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Maheshwar Gurumayum

Maheshwar Gurumayum

Maheshwar Gurumayum, Sub-Editor of Imphal Times is a resident of Sagolband Salam Leikai. He has been with Imphal Times since 2013. An avid adventure lover, writes mostly travelogue. He can be contacted at [email protected]

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No new case of COVID-19 in Manipur; One Page admin arrested for releasing fake photo

IT News
Imphal March 28
No new cases of COVID-19 in Manipur have been detected in the last few days after a first positive case of it was detected on 24th March, according to a daily report released by Health Department, Government of Manipur.
A total of 486 individuals are placed under surveillance by contact tracing and no individual remains to be traced. The lone COVID-19 positive individual condition is now improving and showing signs of improvement, a source said.
Meanwhile, a photo widely circulated in the social media alleging to be the positive patient posing for a photo with two doctors was found to be false and was debunked by the Director of JNIMS. The alleged photo where the one in the middle is a resident doctor and she took the photo before entering COVID-19 ward, where the lone positive patient is undergoing treatment. In this regard, Cyber Crime of Manipur has taken up a case and one admin of a page was arrested in this regard, after a complaint was filed by the Director of JNIMS, said a source.
Taking in view of the seriousness of the Pandemic COVID-19, Manipur Police has beefed up precautionary measures in the state and people coming out without valid reason were made to turn back. Also, many were detained by the Police for breaking the curfew imposed in the valley area.

On the other hand, an order released by the Chief Secretary of Manipur Dr.J. Suresh Babu that wholesale markets will be allowed to open tomorrow for the retailers for procuring commodities for their retail shops. Retail shop owners can obtain the requisite permit from the respective Deputy Commissioner and vehicles required for carrying the goods should carry the original permit issued in this regard and no individual public sales are allowed, said the order.

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First COVID-19 case in Manipur confirmed; Curfew imposed in Imphal West & East District

IT News
Imphal, March 24

First COVID-19 case was confirmed today in Manipur today early morning. According to a test report which was issued by Department of Microbiology, JNIMS, the patient from an area in Imphal West is under isolation at JNIMS as soon as the result of the test return positive.
According to a source from JNIMS, treatment for the patient has already started as soon as the result came positive for COVID-19 and as of now the condition of the patient is in stable condition. This is the first serological test being done and a test remains to be done, wherein samples are sent to Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR). It is worth mentioning that a case was detected in Assam where a 4 and half years old was said to be positive but later on results coming from ICMR turns out to be negative.
After the patient which has a travel history of returning from the UK to Imphal via Kolkata on 21st March came positive, the whole locality of the patient has been put under strict lockdown by the Police. Authorities of Imphal West and East have clamped Curfew in whole of the twin district from today morning. Further, contact tracing is in progress for anyone who was in contact with the said patient.
A press release by the Directorate of Health Services, Manipur appeal anyone whoever was in contact with the patient to inform the said Directorate at Phone numbers 9402880191, 0385 2411668 or 18003453818 and to start self isolation immediately.

Social Media is abuzz with this whole new development and users are starting to troll the patient, questioning about her decision to hide the facts and travelling back to Imphal. Also, questions are being asked, how come a positive individual managed to escape the scanning facilities at the airport and other entry points.
Team Imphal Times would like to appeal to everyone to stay at their home and to not believe any rumours whichever is being circulated on Social Media.

10:40 am : Different localities in Greater Imphal started locking down their locality voluntarily.

11:10 am : Curfew imposed in whole of Thoubal District with immediate effect.

11:55 am : It has been confirmed that the positive patient came to Imphal through Air-route. Information about the patient coming to Imphal by land route via Guwahati to Imphal by Bus is false.

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Manipur government declare total shut down till March 31; Ration card, CMHT card holders to get PDS item free of cost; Grocery shops and emergency service exempted

IT News

Imphal, March 23

After getting positive response to the call for Janata Curfew across the nation by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to collectively fight the spread of Coronavirus, which is haunting the entire planet, Manipur government announced total shut down till March 31.

