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Rinku Khumukcham

Rinku Khumukcham

Rinku Khumukcham, Editor of Imphal Times has more than 15+ years in the field of Journalism. A seasoned editor, was a former editor of ISTV News. He resides in Keishamthong Elangbam Leikai, with his wife and parents. Rinku can be contacted at [email protected] 

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CorCom and ULFA boycotts India’s Republic Day

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Imphal, Jan 22

A joint statement by Co-Ordination Committee (CorCom) Manipur( Kangleipak) and the United Liberation Front Of Assam(ULFA) has called upon the people of the WESTERN SOUTH EAST ASIA (WESEA) Region to  BOYCOTT the India’s Republic Day Celebration on 26 January 2020.

The armed group appealed  people of the (WESEA) to boycott the Indian Republic day 2020 by staying at home supporting a total shut down of activates from midnight (12 am) of January 25 to 6 PM of January 26, 2020. This restriction is not applicable to emergency service and these should by functioning normally during these hours, it added

The statement said that Indian constitution is becoming a tool for deceiving the people of WESEA to sacrifice our future and identities for an artificial nation called India.

It further added that the ongoing movement against CAA (Citizenship  Amendment  Act) should be an eye opener  for the people of WESEA, especially the youths. Many questions crop up at these juncture and we need some serious introspection.

“Why do we oppose CAA? Why are we afraid of outsiders (whether foreigners or mainland Indians) overwhelming us, thereby making us minorities in our own land. If we are Indians why are we afraid of becoming pure Indians like Indians? The answer is simple; we still want to preserve our identities and becoming pure Hindustanis results in the annihilation of our existence as distinct peoples”, the statement said.

“Seven decades is a pretty long time for the people of WESEA to figure out what the different Indian governments have been planning all along. We would be fooling only ourselves if we believed that the special status like Scheduled Areas, Scheduled Tribe status, ILP etc. would protect us. Indian constitution can be amended again and again to suit the policies of any future government. India is keeping these special facilities for the time being because we in the WESEA have a large number of insurgents with some heavy firepower to kill the Indian soldiers many times over. What all these crafty Indian leaders have been doing is to minimize  the number of these armed people through  deceptive scrappy solutions and if sometime in the future only a few of these armed insurgents are left all the special facilities would be taken back just like that of Kashmir. Because such special privileges would hamper the people of WESEA to become pure Hindustanis.

India has been using carrot and stick policy to suppress WESEA people’s desire for independence. By using AFSPA Indian security forces are trying to frighten us into submission and a few years down the line if we are not strong enough we would be so afraid to even speak our own languages the statement added.

The statement said that the only was to protect us is by regaining our sovereignty. The constitution of India which is just 70 years old cannot obliterate the history and the political cultures of thousands years old nations of Manipur (Kangleipak) and Assam.

The joint statement said that, WESEA people’s liberation movement will be victorious as our peoples standing behind us. It also added that

The picture of the handful of WESEA MPs whimpering amidst the cacophony of mainland MPs is the allegory of our bleak future in the political system of India.

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UPRFM calls 12 hours total shut down on Jan 26

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Imphal. Jan 22

United People’s Revolutionary Front of Manipur (UPRFM) called 12 hours total shut down in the region on January 26 from 6 am to 6 pm of the day against the celebration of the 71st Republic Day Celebration. Justifying the shut down called the armed rebel group said that Manipur , the erstwhile sovereign nation which has its own constitution was forcibly annexed to the Indian union and has been treating as a colony by the Indian Master. The rebel group appealed the people of the region not to take part the Republic day celebration of India.

The rebel group recounted on how India is treating the people of the region by suppressing the right of the people and committing various form of atrocities to the people.

