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Press clarification

A news item that appeared in the Naharolgee Thoudang daily and Imphal Times evening edition on August 11 alleging me of mark tempering during the submission of documents for the post of Assistant Project Engineer is false and baseless with no knowledge of the details of the required qualifications mentioned in the advertisement posted in all the leading newspapers by CEDTI on 11 July 2001 which only mentioned the required qualification of BE Mechanical. No mention of marks or percentage was mentioned anywhere in the said advertisement for the said post. Since I secured 62.9 percent in the BE Mechanical, I was an eligible candidate for the abovementioned post which was on purely contract basis, and was subsequently selected. The necessity for tempering marks does not exist in the first place. The allegation is nothing more than a malicious attempt to malign my image and that of the Director mentioned in the news.

Condolence to Churachandpur victims and solidarity to people’s democratic struggle

We express our heartfelt condolence to the untimely demise of Kuki brethren, who lost their precious lives in the course of series of unfortunate incidents in Churachandpur District (Manipur: India): the two persons who were burnt alive, one who succumbed to an accident injury, and five others who were killed in the repression. We share the grievances of the families and pray for the departed souls to rest in peace. We also convey our goodwill message to all the injured persons to recover soon.
We are aware of the restive situation erupted from 31 August 2015 onwards, against the three bills recently passed by the Government of Manipur; which has now spread like wildfire in the Manipur Hills. About 13 days before, the incident in Moreh Town on 18 August was a clear signal that any political decision that may encapsulate the entire Manipur, if there is no deliberate policy agenda to make it become a matter of contention and unrest, must first of all fulfil prior informed consent of the peoples for whom the decision has to be taken. The government, however, have always acted above the community or popular conscience, as result of which dissentions and unrests have become the order of the day. We wonder if the policy makers were either sincerely ignorant about the latent unrest vis-à-vis the bills or simply feigning ignorance to test the tolerance and capability of dissention or simply igniting communal flames to disunite peoples, to serve certain authoritarian interests. Although we do not approve violent mobbing, riots and destruction of properties in the name of protest; we held the government fully accountable for creating an atmosphere of mistrust and violent agitations in the Kuki clustered areas.
We are also aware that before the Kukis and the Nagas rose in protest against the bills, the peoples in the Manipur Valley rose in agitations to demand Inner Line Permit System and they were brutally suppressed for some months. The unrest had affected the entire Manipur, particularly the larger bulk of the poor and daily wage earners. A student was killed in police action, about 450 were injured, hundreds were jailed and scores of properties were destroyed. All these could have been prevented, if the government had fulfilled the reasonable demand without delay. After causing much damage, the government, on 31 August, passed three bills, which partly fulfilled the demands and pacified the agitation. What becomes apparent, however, is; while the wounds in the Valley have not been fully healed, the government have designed the bills in such a manner that it opened the door to different interpretations that inflicted wounds in the Hills. A Pandora’s Box is being opened to let loose sensitive issues, thereby, letting the wounded communities into tensions. In the melee of projecting community enemies, those who are in power often escaped away from the collective scrutiny of their arrogances and misrules.
We are witness to the manner the Kukis have reacted to their immediate representatives, the MLAs. The MLAs were singled out for unrepresenting the dissenting voice and their luxurious houses were burnt. Although we could not approve such violence and destructions; we cannot deny that these convey the message about the power of popular struggle. All these exemplify that the existing relation of powers, between the rulers and the ruled, can be turned into upside down, at the wink of eye, if the peoples want it. The Kuki agitation is limited in scope, as it is centred on the resentment against the bills. Given the nature of the demand and the leadership, which could not magnify beyond the higher demand for either VI Schedule or different administrative state for the Kukis: revolutionary direction towards an overall regime change, to free the society from inequality and bourgeoisie misrule, is still missing. However, the misruled Nagas, Meeteis and other minorities in Manipur have a lot to learn about their latent collective strength from this particular episode of Kuki agitation. The Kuki experience can also serve as a constant reminder to whosoever comes to the power, to have a second thought in policy framing and implementations.

