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Double for Babit, 3 runner-up places for Sandeep in DMSC 2018 Autocross

Open Category: 1. Babit Lyngdoh (Meghalaya, 2:00.47); 2. Sandeep Sharma (Delhi, 2:03.22); 3. Dennis Assumi (DMSC, 2:04.28) 
Above 1.1 category: 1. Babit Lyngdoh (Meghalaya, 2:03:81); 2. Sandeep Sharma (Delhi, 2:03:91); 3. Obeth (AMAM, 2:04.09) 
SUV category: 1 Kamlesh (Meghalaya, 2:14.13); 2. Sandeep Sharma (Delhi, 2:14:50); 3. Denis Assumi (DMSC, 2:18.91)  
Below 1.1 cc: Imli Pongen (2:06.50); 2. Atoka Awomi (2:09.78); 3. TomitoShohe (2:09.81)
Rookie: Imli Pongen (2:06.06); 2. Atoka Awomi (2:11.34); 3. Jaki Trang (2:11.41)
Special category (Lady): Phoebe (Meghalaya)

IT News
Dimapur, July 16,

The 4th DMSC JK Tyre 2018 Autocross successfully concluded here late on Sunday, with the Meghalaya duo of Babit Lyngdoh and Kamlesh and Delhi’s Sandeep Sharma claiming the top honours.
Driving through twisty and hairpin turns inside the track in front of delighted crowds, Babit completed a grand double, winning the Open as well as the Above 1.1 Categories. He hit the post in a record-breaking 2:00.47 in the Open category and was equally fast (2:03:81) in the Above 1.1 category. 
Kamlesh proved to be the star in the SUV category, needing 2:14.13 to emerge the victor. Sandeep underlined his class, taking the second position in as many as three categories. He took 2:03:22 to finish behind Babit in the Open category, 2:03:91 in the Above 1.1 Category and 2:14:50 in the SUV class for two runner-up places.
Local lad Dennis Assumi too had the distinction of coming third in two races, the Open and the SUV categories
Over 60 drivers from different parts if the country participated in this three-day event organised by the Dimapur Motorsports Club. The winners were  rewarded with trophies and cash prizes.

The mystery of nine

Dr. Nunglekpam Premi Devi
Independent Scholar

Nine O’clock; Nine O’clock
Not later than nine; come home at nine
Hurry! Hurry! You should be at nine
I remember; a voice so strong
So afraid; so obedient and so ruling
All I do, all I imagine! Nine is all my time
How excited I am! How lovely I think?
How truthful I behave? Just for a nine time
I make no hassle; and I bother not crying
I intrude not; and I pounder billions happiness
I throw out my charm; my charisma
And I must go and I must dance.

Nine O’clock; Nine O’clock
Not later than nine; come home at nine
Hurry! Hurry! You should be at nine
The day has brightened me; but still
The day has persuading; blarney
And I sing of seasonal maneuver;
Dong-ki ta-ki, taki-ta taki,
Dong-ki ta-ki, taki-ta taki
I am enthralling; and I am dreaming
Dreaming of color; red, blue and green
All delighted and all captivating
What should I chose? Bewildering
Still I doubt? That smooth talk voice
Energetic all I presume; guessing  
Calculating my entire ethos; flavoring
This feeling too strong; I envy most

Nine O’clock; Nine O’clock
Not later than nine; come home at nine
Hurry! Hurry! You should be at nine
Sailing all by my side, I know no boundary
I speak of my cherish and I dream of my love;
This hour is all I consider;
T’s Bright serene moonlit night; under her coat
Harboring my thousand emotions;
I try and I try inclining handsomely
Holding and engaging divine hands;
How sweet! How lovely! I fly
How heavenly! How pleasantly! We move
With this rhythmic rhythm; we follow  
Dong-ki ta-ki, taki-ta taki,
Dong-ki ta-ki, taki-ta taki

Nine O’clock; Nine O’clock
Not later than nine; come home at nine
Hurry! Hurry! You should be at nine
Awe! All I wonder
Would never be again; this mystery nine
I am jiggling all my way; so valid
How unfortunate! Crack me in the middle
Oh! Sweetness, my mother
Echoing through me; Nine O’clock; Nine O’clock
Leaving phantom emotions, shadowing upon thee;
This dance; this rhythm,
Still Silhouettes my many mystery.

