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Rinku Khumukcham

Rinku Khumukcham

Rinku Khumukcham, Editor of Imphal Times has more than 15+ years in the field of Journalism. A seasoned editor, was a former editor of ISTV News. He resides in Keishamthong Elangbam Leikai, with his wife and parents. Rinku can be contacted at [email protected] 

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Rivers at Imphal breach at many places, several paddy fields , firms , houses inundated

IIT News
Incessant rain during the last few days has cause flood at many places in valley area of the state as rivers in the state breached and overflow at various places at many areas. The incessant rains also severely affected at Hills district too causing landslide at many places in Tamenglong, Chandel and Ukhrul district.
Most rivers in Imphal including Imphal River, Nambul River, Iril River and Tentha River breached at Uripok, Khurai and Irilbung area. As many as 100 houses are reported to have been partially submerged by the flood water at Khurai Puthiba Leikai in Imphal East district.
The streets of Khwairamband Kheithel area including Paona Keithel road, Thangal Keithel Road were flooded by rain water as the drainage system failed to bear the water volume.
Imphal River breached at Telipati area in Imphal East district. The water breached from the side had flooded around hundreds of houses at Telipati, Khurai Pangei Line and portion of Khurai Lamlong Keithel.
The Imphal river to overflow at Thombuthong Bridge area at Bamol Leikai and Singjamei Bheigyabatti Leikai. Houses at Imphal East side located at the bank of the river were inundated by the River water. The water level still is reported to be rising. At Salanthong area in Khurai people of the area had started shifting their houses to safer as they fear breached of the river.
Due to failure of the major drainage system in Sagalband, Uripok, Naoriya Pakhanglakpa and Keishamthong Assembly Constituencies most places were flooded by the rain water. Takhellleikai and Irom Pukhri Achouba Mapal area were also flooded. People of the locality blamed the government authority over its failure to maintain the Waisel Maril cannel.
In Thoubal district, many areas at Wangjing, Salungpham , Keirak, Wabgai and places at Kakching were flooded as Sekmai River breached at keirak area. As many as 100 acres of paddy field were submerged under water. Many fishery firms, and other cultivable area are reported destroyed in the flood. Several houses at Keirak Leirak Achouba and Kakching Chumnang Leikai are inundated under water. 
So far there are no report of any relief camp being open for the flood affected people in the state, however, local clubs of each affected area are proving every possible assistance to the victims.

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Dilemma over appointment of Deputy Labour Commissioner

