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Rinku Khumukcham

Rinku Khumukcham

Rinku Khumukcham, Editor of Imphal Times has more than 15+ years in the field of Journalism. A seasoned editor, was a former editor of ISTV News. He resides in Keishamthong Elangbam Leikai, with his wife and parents. Rinku can be contacted at [email protected] 

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High Court bans on taking up new development programme at Loktak Lake

IT News

Imphal, Aug 19,

Division bench of Manipur High Court had passed an order on August 7, 2019, directing state government to stop taking up new project or development program at Loktak Lake without taking leave from the court. 

The direction was given by Division bench which comprised of Chief Justice Ramalingam Sudhakar and Justice Kh Nobin in connection with a PIL taken up by the High Court on its own for the preservation of Loktak Lake.

Earlier on July 17 the PIL was taken up as Suo Moto case on the basis of the letter send by registry Supreme Court of India on April 7, 2017. On that day HC of Manipur had issued direction to the state and union government in regard for preservation of Loktak Lake and asked the respondent to file affidavit on or before August, 17, 2019 for hearing.

As on August 17, in order to ascertain the progress and preservation of the Loktak lake, the court gave direction that no new project or development programs shall be taken up by the concern authority including the departments of state of Manipur, the Manipur State wetlands authority in the Loktak lake without the leave of the court. 

Further court also directed that in respect of ongoing programs and projects all the stake holders including Department of Forest and Environment, Department of Water Resource, the Manipur state wetland authority to file affidavit incorporating the present status action taken so far by them.

The Manipur State Wetland Authorities and the Loktak Development authority were asked to file affidavit showing the details as to how the money has been and is being utilised by them and fixed September 18, 2019 as the day for next hearing. 

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3 Missing minor rescued; Child Rights Activist says the 3 minors are “victims of circumstances”

IT News

Imphal, Aug 18,

State police team led by Officer in charge of Imphal West Police station N. Ingocha rescued three minors who were reported missing from Bishnupur district around noon yesterday from Moirangkhom area in Imphal West District. Interestingly, the minors were brought to Imphal by two persons promising them job and money at Tamenglong district.

Child Rights activist Montu Ahanthem, who is also the Convenor of  Manipur Alliance for Child Rights said that the three are victims of circumstances. He thanked the police team, members of the CWC, Child Line and members of the MACR for their co-ordination in rescuing the three minors.

Report said that, police team on duty at Moirangkhom area found a girl fainting at the area while getting down from an auto rickshaw. The matter was reported to higher authority and as OC of Imphal West, N. Ingocha rushed to the site and he found the girl who fainted to have a similar look with a girl who was reported missing from Bishnupur district a day earlier.

Earlier, MACR Bishnupur district had reported about the missing of 2 minor girls and a minor boy on the intervening night of August 15 and 16 to the Bishnupur police station. The photo of the three minors were uploaded to the Manipur Anti-Human Trafficking Group.

Two men identified as Malemnganba and Raju reportedly brought the three minors. When the police team rushed and identified the minor girls as those reported missing the two persons reportedly fled.

OC Ingocha and his team immediately took the three minors to Child Friendly Police station, Lamphel.

Later, after the minors were handed over to CWC and MACR members which later handed over to the Bishnupur district committee.

When the police enquired on how the 3 minors came to Imphal, the girls (age nearly 14 years) said that they were called out on the evening of August 15 to help a person who seems to be lost somewhere at Moirang area. The person who reportedly lost his way happened to be a husband of a girl whom the minor girl knew. And what is more interesting is that the boy who lost his way had some misunderstanding with his wife and had been staying separately for some times. As he came the locals of the area reportedly chase for him and he finally lost his way. As he lost his way the minor girls whom happened to be known to them came out to help along with a nine years old minor boy. The scene turn ugly with people shouting to forcibly married them (Keina Katpa). Out of fear the three minor fled with the person. Later two persons identified as Malemnganba and Raju took them and brought them to Imphal.

On being questioned to the minor children, they told that they were promise money and jobs at Tamenglong district. As the motive of the two persons who brought them is clear enough as that of child trafficking Bishnupur police had registered a case under human trafficking act.

The three minors were handed over to their respective parents by the MACR, CWC, Child Line Bishnupur and the Bishnupur Police.  

Source from Bishnupur said that both Malemnganba and Raju have been arrested by the Bishnupur district police team. The two will be produced before JJB as their Aadhaar card shows their age as minor. However, one among them stated that his age was wrongly enrolled in his Aadhaar card and that he is 20 years old.  Police team are investigating over the matter. 

