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A Reader’s Response to your article “A.I. in modern era”

Dear Sir,

This is a response to your article titled, “A.I. in modern era” written by  Shri Sanjenbam Jugeshwor Singh and published in Imphal Times newspaper on 8th of July, 2020.

It is enriching to go through a general but comprehensive understanding of the A.I. I myself have done some developments in machine learning. The world is able to crack some success in the supervised learning mechanism. The result is present before us in form of various voice assistance and automated chatboxes among others. There is no pure unsupervised learning mechanism developed yet. For example, the Google voice assistant and Siri were heavily made to learn over strict iterative supervision and large collection of samples, before they were launched into market as products. Their unsupervised learning skills are still so raw that a consumer cannot trust them for a long duration in a room with other people as there is no surety if they will pick up voice commands not intended for them. 

Also, there are a lot of scope of the visual analytics and such A.I. systems to aid the retail sector. In times of the COVID-19, such an effort, even though half-baked has great chances to be used by people. Also, there is a wide space open for Indian developers to include A.I. into their products after increasing boycott of Chinese products. 

However, the A.I. industry is still taking its baby steps. Yet it is startling to see that we do not have a dedicated software regulator on the lines of R.B.I. as in money market or SEBI in stock market while increasingly the software market in India has become biggest on planet in terms of number of consumers or users as well as producers or coders. Yes, indeed there is a dark side to the A.I. as is with every other new industry. In terms of regulations, it is not that we are dumb about software or cannot regulate them. In fact, India’s IT industry is force in the world to reckon. Many CEOs, managers as well as developers from India are employed at big software firms. It is just that we are acting quick to raise such regulatory structures to keep a check on data privacy, industrial standards inter alia in this market.



Patna, Bihar

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Open letter to the Chief Minister of Manipur

Appeal for installation of TrueNat machine in District Hospital, Senapati

Hon’ble Sir,

We deeply appreciate your leadership in handling the Covid19 situation in the State of Manipur. We appreciate your concerns in assisting and bringing the stranded people of Manipur State from other states.

With the incoming of stranded citizens, the proper place for institutional quarantining is a matter of great concern. The long days of waiting for the returnees to get their swab test result in the transitional quarantine centres could infect and spread virus within the inmates. It is to mention that most of the villages in Senapati Districts have prepared quarantine centres to host the returnees. Therefore, it is observed that there is an urgent need to speed up the swab test and send returnees with negative results to their village quarantine centre.

We bring to your honourable table the following points signed by more than 1300 citizens in less than 48 hours for your benign urgent perusal and further necessary action. The large number of people signed within a short period of time shows the urgent need to install Truenat machine in the District Hospital, Senapati.

1.       That, we appeal you to urgently set up a Covid19 testing Unit in District Hospital, Senapati starting with TrueNat testing facility to speed up the swab test of those returnees. As the experts opined that the TrueNat Testing machine can be used to test over 30 disease condition including TB, malaria, typhoid, HIV, Covid19 etc. Therefore, taking up this step will be a landmark history of Manipur in particularly for the people of Senapati District.

2.       That, we also appeal you to provide Ambulances to transport the sick patients and other emergency patients to the District Hospital or Imphal.

3.       That, we also appeal you to set up an emergency treatment facility having isolation ward with ICU facilities in the district hospital.

4.       That we also appeal to install TrueNat Testing facilities in all the PHCs of Senapati District.

We pray that the above points 1-3 may be taken up on priority basis pooling in resources from fund such as MLA-LADP, MP-LADS, Disaster Management Relief Fund or from any other fund to meet the immediate needs. We repose our trust that all the points that we have mentioned here through this humble representation will receive your kindest attention and prompt action.

As concerned citizen we are willing to mobilize for crowd funding so as to support the immediate need of the District in our own capacities.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours Sincerely,

Dr. R.B. Thohe Pou

Senapati, Manipur / 13 June 2020

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Open letter to honourable CM of Manipur

