uniformity in the selection process throughout the country & the practice followed by the UPSC should be taken as a guide for the State Public Service Commissions to adopt and follow”. Taking serious note of this precedent, I had filed series of RTI applications to ascertain the exact qualifying marks fixed by the UPSC in the All India Civil Service (Main) Examinations. UPSC vide its letter dated 10/06/2015 have informed me the qualifying mark of the English paper fixed in the Mains (Written) Examinations of 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 respectively which happened to be only 25% all through (in 2014 exam, it was also 25%). In the context of the above cited undisputed facts, it is now crystal clear that MPSC, by fixing 50% in 2010 MCS Examination, had not only deliberately ignored the observations of the Hon’ble Apex Court. Mention may be made that MPSC had also made a starting with respect to the fixation of the qualifying marks in the subsequent MCS examination of 2013 which was further reduced to 40% for General, 38% for OBC, 35% for ST/SC and 30% for persons with Physical disabilities. Justifying the move, MPSC in their reply affidavit had admitted that the chairman of the MPSC has consulted UPSC and taken into consideration the practices and norms followed by other State Public Service Commissions. Therefore, MPSC had wilfully applied different yardsticks from examination to examination as per their convenience and advantages. It clearly shows the double standards and farcical face of the MPSC. There is also no denial of the fact that everybody has a right to appeal to a higher court if he or she is aggrieved by the judgement of a lower court but in a prima facie case of such nature, I hardly see any reasonable grounds or merits on which an appeal may be preferred before the Supreme Court. Was it because of an ill advice given by somebody in highest authority or was it a last ditch effort of the MPSC to delay the compliance of the High Court’s Order and to keep their tainted image away from public glare for the time being. Whatever justification MPSC may offer to this whole sordid saga of 50% fixation, the same will be of no relevance at all because MPSC have not only lost the legal battle in the very first place but also now the perception battle following the revelation of the 25% qualifying mark fixed by the UPSC. Lastly, I humbly leave everything to the wisdom of those persons who are self styled men of propriety and integrity. For them, “MCS is definitely greater than IAS”.

Yours Faithfully
Hanjabam Bobby Sharma
Brahmapur Thangapat Mapal

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Admission to Private Higher Secondary Schools of Manipur

Admission to Private Higher Secondary Schools of Manipur
Result of the High School Leaving Certificate (Class X) Examination, 2015 conducted by Board of Secondary Education, Manipur declared few days ago. After declaration of the result, parent and guardian of the passed students are hectic on selection of school where their ward should be admitted. Taking its advantage, most of the Non-Government (Private) higher secondary schools of the State are trying to trap these students. These schools advertise on local dailies in their own styles to lure students. Among these schools, some of them are not listed in the Names of Institutions affiliated to Council of Higher Secondary Education, Manipur (CoHSEM). The names of the Non-Government Higher Secondary Schools affiliated to the CoHSEM are available on the website of the Council. But to every student, parent or guardian identification of those schools on the internet might not be possible.
In view of the above fact and prevailing situation of the State, it would be grateful to all if the CoHSEM clarify ambiguity of those schools at the earliest and initiate immediate stern action to those schools, if necessary. The student, parent and guardian must also be serious on choosing an institute.
Thank you.

Faithfully yours
Dr. Sanoujam Dhiren Meetei
Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh

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MPSC without Chairman

Manipur Public Service Commission (MPSC) was constituted in 1972, but people came to know of its existence only 3/4 years before !!!! MPSC started functioning in its true spirit only in the last 3/4 years. There was excitement, confidence amongst the jobless literate youth of Manipur. The functioning of MPSC under former Chairman Shri Dhruv Vijay Singh, IAS has made MCS, MPS : the dream goal of many young Manipuri Students. Parents, Students, Scholars expressed their happiness when MPSC declared result of various exams in time. In 2014, even the candidates of MFS Exam giving physical test at Khuman Lampak Stadium rubbed their eyes in disbelief when they found final result on the same day. MCSCCE 2013 & 2014 were conducted in the same calendar year and selected candidates have joined Services. In 2013 & 2014, Exams were conducted on time results declared without any delay.Truly said, MPSC created history in its way of conducting examination and got applause from PSCs of other States.
However, good side of the story ends here. RTI applications started piling up.RTI application was kept pending for 4/5 months. At present exams are not conducted on time. Results are kept pending. Because there is no chairman since 27 Jan 2015. Since last 03 months MPSC has been functioning without its BOSS. It seems that CM O Ibobi didnt find capable person who could dance to the music of State Government.It seems that, our State Govt is not happy with the way : Young Officers, Doctors, Engineers, Bureaucrats who made their career in last 2/3 years by dint of hard work and merit. Politicians may be asking to each other “ Why MPSC selects candidates without any gift/khudolpot ?” It seems that State Govt is trying to make MPSC a money making machine.
Governor of Manipur, Shri KK Paul is also the Governor of Uttarakhand. He stays far away from Manipur. It could be a reason for the delay of appointment !!! Nevertheless, Sooner than later, State Government will surely recommend a name for the Chairmanship of MPSC. We expect the new Chairman to safeguard the Constitutional Power and functions of MPSC. We also expect our new Chairman to be of high moral values who could not be easily bogged down by immoral political cohorts. We pray for a new Chairman who can continue the legacy of former Charmain, Shri DV Singh, IAS (retd). MPSC has given a ray of hope to many young students who could otherwise be waylaid to dropout and become insurgents. Many Students have promised to build a better Manipur by becoming MCS,MPS, MFS Officers. We request our State Government to help these students in realizing their dreams.

