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Thoubal College Team wins Inter College Badminton Championship

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The Thoubal College Men’s badminton team and the SEMCO, Komlathabi Women’s team have bagged the men’s and women’s team champion titles respectively of the RK Brojen Singh Memorial Manipur University Inter College Badminton (Men and Women) Tournament at Thoubal College Indoor Stadium today.

The Thoubal College under the aegis of Manipur University Sports Committee Organise the two day championship is participated by eight men’s teams and five women’s teams.

Thoubal College men’s team defeated Imphal College by 2-0 games, In the women’s team event, the SEMCO, Komlathabi team defeated the Royal Academy of Law, Oinam by 2-0 games in the finals today.

The closing function of the tournament was attended by O.Chaoba Devi Principal Thoubal College and Ch.Lokhol Singh Head of Dept.Chemistry Thoubal College as the chief guest and president respectively.

Interschool football tournament of Dist Noney

IT News

Imphal, Sept. 27.

143 Bn CRPF is organising Interschool football tournament of District Noney from today till September 20.

DIG CRPF and Mr Kanan Kamei President Rongmaei Naga Manipur state.

A colourful function was held today in the open ground of  Noney. In the tournament all 10 teams @ 15 sports dress per team × 150 sports dress had been distributed to participating players. Besides above , all teams will be given football and football net, Winners Trophy , runners up trophy , medals to all winners n runners up. Special gift of Rs 10,000/ to winners and Rs 5000/_ to runners up team. All teams will be given refreshment daily. Motto_ to spread awareness about games and Importance in their life. To teach them team work n capacity building. All media brothers are requested to give wide publicity.

Four girls in final of World Youth Championship; four more finish with bronze

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New Delhi, August 29,

 Nitu will open India's go-for-gold campaign in the ongoing AIBA Women's and Men's World Championships at Budapest on Wednesday evening, as three other pugilists--Anamika, Sakshi and Manisha--will join the chorus later tonight in the Hungarian capital.

Of the 10 girls competing here, eight of them managed to make it to the semi-finals in a record-breaking feat and four among them further crossed the hurdle with a fantastic showing in the rings late last night.

The first one to make the final cut was Nitu, who defeated the hard-punching Anel Kudaibergen of Kazakshtan in the lightfly category (45-48 kg) to get a 3:2 split verdict from the five judges. The Indian led, despite punching and inching her way, the judges verdicts kept fluctuating. But Nitua was holding a slender advantage which she held on gamely until the bell rang, thanks to her tenacity. The 2017 World Championship Gold medallist, making to a successive final, takes on Thailand's Nillada Meekoon in the final.

Anamika, on the other hand, proved too hot for her Thai rival, Kittiya Nampai in flyweight class (51 kg) as the Indian outpunched round after round to emerge a clear winner on points (5:0).  Anamika, who will clash with one of the most talked youth boxer, American Heaven Destiny Garcia in the gold showdown, was severe begin with against the Thai who was left guarding herself for most of the time. Anamika, with an open guard, invited her opponent but Nampai was content not to get KO verdict.

2017 Gold medallist at the world championship, Sakshi, too, had an easy semi-final bout in the featherweight class of 57 kg against Isamary Aquino of USA. As the bout opened, both pugilists were taking their own time to trade off punches. With a few jabs and hooks, Sakshi tried to open the American's close guard and even landed a couple of punches, including an uppercut which gave her points and substantial lead in the first round. The Indian decided to go all out and added to her points tally before the final bell and won the bout 5:0. She will meet Nikolina Cacic of Croatia in the final.

In the adjacent B ring, a little latter, Manisha crossed swords with Veronika Villas of Hungary, a promising boxer. With the local crowd rooting for the Hungrian, it looked Manisha would have a torrid time but the Indian brushed aside the pressure and landed some combination punches to wrap the bout with a 4:1 verdict in her favour. The Asian Youth Champion will take on Gemma Paige Richardson from England in the final.