Requisition to speed up Covid19 Swap Test in Senapati IQC


  1. With due respect and high expectation on your government, I write this letter to you for your kind attention and consideration. Personally, I consider you as one of the most courageous CM, the first people CM of Manipur and a man who walks the talk. One of the most admirable things by the common people about you as a leader is that you are easily accessible in social media and ready to interact with the common people. Today, only a few public leaders have the courage to face the common people in social media. We need more leaders like you who are approachable and able to interact with the common people.
  2. The present global pandemic may force to take away many more people’s jobs across the globe. Globally, about 195 millions of people have already lost their jobs till the first week of April 2020. In India, about 122 million people have already lost their jobs till in the month of May. Therefore, timely evacuation of stranded people of Manipur by your government is sincerely appreciated.
  3. Currently, there are 1690 returnees in 22 Senapati Transit QC at present. In one of the Senapati Transit QCs at Don Bosco College, Maram, the returnees from Chennai have been in this QC in last 17 days; they have reached Maram on 24thMay 2020. In this QC, 2 (two) of the returnees from Chennai were tested covid19 positive, and their swap retest have been completed. However, they are still waiting for their results. It may be necessary to give a special attention to this particular QC and speed up the swap test to avoid spreading of virus within the inmates.
  4. There are 1690 returnees at present in Senapati District Transit QC, and most of them are waiting for their turn to take swap test. It is also very important to speed up taking swap test in all the QCs in Senapati since most of them are sharing common room, hall, toilets, bathroom etc. The returnees are worried that there could be high chances of infection with each other.

Therefore, you may kindly consider this requisition and give a special attention to speed up all the swap tests in Senapati district transit QC. 

Thank you,


Yours sincerely,

Dr. R.B. Thohe Pou

Senapati, Manipur

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Letter to the Editor

An exemplary act of SBI Dispur Branch
Dear Sir,

Kindly allow me to share one of my sweetest experiences during lockdown period which relates to Dispur Branch of SBI as follows. I am a super senior citizen of 80 plus and presently home confined since March last because of lockdown declaration. on 25th of May last month I needed an amount of Rs 15,000/- urgently in case to meet an exigency and was in great problem as about how to meet the requirement since I was not supposed to go out of home to attend Bank or ATM because of lockdown.
Finding no way out I rang up the AGM of my Bank SBI Dispur Branch and requested him to consider if he can help me under the situation. After hearing me patiently he agreed to consider my request and asked me for time to examine my request. Accordingly few minutes later, another Bank Official contacted me over phone and asked me certain information relating my account with their branch and then asked me to keep a self cheque ready to receive the required amount at my home.
To my great satisfaction, a Bank Messenger visited me with the amount within an hour and handed over the money at my home against the self cheque and thus the bank branch obliged me to my fullest satisfaction within about two hours of my contact. I consider that this act of providing home service to an aged depositor under crisis condition by the Dispur Branch of SBI away from their scheduled service procedure is exemplary, laudable and worth sharing. Kindly allow me to share it through your esteemed daily with you valued readers and also to help express my gratitude and thank fullness to the Dispur Branch of SBI for taking care of little deposits with them and helping me out during critical need as mentioned above.
Yours etc,
Binit Kumar Sarmah
23, Lakhimi Path, Beltola, Guwahati,
Contact 8638472519

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An Open Letter to the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Manipur

Dear Sir,

This is with special reference to the earlier news item published in many local dailies of the State dated 30th May 2020, under the title, “Letter to Governor claims ‘blatant abuse of power’ in IPS Gonglin’s case”.

That, we seek your kind intervention to ensure that Shri Faumei Gonglin’s promotion is acted upon at the earliest without further delay.

The Rongmei Chamnac Phwam Delhi (Rongmei Students’ Organization, Delhi) want to point out strongly that All India Services such as IAS or IPS is guided by Service Rules/Promotion Rules and bypassing these prescribed rules is against the rule of law of the country.

The Students’ Body also would like to bring to your kind notice that delay in giving promotion to a deserving officer like him is a clear violation of established rules which will not only hamper his career growth but will leave a precedent extremely rare and harmful for the Manipur State.

The people of Manipur are aware of Shri Gonglin’s contribution during his time as SP in many hill districts when social unrest and ethnic conflicts engulfed the State. His sharp vision, efficiency and timely decision have resolved many issues and even today his expertise in the field is still unmatched to many Officers of the State. Not only, Shri Faumei Gonglin is the pride of our community but the true son of the soil.

Therefore, we submit our kind (but firm) petition to you, Sir if he is innocent consequential relief, including promotion, may be immediately given.

We are also aware of your serious effort to building new Manipur of peaceful co-existence and communal harmony and for that we sincerely appreciate the steps. However, such effort will only bear fruit if all communities of the State become the strong pillars of society. Therefore, as we appreciated all the good efforts of yours, we also appeal to you that Shri Gonglin’s promotion related case be settled once for all.

Looking forward to your immediate and positive intervention, Sir.