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The statehood Day

We are told that a wise man prophesized that the meek shall inherit the earth. By the turn of events for as long as one cares to remember, one will be tempted to think that the wise man has perhaps slipped up on his predictions.
Amidst the hue and cry of desperations and unfulfilled promises, those who are at the helm of affairs of the state continues to wax eloquent on the trumped up achievements which are unfortunate far and few between. It would perhaps sound pessimistic for a lot of people as the media turns up page after another on the sordid state of affairs day in and day out, but the fact of the matter is that despite the small positives happening in between, they get crowded out by the sheer number and magnitude of the social maladies, caused either out of ignorance or as an effective distraction for other bigger deliberate blunders.
The state today is on the verge of yet another social turmoil, with various armed groups openly coming out in support of their communities and chasing out the rightful owners from their homes, just because the think-tank at the service of the state government either failed to counsel with the subject experts and knowledgeable historians or, more likely, ignored the suggestions and inputs of those in the know. The result, as we have witnessed, is an unnecessary and undesirable tension between communities that have been coexisting since time immemorial, giving rise to feelings of suspicion and ill-will. The present situation also presents an existing opportunity for certain individuals with vested interests to sip a wedge of hatred between the various communities. What is making the situation worse is not the admission of the blunder by the state government, but is rather the dithering and unnecessary delays in rectifying it. The festering tension, if allowed to continue unchecked will most likely turn violent and unstoppable with armed groups joining the fray.
The state government has so far handled communal issues with velvet gloves, and more often than not has acceded to unacceptable demands and conditions just to keep peace. The practice, on the face of it might seem judicious and acceptable, but it also breeds resentment and bad blood amongst the remaining groups. To be fair, it is an extremely sensitive exercise for the state government to address communal differences, and is often fraught with possibilities of the solution snowballing into another. But that cannot be an excuse for the lack of effort and enthusiasm, nor is the repeatedly backfired procedure of taking hasty and often uninformed decisions in an ill-adviced attempt to rush up such affairs.
At the end of the day, the best decision will be one where the history, customs, laws and regulations have been consulted, referred and incorporated. The state government should then be strong enough to enforce and stand by its decision rather than to give in to the arm twisting communal hooligans and opportunists.