Earlier, Astha Pahwa, who has a bronze under her belt from the 2017 world meet at home, could not resist French girl Tallya Brillaux who won on points (5:0). Jony, too, lost her lightweight (60 kg) bout to Nune Asatrian with a similar 5:0 verdict and both the pugilists had to settle for a bronze medal.

The verdicts against Sakshi Umesh in light heavy (81) and Neha Yadav in heavy (+81) was no different as the Indians logged no points on the scoreboard during the entire duration of their bouts with their opponents scoring 5:0 points to leave the Indians content with the bronze medals.

Yesterday, both Bhavesh Kattimani (53 Kg) and Ankit (60 kg) had ended with bronze medals after losing in the semi-finals in the Youth boys’ category.


Assam Rifles conducts Inter School Basketball Competition

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Imphal, Aug 24,

Mantripukhri  battalion  of  HQ  IGAR  (South)  conducted  Inter  School  Basketball Competition as a part of Annual Sports tournament for the year 2018-19 at the Assam  Rifles  Public  School,    Mantripukhri,  from  21st  –  23rd  August.  A  total  of  seven  Assam Rifles Public Schools under IGAR (South) participated in the said competition to include schools  from  Mantripukhri,  Keithelmanbi,  Jwalamukhi,  Maram,  Pallel,  Thoubal  and Kakching.  The  event  commenced  with  a  motivational  inaugural  speech  by  the  Vice-Chairman,  ARPS,  Mantripukhri  to  all  young  participants.  The competition started with league matches in which all teams displayed great skills and team spirit to excel. ARPS, Mantripukhri  with  better  co-ordination,  skill  level  and  stamina  outclassed  their counterparts and lifted the winning trophy defeating ARPS, Pallel in the finals.
 Players  and  Team  Captains  appreciated  the  smooth  conduct  of  matches  in terms of providing better facilities in terms of basketball court, experienced referees and transparency in  conduct  of the matches. Winning team will now represent IGAR (S) at DGAR  Inter  School  Basketball  Competition  scheduled  from  27th  -31st  August  at Dimapur.  

Open Letter to Hon’ble Minister, Water Resources, Government of Manipur

Hon’ble Sir,
With due respect, I beg to draw the attention of the Honourable Minister of Water Resources, Government of Manipur regarding the slow progress of the repairing of riverbank at the eastern side of Imphal River at Singjamei Torban Kshetri Leikai in Imphal East District (Khangembam Mapa).
The piling and construction of retaining wall at this point (around 50 metres) have been going on now for the past couple of months. This point of river bank is in a very dangerous condition as far as the recurrent flood on Imphal River is concerned. 
Frequent floods on Imphal River have caused tremendous hardships to the local people, more than once in the past few months. Still flood may come anytime and the unfinished works will surely be a panic to the local people. If there be any breach of the river bank at this point, the whole people of Torban Kshetri Leikai, Khongman and even Bashikhong will suffer like anything.
Here, I on behalf of the local people of surrounding villages, would like to draw the attention of the Concerned Minister of Water Resources, Government of Manipur to expedite the progress of the works. It seems that the materials and manpower supplied by the contractor for this work are not sufficient to ensuring progress of the work. The Department is requested to advise the contractor concerned to accelerate the pace of the works, and also to maintain the required quality so that the local people may not suffer during the floods.
Thanking you in anticipation,

Yours sincerely,
Seram Neken
Member, Imphal East Zilla Parishad
(14-Uchekon Nongchup Zilla Parishad)

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Open letter to Minister of Education and Department of Education Govt. of Manipur, India.