Rongmei Chamnac Phwam Delhi

(Rongmei Students Organization Delhi)

On Maharaj Chandra Kirti Park

Sir ,

The proposed Maharaj Chandra Kirti Memorial Park at Behiang village Churachandpur bordering Myanmar is one of the right step for stronger ties between Meetei and Kuki.
It was in the year 1885 that Kamhau Suhte from Ava(Burma) captured Maharaj Chandra  Kirti into Burma along with some of his subject .
Upon learned that Maharaj Chandra Kirti was captured by Kamhau Suhte and taken into Burma, the Kuki armies numbering around 500 forces went into Burma and rescued Maharaj Chandra Kirti from captivity and rethrone him as the Maharaj of Kanglei Manipur.
In the same year after returned from Kamhau  Suhte captivity, the Maharaja had a durbar in which he(Chandra Kirti) proclaimed that “ Hills are the wall, Kukis were the defenders ,oh! Manipur  land of jewels” and presented  Kuki armies leaders a swords in recognition of their bravery.
So it is justified that proposed Maharaj Chandra Kirti Memorial Park at Behiang which is going to be International Trade Centre in Churachandpur is to foster more ties between Meetei and Kuki in the days to come
Yours Sincerely,
L. Nehkholien Haokip
Laizon Veng, Tuibong

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COVID-19 recovered couple appreciates for extending help

We (husband and wife) from Manipur living in Delhi would like to thank you for your kind helps offered during Covid-19 infection. We would like to thank Mr. Lokhon and Shyamkishor Ningombam from “The Delhi Manipuri Society”,  Punam Rani Wangkhem of Indian National Congress General Secretary Mahila Manipur, and TNAI Manipur Branch for their great help during such hard time. We also would like to clear the wrong information published in the previous news dated on 12 May 2020 Imphal Times that Mr. Lokhon and Shyamkishor Ningombam are from “The Delhi Manipuri Society” but wrongly mentioned as representatives from Manipur Students’ Association Delhi (MSAD). Members from The Delhi Manipuri Society worked tirelessly to admit us at LNJP Hospital, helped monetary help of Rs. 10,000 and they helped to send any essential items inside the hospital during the lockdown period. We are now completely free from Covid-19 and we have been released from the hospital after the second round of negative confirmation. Ch. Geetarani & L. Biren.

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I, Geetarani Chingakham 37 yrs old  D/O Ch. Dharmo Singh and Ch.Aruna of Uripok Naoremthong Imphal working as a staff Nurse at Max hospital New Delhi along with my husband Leishangthem Biren Singh S/O  L. Khomei and L.Rani Devi of Thoubal Leishangthem, Thoubal Manipur  are getting treatment for Covid19 positive case at Lok Nayak Hospital New Delhi,India at Present.It was a very difficult moment for us to get admitted in this hospital even after the positive reports of covid19 on 6th May 2020.
I extend my heartiest thanks to Delhi police  for helping and providing Ambulance to reach out to LokNayak hospital New Delhi.After waiting for hours with empty stomach I could get in Maternity ward as I am 8 months pregnant and my husband got admitted in another ward .
It was so much suffocating to stay in the room where another 4 patients without fans in such a hot weather. I had to starve the whole day, both lunch and dinner as no one dared to supply me food except water so stayed holding my stomach empty the whole day and night .
In the midst of no hope of getting any help.Then I got a sudden call from Priyashini Heigrujam from Manipur at 11 pm on that night and counseled in order to ease my stress and anxiety. She is a Nursing Sister in Regional Institute of Medical Sciences ( RIMS) Imphal, Manipur, and also an Executive Member of TNAI (Trained Nurses Association of India) Manipur state branch.  She has connected me to the Special Correspondent of Manipur State of Indian Observer Post Mr Sanjoo Thangjam and gave information regarding my situation to his Editor-in-Chief, Onkhershor Pandey who is based in Delhi.  The Editor-in-chief of Indian Observer Post Mr Onkareshwar Pandey called me up during that critical juncture and told me that he would do the needful to help me.
Thereafter, at about 3:30 am on 7th May, I was given some fruits to eat by the one  doctor who was on duty.Soon after that, to my utter surprise, I got all the necessary cares from the hospital side. Even the Director of the hospital talked to me through phone and gave me reassurance to look after me and my husband at the best of his ability. Thereafter I was given proper care for everything that I can’t imagine of.
I extend my heartiest thanks to Mrs.Priyashini Heigrujam for letting me get through the various channels of help in the most during important and ordeal time. Moreover,  I also came to acknowledge that Mr Sanjoo Thangjam had given the information about me and my husband to the BJP covid19 relief committee via Laimayum Bashanta Sharma, a very powerful BJP member and the proprietor of the Manipur daily - The Morning Bell & Kennedy Sharma, an active member of BJP, Manipur Branch .
In view of the above premises, I extend my humble thanks to Honourable Chief Minister of Manipur Shri N Biren Singh for connecting me to the Union Ministers of India and providing me the utmost care by the hospital staff. And also I thank Mr Basanta Laimayum, Media Secy & owner of “The Morning Bell” , And Mr Kennedy Sharma (BJP)  who took initiative to reach Honourable CM of Manipur as well as Union Health Minister.
I also extend my heartiest thanks to Th.Binodini Devi Secretary Trained Nurses Association of India, Manipur State Branch for counseling me and getting me connected to the TNAI Head Quarter, New Delhi. I would also wish to show my gratitude to TNAI Head Quarter, New Delhi for supporting and providing me  moral, emotional and spiritual support and also for giving me whatever I needed, such as fruits and other edibles stuff during this juncture of fatal environment.I would also love to extend my profound solidarity to TOM TV for forecasting my situation in their News Channel.I also would like to thank the Executive Members of Manipur Students Association Delhi Mr Lokhon and Mr Shaymkeshore for transferring Rs 10000 into my bank account. And for this of kindness, I shall ever remain indebted to all for all the assistance provided to me and my husband in cash, kind and other essential commodities needed and I and my husband thereby will always remember throughout my life.At last but not the least, I extend my heartiest thanks to all my friends and relatives and well wishers who were and still giving me unending moral support for whose prayers and  love that I am able to cope up from this deadly virus.
I request you all to continue to pray for me and my husband so that we will overcome the situation with negative reports of covid19 very soon.
Thanking you with  love,regards n respect.

