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Alphabet of Silence 

By - Parthajit Borah. Burnt heart can’t be smelt,Wan faces can’t be kissedFlying hopes over the heartNever made…
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By - Dr Nunglekpam Premi DeviIndependent Scholar I hear you, I hear youYou’re a soft smooth shush, full…
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In between

By- Dr Nunglekpam Premi DeviIndependent Scholar Life isn’t shine bright, happy and smooth;Living’s a dream; rich too materialistic;Weak…
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What does moonlight want?

By- Parthajit Borah If I would know what moonlight wants.I may swing in the cosy womb of Phalguna.Every…
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The mystery of nine

By-Dr. Nunglekpam Premi DeviIndependent ScholarNine O’clock; Nine O’clockNot later than nine; come home at nineHurry! Hurry! You should…
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The Kite Runner

By:- Parthajit Borah. (A Poetic Congratulation To Hima Das For Her Victory In Finland) A dreeam chaser of…
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