Finally, we once again express our heartfelt condolence to all those from the Meeteis and Kukis who lost their precious lives in the course of different agitations in the last few months. We convey our goodwill message to all the injured persons to recover soon. We congratulate those in the Valley who have partly achieved their demand. We also express our solidarity to the democratic struggle in the Hills by those who do not want the bills to encroach upon their rights. We appeal to all, to arrive at a point, to ensure that the rights of indigenous peoples are collectively protected from the outsiders and capital intrusion that grabs land and resources in the guise of projects such as dams, mining, oil drilling, civil and defence infrastructures.
“Long live people’s democratic struggle”
Campaign for Peace & Democracy (Manipur)
4th September 2015.

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Open letter to the DC Churachandpur

Shri Lunminthang Haokip, I.A.S.
Deputy Commissioner, Churachandpur District, Manipur
Subject: Request for Immediate Occupation of SDO/BDO Office at Singngat Village.
Most respectfully, we beg to state the following points for your kind consideration and necessary action on public interest. That, after more than a decade of abandoning SDO/BDO office and its related activities in Singngat Sub-Divisional Headquarter, we are finally blessed with the inauguration of the new office building on 4th July, 2015 by Shri Ginsuanhau, Hon’ble MLA, 60 Singngat AC. Elected MDCs of 60 Singngat AC, District Superintendent of Police, Officials and staffs from various government departments, Chiefs, Social Leaders and members of Philanthropic Organisations, Singngat Vision 2020 Implementing Committee members and the public in general who were present on the occasion applauded the expectation that the SDO/BDO office would be occupied and start serving the people regularly within few days. On the contrary, the office remained closed with no one working in the office till this date for reasons best known to the concerned officials and staffs and the District Administration in particular. On the other hand, office activities are taken up in Churachandpur which is only about 34 kilometres away from Singngat. People in the Sub-Division had to come down to Churachandpur for SDO/BDO office related activities. Much time, money and energy are wasted unnecessarily. The poor, the needy, the illiterates and the deprived in the society who constitute much larger sections of the society are most affected with the absence of SDO/BDO related activities in the Sub-Divisional Headquarter, Singngat. We have suffered too long already! If Bank, Medical, Police, Fire, Forest Departments, Govt. School, Para-Military Forces, Non-Governmental Organisations, Secular and Religious institutions manage to function and render their services for the people in spite of lack of basic facilities, how can the parental head of the Division- the Sub-Division Office and the Block Development Office remain closed and abandoned? In the past, appeals had been made to install regular office activities in Singngat but no concrete action was taken till date. We are now compelled to set a dateline which is the 15th of September, 2015 latest by which the office remain occupied by the concerned officials and staffs. Therefore, we earnestly request your good office to look into the matter and make necessary arrangement where SDO/BDO offices are occupied and its activities are resumed in the said building at Singngat proper immediately.

Thank you Sir, and hoping your kind co-operation and prompt action on the subject matter, we remain gratefully yours in the service and interest of the general public.

Yours sincerely,
Chairman, SV-2020
Secretary, SV-2020
Dated: Singngat The 26th August, 2015

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Manipuri Diaspora Individuals and Associations donated over 3 lacs toward DM/H2M Flood Relief Efforts

