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IFO 2019 - Motivating students for better understanding of financial management

IT News

New Delhi, July 17,

 International Finance Olympiad (IFO) helps to motivate students for better and deeper understanding of financial facts and enhance their skills to manage their daily life. With intent to make young learners familiar with the art of understanding and managing money, International Financial Olympiad, 2019 is being conducted by International Institute of Financial Markets (IIFM) and Economic Times is for students from classes 8th to 12th  and the registrations are open till 30th August, 2019. IFO has catered to more than 48,000 students in 162 cities and 5 countries to promote financial literacy for students at school levels in the span of 7 years. 

“While as a fundamental part of the socio-educational structure, students complete their schooling without any formal financial education. This not only results in poor personal financial skills but also affects the economy due to the non-structured understanding of the financial subjects. There is a very demanding urgency for every developing country to make financial knowledge a well structured and robust system in the school curriculum” said Kritika Kaushik, National Convener - International Finance, Olympiad and Global Economic Olympiad.

The Olympiad is conducted in three rounds and the first is going to be conducted from 1st September 2019 to 15th November 2019. Students scoring above 60% in the first round are then eligible for the second round (regional) that will begin from 16th November 2019 to 24th December, 2019.

The pattern includes written round, Audio visual round and crossword puzzles in duration of 2 hours. After this, a 4 member team is then selected and called to Delhi for the International Grand Finale. The pattern of the finale is an oral quiz type conducted for 3 hours to select the winner.

Students registering at National and International level competition have an added advantage as they get an Internationally recognized certification at every level and a chance to compete for Rs. 1.6 Lakh cash scholarship prizes including Rs 60000 for School toppers and Rs 1,00,000 for Regional toppers and become a ‘Financial Literate’ at a young age. Students can participate from Schools or individually through the website www.financeolympiad.in.

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Protective Thinking: Social Background leading to RIIN, Can RIIN save Nagaland?

By: Mr. Pakinrichapbo (Advocate)

Samziuram Village, Peren, Nagaland

Much have been written and spoken on Registration of Indigenous Inhabitants of Nagaland (RIIN) lead by civil society organizations, individuals from various backgrounds giving their expert opinion on why RIIN is necessary and how to carry out RIIN, at the same time creating more confusion day by day at the absence of clear cut guideline/rules laid down by the State Government to set up RIIN.  The drama unfolded following the Nagaland Government decision to go ahead with RIIN shows that State Government is not well prepared for carrying such complicated task of preparing a master list for bonafide indigenous inhabitant of Nagaland nor seem to have effective mechanism to contain its numerous  loopholes surrounding this RIIN.  

The State Government continues to commit blunder after blunder  by publishing the notification to set up RIIN without laying down any guideline, failing to include indigenous Kuki and Dimasa-Kachari tribal organizations in the list of Tribal Hohos and organizations invited for consultative meeting with the state government on 17.07.19, expecting civil society organizations to pressurize the government to stick to 01.12.1963 cut off year to decide who is indigenous inhabitant of Nagaland and bringing up draft format of RIIN sticking to 1963 as a cut off year.  

When State government itself is not clear on how to carry out its policy what can we expect, except chaos and disgruntlement from every corner? In the act of protecting one right, one should not violate other basic rights.       


Social Background

The PDA lead Nagaland Government hurried push for registration of indigenous inhabitants of Nagaland reveals the mindset of the confused, helpless and anxious Nagas of Nagaland and the deficiency of practical idea to effectively deal with the rising populations of legal and illegal migrants from mainland India and Bangladesh. Not to forget the prosperity of the migrants especially the business community are always seen as a threat by the indigenous groups.

The debate of checking the high influx of illegal migrants has been going on for long time. In the near past, concerned, indigenous citizen group had formed association, young rugged individuals taken law in to their hand by checking defaulters of ILP and some even report in face book of slapping ILP defaulters, in most cases, the victims were Illegal Bangladeshi Immigrants (IBI) running a small shops for migrants whether be legal or illegal running big shops can’t be touch, sharing ideas and debating in social media to tackle influx of illegal migrants with no positive results.

Sometime the debate will shift focus from illegal migrants to non indigenous Nagas mainly from Manipur, such debate often triggered by Rongmei tribe recognition issue.

It is not wrong to conclude that the certain section among the indigenous Naga sub tribes of Nagaland seeks protection not only from the legal and illegal migrants but from the non indigenous Naga tribes whose presence in the state are equally seen as a threat. Past accommodative spirit based on Naga brotherhood now in death bed as a result of old age and multiple chronic ailments thanks to unsettled Indo-Naga peace talks, only Nagas of Nagaland policies favoured and implemented by high and mighty of Nagaland, misrule of different armed factions. In such ground reality, the idea of Nagas without border popularised by FNR and NSF will quietly take back seat. The policies of state administrations will supersede Naga Nationalism. Nagaland being a capital for all Naga tribes needs to show that all Naga tribes are welcomed without ILP in Nagaland, applying tribe colour in lands ownerships system and government policies will create deeper fragmentation in the long run even among Nagas of Nagaland.   