The Kite Runner

By:- Parthajit Borah.
(A Poetic Congratulation To  Hima Das For Her Victory In Finland)

A dreeam chaser of age,  chases
the dreams not in night but in heart.
A rainbow chaser of passion chases
the deeds beyond imagination.
A mover of the earth,  moves from
emotion to reality at a little distance.
A fast cry of track,  cries from india to
 the world in search of deserved crown.
A puller of colour at the lap of motherland, who draws the victory flag
in the world’s  heart.
A kite runner of happy sky runs after
the dreamt rights,
A runner of peace  from the south east
to the doorway of the world.


By- Dr Nunglekpam Premi Devi
Independent Scholar.

I have a fear, a fear of dread darkness;
So wild and too forbidding, within me;
‘Darkness’ instill unauthorized, making me shaky;
All I feel is nowhere round, I traveled far off;
Losing ever inch of my bravely confidence,
I struck loosely nowhere infusing shady phantoms;
Its mortal dark and, I see things! I cried loudly
Hang in there! Wait and look for me!
Mother! Mother! Still all, quite and hush;
I lost self presence, ‘fearing’ quieting my breath;
Concealing all colors, darkness the one rules hallucinating;
Breathing in and breathing out, as I stand still
Silence speaks all, merging more wraiths stilly.

Perturbed every single night, Uneasy lies within me;
Afraid! Collecting ‘nura’ wasn’t welcoming;
Fear as hell, darkness has eaten me all;
Stretching out my arm searching nura, here and there;
I stopped breathing, not an inch I see unclear,
I see things, many things as I could imagine, marching towards;
Get me a light; get me a podon! I cried loudly,
None hears the call, neither attended, I surf along vividly;
Still continued, searching unsighted with the unseeing eyes;
Loosing total control, one arm out and one pulling back;
I flattered dangers, ‘mother’ stand by me! I whisper   
Hating ‘self’ consciousness, I roar within loud out;
Fear rules, as I stood kneeling reaching out hand.

I have a fear, a fear of dread darkness;
Ceasing my arm, I jumped in the empty, halting;
Suspended searching, one and two and three,
Onto the bamboo stalks, I never did found ‘nura’;
What was that? I hold onto, soft and cold creasy,
Feeling shocked touching out ‘toad’ breathing underneath;
I cried of danger and I scream for the light;
Jumping back and front appealing and pleading;
Light! Light! As do I beg, Mother watches me over;
I feel blessed beholding distant podon lights, overwhelming;
And she bubbles away frothing ‘smiling’ adorably;  
Assembling my senses, I tried instilling darkness into lights;
I walk through reoccupying, with lamp in the hand.

One and two and three, I looked around searching;
Blinking eyes open out, with a lamp in the other hand,
Oh! There you are! Connecting to abandoning piece;
Catching and holding firmly, I spaded faster;
Turning back sooner, overlooking podon in the left,
I run and rush faster as I could; dashing and smashing;
With one heap breath, flash! Go away the little light;
I flipped inside the door, soothing breathing;
How great! I throw it back in the dark wilderness;
Lessening ‘Fear’ that forbidding within me.

Let me live in your heart

By : Parthajit Borah.

A pall of grief darken my soft bosom
Sprinkling the seeds of Sobing on the cold bank of my heart,
I often cry at the moonless night
Where a cold sea sails in my teary eyes.
I quarrel with anxiety and trepidation
Which incessently disturb my childish
Longings to swing free at the pendulum
Of lost and found .
Let me sail the sea of hope to
Replant my lost faith in your heart.
Let me breath the air of ecstasy
To smile at my own shadow.
Let me sleep in my cosy slumber
Let frighten my dark dreams
Which everyday chases me at dead of night.


