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Rinku Khumukcham

Rinku Khumukcham

Rinku Khumukcham, Editor of Imphal Times has more than 15+ years in the field of Journalism. A seasoned editor, was a former editor of ISTV News. He resides in Keishamthong Elangbam Leikai, with his wife and parents.

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Woman found dead in mysterious circumstances; family members suspect murder

IT News

Imphal June 25,

A woman identified as one Ksh Ongbi Sumita @Ningol (56 years) was found dead in a suspicious manner at Thiyam Konjil in Imphal East. Family members of the deceased lady suspected the death to be murder and points finger to a woman who owe around Rs. 3 lakhs for buying jewelry item. A JAC formed in connection with the alleged murdered demanded arrest and punishment of the culprits behind the murder and refused to accept the dead body until the demands are fulfilled.

As per disclosure by family members, the deceased Ksh (o) Sumita wife of Ksh Deven from Brahmapur Bheigyabati Leikai was called out by one Laimayum Sangita @ Amubi (30 years) wife of L. Indra @ Tomba from Thangapat Konung Leikai for paying back a sum of Rupees 3 lakhs at which she owe to her for buying jewelry items.

Talking to media persons, Dwijendra Ksh who is the brother-in-law of the deceased lady said that the Laimayum Sangita @ Amubi called the deceased Sumita around at 3.30 pm yesterday. He added that husband of Amubi L. Indra came to the deceased house around 9 pm to enquire about his wife stating that his wife and the deceased Sumita went together.

Later, Indra informed through telephone that the deceased Sumita met an accident at Thiyam Chingjil.

Dwijendra said when visited the spot they found Sumita’s lifeless body in a suspicious manner. He alleged the death as a case of murder.

“She was strangulated and murdered, the white pleasure two wheeler vehicle bearing registration number MN 01L-7321 which the deceased travelled didn’t have any scratches mark lacking the evidence of any accident.

Dwijendra further alleged that his wife was murdered by Amubi and her husband along with the help of some others in order not to pay back the loaned amount.

He added that few other jewelry items which the deceased took along with her was also found missing.

Dwijendra further added that they will not take the body until the persons involve in the murder of Ksh (o) Sumita was arrested.

He also said that the accused Amubi came on 23 June assuring to pay back the money on the next day.

It can be mention that a JAC was also formed against the brutal murder of Ksh (O) Sumita and a memorandum demanding the arrest of the culprit within 48 hours and video coverage of the post-mortem was also given to the MLA of Yaiskul and also to Imphal East Superintendent of Police.

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Legitimizing the pocketing of public money

Any good or welfare programme initiated by the central government for development of the region often went flop when it reached the state of Manipur. Package sanction for the welfare of the people and for taking up developmental works are often went to the pocket of those who were meant to implement them. In simple word announcement of welfare scheme for the state is more like a harvest season for those in power at the government. These are not just hearsay, but almost everyone in the state knows. There has never been any work including construction or implementing government schemes where 100% released amount have been utilized. An onlooker knows – and hardly 50% have been used for the programme or works and remaining use to be pocketed to those responsible for the implementation of the work. What is more surprising is that the people now have been brain wasted, they are now with the perception that if works or programme are implemented with at least 50% they appreciated without even thinking that 50% of the amount have been pocketed to them. People seems to justify the kind of culture being practice by the people in power without thinking that in addition to the money that they hijacked from the sanction amount for taking up developmental works they are being paid salary to perform the works by the money collected from the public in the form of tax.
Each and every citizen, from poor to rich, pay taxes to government indirectly and directly. Those with huge income pay direct tax and those even with no income and who lives on hand to mount too pay taxes indirectly. The daily essential commodities that each of us buy includes taxes that are to be collected by the government. And it is from these taxes that the government employees are being paid as salaries and developmental works are being taken up.
Misuse of public fund is being legitimized in the state of Manipur. This is being stated as no government authority are heard punished for the kind of offence. This news paper had many times filed report of how contract employees in Horticulture department are being regularized without following proper guidelines. We have also reported news about how the public money are being pocketed by some vested interested people in the fitting of pipeline at Imphal East. And recently we have also reported on how the top official of SCERT is misappropriated the fund sanction for the DIET centres.

Some days back this newspaper had reported about a banned firm being awarded 8 PMGSY works. And two days back a newspaper had reported about a construction work being taken up under the tourism department at Yaralpat in Imphal East without conducting tender.
So, far no officials are heard punished. The government had never constituted any enquiry. And thus , we feel that the harvesting of public money using unfair means is being legitimized in the state of Manipur.    

