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Rabi Takhellambam

Rabi Takhellambam

Rabi Takhellambam, a resident of Kairembikhok Mayai Leikai, ThoubaI District has been in the field of Journalism for more than 10 years. Rabi, is well known for his reporting from Thoubal side and Indo-Myanmar border. Rabi is also a member of All Manipur Working Journalist Union, the parent body of Journalist Union in Manipur. He can be contacted by email at [email protected]

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Tight Security in Moreh Town but no fears to Robbers; Public feels unsecured and Business may affect due to Robbery in Highway

IT News

Imphal Sept.15

Moreh Town, the major Point of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Vision Act East Policy has a very tight security but it doesn’t matters to Robbers, who are robbing at Moreh Town and in Imphal Moreh Route NH102. Is it very strange, how does Robbers loot public property during day time in a tight security area?

Since from beginning of August, 2019, a gang of robbers is robbing public property by using arms. Under Tengnoupal SP Th. Vikramjit Singh’s high concern Moreh Police had nabbed two persons who commit Robbery on 29 August in a Tata DI on evening of 13th September 2019 after a thorough investigation. But still there is no fear for police to robbers, they still continue robbing even yesterday at 6:30 pm in front of Moreh College Gate to a Tata DI and robbed 21,000 Rupees from the driver.

Here, two questions we can ask to the Police Department and other security agencies are -

Q.1 Why robbers didn’t have any fear for Police and other security agencies for the Crime they have committed?

Q.2 How does robbers commit such crime in a very tight security zone?

There is no proper action, No search operation done till yet by Security agencies regarding the robbery. Due to the lack of security’s action, public feels unsecured traveling in this Imphal Moreh Route. The robbery is conducted between Kondong Lairembi Check Post of Moreh Police and Moreh Police Station which is very short distance of 3 KM, and how the robbery take place?

Due to lack of concerns and action of Security agencies , more robbery may happen in near future , even life is of public may be in risk while travelling in this short distance route. If the security agencies doesn’t nab the main robbers then it will be very embarrassing for being a security for the public, who can’t save the public and their property. And also due to the inhumanity act of robbers the Indo-Myanmar Business and the vision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi may have a great affect, like before on  20 years back various armed robbers did robbery in Imphal Moreh Road. 

Victims of such robbery appeal to all the public not to stop their vehicles while travelling in Imphal Moreh Route otherwise you will be the 6th victims of robbery.

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KVK Thoubal lauds WRD Thoubal

IT News
Imphal, Sep 14,

Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) Thoubal lauded the concern authority for the availability of water.
KVK Thoubal, Plant Agronomy, Specialist, Nameirakpam Tomba said that this year all the farmers of the State are facing a huge problems due to the shortage of rain. He added that under the Agriculture Department, KVK Thoubal are helping the farmers by community nursery plantation. He further said that they requested the Project-IV, Water Resource Department, Thoubal Circle-II to supply of water and in time the department supplied the water. He added that KVK Thoubal also praises Wangbal Gram Panchayat, Pradhan, Heisnam Manichandra Singh for his work.   

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Internet Impact: Newspaper hawkers worry of losing jobs

By - Rabi Takhellambam

Thoubal, Sept.12

Even as the internet is a blessing for the modern world, it is not so for newspaper hawkers. Reason – most people get newspapers before the hawkers brought them to their doors. After all people don’t have to pay the bill in reading newspaper on cell phone or computer which have internet connection. Almost people today can access internet with a simple smartphone which is affordable by even a person who live on hand to mouth and the newspaper are available through various social networking site as well as apparatus designed for news portal.

Newspaper subscribers has tremendously reduced in the last couple of months particularly in rural areas, Tomba a hawker in Tairenpokpi in Thoubal district told this journalist.

“Earlier I use to have nearly 200 subscribers now the number has reduced to almost half”, Tomba said adding that he is worried that by next year he might loss more subscribers.

“I think I better change my job as I have a family to feed”, he added.

Newspaper hawkers are the most important component of print media industry particularly in the state of Manipur. They brave cold winter season, summer heats and the rainy days and distribute the newspaper to subscribers and that too by buying on cash payment from the newspaper houses. One time the hawkers are so important that media houses were left with no choice but to stop publication if they announced holiday for themselves. Print media use to stop publication during Yaoshang festival for five days (the longest Holiday of newspaper) as hawkers refuse to distribute during the festival.

When asked what make them think of losing their job when print media are advancing more with the advent of the internet, Tomba’s simple answer – “It is the App call ‘Telegram’ in the Whatsapp”. Almost all newspaper are available in the Telegram App and that at the time newspaper was dropped to their doors some simply said that they had read it.

“May be hawkers in Imphal area won’t have that much problem that we in the rural area are facing as they can distribute it earlier, however as for us we received the newspaper for distribution in late evening”, Tomba said.  

Tomba is an educated person and he knows the benefit of internet. He don’t have any problem with media houses opening web portal but what affect his work is the uploading of full page e-newspaper in PDF format which can be shared in social networking site.

Tomba said that if newspaper houses can put a restriction to the uploading of newspaper even by taking photo at early hours then somehow the hawkers could be saved.

There are many ways that web portal can generate revenue, but the revenue that they generate from web portal can’t be compared with the income they generate from hard copy print newspaper. Before both the hawkers and media houses lost their way of earning it is time that the media houses owners frame strict regulations not to allow people to share their newspaper through social networking site using any means.  

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WBCC rounded up two persons with equipment of electro fishing

IT News

Imphal, Sep 10,

World and Biodiversity Conservation Committee (WBCC) Manipur, Heirok branch, today rounded up two persons while they were fishing with electric equipment at Heirok River Malei Tampak Dam.

A statement signed by WBCC, Secy. Heirok Branch, Ibomcha Ningthoujam said that the equipments used in electro fishing such as battery, electric convertor, two bamboo stick and a fishing net were recovered from them. He added that the committee counseled the duo about the demerits of electro fishing and its effect to the environment. He further said that the committee advised the duo not to repeat electro fishing in the near future also if repeat it again they will face punishment with the help of law. Later, they were handed to their family.

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