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Rinku Khumukcham

Rinku Khumukcham

Rinku Khumukcham, Editor of Imphal Times has more than 15+ years in the field of Journalism. A seasoned editor, was a former editor of ISTV News. He resides in Keishamthong Elangbam Leikai, with his wife and parents.

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When CM Biren meets Minister Bishwajit

IT News

Imphal, June 17,

Perhaps it was an accident, but an interesting drama folded today morning at New Delhi, after Chief Minister N. Biren Singh encountered dissident leader Minister Th. Bishwajit at Manipur Bhavan. “They didn’t even look at each other and courtesy greeting didn’t happen”, an eye witness said. The gestures of Chief Minister N. Biren Singh and Th. Bishwajit revealed that the crisis has not been solved, an MLA told Imphal Times.

Source from Delhi however said that the ongoing crisis will be solved in two or three days, but did not reveal the chemistry of how it will be solved. Restoring of the key portfolio to Minister Th. Bishwajit will be a moral defeat of Chief Minister N. Biren and accepting the decision of the Chief Minister to conduct enquiry to the department by not restoring the portfolio is again a defeat of Minister Th. Bishwajit . The wind that blows in the political theatre is not yet settled.

If the central leadership settled the issue keeping intact the position of N. Biren Singh, Th. Bishwajit had already stated that he will resign from the Ministerial post as per disclosure by a daily newspaper that interview him recently.

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Revolt by decedents is a lesson for CM N. Biren Singh

Political crisis erupted in the N. Biren Singh Ministry after decedents revolted for his replacement can be assumed as a timely intervention to the running of the government to make the Chief Minister realize that he is not supreme to decide and act anything in the democratic form of government. 
The crisis will be resolved soon as the crisis is an internal issue. Government Spokesperson Th. Radheshyam has rightly stated. Political observers too are of the view that the matter will be settled soon. Now, it is certain that Chief Minister N. Biren Singh would have regretted for giving more priority to some of his near and dear one other than giving more priority to his BJP colleagues. On the other hand, N. Biren Singh stern decision to remove the key portfolios from BJP legislator Th. Bishwajit and  Yumnam Joykumar of NPP also give an indications to all the Ministers that they the Ministers too are not above the law and there is always someone that can blow them at time of needs. 
As someone has rightly pointed out that every elected persons want to become Ministers and every ministers dreamt of becoming Chief Minister, it is natural that sometime crisis evolved and decedents revolt with hopes to get a Ministerial berth if in case the leadership is changed.
Revolt by decedents against their leadership and demand for replacement of Chief Minister is not new in the state of Manipur. During SPF-2 government, When Okram Ibobi of the Congress party was the Chief Minister, large number of Congress MLAs revolted against him for change of the legislature Wing legislature. A Congress Party being one of the largest political party which was in power in the center, the Congress MLAs of that time camp at New Delhi and lobbied all AICC leaders for removal of Okram Ibobi Singh from the post of Chief Minister and to replace him by someone. The only weak point of the decedent MLAs of that time was that even though the number was okayed, the decedents did not proposed any Congress Legislators who would be replacing the Chief Minister Okram Ibobi. The political crisis that time too had also hampered all developmental works in the state. Chief Minister Okram Ibobi who have the blessing of the AICC leaders of that time took no time to settle the matter. 
If one take a close look on the political crisis of that time one can easily speculated that, the present crisis in N. Biren Singh led government will be resolved soon. Reason, the decedents did not mention or propose any name that will replace N. Biren Singh. Circumstances happened those days suggested that the Center will have no choice but to keep N. Biren Singh as the Chief Minister. May be the BJP central leaders may direct him to be cautious in dealing with the Ministers and BJP MLAs. 

