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Rinku Khumukcham

Rinku Khumukcham

Rinku Khumukcham, Editor of Imphal Times has more than 15+ years in the field of Journalism. A seasoned editor, was a former editor of ISTV News. He resides in Keishamthong Elangbam Leikai, with his wife and parents. Rinku can be contacted at [email protected] 

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State Assembly Session : House Passed demands for six departments

IT News

Imphal, Feb 20

Ongoing Budget Session of the 11th Manipur Legislative Assembly today passed demands for grants for 6 more departments amidst policy cut by opposition MLAs.

A sum of Rs. 81,71,91,000 has been passed as the demand for grants for Labour and Employment department.  Oppositions MLAs K.Ranjit Singh, Th. Lokeshwar Singh, Md.Abdul Nasir, Kh. Joykishan Singh and Surajkumar Okram moved Policy Cut motion on the ground of Negligence of Labour rights and failure to provide job to unemployment, Lack of transparency in the distribution of sewing machines in Khundrakpam A\C. ,Irregularities in the functioning of Lilong ITI., Failure of Manipur Building and Other Construction Workers’ Welfare Board and Failure to generate employment and to introduce state labour policy.

A sum of Rs. 9,11,72,74,000 has been passed for the Department of Tribal Affairs and Hills Development but the opposition MLAs K.Ranjit Singh, Kh. Joykishan Singh, Alfred Kangnam Arthur and Surjakumar Okram disapproved it on the ground of irregularities in delivering government facilities to underprivileged hill people, Failure in making policy to promote Tribal languages, Inability to implement provisions of Rule of Law in the functioning of the Autonomous Districts Councils, negligence and lack of development between hills and valleys and Poor implementation of Tribal Welfare Scheme.

Moving the policy cut motion MLA K Ranjit drilled the TD department on the whereabouts of the sum of Rs. 29 crore 67 lakhs which is missing from the account of the TD. He also questioned on what action has been initiated against the officer involved in the missing of the huge amount of public money.

A sum of Rs. 769,45,04,000 has been passed for Environment and Forest but opposition MLAs K.Ranjit, Ak. Mirabai Devi and Alfred Kanngam Arthur disapproved policy cut on account of inability to check deforestation in the Hills, Negligence in the conservation of forest cover areas and inability to curb the forest offences and  Non –adherence to policies and rules in the implementation of programs and projects.

For power department the demand for grant passed today is  Rs. 3,61,01,38,000 . Opposition MLAs K.Ranjit Singh, K.Meghachandra Singh and Kh.Joykishan Singh moving policy cut motion on account of Failure to disconnect the power supply system and to produce power by the Solid Waste Management Plant, Lamdeng, Failure in construction of powerhouse sub-station of Yairipok and failure in extensions of A-B cables to the left out area of 32- Wangkhem A\C. and Failure in having state’s own Electricity Regulatory Commission and failure to have a clear agreement with Loktak Hydro Electric Project.

As for the Art and Culture department a sum of Rs .3.440,63,000 has been passed. Opposition MLAs K.Meghachandra Singh, Ak.Mirabai Devi, Kh .Joykisan Singh , RK.Imo and Surjakumar Okram moved policy cut on the ground of  Delay in development works of Arts and Culture department, failure to implement Manipur Culture policy and Manipur Film Policy and delay in the opening of office for culture for the hilly area. Failure in honouring and giving incentives to renowned persons in Arts and Culture and Lack of proper plan to save Thong –Nambonbi and Failure to implement cultural policy.

A sum Rs. 12,41,96,000 has also been passed for Information and Technology .

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SCERT embeds Assembly session as an excuse for disregarding Manipur Information Commission

IT News

Imphal, Feb 20

In yet another case of state government machineries dishnouring the Right to Information Act 2005, and disrespect to the directives of the Manipur Information Commission the State Council Educational Research and Training (SCERT), Manipur has taken excuse for not able to abide by the directives of the Manipur Information Commission due to the preparations of the ongoing budget session of the 11th Manipur Legislative Assembly which began from February 14.

One Thingujam Sanjit Singh sought information through the SPIO of the Directorate of SCERT on July 9 , 2019, to provide information of the name and number of DIET Centers including the year of establishment of each Centers in the state of Manipur . The information sought through the SPIO under the RTI Act also included to provide information about the sanctioned amount for each center and also about the number of students enrolled in each center along with the utilization certificates for each center since the establishment of each DIET center

As the SCERT authority didn’t provide the information which should be made available to the person under the RTI Act 2005, the matter was taken to the Manipur Information Commission and as per the directives of the Manipur Information Commission, the SCERT authority was supposed to inspect the Centers on 5-2-2020. In today’s hearing representatives of the SCERT in his submission in favour of the SPIO SCERT submitted that the inspection could not be done on 5-2-2020 as the SPIO was engaged in the works for the preparation for the ongoing Assembly Sessions and Financial year.

The appellant in his submission had submitted that the SPIO SCERT had failed to allow inspection of record repeatedly and the inspection that was fixed on 5-2-2020 at 2pm was also failed as the SPIO absent without giving any reason. 