Dear Sir,
    We are group of educators living and working abroad. We compare the education policy and system abroad and back home in Manipur. We believe it is possible to do better with you, your team as well as we, the people at the grass-root level to get ready our youths in job market to get benefit to the individuals as well as to our state. We would like to propose the following points in education system to bring changes and upgrade our human resource sector.
1. Adopt No Fail Policy
    This will benefit in the long run. Literally speaking we do not let students fail in Thailand. If fail because of ill, accident or whatever reasons students can come and take test as special case on the following day. We thought fail means we remove unqualified candidate and maintains quality. However failing system in exam brings more harm than benefit. It will bring a tremendous psychological effect for the whole life to the individuals. This makes high drop out rate from school. A bad taste of failure is the main cause of emotional torture, depression, diverting attention to drug, crime etc, and sometimes leads to suicide. Instead, please introduce a grading system that those who cannot achieve a particular grade-score, just put them into compulsory vocational training course. Whether good or bad, keeping students without failing for 10-12 years at school will make them at least able to read, write, do some basic maths which is necessary for a common men. Weaker students might not able to become a doctor or engineer, but they must have something for survival and it is important right as a citizen which is very important for nation building. If students cannot become a doctor or an engineer, that is no problem. Let us send our children to suitable disciplines such as carpentry skill, farming skill, mechanic, animal rearing skill, dress making, repairing different things etc. This is what developed countries are doing. Doctors, engineers or lawyers constitute only a fraction of population in a society. Let us stop education system supporting for only a few students who will become doctor or engineer, and also an education system that makes them believe that they will work in government sector. Let us open doors of opportunities in many fields for academically weaker students and they might even be smarter in other skills. The present education system causes some individual schools adopt a policy that they jump over some of the class IX subjects neglecting the value of learning of that particular subjects in order to see the good result only in matriculation. This sacrifice and short term vision will harm in long run and that will bring serious effect in nation building. We should not focus learning only for the result of exams. A student who failed in academic field might excel in sports, business or other fields. There are numerous examples of individuals who could not achieve well academically but they become leaders in the world of business, such as Apple’s former boss Steve Jobs, Microsoft’s former boss Bill Gates, and Facebook’s boss Mark Zuckerberg. Please consider to remove the mistakes existing currently in our education system in Manipur. Let us plan for long term education policy. You took right step by introducing a system that there would not be common class 10 exam under the board, however it seems you reverted your decision to our original common exam system. Board is doing excellent job, but board exams also become carrier stopper to individuals. Here in Thailand, they do not have board exam for class X and XII.
2. Mass Education
    We need mass education. We cannot sacrifice huge population of students knocking out them from school in the name of maintaining quality. What we are seeing here abroad is very different from India. Almost everyone except some disable people can read, write, do basic maths for their daily business. This can be achieved because of education policy as literally they do not have failing system in their education. They support students and giving training is more important. In our system, exams and evaluation is more important. They put students at suitable field if they do not achieve particular grade score. We need this in our system too. Also, please do not detain kids at the same level more than one year. There is wrong belief of the people that promoting all the students will bring down the quality of education. Detaining kids more years at the same class underestimate individuals’ self confidence and ability when they are grown up. Mental strength, psychological health of individual is equally important as physical strength. Marking students fail will lose the individuals’ confidence. Better and more capable students will be absorbed in a more intellectually capable field of study, and lower able students will be engaged in low skill area with proper education in any specific area.
3. Strong Foundation of Primary Education
