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Reality of the real fact nobody wants to tell the naked truth.

Dear respected and honorable PM Narendra Modi, Manipur CM Biren Singh, Tamenglong district segment MLA Samuel Jendai, MLA Awangbou Newmai, MLA Gaikhangngam Gangmei, Tamenglong DC Armstrong Pame, Tamenglong District Council CEO Dipu Gangmei, Commissioner TD Manipur Thaithuilung Pamei, Chairman ADC Tamenglong Namsinrei Panmei, ZSU and ZYF.
Today I would like to share some of my experiences and doubts of Tamenglong district (included Noney district) of Manipur, India. Things are taking place but none of us may be serious about the happenings. It may also that we may not be able to get or have any data on these happenings which I am going to share with you all and I believe, these
happenings are also neither legal or neither they are being legalize by any legal authority for not to do the work properly.
1. In the whole of Tamenglong district I have not come across not even 4 government schools which are properly functioning without any substitute teachers or having sufficient students and proper school buildings, etc.
2. Where are the government schools today in Tamenglong district in reality? How many of the government schools’ teachers in Tamenglong district know or seen where the school they being posted? Or have they ever gone and seen the schools and students where they are being posted as teachers or headmasters for teaching? Or have they given for substitution to someone else?
3. In the whole of Tamenglong district not an Anganwadi Center in the villages or in the town are seen functioning as per the center should run or function.
4. Is there a single properly function or properly equipped Hospital or CHC or PHC or SPHC with all the posted Doctors and Nurses stationed without keeping any substitutions in Tamenglong district. I have seen or find not one in the whole of Tamenglong district.
5. In the whole of Tamenglong district apart from NH-37 I have not seen nor I have travel on any road even with 5 kilometers properly black topped (concrete).
6. Is the Central Government of India and Government of Manipur pay bills and salaries according to the paper reports that were or are being received from the concern departments and not seeing to the actual ground reality of works which are done or not done before any payment are being done?
7. Have the Central Government of India and Government of Manipur not allotted and not given sufficient money for the public developmental work for Tamenglong district?
8. If the Central Government of India and Government of Manipur have allotted and given sufficient money for the public developmental work for Tamenglong district. Than where are the money gone? Where and how are the works done for the amount of money allotted and given for the work?
9. Is it that the Government departments have instructed the staffs, employees, contractors and public leaders not to do a proper work and not to evaluate the work in Tamenglong district and that the district should remain so call backward and the people’s moral should be hold down?
10. Can the Central Government of India and Government of Manipur start taking up the task of investigation, proper evaluation of the works done and fact finding task team with action force with regard to the past and present work done in the whole of Tamenglong district. And if anybody is found to be guilty than start booking them for every single legal action to be taken on them regardless of what position or office in the past or at present is holding or in what department it was or it is.
11. I believe that all the money that the Central Government of India and Government of Manipur is giving out for the public to have sustainable development and progress of the people in Manipur is of people’s money. Therefore, every one of us has the full constitutional and personal right to enjoy the fruit of the work done and not to be deprived of it.
12. If I have said, which are not true, than please tell me so that I can also believe what I have not believe and can stop my doubt too. And if these, which I have shared are true than reach this sharing to the above mention important and power holding persons for the benefit and for the sustainable development, progress and transformation of
Tamenglong and Noney districts.

William Gurumayum

William Gurumayum, Sub-Editor of Imphal Times is a resident of Sagolband Salam Leikai. He has been with Imphal Times since 2013. An avid adventure lover, writes mostly travelogue. He can be contacted at [email protected]

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