The Commission later fixed 11 am of February 29 as the next hearing.   

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Be cautious; of the 30 countries affected by Novel Coronavirus no case reported from Myanmar

Unofficial but convincing write-ups regarding the birth of novel coronavirus, which is killing thousands of people across the globe with the maximum casualty in China is noticed floated at many web portals. 

As reported in the South China Morning Post, cases detected with coronavirus infection in 30 countries across the world are 75,725. The death toll reaches 2,126 among which the number is 2,118 in Mainland China. 3 cases have been detected in India and most country affected by the virus in South East Asia. 

The most human disaster of this kind is the product of human error, but at a time when the world particularly, when the most powerful Asiatic country is facing its worst time, joining hands to find a way out for fighting the killer virus is the need of the hour. Criticism and blaming China for one reason or another is not timely and meaningful. What we the people across the globe should know is that of the total 75,725 cases 16,233 infected people have been recovered. This is an indication of the possibility of finding a cure that is affected by the dreaded virus.

What is worrisome for India is that among the 30 countries affected by the novel coronavirus Myanmar is not on the list. Myanmar shares 1,624-kilometre of a porous border. The country is a friendly neighbor of India with a trade agreement signed and still going on. Entry from Myanmar to India through Moreh town and up to 16 Kilometer inside Indian territory without a passport is permitted by the Indian authority.

The country Myanmar is also a friendly neighbor of China sharing as 2,129 kilometers borderline. Restriction of border trade is reportedly nil as Chinese dominates the market.

One may wonder why no affected person is reported from Myanmar which is an immediate neighbor. May be poor status od medical science in the country may have failed to recognize people affected by the virus.

Manipur, Nagaland and Mizoram government should take up immediate effective measures to put restrictions on cross border trade or entry until a solution to the virus is found. Having said so, Manipur being facilitated with high-class medics should conduct camp inside Myanmar to find if the virus had reached the country or not on humanitarian ground.  

An online portal www.gnews.org reports that the real source of the coronavirus is from “a lab in Wuhan” linked to its covert biological weapon programs. Some world-class media reported about Chinese government policy towards media saying that a disclosure at the time of the outbreak of the virus through media could have to save a thousand lives.

Playing criticism in China over the coronavirus is not the right time. But joining hands to find a way is the need of the hour

Finally, MHRD seeks President’s approval for removal of Manipur University VC AP Pandey

IT News

Imphal, Feb 19

Manipur University is finally going to have a full-time Vice-Chancellor as the Ministry of Human Resource Development had reportedly sought permission for removal of Vice-Chancellor Prof. Adya Prasad Pandey over allegations of administrative irregularities, according to government officials familiar with the matter.

The Manipur University has been running by an Administrator since October 11, 2018, by an order of the Manipur High Court after Prof. Pandey was put under suspension during an inquiry conducted against him over prolonged absence and irregularities.

 A report appearing in Hindustan Times written by Amandeep Shukla said that the Union Human Resource Development (HRD) ministry has written to President Ram Nath Kovind, seeking his approval for the removal of Manipur University’s Vice-Chancellor Adya Prasad Pandey over allegations of administrative irregularities, according to government officials familiar with the matter.

The ministry’s action comes after a two-member inquiry committee indicated that there was substance in allegations of prolonged absence, and some other charges brought against Pandey, who has been heading the central university since 2016.

“The HRD ministry has written to the President about the issue, as he is the chancellor of all central varsities. The ministry has suggested that the Vice-Chancellor be removed,” said a senior ministry official who asked not to be named. The allegations against Pandey include that he stayed away from the varsity for long periods, and delayed filling up key positions such as Registrar and Controller of examinations.

There have also been protests by teachers and students on the campus during Pandey’s term. In September 2018, the HRD ministry suspended Pandey, citing concerns over the volatile law-and-order situation on the campus. It also handed over the administration of the university to Manipur Chief Secretary Jarnail Singh, who is listed as vice-chancellor on the Imphal-based varsity’s official website.

Pandey said he was not aware that the ministry was seeking his removal. “I am not aware of the development so I would not like to comment,” he said when asked for his version. In the past, Pandey said he was being targeted by a section of teachers and students, who were supported by political parties, especially those belonging to the Left.

The HRD ministry has, in recent years, taken a stern view of allegations against Vice-Chancellors.

In 2016, the Vice-Chancellor of Pondicherry University, Chandra Krishnamurthy, was removed following allegations of plagiarism. Last month, Allahabad University Vice-Chancellor, RL Hangloo, resigned citing personal reasons after a controversial tenure in which he was accused of administrative and financial irregularities. The ministry accepted his resignation and initiated an inquiry into charges of financial and administrative irregularities.

Recently, a Vice-Chancellor of Tripura University, Vijay Dharurkar, resigned after a video of him allegedly accepting cash emerged during a sting operation. A Vice-Chancellor of Hemvati Nandan Bahuguna Garhwal University, JL Kaul, was also removed in 2016 over allegations of irregularities.

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