Several Manipuri Diaspora Individuals across the globe have donated over 1 lac INR to assist the flood relief efforts being conducted by Dynamic Manipur (DM) and Helping Hands, Manipur (H2M). Their individual contributions are in addition to one’s respective Manipuri Diaspora association they are part of. The list of individual donors are as follows: Dr. Ng. Shantikumar Meetei (Mr. World & English Professor at DE LIN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY (Taiwan) and Chongtham Jayanta Meetei Director of EX-Theatre Asia (Taiwan) have together donated 22630 INR; Anonymous Donor of Manipuri Origin from Silicon Valley CA (USA), 30500 INR, Bhaban Nongmaithem & his friends, Senior IT Engineer, iRevo (South Korea) : 30000 INR ; Shilpa Phairembam, Program Manager , Health Information Exchange (USA) : 10000 INR; Jiten Nongmaithem, Principal Scientist, Samsung SDI (South Korea) : 6000 INR, Chongtham Bobby Khaba (Flight Supervisor ), Qatar Airways (DOHA): 5000 INR; and Bishwajit Okram & family Legal & Finance Professional (Ireland): 5000.
So far the total fund collected by DM/H2M for the relief activities and “Potable Water Supply to Flood Victims through Pond Restoration and Filtration Units – Manipur Flood 2015” project is 427798 INR, of which 314548 (73%) are donated by Manipuri Diaspora Individuals and their respective associations. Among the donor associations are Korea Manipuri Association (KMA) with support from Indians in Korea (INR 74050), Manipuri Association of Canada (INR 61364), San Francisco Bay Area Manipuri Community (INR 50000) and North American Manipur Association (INR 20000, coordinated by Flood Relief Manipur). As of August 19, 2015, DM/H2M for the flood relief activities have provided basic supplies to more than 750 flood affected families of the following villages: Wangoo, Pangaltabi, Leishangthem Khong Manung, Komnao, Wabagai Tera Pishak, Uchiwa, Tangjeng, Sekmainin.
Presently, DM/H2M are focused on the pond restoration activities, primarily concerning clean and potable water in order to restrict mass spread of water borne diseases, which are very common after floods. This is also one of the key areas of WASH activities recommended in Joint Assessment Analysis (JNA) report prepared by Sphere India in association with several NGO groups. So far, DM/H2M volunteers have treated over 17 local community ponds located at Kakching, Keirak and Thoubal Leishangthem. In the next two weeks, the team will undergo restoration of community ponds at Tentha, Wangoo and many other flood affected villages. As part of this project 100 water filtration units will also be provided at flood relief camps and to all families of a small village where 100% of the population was affected by flood.


Dynamic Manipur
email: fb.com/DynamicManipur and

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Will DPC in RIMS be legal?

As per order of the Manipur high court Prof S. Sekharjit assumed the charge of the Director of RIMS on August 22. This was after expiry of the three weeks’ period during which the authority could not furnish details on the  validity and legality of the relieving of Prof Sekharjit. In his ruling chief justice L.K. Mohaptra said that this provision was not found in the bye law and recruitment rules.
Reports say that Prof Rita had written a letter to Prof Sekharjit to wait till August 31 since the date of communication will fulfil three weeks on that day. However sources said that there is evidence to show
that Prof Rita had received the order on a particular date so that it fulfils three weeks’ period on August 21 which means that Prof. Sekharjit becomes the director from August 22.
After  his assuming the charge on August 22 the presence of Prof Rita as the director in charge in RIMS has become redundant and her signature cannot be valid. In this backdrop there are reports that one

DPC for the appointment of several persons in grade III and IV will be held soon. Since it was planned that the chairperson of the DPC shall be the director in charge it will have no validity and legality in the
changed situation. If the DPC is not cancelled it will be a matter which will be challenged in a law court and indications are that the RIMS authority shall not be able to defend it.

Hiyang Athouba
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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The Jana Gana Mana controversy

Still remembering those days when the feeling of anti-India among the Manipuri youths during late 80s reached its peak. It was during our schooldays where our teacher compelled us to sing the National Anthem ... Jana Gana Mana. I never learnt the song by hard and for that my teachers would certainly canned me at my leg for murmuring and not singing the song. Then come the daily prayer as it was Christian missionary school, at which I never remember fully except for the first line ... Our father in heaven, holy be your name and ... blah blah blah.... I still remember my teacher punishing me for not able to learnt the morning prayers. I sometimes regret for not able to remember the prayers as I thought I was never a good student.
Recently, I am happy to come across a facebook post by Justice Markandey Katju, at which he justify that Tagore wrote the National Anthem ‘ Jana Gana Mana ‘ in honour of the British King George the Fifth who visited India in 1911. After reading the post I now have no regrets to my failure to learnt the song.
Justice Markandey Katju light up a controversy on whether the Indian National Anthem ‘Jana Gana Mana ‘ was written by Rabindra Nath Tagore in praise of God, or as sycophancy in praise of the British King George the Fifth.
In his opinion the evidence is strongly in favour of the second view.
The Engish translation of the song ... Jana Gana Mana is produced here:
“ Victory to thee, O ruler of the minds of the people,
O Dispenser of India’s destiny.
Thy name rouses the hearts of Punjab, Sindh,
Gujarat and Maratha,
Of the Dravida, Odisha and Bengal;
It echoes in the hills of the Vindhyas and Himalayas,
mingles in the music of Yamuna and Ganges and is
chanted by the waves of the Indian Sea.
We get up with your blessed name on our lips
We pray for your auspicious blessings