IT News
It is told that there is a post of Deputy Labour Commissioner in the Department of Labour, Government of Manipur which is to be appointed by promotion failing which by direct recruitment according to the relevant provisions for the method of recruitment in its recruitment rules framed under Art 309 of the constitution of
India. The said post of Deputy Labour Commissioner is vacant since 31-10-2010, and the same is yet to be filled up by appointment under and in accordance with the provisions for method of recruitment in its recruitment rules. The method of recruitment to fill up the post is by promotion from the feeder post, namely Labour Officer in the scale of pay of Rs,500-1350/ under the government of Manipur with at least 7 years of regular service in the grade (class I Gazetted) failing which by direct recruitment from the eligible persons.
According to an office memorandum issued by the Department of Personnel and Administrative Reforms, Government of Manipur in this behalf the crucial date for eligibility for promotion to the said post was 31-10-2010 during the recruitment year 2010-2011. The vacant post was not filled either by promotion or appointment by direct recruitment during the recruitment year 2010-2011 nor the next recruitment years 2011-2012, 2012-2013 and
nobody claimed for consideration of his/ her case for appointment to the same by promotion till date. It reveals the facts that there was no eligible candidate for appointment to the said post by promotion during the recruitment year, 2010-2011 in which the vacancy in the said post occurs and that the said vacancy fell for direct recruitment
under the provisions for method of recruitment as soon as the method of recruitment by promotion was found inapplicable as on the said crucial date of eligibility during the recruitment year 2010-2011.
Many educated youths eligible for the appointment to the said post by direct recruitment have expectations to apply in the direct recruitment of the same. Reasonable sources said that the Department of Personnel and Administrative Reforms had sent to the Manipur Public Service Commission proposals for convening a DPC for appointment to the said vacant post by promotion in spite of the direct recruitment method applicable to the same. The person, whose case is to be considered by the DPC for appointment to the said vacant post by promotion during the recruitment year 2010-2011 since he/ she never held the said feeder post at least 7 years of regular service in the (Class I Gazetted) of the feeder post. By this time his/ her eligibility or otherwise for the appointment by promotion to the said
post was not properly examined and settled by under opportunity for appointment to the said post is being created and given to him/ her without giving the same opportunity to their similar situated employees. It is also seriously said that in view of the law well settled by the Honorable Supreme Court of India in the cases of Bhatnagar A.K-Vs Union of India (1991) 1 SCC 544( Para 13) and Secretary to the Government of Tamil Nadu Vs D. Subramayan Rajadevan (1996) 5SSC 334(Paras 4 and 5) that once rules framed by central/
State Government  under Art.309 of constitution of India are solemn rules having binding effect. Government should refrain from their acting in a manner not contemplated by their own rules and once rules framed by the central and the State Government must be strictly
followed and their action in respect of the matters covered by the rules should be regulated by the rules. In case the matter of the recruitment to the said vacant post is regulated by the relevant provisions of the recruitment in its recruitment rules framed under
Art. 309 of Constitution of India, the said post shall have to be filled up by appointment by direct recruitment and opportunity of employment will be extended to the unemployed educated persons eligible for appointment to the said post.

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Candidates urge to re-conduct MPSC exam

 IT News
Candidates appeared in the recently held Manipur Civil Services Preliminary Examination conducted by Manipur Public Service Commission on May 15 has alleged of misconduct and urged authority to hold the exam result with demand to re-conduct the examination.
Ayum Rogendro, a candidate of the examination and president of Joint Action Committee formed against misconduct of MCS preliminary examination 2016, representing other fellow candidates informed media persons in a meet at Manipur Press Club that the instructions given in the question booklet of the exam created a complete mess to a large number of candidates.
In the serial number 9 of the instruction it was written that “ ‘There will be no penalty for wrong answers’ again with the sub clause ‘there will be penalty for wrong answers marked by a candidate in the objective type question papers’”, when candidates enquired about the confusion, in some centres, again after been inquired by their respective invigilators they were informed that no penalties are for those four wrong questions while the rest 196 questions will have the negative marking as instructed. While in some centres candidates were informed that there will be no penalty for all questions; while again in some centres, because of no communication from Commission office, confused invigilators left the matter to the candidates itself, informed Rogendro.
He further alleged MPSC for non-uniformity of exam timing that in some centers candidates were given for only 10 minute extra time while in some others gave 20 minute which really does not sound in such competitive examination.  
Lambasting in MPSCs such negligence and misconduct of exam, the JAC along with other student bodies like MSF, DESAM, SUK, AMSU called to hold the exam result and demanded to re-conduct of the exam.

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Candle light vigil to promote peace in Manipur held

IT News
In the wake of recent bandhs and agitations in the state, around hundreds of likeminded people across the state have thronged at Keishampat today and organized a candle light vigil.
One of the participant identified as Rakesh said that bandh and general strikes in the state has created resentment among the public.
An estimated revenue loss of Rs 35 Crores happens each day whenever a bandh/strike is called in Manipur and till now there have been almost 71 days of bandh called in 2016. The worst affected ones during this period are the daily wage earners, he said.
Civil society organizations are imposing bandh and general strike to attain their goals, however they never achieve it through this conventional means of imposing public bandh, said the participant.
He also urged civil bodies to avoid calling bandh, general strikes and any forms of restriction in view of the sufferings faced by the people and society.

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