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Letter to editor

Dear sir,
Its good and appreciating to see the present Government of Manipur taking up initiatives with different approaches to bring changes in our trouble torn state and also taking steps to bridge the gap between the hill and valley people. So taking this platform, as a concerned youth I would like to draw the kind attention of the present Government to frame or include special policies or programmes to control drugs menace of our state. The very fact is, our present society is infested with drugs abuse especially among the young and dynamic youths. They are indulged with drugs in every corner of our state leading to a doomsday of their future. Our state being corridor to Myanmar and also proximity to the golden triangle, there are high trafficking of drugs and also other contraband substances into our state which destroys many precious lives and the outcome is malignant which also gives a drastic impact on the socio-economic condition of our people. The uses of drugs among the youths are in rapid growth day by day and its a serious issue of our state. Uses of drugs is also one factor for spreading communicable diseases in our state and it has become rampant in our state.So, it’s a high time to control this drug menace of our state before its too late.
Lastly, I would also like to request the NGOs, civil society organisations, voluntary organisations, philanthropists etc.to intervene in this drug menace which is infested and plagued in our beautiful state  Manipur. Anticipating for positive outcome.
Yours faithfully,
Gofort Langhu,
Former President,
Anal Students’ Union, Imphal.

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