Meanwhile, The Manipur Alliance for Child Rights (MACR) in partnership with Child Rights and You (CRY) extends its heartfelt thankfulness to Manipur Police and all its member partner who took different roles and succeeded in rescuing the two young girls and a young boy hailing from Bishnupur District, Manipur.

 A statement by Montu Ahanthem, Convenor, MACR said that looking to the past incidence there is a urgent need to adopt the Draft ‘State policy for children 2018" by the Sate Cabinet at the earliest. The incident has proven beyond doubts that the Manipur Police has once again proven its outstanding capacity to carry out  the rescue operation of the three children as and when calls for, so swiftly, despite pre engaged with their various assignments in coordination with various agencies working in the field of Child Rights.

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By- Dr. Nunglekpam Premi Devi
Independent Scholar

When you instill fake you lie to self;
When you lie to self you neglect a lot;
When you neglect you lie too much to others;
When you see others you turn away unseen;
When you see things you speak about it a lot;
When you speak you know not anything;
When you try to know you are far left behind;
When you left behind you try to cut others down;
When you try cutting others you become a monster;
When you’re a monster you’re small being;
When you’re small you become an evil one;
When you‘re an evil one you attempt killing others;
When you try killing you’re action a secret;
When actions secret you’re dreams a nightmare;
When nightmares a ghost, you’re killing yourself;
When you’re killed you no longer exist.

When you think you all good,
You become a nuisance in the group;
When you act all smarter,
You’re action are second hand garbage;
When you start idiotic moves,
You become a comedian in the group;
When you talk a little louder,
You’re voice becomes so artificial;
When you start laughing looking at,
You’re moment becomes your habits;
When you bite others at the back,
Your ability’s all dull jealous attitudes;
When you show two sides of you,
You become a replica looser;
When you draw yourself larger false,
You’re dropping down self into pieces;
When you’re speaking hating others,
You’re showing off your other side with care;
When you’re silent for a cause,
You’re action is too sharper than words.

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Saving future Manipur – the need of the hour

The greatest tragedy of our society, as it turned out, is the inconceivable reluctance to embrace change and accept the realities of life. What made it worse is the fact that there is an ever-present expectant air of anarchistic freedom. Perhaps, the public have got so attuned to the protracted disturbances and social unrest at a subconscious level that we have now come to accept these frequent social unrest and flare-ups as a way of life. There is no other plausible explanation for the innumerable acts of wanton violence and irrational destruction which apparently provides sadistic pleasures to the rapidly growing rank of perpetrators. The underlying current of uncertainty and uneasiness that has pervaded our society, even at the best of times, speaks more for the situation we all have come to experience and abhor, but have been forced to endure. One of the most affected section of the society during the present social flare-up, or any social unrest for that matter, has been the student community. One would be hard pressed to come up with a single year without the disturbances and interruptions in their academic activities. With such protracted disruptions year after year, do we now have the right to expect the students to perform to their optimum and to compete with students from the rest of the country and come up trumps? Don’t we at least owe them the responsibility to shield and protect them from influences and disruptions which take them away from their main priorities- to acquire and assimilate knowledge which will help them achieve their dreams and help in changing the society for the better?
The social tension erupted in the aftermath of the death of a 14 years old girl in a suspicious way inside her hostel room at Standard Robarth School, even though sounds for justice of a students, now I becoming a threat to thousands of students. The trust deficit towards the law enforcing agency of the state is one reason for the current fiasco. If the present regime fails to believe that ‘a stitch in time saves nine’ than the condition of our future is at stake.
We need to provide the future of the state, an atmosphere free of apprehensions and tensions- an ambience conducive to development of knowledge and progressive thinking.
Students, especially those who are below 10 standard should not be made to indulge in agitations and protests, except under extreme circumstances when absolutely required. We have been increasingly witnessing the participation of very young students, some as young as primary level, either voluntarily or through coercion, in various demonstrations, protests and agitations. They need to be made to understand their priorities and be provided with enough space and support to realize their full potential. And contrary to popular argument, home schooling in the state is a concept whose time is yet to come. For now, schools remain the only practical option for imparting knowledge and teaching social interaction skills to the impressionable young minds.

While it was announced that there is no objection or opposition to reopening of schools by any group, organizations or students’ bodies, yet the school authorities are wary of resuming classes, lest some self-proclaimed crusaders of the people comes along and mete out instant justice which would invariably involve vandalizing and destroying the school properties.
Meanwhile, the students of Standard Robarth Hr. Secondary School are losing out on valuable time and opportunities. It has however opened yesterday but it would be the most prudent move for us all if we can ensure a disturbance-free atmosphere for the students in the state.
We owe at least that much to ourselves and to the future of the state.