3 died; 4 seriously injured as truck falls in a gorge

IT News

Imphal, June 24,

At least 3 (Three) persons died, another 4 (four) seriously injured after a truck they were travelling fell at a gorge in Imphal-Jiribam road at around 6.30 am today.

The tragic accident happened near Biyang  village under New Keithelmanbi police station, around 4 km away from Keithelmanbi along NH-37 towards Jiribam.

Report reaching here said that the accident occurred when the truck fell into the gorge while trying to overtake a vehicle before reaching to Kotlien. The casualties of today’s unfortunate accident are all labourers. They were on their way to a stone Quarry site near Kotlien.

Police team which rush to the site tried to rescue the injured.

Bodies of those died in the accident were retrieved by the police team and taken to morgue. And those injured had been rushed to the Hospital for medical treatment. Police had registered a case in connection with the case.

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For the environment – together we can make it

Development is a multi dimensional concept covering political, economic, social, cultural, spatial, scientific, technological, moral, spiritual, ecological and environment development.
Everybody is aware of the ecological deterioration and environment degradation, but none acted to do something to save it. Every pedestrians see plastic bottle, and other waste scattered in our footpath. But, ‘blame’ to those who threw it or perhaps to the government authority is the reaction. He or she will not pick it up to throw it to the right place. There are many who talks saving our environment, rivers and forest. But everyday the thousand people dump their waste at the roadsides, threw garbage at the river smuggled woods using any unfair means. Some waited for camera to take a shot while planting a sapling to show their love for the mother nature but will never look back to see whether the sapling he or she planted is grown.
It is we human being, which is responsible for the crime committee towards the nature. The recent flood across the country including Manipur is fall out of what we human being had committee for hundreds of years. Deterioration of nature is more seen to less develop and developing countries. City based intellectuals who visited only once or twice to complete their thesis keep blaming the ignorance of the common people who have less knowledge of saving the environment as survival is more important for them. Schemes and projects always turn a flop show as they were prepared on table without studying the need of the people residing in interior forest land. And the money which are meant for the environment are gold mine for those working on the table.
The state of Manipur had witness five times devastating flood since N. Biren Singh took charge of Chief Minister. Again the people of the state now witness scanty rainfall, which flooded most part of Imphal city but keep the cultivable field dry. Almost all cultivable land of the state still remains dry. Farmers in the state now fear that they would not be able to start their cultivation work. If the paddy field remains dry the way it is, we don’t need any fortune teller or scientist to predict that Manipur may face famine.  
Discussions over the issues only put the blame  to common people of both Hill and Valley area who never had any knowledge of how much money has been sanctioned for the preservation of the forest land in their respective land.
Chief Minister N. Biren Singh’s new initiative – Green Manipur Mission is perhaps an appreciating initiative. However, it is skeptical to most people as the Mission to make Manipur Green seems rather a publicity matter. A proper planning to make sure that such an initiative continues to make Manipur a real green state. It may be mention that for the first time in the history of Manipur , A village called Ringui in Ukhrul district donated around 600 ares of land to an NGO to make the area green. Though the village is far from Imphal with limited access of Education, they have showed their enthusiasm in protecting the environment and rebuilding a forest. Forest and Environment Minister, Th Shyamkumar had assured to make the piece of land as a forest zone but the promised he made is still yet to see into action. The good service of the villagers of Ringui will not only make their village famous but will help in reducing the global warming, even though it might effect only .00001%.
If more villages in the state of Manipur started donating land for plantation of trees than Manipur will set another example in the protection of the environment in the whole country. What remains skeptical is the sincerity of the forest department authority.
Well the challenges before the country particularly in the state of Manipur is to preserve and protect the natural environment or revive it where it has been degraded. It must be remembered that the problem of environmental degradation is social problem which has to be solved by the people themselves with some sort of policy and programme from the government
A short term course in Ecology and Environment al Awareness should be arranged for the benefit of the elected representatives starting from PRI, Municipalities, corporation, MLAs, MPs, Development planners  and administrators which would give them a proper understanding of nature, the important of flora and fauna and other natural resources especially forest wealth and their management.
The recent series of activities taken up by the state government however showed some enthusiasm to save the environment. At the same time making people aware about the issue is also important to protect the environment.