Thou dispenser of India’s destiny.
Victory, victory, victory to thee.”
Now a few things must be noted about this song :
1.The song was composed at precisely the time of the visit of the British King George the Fifth and Queen Mary in December, 1911
2.The poem does not indicate any love for the Motherland.
3. The ‘ Adhinayak ‘ ( Lord or Ruler ) is being hailed. Who was the ruler of India in 1911 ? It was the British, headed by their King-Emperor.
4. Who was the ‘ Bharat Bhagya Vidhata ‘ ( dispenser of India’s destiny) at that time ? It was none but the British , since they were ruling India in 1911.
5.The song was sung for the first time in India on the second day of the Calcutta Conference of the Congress Party in December 1911. This Conference was held specially to give a loyal welcome to King George the Fifth, and to thank him for annulling the Partition of Bengal in 1905.
6. The agenda of the second day of the Calcutta Conference , in which the song was sung, was specially reserved for giving a loyal welcome to George the Fifth, and a resolution was adopted unanimously that day welcoming and expressing loyalty to the Emperor and Empress.
7. It was only as late as in 1937, when he wanted to show himself as a patriot, that Tagore denied that he had written the song to honour the British King
The above facts almost conclusively prove that ‘ Jana Gana Mana ‘ was composed and sung as an act of sycophancy to the British King.
I now have no regret for my weak memory in singing the national anthem. As for the prayer, I now learnt that that was not my destiny and have nothing to do with my life as a meitei.

Jai Ho !
Denish Yengkokpam
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Where is the fair price shop?

Respected Sir,
In my article dated13 may 2015, I had mentioned that I will be filing case at supreme court. I had already sent legal notice on June 23rd 2015, to the following department & Schemes/Project: MNREGA, PPDS, MID DAY MEAL, ANGANWADI CENTRE, LIQUIR, TOBACCO, AGRICULTURE, LDA, INDIRA AWAS YOJANA, ELECTRICITY and MOBC Dept. This may take time but I will continue step by step, till the people of Manipur gets justice. The beneficiaries of the following schemes are not provided as per the said requirements even for the constituency of concerned Ministers and the Chief Minister, then what can be expected from other constituencies. During my journey, I had approached the opposition leaders, elected / non-elected members, to provide the beneficiaries of above schemes but they denied.
Illegal selling of Liquor and Tobacco at open market by the Non-Manipuries, (though I am not against any community) is being practiced. Including the fact, that liquor is sold inside the battalions’ canteen, to the general public ( From Jawan’s quota).It clearly indicates that there issupport from the concerned authority because these two items are banned in Manipur.
Through media ( newspaper) , it had come  to my knowledge  that Honourable minister for Social Welfare had mentioned that ANGANWADI CENTER buildings had already been constructed for the entire Ukhrul District, but according to my survey and report it has not been done. Also , Honourable  Minister for Department of consumer affairs, Food & Public Distributions claimed that under PPDS scheme, the beneficiaries received all the items which includes wheat , rice, sugar , kerosene etc. ,but according to my survey and report it is absolutely wrong.
Here, I would like to question the concerned Minister - where is the fair price shop?
Including few points to be noted,
· Agriculture department is selling Urea at Rs. 310 per bag. Private retailers are  also selling above Rs 400 per bag Urea.
· MNREGA- It’s huge injustice (according to our survey , out of 100 working days , the beneficiaries work for average 20 days .)
Similar case can be seen with
· Mid-Day Meal (most of the items that should be provided to the students are very less),

