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Rinku Khumukcham

Rinku Khumukcham, Editor of Imphal Times has more than 15+ years in the field of Journalism. A seasoned editor, was a former editor of ISTV News. He resides in Keishamthong Elangbam Leikai, with his wife and parents. Rinku can be contacted at [email protected] 

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Imphal, Aug 10:

At a time when there are allegations about doctors refusing to provide medical service to patients in need, a COVID-19 positive mother safely delivered a baby at Regional Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS) gynaecology labour room early today morning. Interestingly, the pregnant lady was brought on the previous day under emergency condition with a certificate showing that she was tested COVID-19 negative from Lilong Primary Health center. However, due to RIMS SoPs the pregnant lady was tested again at RIMS with RAT and found positive.

Considering the emergency condition of the patient, gynaecologists and nurses at the hospital took extreme care for the patient by taking up extra measures to make sure that no one got contracted the virus from her, a source from RIMS said.

In a briefing sent through Whatsapp by Media Advisor RIMS, HOD, Gynaecology Dept. RIMS Dr. Ranjit Singh, said that the pregnant lady from Lilong was admitted on emergency condition.

“During this crisis time due to COVID-19 pandemic, RIMS Gynaecology department has been opened and has been providing all sort of medical treatment”, Dr. Ranjit said.

In connection with the COVID-19 positive patient who delivered a bay at the RIMS Gynae labour room, the doctor said that she was tested Covid-19 negative at Lilong Primary Health Center and admitted to RIMS on August 9. As per SOPs of RIMS she was once more tested with RAT but found positive with COVID -19.

However, there were no sign of symptoms to her but doctors and nurse took extra care to make sure that she and others are safe.

The 20 years old pregnant lady from Lilong than was taken to labour room due to its emergency nature on the following day, that is on Aug 10 and doctors and team delivered a baby.

“Both the child and the mother are safe”, Dr. Ranjit Singh said.

On consultation with pediatrician , it has been told that nothing will harm the child when breast feeding .

The mother will be shifted to COVID care center but as of now the hospital authority are trying its best for both the mother and the child.

IT News

Imphal, Aug 10:

In a twist to the much talk about opposition Congress party moving no-confidence motion, the ruling BJP led government spoils the political move by moving a motion of confidence to the one day 11th Manipur Legislative Assembly session today.“Moving the motion of confidence, leader of the house Chief Minister N. Biren Singh said that even as there are some misunderstandings and differences among the members of the coalition government, the government needs to prove its majority. “Those are family matter and we are still together and no differences among members of the BJP and the ally partners”, the confident Chief Minister said moving the confidence motion. “The representatives of the house still have confidence in the government. Giving a reason for moving the motion of confidence, N.Biren Singh said that the opposition Congress party has been spreading propaganda to distract the trust of the people of the state by spreading rumours about whether the government will survive or not .“The one day session begins with a hectic debate between the opposition leader Okram Ibobi and the Leader of the House N. Biren Singh on whether the no-confidence motion moved by the Congress should be taken up or the motion of confidence should be taken up after the obituary reference. “However, Speaker of the house intervene the matter and took up the agenda by making the members understand that the agenda of the house has been prepared under rule number 355 and should be taken up as per the rules. “BJP led coalition government under Chief Minister N. Biren Singh has completed 3 years and 5 months. Moving the motion of confidence, the Chief Minister said that since the government led by the BJP comes to power, relationship between the hill and plain people have been bridged, many programmes to ensure health care facilities to poor people have been taken up by distributing CMHT cards.“In connection with the development works, the Chief Minister said that Barak Bridge being constructed along the Imphal –Jiribam road has been nearly completed, Recently the Prime Minister has announced Rs. 3000 crore for Water Supply and other development schemes.

IT News
Imphal, Aug 10:

A total of 50 more people from the state of Manipur who have no travel history has been tested COVID-19 positive in the last 24 hour, a statement from the State Health Department said. Total number of people tested positive with the virus is 90 in the last 24 hour . Among them 57 are from among the general public of which 50 have no travel history. The remaining 43 tested positive with the virus are from the Central Armed Police Force.
The state of the Health department said that among them 38 are tested at VRDL RIMS, 18 at JNIMS VRDL AND 1 AT Babina Dianostic center at RTPCR. Others are tested using TruNat and Antigen at different centers and district hospitals.
Total number of people tested with the virus has reached 3853 including 876 central security forces. Today 78 has been discharged today . With this total number of discharged person is 2122. The number of active case at present is 1720.

A senior resident, who has been known for his dedication to the cause for the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, was seen collapsed, perhaps due exhaustion while on duty to save COVID-19 infected patients at JNIMS. The modus operandi of how health workers have been assigned to provide all available health care facilities at CCCs at both JNIMS and RIMS as well as others have been known and this newspaper had also highlighted few.
Lately, a COVID-19 positive pregnant lady delivered a baby at RIMS hospital under strict measures to ensure that no health workers in the team got infected with the virus. There are many pregnant ladies in the hospital where gynecologists and nurses are keeping an eagle eye round the clock to make sure that those under health care services are safe and sound taking all risks during this pandemic.
A few days back Sky Hospital, a private run cardiac treatment center in a press statement said that their hospital is open and not included in the containment zone announced by the district administration. The press statement indicated that even during the COVID-19 pandemic the hospital is not close and still is open for the needy patient.
A similar announcement is made by Shija Hospital and Research center by its managing Director. After all, this hospital has proved that they care more to save the life of patients in need by performing surgery without waiting for test results for COVID-19.
When many of the health workers have been performing duty taking all risk as it is their performance, many so-called self-style intellectuals, or social workers brought up issues that may defame the life saviors. Well, not every doctor may have the same feeling of risking their lives to save the patient, but there are countless of them working with dedication.
Sometimes, people seem to have forgotten that doctors are no lesser God. They are a human being with no difference from others. The only difference between other people in those in the medical profession is that they wanted to serve and save human lives.
Well, criticisms from those who have fewer ideas of the difficulties faced by doctors and nurses is normal, but when a doctor in the same profession mock and criticize the dedication of a doctor, than it is jealousy. The person, a doctor, and who is also a senior most doctor of RIMS mocking Dr. Uthan who collapsed due to exhaustion is very unfortunate.
If senior doctors, who mock the hard work of a junior doctor is let free, then many who had wanted to serve the people may be discouraged. It is expected that junior doctors of his institution (RIMS) may have been discouraged by this doctor, and authorities of RIMS need an immediate inquiry into this matter. Or else there are also possibilities that he being ahead of the department may advise students and junior doctors at RIMS not to render their valuable service during this crisis time. If the comment by him at FB was a doctored one than he needs to take the help of the cybercrime police.

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