“Maibam Nabakishore”: A renowned play-wright & short- story writer

   “A ball point pen of Rs5/-only can write many pages of paper”. So writing is a profession or hobby without much investment. If Luck favors at the most once “Gamblers” purchase at least a small fish for the family and family together enjoy it. But for writers except bringing a book presented by someone nothing will bring to the family to make them happy. So family members don’t want and happy, a person to be a writer (poet/author). These are the sentences that “Shri Maibam Nabakishore “often said to most of the young writers in many Functions. This living legend of about 81 years old was born at Hiyanglam Village in Kakching District (formerly in Thoubal District) on Thursday the 26th January 1938. He is the youngest of six sibling of his parents Shri Maibam Amu Singh and Maibam(O) Wahengbam ningol Thanin Devi. His elder brother Shri Maibam Nabakumar was the first M.A B.Ed of Southern Manipur and he retired as Principal of Wabagai Higher Secondary School. Shri Nabakishore married with Ningthoujam Mema Devi of Hiyanglam Mayai Leikai and father of three daughters (Premila, [email protected] Chaoba and Gandhini) and only son Priyobarta who has been snatched away from their arms untimely by the Almighty.                                                                                                                                                                        
   Shri Nabakishore is BA,B.Ed by qualification and had been in teaching profession for about 35/36 years from 1964 and retired as Head Master from Wabagai Higher Secondary School in 1998 at the age of 58.He is a man of all ages and gender, this is a unique personality of this unique human being. Whenever anybody come across with him, he always make them laugh by telling a suitable factual comic story related with real life of those he met. He was successful as a teacher in his professional career. He is a humorous story teller and none of his students forget him the way he taught the lessons in the class rooms and more importantly the stories he told  bridged many life to become a good human being. He is very careful of the words he speaks and unhappy whenever anybody used any vulgar words. He always stick to the principle that it’s better to die than to live as an effete human. He never indulged in any impropriety to anybody during his long 81 years of life and never use any kind of intoxicants in his life so far. His habit of getting up early and long morning walk may be the reason why he is still in good health with pristine mind and source of unending literary discourses. In fact he is very ideal teacher and a rare human being of all time. He is very fond of gardening, he enjoys after seeing the plants grown in full bloom and vegetables fruits like Khondrum,Mairen,Daskush etc hanging everywhere in his garden. He never failed to attend the social occasions of his locality but in spite of his heavy age he never sits in front seat of the Sankritan, this I suppose he would like to show that he is still juvenile to write something new and something good for our people. He enjoys meeting people of different age group and different background and sharing his and their thoughts freely.
    Among many to build up the rich literary thesaurus of Manipur Shri Nabakishore affectionately called Oja Nabakishore by many is not the least to mention. His first short story was “Loumeegi Kangkra”which was published in SEIDAM (Annual Magazine) of Wabagai Higher Secondary School when he was in class VI/VII. His contribution in Manipuri literature, mainly in short stories is commendable. So far Oja Nabakishore has contributed ten valuable books in different domain of Manipuri’s literature. His books (Collection of short stories)) are Ayuki singarei(1979); Mantrigi Nupi Sanajaobi(1982); Thong Lonkharaba Pan Dukan (1995); Pangal Sonbi Eise Adomgini(2001); Malemnganbigi Mamom(2006); Thamoigi Mari(2017) and Sheirol Seitha Seireng (2015) is the sole poetry discourse. His critical essay:Angahal gi saktam ahum-Zahera- Konu and Indu(2019) in Manipuri and Angahal’s Triple Persona(2019)in English. His plays which have been broadcasted/played as Radio plays of AIR Imphal are Ningamhoudraba; Keithel Hongba; Chaothoikhoigi Ahal; Nungshi Yumbal; Para Ama Tambire. Few of his writings are also set to come out in the silver screen shortly which will put another feather on his cap and contribution to Manipuri Cinema too. Oja Nabakishore not only reads his own short stories in All India Radio Imphal sometimes but also a regular contributor of short stories in most of the leading Manipuri vernacular local newspapers in literature columns. The saying “ there is always a woman behind every successful person” is found true in the life of Oja Nabakishore ,as the cooperation and contribution of his life partner Mema Devi is incredible in his literary discourse,though sometimes there may be odds and even in life.He is (i) Life Member of Manipuri Sahitya Parishad Imphal (ii) Executive member,Sahitya Seva Samiti Kakching,once Editor of Chumthang;annual publication of the Samiti upto 2018 (iii)President,Eramdam Khorjei Apunba Lup(EKHAL),Hiyanglam Wabagai (iv)Member,Writers Association ,Kakching (v)Life Member,Manipur Sahitya Samiti Thoubal (vi)Life Member, Writers Forum Imphal,Manipur (vii) Life member,Manipur Short Story Society. Oja Nabakishore has been conferred the following awards so far: (i) Manipur State Kala Academi Award(Literature).2003 (ii) Yambem Mani Sahitya Award.2005 (iii) Sahitya Academi Award,New Delhi( for his book Pangal Sonbi Eise Adomgini,collection of short stories), 2005 (iv)Chandrasakhi Laishram,Chumthang Award( Short Story) ,2008 (v) Sahitya Bhushan of Manipuri Sahitya Parishad,2009 (vi)Samanda Memorial Award ,2010 (vii) Shri Nongthombam Kunjamohan Literary award.2019.
     A State Level Seminar on “Maibam Nabakishore-A Brighter Star of Manipuri Short Story “was held on Thursday the 12th December 2019 on the very auspicious day of Nupilan  at his own residence at Hiyanglam organized by “Eramdam  Khorjei Apunba Lup(EKHAL). This is the 6th Seminar on living Legendries in Manipur. The other five are (i) Life of G.C Tongbra and his literature-1995 (ii) Musical Journey of Fusion Singer Tapta –Jayenta-2008 (iii) Dr Jodhachandra Sanasam and his literature-2018 (iv) Elangbam Dinamani gi Sahitya; mamal Leppa-2018 (v) Tapta and social relevance of his lyrics-2019. Oja Nabakishore said; I never thought that I am 81 years old now and my main crux is to get the “Theme” of the story, once I get the theme, then the story writing is over.  By age he is old but he is still young in writing. He said, I will continue writing as long as I can hold a pen in my hand. What a wonderful thought and idea of a rare son of the soil? Let this Jewel and living legend be live long in good health to pour out many more short stories of   social relevance to guide our society in the right orientation. Let God bless our beloved Oja to be in good (physical and mental) health longer.