· Substitute teachers (they are appointed by the concerned authorities illegally without Govt. approval) ,
· LDA (The contract was awarded for a high magnitude, in spite of the fact that there was a single bidder\applicant. In such a situation, the guidelines are very clear that a fresh NIT should be issued.
· Electricity( We would like to know about the states/ company with whom your department is doing trading/selling)
· INDIRA AWAS YOJANA(Most of the beneficiaries are getting very less amount, according to our survey)
· MOBC (students’ scholarship) (Many wrong things are done according to our survey)


Yours Sincerely
Rajkumar Premjit Singh, Social Activist
(S/o (late) R.K Ranbirsana,
Ex-Chief Minister, Manipur)
Contact: 8588000465

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The ILP movement

We can’t simply put the blame to the law enforcers either they are under the state government or the central government, regarding the present turmoil happening in the region. We all know that these people were only following the orders from their higher up. The connotation Higher ups refers to those bureaucrats who are giving direct order to these law enforcers following the strong directives of the legislators who are assigned to take charge of the various department including the Home department as cabinet ministers.
For decades, Manipur has been a turning to a theatrical staged where some directors or script writers are steering to whatever direction that they desired to the performers. It was under the supervision of the director that plays are being staged and the similar thing happens. The recent uprising of the of mass movement is the architect of the Chief Minister his cabinet colleagues. And the main artist performing is the state police and the people of the Manipur.
May be people of the state may not be able to think on the same line that some people think to certain burning issue like introduction of an ILP like act in the state. But it is also a fact that almost all the people of the state particularly the Meitei community among the Manipuris that had felt necessary for introduction of ILP like act. It is because of the insecure position of this community that the people consider ILP or similar act is the need of the hour. The demand is not a new one. It is a demand of the people since 1980s. And the government while trying to get the mercy of the Union government has been able to suppress it time and again by using any means.
It is also a fact that many in the state police force were once active supporters of the JCILPS and its equivalent organisation spearheading the mass movement in those days. It is simply surprising to see them treating the agitators in support of JCILPS as animals by these police personnel of whom some were leading such agitation before joining the state force.

The high handedness showed to the agitators and the kind of atrocities committed by them is a clear signed of pouring anger to the already burning anger of the people. The more the police force mishandle the more the agitation with intensify. Police logic to utilise maximum access can’t be understand, as, if they had stopped utilising maximum force the tendency of the peoples’ movement might reduced.
Now, it is certain that the Chief Minister Okram Ibobi Singh is now changing its tactics to end the people movement. He might now try to win the heart of the people. It is at this hour that people should be more careful.
In this crucial hour let me remind each and every citizen of the state not to make U-turn to the present agitation.

With regards,
Dinesh Yengkokpam
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Letter to the editor