If one remembered, it was in the SPF-3 term that one prominent MLA of the Congress Party was defeated. He was one of the leader of the decedent MLAs. 
Point wanted to bring to the notice of all the legistors revolting against the Chief Minister is that – everything may be settled with the interference of the BJP central leaders but the one who get moral defeat may be a victim of politics. After all, it is just 2 years and half month that next election of the Manipur Legislative Assembly will be held.
As always mention by this newspaper – all is fair in war and love and in politics strategy to strengthen his or her position is also a fair game. 
Meanwhile, rivalry between legislators ruling the government will only bring catastrophe to the people of the state.


Indifferences exist but will be resolved soon – Th. Radheshyam

IT News

Imphal, June 16,

Face is the index of mind – and spokesperson of the Manipur State Government, Th. Radheshyam, who is also the Education Minister, looks free from anger and anxiety but was confident to reply to reporters’ query regarding the ongoing political crisis in the N. Biren Singh led government. 

 “It is internal matter of the party and the differences will be sorted soon”, Education Minister Radheshyam said to reporter soon after he landed at Imphal Airport today afternoon. MLA S. Rajen and MLA Vungjagin Valte also return back along with the government spokesperson.  

The government spokesperson also accepted that there is crisis in the government over dissatisfaction but there is nothing to be surprised. Even family members sometimes quarrel over dissatisfaction but resolved soon.

On being asked whether the key portfolios which were vested to the Chief Minister (Finance from Dy. CM Y. Joykumar; PWD and Power from Minister Th. Bishwajit) will be restored or not, the Government Spokesperson said that it will be decided soon after the coming of the Chief Minister.

On the talk about camping by Ministers and MLAs at New Delhi lobbying for the change of the Chief Minister, Radheshyam said that the visit by ministers was only to give courtesy call to the new NDA Government and to meet the newly inducted ministers.

“As for me I have visited to apprise the education scenario of the state to the new Union HRD Minister and the Union Minister assured to sanction 200 crore for development of state education sector”, Radheshyam said.

Similarly, Chief Minister N. Biren Singh went to New Delhi to give courtesy call to the Central leaders and newly inducted Minister.

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Political crisis in Manipur continues: CM N. Biren meets PM; Minister Bishwajit still camping at New Delhi

IT News

Imphal, June 16,

Who will win in the battle for throne? A big question asked by everyone in the ongoing political crisis in Manipur. Everyone is now aware that there is a rebellion from a group of BJP MLAs led by Th. Bishwajit demanding replacement of the Chief Minister but, Government spokesperson Th. Radheshyam who return back from New Delhi today said that the crisis will be soon resolved.

Official source said that Chief Minister N. Biren Singh met Prime Minister Narendra Modi and discussed about the issue.

Th Radheshyam inabilty to answer a direct question on whether the Key portfolios which were taken out from Minister Bishwajit and Dy. Chief Minister Y. Joykumar will be restored showed that the crisis is still there and a solution to the crisis will be sacrificed of either Chief Minister N. Biren Singh or Th. Bishwajit.

Meanwhile, source said that, Central leaderships of the BJP are not favouring change of Chief Minister at this crucial hour. Amidst the political crisis, the issue of overdraft in the state exchequer added salt to the wounds. But Political analysts said that the central Ministers are giving more priority to Chief Minister N. Biren Singh while consulting over this issue for sorting it out.

The commission of enquiry committee on the huge withdrawal of fund from Works and Power department after the portfolios has been pull off from Minister Bishwajit also talks volumes.

“It was just an official procedure that a government should do”, Government Spokesperson Radheshyam said while answering to media person today.

However, removal of the portfolios clearly drawn a line of enmity between Bishwajit and Biren.

BJP MLA S. Rajen who also returned today along with Minister Radheshyam said that there is no question of change of Chief Minister. Besides putting emphasis to the crisis evolving around, the MLA said that the Chief Minister is concern to the present issue of overdraft. He added that the Chief Minister had consulted with almost all Union Ministers including the Home Minister to solve the financial crisis.

“Our Chief Minister had met almost all central leaders including the Prime Minister and the Home Minister, everything will be settle in one or two days”, he said.

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