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Will DPC in RIMS be legal?

As per order of the Manipur high court Prof S. Sekharjit assumed the charge of the Director of RIMS on August 22. This was after expiry of the three weeks’ period during which the authority could not furnish details on the  validity and legality of the relieving of Prof Sekharjit. In his ruling chief justice L.K. Mohaptra said that this provision was not found in the bye law and recruitment rules.
Reports say that Prof Rita had written a letter to Prof Sekharjit to wait till August 31 since the date of communication will fulfil three weeks on that day. However sources said that there is evidence to show
that Prof Rita had received the order on a particular date so that it fulfils three weeks’ period on August 21 which means that Prof. Sekharjit becomes the director from August 22.
After  his assuming the charge on August 22 the presence of Prof Rita as the director in charge in RIMS has become redundant and her signature cannot be valid. In this backdrop there are reports that one

DPC for the appointment of several persons in grade III and IV will be held soon. Since it was planned that the chairperson of the DPC shall be the director in charge it will have no validity and legality in the
changed situation. If the DPC is not cancelled it will be a matter which will be challenged in a law court and indications are that the RIMS authority shall not be able to defend it.

Hiyang Athouba
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