MPSC’s Latest RTI reply hints at massive irregularity in 2010 MCS exam

Respected Sir,
Most of the examinations conducted by the MPSC do not happily get finished without a controversy. Be it for a right reason or wrong reason. We do find instance where many candidates who felt let down use to take legal recourse for redressal of their grievances. I am also one of such candidates who have fought relentlessly to get to the bottom of the alleged violation of the MCSCC Examination Rules in the conduct of 2010 MCS/MPS exam. My whole fight actually began when I was informed by the MPSC vide RTI reply datd 05-11-2012 that I had not obtained the qualifying mark in the General English paper and as such my other seven main papers had not been evaluated by virtue of the provision incorporated under Note (ii) of Section II of Chapter II of the aforesaid Rules. Surprisingly, it was later found that all my seven main papers had been duly evaluated by the concerned examiners which virtually put me in the fourth position of the overall written test of the said exam. Leaving aside all these for a while, what concerns us the most at the moment is how MPSC had applied the same provisions of Note (ii) in 2010 exam and subsequently in 2013 & 2014 exams. To get a complete picture of 2010 exam, we need to move a little back to the court proceeding. During the writ proceedings, MPSC by filling an affidavit had submitted that the provision under Note (ii) is only a directory rule, but not a mandatory rule that until and unless the qualifying paper (General English Paper) is examined and the result thereof is out, the other papers cannot be examined. MPSC further submitted that there is no such legal necessity that the General English paper should be examined first and therefore, under compelling circumstances, all the papers of the candidates including General English paper were examined at the same time (simultaneously) to save time3, money and everything. Thus the initial statement made by the MPSC in their RTI reply which indicated non-evaluation of my seven papers on account of my failure to obtain the qualifying mark in General English paper and the later statement made by the MPSC in their affidavit regarding simultaneous evaluation of all the papers including General English paper are contradictory to one another. Even though the Hon’ble High Court of Manipur has also decided the case in my favour, the controversy surrounding 2010 exam does not seem to end even today. The recent development has further put a serious question mark on the credibility of those officers of the MPSC who were at the helm of affairs during 2010 exam. I had filed another RTI application on 01-10-2014 but this time with respect to 2013 and 2014 examinations. The information which I sought were how many candidates have failed to qualify in the General English paper in 2013 and 2014 exam and whether the remaining seven main papers of those candidates who had failed to qualify in the General English paper have been evaluated further or not. Despite my repeated request, MPSC refused to furnish the information. Then I had filed a complaint petition before the Central information Commission (CIC). On the direction of the CIC, Manipur Information Commission took up the matter and summoned some officials of the MPSC. Consequent to that, the information has been finally provided by the MPSC after almost eight months vide RTI reply dated 12-06-2015 which reveals that only 7 candidates in 2013 Exam and 14 candidates in 2014 Exam had not qualified in the General English paper and the other seven main papers of the said candidates has not been evaluated. (in 2010 exam, 109 candidates were deliberately disqualified in General English paper). Therefore, the subsequent action of the MPSC clearly implies that 2013 and 2014 exams had been conducted with maximum care keeping in mind the legal requirement as envisaged under Note (ii) of the examination Rules. The word ‘directory’ as cleverly invented by the MPSC in order to sweep the irregularities of 2010 exam under the carpet had ultimately become a ‘mandatory’ one in the subsequent examinations. Summing up, the latest RTI reply which has vividly reflected MPSC’s strict adherence to the examination Rules in 2013 and 2014 exams regarding evaluation of seven main papers of only those candidates who had qualified in General English paper almost confirms that MPSC had altogether violated the provisions of note (ii) in 2010 exam. This again leads to the logical conclusion that the MPSC has also made a conscious attempt to interfere with the due judicial process by misinterpreting the provision of note (ii) as a “directory” rule. Legal, MPSC may win or lose court cases but somebody has to be necessarily there to take cognizance of serious acts of impropriety or immorality committed by any of its officials. Always switching to the idea of fighting every case in a court of law by hook or by crook is not a healthy proposition for a constitutional authority like MPSC. Legal expanse is not a big deal for MPSC so long as they are getting adequate fund from the State government. But for an individual litigant, it is an uphill task to fight a case financially. Transparency and accountability is what everybody expects from MPSC but not ‘manipulation’ ‘discrimination’ and ‘litigation’. The deadly combination of this trio can ruin the entire lives of many deserving candidates.
Yours Faithfully

Hanjabam Bobby Sharma S/o H. Kunjakishor Sharma
Brahmapur Thangapat Mapal, Imphal East (8794496150)  