Spokesperson of the state government Th. Bishwajit, while talking to a group of media persons at his official quarters today morning said that the decision to extend the total shut down was taken during state cabinet meeting held today at the Chief Minister’s office.

“The state cabinet meeting held today with Chief Minister on the chair after deliberation had decided to enforce total shut down till March 31”, Bishwajit said while adding that the government too knows that people will face various hardship particularly to those who are living on hand to mouth. For that the cabinet has decided to distribute the share of PDS items to all NFSA card holders and those with CMHT cards for month of April in advance at free of cost.

“As the government is serious about those people who are living on hand to mouth the state cabinet has decided to hand over the PDS item share for the month of April in advance to NFSA card holders as well as to CMHT card holders”, Bishwajit said.

The state cabinet also resolved to exempt the grocery shops and shops selling essential commodities to be open so that people do not face problem in buying their daily needs, however, the government spokesperson appealed the people to come out only one person from a family to buy the essential items.

“Either in Rural or in Urban area all grocery shops and those selling vegetable should be open”, The spokesperson of the Manipur government who is also the Works and Power Minister said to reporters.

All those who are in health care service, essential services including electricity water supply are relaxed from the total shut down. The cabinet meeting also resolved that those in the Medical department should make sure to identify people and conduct home quarantine with strict surveillance. The Directors of RIMS and the JNIMS had also been advice to utilize the dedicated buildings as isolation wards for time being.

Regarding the unavailability of hand sanitizers, Minister Bishwajit said that some PHD scholars of the Manipur University had produced hand sanitizers and the government after verification with experts will make them prepare soon. However, he said that frequent washing of hands with soaps is also useful and people need not worry as long as they follow the guideline.

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Minister Nemcha Kipgen calls for peaceful co-existence & sense of brotherhood; Extended relief assistance to affected victims

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Kamjong, March 22
Citing the close bonds amongst different ethnic communities residing in Manipur, Social Welfare and Cooperation Minister Nemcha Kipgen called for peaceful co existence coupled with a sense of brotherhood, love and forgiveness to bring amicable solutions and restoration to normalcy during the times of crises or any misunderstandings. This was stated by the Minister during her visits to relief camps at Chassad village this Friday along with the local MLA Shri K. Leishiyo.

Minister Nemcha expressed that since time immemorial, different ethnic communities of our state reside in unity like a close knit family. She appealed that the recent incident in Chassad and Sampui villages was a deed of some miscreants and it should not be given a communal colour in any forms.

Nemcha strongly urged all the people to forgive and march forward towards the path of development and she hoped that the state will not witness any unfortunate incidents in future. She also assured that she will discuss the grievances of the people to Chief Minister, N. Biren Singh and will ensure that the affected villages will be rehabilitated at the earliest.

During the visit, Social Welfare Minister handed over relief materials such as rice – 99 bags, potato – 19 bags, Onion – 5 bags, Plastic chairs – 86 pcs, Non clothing items – 5 bags, Sugar – 10 bags, Dal – 24 bags, Plates – 400 pcs, Blankets – 150 pcs, Water storage syntax – 5, Salt – 10 bags, Mustard Oil – 41 boxes, cooking utensils – 6, Solar lamps and other essentials daily items like bathing and detergent soaps – 7 boxes, towels – 150pcs, tooth brush & tooth paste – 3 boxes, tarpaulin – 20pcs, Huggies Diapers – 9 boxes. PRO to Minister, Social Welfare, Hollen Haokip also extended financial assistance (1 month Salary) to the affected ones.

Minister Nemcha in the presence of MLA, Phungyar A/C, K. Leishiyo, Deputy Commissioner, Kamjong District, Kengoo Zuringla and SP, Kamjong District, Gonglin Faumei also convened a meeting with the Peace Committee. At the meeting, Smt Nemcha extended a financial assistance to injured and affected persons as well as sugar, milk & tea leaves (as per customary law) to the committee as a gesture to bring amicable and peaceful solutions of the said incident.

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