By- Dr Nunglekpam Premi Devi
Independent Scholar

Little is known, still feeling’s so huge;
Living through this, life’s an immense pleasure;
Nothing’s barring, still going great although,
It’s just a way ‘feeling’ through, when it’s good;
Sailing across thousands conflicts, and breathing alive;
Tried not to mingle with those, I feel best moody;
Thought, better staying aloof and away far from,
Feeling’s just a compromise as I always do;
Working late night; I thought stepping one pace ahead;
But never Do I, I feel dizzy and sleepy
And missing all day moments, unattended!
Rushing and dashing and hurriedly I recall;
Days shorter and I blink eyes through nights;
I switch getting up earliest, world so silent cold;
Pulling myself back yarning, I do feel napping short awhile;
Satisfaction! A way I believe searching though.

Funny and funny things happening a lot;
Every single desire so irritating;
Food and clothing and decorative and luxurious;  
‘I want it more’ and ‘I want it now’
Sounds irrelevant; making me hard to cooperate,
Doesn’t seem so nice to me, when he’s aggressive;
I look forward searching, should I have to?
Never try understanding, how I may carry up situational?
Why should he do that? I ask thousand times,
Making me work burden, making me irresponsible;
‘Now’ or ‘never’, I hate those options,
And ‘Now’ a suicide, time all matters, I can’t stand;
Seeing with his eyes limitless, more and more;
‘Buy me this’ ‘Buy me that’ money scatters aren’t leaves;
New! New is all that matters, changing a living,
Satisfaction! A way finding never fulfill.

Shouting and lecturing, a way tool I use;
Ugly I become; angry I lose every understanding;
Forgetting all love near and far ones, I become so possess;
Pulling myself to nowhere, far beyond those discomforts;
Tens and twenties I thought punishing self, control fasting,
Shall I or Shall I not? A word he utters would suffice;
Anger and violence so wild; I stand protecting first,
Ease your pains and lose your ‘fancy’ desires, I wish hard;
Isn’t that so reasoning? Teaching ‘him’ best simple and low living;
No rules broken; living a consideration mercy;
‘Angry me not’, discard ‘now and new’ forever;
‘Slapping and kicking’ a compromise made between;
Time! Can’t calculate how much still there,
Live ‘me’ within; tomorrow’s just an illusion,
Satisfaction! Isn’t a means, isn’t holding truth.

On the tussle at MU


In my humble view it is good to apply common sense in respect of the high drama of MU and tussle between the VC of MU and students and teachers of MU in particular and guardians and parents, social organizations in general.
Common sense says there must be some factual truths if there are allegations against him or her, nothing can happen if there is no basis.
So in the interests of VC himself and students community and their backdrops it is not wise for the VC just to deny all the allegations are wrong and adamant to his stand on one side and on the other side the authorities concerned should not be indifferent for such a very long time wasting invaluable time of the students and others.
For an amicable settlement both sides must soften and take proper thinking and required action. It will be better for VC to have a second thought rather than evading faults and impulsive thinking and the authorities concerned either the state Govt. or the Centre (the appointing authority) must take up the responsibilities of their errant child. All the (Nitis) rules should have a base on Dharma Niti (Right &love).
The wise and the learned have little desires and accept less pay and ready to admit any mistake if it is happened. Common sense works if it is happened. Common sense works wonders. Forget the immature politics from education.

N Mangi Devi  

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If I were

By-Dr Nunglekpam Premi Devi

Independent Scholar


If I were a wealth’s baby, I’ll hold onto gold;

If I were a rich man’s child, I’ll hold onto notes bundle;

If I were a wealthy daughter, I’ll have lots of friends;

If I were a rich man’s wife, I’ll hold onto ornaments;

If I were a wealthy mother, I’ll hold onto bold sitting;

If I were an army’s wife, I’ll be holding on separation;

If I were an officer’s mother, I’ll be holding facilitation card;

If I were a minister’s wife, I’ll be caring beauty and publicity;

If I were a queen, I’ll be holding lies and secrets;

If I were a wealthy mother-in-law, I’ll be holding importance;

If I were a rich grand-mother, I’ll be holding sitting hair;

Living’s an important culture, and it’s all if I were.