    We need special attention to primary education. Children who did very good primary level is more likely to go to better middle/high school. Those students who do very well in high school again are more likely to go to better college and university. So, we need to pay more attention to primary education that lays foundation which is seemingly given less important in our country than other countries from parents or authority’s side. Healthy nursery and primary education will shape better strength of our youths.
4. Focus on Opening More Vocational Schools
    Let us focus on opening different vocational schools. This is what people do in more developed countries. Support the students up to 12th standard, no matter what they are- good or bad. At the end of 12th standard, send them to different vocational schools rather than tagged them failed and useless individuals even if students cannot achieve particular grade-score. This policy will keep them move on their education. By the time they are 18 or 19 years old, they will start thinking for their future career. But in our present education policy, weaker students are removed from school system before they are able to think of their own future career. Make any vocational skill importance, meaningful and give their place, and employ them at the right place. What we are trying to say here is- For example, a student studies a vocational training about electricity and power management. If there is a job vacation in electricity department, employ this right candidate rather than recruiting someone who has studied biology.  It is time to stop employing wrong candidates but putting right person at the right place.
5. Teaching a Competitive Job
    Make teaching a competitive job. Competitive jobs means pay good salary and make it rewarding job to teacher. Doctors, engineers, MBAs, civil servants and whoever must go through school system and are under the guidance of teachers on top of the students’ personality. There is huge contribution of teacher than any other authorities to produce good citizen tut for now teaching is not good and respectable like doctors, engineers, and civil servants. We request you to bring some changes on this perspective.
6. Pay Based on Qualifications, Skill and Position
    Salary is a sign of credit, respect, encouragement and social status. Pay salary based on the position as well as the qualification of the candidate. Personally we have seen many Ph.D holders who work at primary school in other countries. They are paid well, respected well not less than a professor. In our culture we neglect this and we are willing to pay more respect to more well paid job, but less respect to individuals who are paid less even though he/she holds high qualification. We do not need knowledge of rocket science from doctorate holder at primary school but we do need experience and expertise of management from these resourceful persons even at primary education where no Ph.D might apply job for primary school in our state because of low salary and low status.
7. Avoid Teacher Recruitment on Mark Basis
    Different schools, states, or countries have different marking system. Percentage of marks cannot decide the overall quality of the candidate all the time even though it is customary to decide the quality of the student on percentage of marks which is very deceptive in practical world. Real capability of the individual cannot be decided by the exam’s marks only. Marks in the exam is just to evaluate the outcome of students’ learning on particular subjects, not the personality. If we know our student who is who, we even do not need any test. Let us stop recruitment system on mark basis. In some countries there is open book policy during exam. This does not mean copying word by word, sentence by sentence like the one what we are facing currently in our society. And, those countries’ education quality is much higher than that of Indian education. We need practical knowledge in human resource sector. It is a norm in India that employers look for people who hold nice certificate rather than who can do the job. But in more developed countries employers look for someone who can perform the task. Let us bring some changes to rectify the mistakes existing in the present system.
8. Speaking and Listening in Language Syllabus
    We learn English as compulsory subject. We learn reading and writing, rules of grammar. However we never include Speaking and Listening as part of syllabus which is taken very serious everywhere in foreign countries. There are lots of people who can read and write but do not speak the language. As a language teacher in Thailand and Cambodia, with personal experience with other teachers from different native English speaking countries we strongly feel that language is after all to communicate with others. Please try to include Listening and Speaking in our syllabus too. This will increase the chance of our youths in the world of job market.
Thanking you.
Yours sincerely,
Chingakham Dina,
Arambam Karamjit ,
Khwairakpam Sunita,
Arjun Kumar Dhungel,