I wish, I may be proven wrong but post execution of RIIN; regional feeling will grow manifold beyond control, Naga nationalism, peace talk will carry little meaning until the final settlement arrives if it is meant to be and satisfies some leading dominant Naga tribes of Nagaland. But now it appears majority of Nagaland based indigenous tribes have lost hope in political negotiations and will go to any length to protect and preserve its limited state resources, for high and mighty greatest excuse to play regional politics is to bring out the card of limited resources and go on diverting state limited resources to their kitchen not caring to equally share resources among fellow recognized indigenous people, also deny state privileges and rights to non-indigenous groups of people including Nagas settling in the state for several decades but originally from outside Nagaland state.

Nagaland government has stated the RIIN is not to target traders (includes legal and illegal migrants), so who is their target now?

Nagas being a part of the minorities in India had never shied away of attacking BJP lead Central Government of violating minorities rights on several occasions. Time has come to show how Nagaland Government will treat its minorities living in the state.  Not forgetting the established rules that the kind of Democratic Government is known by how it treats their minorities and its commitment to respect and protect minority rights. Whether the tyranny of the majority will prevail as usual or minority rights will be respected by giving administrative safeguards to the minorities.


(To be contd.)

Claw toes may be a symptom of an underlying disorder

By- Sakshi Jaiswal

Toes bend like claws is not a serious problem on its own, but it can be a sign of an underlying medical condition, such as diabetes or neurological condition.
“After conducting several tests, it was confirmed that Heena (74) was suffering from claw toe which was a result of rheumatoid arthritis and Diabetes. She had been noticing her toes bending like inverted V and thought it to be normal at this age. Though it was not painful, still she felt uncomfortable in walking.” Said Dr Pradeep Moonot, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Breach Candy Hospital, Mumbai.
Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) is one of the leading causes for claw toe in India especially in women. According to a survey, women in India are affected five times more than men. Prevalence of claw toes deformity gradually increases with advancing age and upto 20% of the Indians are affected. This is observed most often in patients in their 7th or 8th decade of life.

“Unrelieved pressure on the toes could have caused severe complications and make them rigid making it difficult to treat. Heena had her second toe crossed over the first and eventually could have dislocated. The corns that became too large were shaved off and exercises were provided to her in addition to specially designed shoes to relieve the pressure.” Said Dr Moonot
Claw toes are classified based on the mobility of the toe joints. There are two types - flexible and rigid. In a flexible claw toe, the joint has the ability to move. This type of claw toe can be straightened manually. A rigid claw toe does not have that same ability to move. Movement is very limited and can be extremely painful. This sometimes causes foot movement to become restricted leading to extra stress at the ball-of-the-foot, and possibly causing pain and the development of corns and calluses.
A combination of medical intervention, physiotherapy and home care can be recommended to treat claw toes, depending upon the severity and rigidity of the deformity.
Specially designed shoes can also ease off the pressure while avoiding others as tight shoes or high heels will only make the toes more rigid. Wearing shoes with plenty of room can help alleviate discomfort. The design will be in such a manner that the toe can be accommodated in the extra depth area, and a special pad to help ease off the pressure from the ball of the foot.
“Surgery is opted only in cases, when this deformity is causing symptoms and in extreme condition with rigid toes. The bone at the base of the toe is shortened, so that more room is available to straighten out. It is a day care surgery and patient is walking immediately. After surgery, the toes may take upto four to six weeks to heal.” Said Dr Moonot.

KCP –MC bans Credit Society Micro Finance Sangakpham; says will investigate Lamjingba Finance

IT News
Imphal, July 15,

Armed rebel group KCP-MC said that the party will start investigation to Private Bank as it has received various complaints about these banks sucking the blood of poor people besides being a hideout of illegal money of rich people.

The outfit said that as for the Credit Society Micro Finance Sangakpham, the party has put banned in activities like collection of interest and recovering of loan with immediate effect. The outfit in the statement said that no person should pay the debt for loan in the form of interest to the said private bank. If any persons pay interest for loan to this bank the outfit will have no option but to collect the same amount that they paid to the bank, the statement said. It added that the outfit did not demand any money to this bank as the party had stop collection fund. However as the director of the bank has been spreading false propaganda and fabricated story to malign the image of the party, the statement added and said that the director has been spreading propaganda of rebel group has threatened the office and have been challenging the armed rebel group.
The KCP-MC said that they party had never called to any of the private bank in Manipur, had never talk with any of them nor sent any communiqué to any of the private bank. The banned is to teach the Director of the Credit Society Micro Finance Sangakpham a lesson as he has been spreading false propaganda to malign the image of the party. If in case some people who tried to earn easy money contacted them they should find out whether they are real cadre of the outfit or not, the statement by KCP-MC said. While announcing ban on collection of loan or interest by the said bank the KCP-MC further said that if the Director of Credit Society Micro Finance Sangakpham fails to clarify on why he has been trying to malign the image of the revolutionary movement , all staffs of the bank should resigned from the bank.
As the private bank has been challenging the revolutionary movement the outfit  finally is compelled to investigate the functioning of the Private bank across the state, the statement added.
It said that, as the first step the outfit will investigate the Lamjingba Finance of the Lamjingba group, however, will give one week time for publishing the details of its function. The KCP-MC said that they have information about rich people hiding their black money at Lamjingba Finance. May be the complaints is right or may be it may be wrong, but the outfit will see how the Lamjingba Finance clarifies over the complaints of the people. If in case the Lamjinga group fails to give a public statement then the outfit will consider the allegation true considering the prima-facei evidence base on the peoples’ complaints. The KCP-MC further added that the party had never made any monetary demand and if in case any demands are served they are imposters.

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