If I were a tamed dog, I’ll have been holding a zipped mouth;

If I were domesticated, I’ll have hold onto broken limbs;

If I were a caged bird, I’ll have been holding thirsty;

If I were a cultivator, I’ll have been holding crops lazily;

If I were an ant, I’ll have died multiple times stamping;

If I were shoes, I’ll have been shitting worn torn pieces;

If I were bags, I’ll have been holding heavy loads;

If I were a dustbin, I’ll have been holding stinking water;

 If I were a flowerpot, I’ll have been holding dried earthen;

If I were a sitting bench, I’ll have unbalanced legs;

Life’s not an incidence, and it’s all if I were.


If I were a communicator, I’ll have been gun down earlier;

If I were a radio, I’ll be holding screwing noises;

If I were a vehicle, I’ll have been honking all way along;

If I were ammunition, I’ll have been oiling every single hour;

If I were a rocket, I’ll have been suing to spying;

If I were a satellite, I’ll have been bomb blasted;

If I were a television channel, I’ll have never been telecast;

If I were a mobile phone, I’ll have been always inside the bag;

If I were a tractor, I’ll be holding a damp rusty engine;

If I were fire, I’ll have never been light up;

Living’s to technical corrupt and it’s all if I were.


By- Dr.  Nunglekpam Premi Devi
Independent Scholar

Open and airy; wide and empty;
As I remember again and least;
Somewhere in the corner; somewhere at the edge’
Down far distance, away from house into the bush;
Into the wilderness, into the bamboos, into the woods;
Into the shrubs, into the forest and into the back mound;
And behind the banyan tree and behind the mango tree;
This places a sacred one, that spots a secret entity;
Swiping across time; those places’ a good storage;
Men! Never bewildered, changes too quickly
One upon the other, one upon another;
Heaps into heaps; pile upon pile;
How fascinating I was into those days;
Wasn’t available any latrine hut, a close one;

No wonder, all see through all empty still unseen;
Into the leaves guarding; standing tall trunks,
Into the ground, behind the mound occupying;
Holding tightly grasping onto as never let go off;
Firm and quietly; sitting and holding onto as never fall off;
Steps so clear, steps too committed step upon not;
Behold! And secure those edges boundary,
Spot them through not into the leaves;
Notice them through not into the wild greens secret;
Seeing all prohibited; seen is unseen and ignored,
Watch them clear; aware them exactly;
Oh! Those hanging piece of cloth,
Phanek! A signal, a truth of compromise
It’s an engage; and it’s a reservation
How fascinating I was into those days;
Wasn’t available any latrine hut, a close one;
I still recalled those memories, so heavily concern;
One part to be performed without fail,
All once at a day, all while privately and discreetly;  
Oh! That entity, feeling too awkward, can’t imagine
Sunny day still a foul day all dried up still in the sun;
Strong pungent breeze carried across sharing;
Flooding! A disaster to them
Pouring out all those full heaps into the road;
Scattered out into the lane, it’s a tragedy dilution;
Water its agency, floated and carried away,
Wet and bubbly, dare step upon them too many;
So wild and so barbarian, I doubt not;
Too primitive as we grow so naïve natural;
How fascinating I was into those days;
Wasn’t available any latrine hut, a close one;

5 state players selected for training at Indonesia for the 18th Asian Games

IT News
Imphal, June 17,

5 state penchak Silat players including a girl were among the 22 Indian team players selected for getting advance training at Indonesia to prepare for the upcoming 18th Asian Games , 2018 scheduled from August 18 to September 2 at Palemband in Jakarta.
The Indian team will attend 10 days advance training camp from June 20 to June 30 at   Padepokan-Tamii-Pencak Silat of Jakarta.
The five state players ate Naorem Boynao Singh, Phijam Australia Singh, Huidrom Bishan Meetei, Thounaojam Johnson Meitei and Ahongshangbam Sarjubala (the lone girl player).
The 22 players including the Coach and officials is scheduled to leave India on June 18.

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