Yours sincerely,
Geetarani Chingakham
Lok Nayak Hospital.
New Delhi

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Boxing will play important role in making India Top-10 at Olympics: Kiren Rijiju

IT News

New Delhi, May 4

During a highly motivating and encouraging online video interactive session with India’s elite boxers, country’s Sports Minister Kiren Rijiju on Sunday acknowledged efforts by the athletes and said boxing will play a vital role in making India sporting powerhouse and Top-10 nation in the medals tally at Olympic Games.

Rijiju also heaped praises on the Boxing Federation of India (BFI) and its President Ajay Singh for their efforts to  keep the boxers engaged with online coaching sessions despite COVID-19 pandemic in the country. The online video conference was attended by around 140 elite Indian pugilists along with coaches and officials.

Indian boxers have already secured a record nine qualification quotas at Tokyo Olympics and will be fighting for four more places in the upcoming qualification tournaments.

Rijiju also informed that the government is planning to allow elite athletes to resume their training at the earliest in order to keep them ready for future competitions. “I have discussions with my officers. We are planning out a way to start functioning as soon as possible. I thought first of all we should allow practice for the players who have qualified for the Olympics and who will be participating in the qualifiers or important championships. We can’t open all the coaching centres, so we will allow only for elite athletes. Junior camps have to wait for some time as safety will be priority,” he concluded.

The initiative, which was done for the first time, received a great response and also motivated boxers and the officials. “I would like to thank our Sports Minister for taking time out from his busy schedule to talk to the boxers. It was quite motivating and morale boosting for everyone. We are all one Team India and we are proud that you are captain of this team. You keep interacting with us like this, we will make you proud,” BFI President Ajay Singh said.

The minister further interacted with the boxers to know their situation during the lockdown and training schedules. “Whatever we have achieved today, credit goes to the coaches, federation and the government. It’s really impressive and motivating to interact with you sir (Rijiju). If we keep getting support from the government, we will definitely win Olympic medals, World Championship medals,” Asian Games gold medalist Vikas Krishnan said.

Open letter to the Chief Minister of Manipur

Respected Sir,

Delhi Manipuri society (DeMaS) would like to convey its sincere gratitude for your timely actions in the fight against COVID 19, which have, reassuringly, enabled the State to be free from the dreaded pandemic. DeMaS has also been making its best efforts to supplement Government initiatives in alleviating the difficulties, many Manipuris in Delhi-NCR have faced. Affected nurses in the line of duty are provided financial assistance to encourage their morale. Some Relief dry rations are handed over to Manipur Bhavan, Delhi for onward distribution to needy people. With its dedicated executives and volunteers, we are also directly distributing daily essentials to those who could not be reached by other helplines.
We also applaud your timely intervention to bring back the stranded Manipuris, spread across the Country through rail and road transport.
In this regard, DeMaS would like to state that, among those stranded in the Delhi-NCR, there are many who are infirm, aged and small kids. Some of them may find it risky to travel by road or rail, for a distance more than two thousand kilometres, including unfavourable terrain to reach Imphal, which may last upto 4/5 days.
It has also been learnt from the Media that Government of Manipur has requested the Central Government to permit airlifting of stranded Manipuris. DeMas is very thankful for such a move and request the Government to make such an arrangement possible at the earliest. The persons opting for air travel to return their homeland may be considered to charge a reasonable/concessional fare if the financial burden on the State is huge.

With warm regards
N. Shyamkishwor Singh

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