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The Flying Flag of India (A Trubute to Atal Bihari Bajpaye )

By- Parthajit Borah

Wreathing a garland of new aspiration
running the kite in the horizon.
Eyeing on the evils flowering
the zeal of life.
A latent flame of emerald sea
rising from the profundity.
A sentinel of the flag lighting
thousand hopes for countrymen.
A spotless moonlight of Indian sky
flickers vigorous dreams for us.
A nomadic cry of state frames
the constitution of love.
Appealing poem of India
for lighting the flame again.

Fate of Southern Nagas vies FA Pact

(By a slight inhuman judgement of India to the Naga Frame work Agreement. The Southern Naga People in Manipur state would be Doom.)

As of now, the world knows that India had forcefully annexed Nagas and all its land into the union of India. Many right thinking individual, human justices, intellectuals and freedom fighters of India had been propounded.
1. When Naga club led by Eno. AZ. Phizo met Subhas Chandra Bose the then Indian National Army (INA) founder and leader, they deeply and seriously discussed upon the Naga  Sovereignty the Naga club expressed varied problems of their struggles before Subhas Chandra Bose. The brave man said that you Naga would get freedom when I got it. When I got freedom today you Naga would have tomorrow and when I got freedom in the morning you Naga would get freedom in the evening.
2. Father of the Nation, Gandhiji said to the Naga delegation that Nagas have every right to be independence.
3. Former Prime Minister Pt. Jawahalal Nehru wrote a letter to Assam C.M. R.R. Medhi on 13th May 1956. I feel that we have not dealt with this question of Naga with wisdom in the past. We must not judge them as we would judge others who are undoubted a part of India. The Nagas have not such background or sensation.
4. Sir, Rajagopalachari, the first Governor-General of free India assured on 11 members of Naga delegation in Shillong on 28th Nov. 1949. India wants to deprive the land of Nagas, Nagas are at liberty to do as they like, either to become a part of India or be separated if it would be best for their interest to be isolated.
5. Jaya Prakash Narayan member of Indo-Naga peace Mission said;
1. India says all Nagas are Indian citizens but we do not accept what India says.
2. The Naga peoples are unquestionably a nation.
3. You can lives as a nation and preserve integrity.
4. The kind of relationship between India and Naga may be negotiated.
In the context of Manipur state, the Naga and Meitei had a different/separate administrative system before 1949 merger agreement.
Naga hill areas were administered by a Political Agent (P.A). The Meitei valley was controlled by President Manipur State Durban. (PMSD)
Sir, Robert Reid, a Political Agent posted for Naga Hills in Manipur during fag-end of the British rule. Sir Robert Reid said; The Nagas are not Indian in any sense of the word neither in origin, nor in habit nor in language, nor in appearance, nor in outlook, they can have whatever they wish from the union of India. They can lives as a genuine good nation.
 The merger agreement 1949 brought change Naga Hills into one administrative roof with Manipuri Valley people who were far advanced and well developed. However the central government identified Naga clearly as scheduled tribe of Manipur state. They are recognised as the weaker group/society than to those amidst the communities they are living together, India knows Naga tribal’s are fragile, insecure, who are in need of protection, they cannot live by themselves. Therefore the Indian constitution has given a certain opportunities to the society and to individuals to safeguard them.
Now, the bottom line of this article is, by a slight inhuman judgement of India to the Naga Frame Work Agreement, the southern Naga people, the tribal in Manipur are going to be ruined in the midst of those who are well to do and advanced society they are living together. As in social category the Meitei/Meetei are the general category, they are the scheduled cast, they are the other backward classes besides they are going to become a scheduled tribe category. Nagas are subjugating, strangulating, suppressing and intention toward assimilation. There is no provision to safeguard for the Nagas minorities and other tribal’s of Manipur state. Demanding, proposals and suggestion of the hills people are completely turn down time and again. No Six Schedule, No Alternative Arrangement, No Territorial Council, No Supra State, No Naga Cultural Body, No Financial Autonomy, No Naga Pan Hoho, No Naga Integration, No Naga Article 371 (A) instead of many proposals and rightful demanding, the Naga lands are split into pieces by creation of Seven Districts. The cruel and bias thought, the bitter feelings, the barbarous manner, jealousy and merciless mindset towards the hill people that can never be compromised and reconciled with the communal, bias majority of the valley peoples.
We the Naga people and valley Meitei have been presumed each other to be a mysterious brothers. But our real brother or clan in Naga blood are those who live in a contiguous Nagalims across the states and abroad the country like Myanmar (AVA). We the Naga are the real brethren, dirt on the body can clean with soap and water but blood can never be washed away, as thus the Nagas brethren can never be separated now and forever more.
The Manipur valley people are claiming that they are indigenous people, if it is so they should know and well understand about the contents and perspectives of indigenous Rights. “UN DECLARATION THE RIGHTS OF INDIGENOUS PEOPLES” are laid down as many as forty six (46) Articles. Here I would like to write down a few Articles, not in serial.
(a) Indigenous peoples have the right of self determination.
(b) By virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economics, social and cultural development.
(c)  Indigenous peoples have the right to maintain and strengthen their distinct political, economics social and cultural characteristics as well as their legal systems, while retaining their rights to participate fully, if they so choose, in the political, economic, social and cultural life of the state.
(d) Indigenous peoples have the collective right and individual not to be subjected to any action which has the aim or effect of depriving them of their integrity as distinct peoples or of their cultural values or ethnic identities. Any action which has the aim or effect of dispossessing them of their lands and Territories.
(e) Any form of assimilation or integration by other cultures or ways of life imposed on them by legislative administrative or other measures.
(f)   So in conclusion but not the least why Manipur valley indigenous peoples, the larger the mightier people should force upon the minority and weaker indigenous Naga people of Manipur to be settled with them which Naga people are tired and no longer the might to bear with them.
Manipuri people, the valley people must be carefully considered, deliberate at this juncture. If these people could not understand or ignore all these rights, they are not deserved to be included in U.N. Declaration Indigenous People Rights.
Naga had declared Independence on 14th August 1947 one day ahead of the India Independence 15TH August 1947.
AZ Phizo informed this happy news to all the Naga tribes, He came at Ukhrul personally and said, we have got Freedom, and we are free now.    