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Annihilation and Assimilation-Too Barbaric

The state of Manipur from the invent of human settlement till now, was a land of various ethnic groups, who were almost independent with a strong common national convention.
The Indian population of colonial attitude devided once an independent state into hills and plains geographically. Their sinister idea is to crush the indigenous population of the state into insoluble pieces on ethnic lines.
The existence of multi-party system in the mainland is the clear sign of political chaos, is trying to sneak into the state to antagonise the native and indigenous population of the once an independent state into mere pockets of vote bank for their selfish political horse trading, thereby forgetting to treat the state as an independent state.
A few of the native and indigenous population of the state who would have been treated as reactionaries in all the countries which fought for liberation and independence, are having hidden denners to devided the once an independent state into mere geographical pockets of ethnic groups.
The misguided political aspiration among the blinded few native and indigenous population is the brainchild of Mayang Brahmins and Bandits. And their gloomy and misguided aspiration is to annihilate the other brother and assimilate some if possible. For a lion’s share of land to ever remain in the colonized state, it is a request, “to be the last in the race of ownership but not on the top in the race on slaverism”.
The hope and the truth remain where a quarter of the population of this colonized state stood for a united and strong independent Manipur, in the first ever historic march of Integrity on 4 August 1997.

Bangkim Kh.     

Germany beat Argentina to lift Golden Trophy

Germany defeated Argentina 1-0 in extra time to win the 2014 World Cup at Estadio do Maracana in Rio De Janeiro on Sunday. The match remained scoreless into the second period of extra time when substitute Mario Gotze scored a superb goal in the 113th minute after receiving a cross from teammate Andre Schurrle.

This is the fourth World Cup triumph for Germany. It last won the World Cup in 1990, defeating Argentina in another cagey final. By winning the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, Germany became the first European side to win the tournament when it was held in South America.

Hailed as "Messi vs. the Machine" by ESPN commentator Jon Champion, the final lived up to its advanced billing, even if goals were hard to come by. Germany, coming off a 7-1 dismantling of Brazil in the semifinals, dominated possession in the early going but nearly gifted a score to Argentina in the 21st minute. Argentina forward Gonzalo Higuain found himself with a clear run on goal after Germany's Toni Kroos gave the ball away. With no defender between him and the Germany goal, Higuain failed to even put his shot on frame.

In first period of extra time, it was Higuain's replacement, Rodrigo Palacio, who missed what may have been Argentina's last best chance to score against Germany. Palacio received a cross in the Germany penalty area from Marcos Rojo in the 97th minute. Palacio controlled the pass with his chest and then tried to lob the ball past Neuer. His touch betrayed him in the crucial moment and the shot went wide of goal.

Gotze would score his unforgettable winner on a similar play in the second period of extra time. He controlled Schurrle's cross with his chest and then struck the ball cleanly past Argentina goalkeeper Sergio Romero. That the goal was created by two substitutes provided the final reminder of the depth and talent of Germany.

"It's an unbelievable feeling," Gotze said after the win, as translated by ESPN. "I don't know how to describe it. You just shoot that goal and you don't really know what's happening. Then at the very end of the match, it's undescribable, having a party with the team, with the whole country. A dream became reality. It is for us, really a dream come true. And I'm more than happy and very proud of the team and of what happened here in Brazil."



Xperia™ C3 – the world’s best selfie smartphone

8th July 2014, London, UK – Sony Mobile Communications (“Sony Mobile”) today introduces Xperia™ C3, the ultimate new smartphone for selfies and social sharing thanks to Sony’s leading digital imaging technology and interactive camera apps.

“Xperia C3 is a unique new smartphone from Sony, created to offer the ultimate social sharing experience with a new powerful ‘PROselfie cam’. It also presents a combination of the best of Sony, with leading digital imaging technology and brilliant specs and performance all for a mid-range price” says Calum MacDougall, Director of Xperia Marketing at Sony Mobile Communications.

“The rise of selfies shows no signs of abating – its usage has increased by 17,000% since 2012 with the word officially being added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2013. We’re excited to offer SONY’s first ‘PROselfie Smartphone’ and play a part in this global phenomenon.”

The Xperia C3 s powered by the Snapdragon 400 chipset with a quad-core 1.2GHz Cortex-A7 processor, Adreno 305 GPU and 1GB of RAM. The rest of the specs include 8GB of expandable storage, an 8MP rear cam with a LED flash, and a super thin body at 7.6mm.

Sony Xperia C3 is 4G-enabled and supports LTE Cat4. There's also a dual-SIM model dubbed Sony Xperia C3 Dual, which supports not only dual-standby, but dual-call too.

The highlight feature of the Sony Xperia C is its front-facing 5MP camera with wide 25mm lens. It comes with a front "soft" LED flash, something we definitely don't see every day. The front camera features Superior Auto mode just like the regular one, although it seems to lack autofocus.

Sony Xperia C3 will be available in white, black and mint colors starting in August. The first market to get it is China, but it will spread worldwide shortly after. The pricing is yet to be announced.



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