An Open Letter to AMMIK

Very respected Apunba Manipur Matam Ishei Kanglup, in the name of holy traditions of the land, I’m sending you my deepest regards.I hope you are doing well and I believe I’m not disturbing you in your daily raga recital. The last time I heard about you was when you insisted the government to declare Sana Leibak Manipur as the state anthem just after the demise of the legendary Bachaspatimayum Jayentakumar Sharma who penned the song. Unfortunately the authority is indifferent as always but lesser than that of the people, who are assured that this song would evoke the false pride in you. That’s another story. Image from Tapta’s Fan Blog You have made a bolder step this time. But why would you act like the army and issue diktats? As far as we know, you are a group of contemporary singers just as your name suggests; and neither would anyone believe you are a fascist organisation. Didn’t you feel getting out of tune when you write out that Tapta cannot sing anymore simply because he is not a member of your organisation? Probably you don’t. That’s why you have not only boycotted him but gone ahead and made your terrifying royal promise of banning the film as well of which he is a playback singer. Perhaps the film, Keishal, under the banner of Plus Media Production, might never see the light of the day. This is considering that you can summon artistes for negotiation in rebel camps or pay the police to do what they do best: threaten the people. However, there are so many things at stake here.Truth be told, your name must remain as it was: like a band of Nazi-inspired musicians but in a non-existential zone or wherever far from a sane society. Today, you might not mind it, you have never. You would not care that you have become the laughing stock in the whole town these days. A real musician would have produced a fine work from such humiliation but we know you are callous. Your fascist ideology—if there is any other such thing beside sheer stupidity behind your organisational workings—is only as good as your crappy tabla-harmonium music. If there is one thing that is so typical in the world of artistes, it is their love for freedom and liberty. But clearly you have become blind and you cannot see beyond your overbearing octave. For that matter, Tapta is more popular than all of you combined, yes, he also performs better than the combination of all your rule-obsessed, cheesy singing mates. Doesn’t this give you some clue why people are calling you all sorts of names because you are blindly trampling on the people’s choice of music and professional affiliation? Tapta is creative, independent and politically engaged—all of which you are not. We can see these issues would be too much because for you, art should be only for art’s sake. You have nothing to do with the diktats from both the state and non-state actors, which have shoved us into a corner of collective listlessness. Of course, nothing can be more important than obtaining a visharad degree from your alma mater located in faraway Agra and Gwalior and others; and yes, flaunting your power in this land of no master. The royal order of the AMMIK Image:Plus Media Production Again, Tapta is more popular than your organisation. This fact might be a source of great disturbance to your inflated ego. Why don’t you go and sing on the radio if it is not the music season in the town? There are lots of issues at hand that the people should care about. For instance, in one eastern corner of the land, in Chadong, hundreds of families have been displaced from their homes. The government’s myopic plan of building a dam has backfired though the authority is nonchalant as ever. The rhythmic patterns of violence and underdevelopment have already imprisoned us in a time warp of nothingness. In this kind of situation, your diktats and boycotts have become an unnecessary pain in the ass. An album cover pic of the Eastern Dark Image: Eastern Dark’s Facebook page We are grateful to you for keeping up the Manipuri language. Albeit, everybody knows your disciplined approach to learning and practising music is doing much harm than helping it. Have you watched the film “Western Sankirtan”? You should ask your big brother, the Film Forum Manipur, if you have not. To explain briefly, the theme of the film is about going back to our roots, but while ignoring or too stupid to know that Sankirtan can never be a marker of our identity. It is no less different from your borrowed ragas and khayaals. And oh, your mates are tired of your adopted microtones and semitones: now they are aping the shittiest music from all over the world. I presume you like Ranbir Thouna. I like him too but I cannot tell how AR Rahman sounds so much like him. I’m kidding, I don’t like him but the mention about AR Rahman is true. In the last few days, metal-inspired Eastern Dark has also come out with their stories of intimidation. Incidentally like Tapta, this band is known for its socially relevant music just in case you had missed it in your self-righteous ride to conquer the music world in the stupidest ways. Pop stars from the olden days including Sanaton and Naba Volcano were the closest you can get but they are gone a long time ago. If copycats, alien music styles and unquestioning loyalty are the foundation of your world, you might as well boycott yourself and excuse us for some time. We know what our choice of music is and you cannot dictate what it should be. Please admit you are a fascist organisation and you are all powerful. We might be able to boost your ego and help do away with your talentless struggle, or, probably show you how it takes fans and supporters—and not primitive aggression and high-handedness —to raise an art form.
Finally, you are only strong as a group and, for your kind consideration, there is an adage: those people who cannot work outside a group or on their own, they are a nobody when they are alone. For all the talents you don’t have, it seems you are making it up with your illegal dictatorial rules. Please do go to Agra and improve your skills. You might become a better singer some day. Who knows?!

 Yours sincerely,
An anonymous music listener

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