Your Sincerely,
SS  Hunphun
Ukhrul Discussion Forum.

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Alphabet of Silence 

By - Parthajit Borah.

Burnt heart can’t be smelt,
Wan faces can’t be kissed
Flying hopes over the heart
Never made impractical.
Building an arcade to nourish 
Fallen dream is an unanswered question.
Flawlessness of black clouds spewing 
Blackish deeds in the heart of darkness.
Silence mouthed the night 
Solitude armed the sight.


By - Dr Nunglekpam Premi Devi
Independent Scholar

I hear you, I hear you
You’re a soft smooth shush, full of lyrical tranquility!
Your presence is peace to all,
You’re secrecy is our quietness;
You’re speech is concealing, still I hear you;
You know no boundaries; you avoid restrains,
You’re beauty, beauty of goddess
You unwind charges; you undo unhappiest,
You’re easer; you blunt sorrowfulness,
Miserable and depressions and mournfulness,
And gloomy and sorry and pains,
And sad and feeble and poor and heartbroken!
You’re magical serene peaceful compost!
You edit all; worries and fearfulness, and
Troubles and dying and egos;
You’re shadow to wholly, still you’re quite utterly.

I hear you, I hear you
You’re a soft smooth shush, full of lyrical tranquility!
Your presence is peace to all,
You knock me in boundless and untold;
You make me live immensely infinite, cool and
Calm and lavishing free;
I pay you alluring pleasant, heavenly pleasing so rich!
I speak fathoms of my inner;
And I expounded wonderful sublime of psyches;
I smiles thousand and thousand soul music;
I bounce and I leap with thy twinning;
I perceive thy melancholia, divine beguiling;
Still you erase woes,
You’re supreme divine magnificent euphoria;
Still I hear yeah! All is good feeling thy about rich.

I hear you, I hear you
You’re a soft smooth shush, full of lyrical tranquility!
Your presence is peace to all,
You’re one companion to solitary lone,
You listen to thousands and millions loons talking and sharing;
And still I do talk numerous isolations,
I sit upon thy bosom loving;
I speak billions, again and again concealing unpopularity;
I cried on thy lap multiple untold and unseen histories;
I asked thou too many shield questions?
Still you’re silent, undeclared and mute to too perfectly;
You’re the supreme answer to wholly unconditional emotions!
You heal every passions, lust and hunger;
Still I hear you unreserved.

I hear you, I hear you
You’re a soft smooth shush, full of lyrical tranquility!
Your presence is peace to all,
I touch thy tenderness spirit,
And I float and I drive cheerfully,
I sing and I dance to thy rhythmic kiss serene;
You hold perfectly key to worldly fellow-feeling pities;
You’re clear truth, companion to some greatly,
You long for valid closeness to all spirits,
Still I hear you and let it be and let it go.

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