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On the issue of Nupi Manbi Community

Dear Imphal Times,

I am glad to have people like you who are sensible towards gender and sexual minorities’ rights. We have been receiving support from Imphal Times continuously and help in scaling up awareness to the people about the reality faced by Nupi Maanbi Community.
Today I have read an article from your end and it has reflected  certain corcerned of the community that has been neglected by the state inspite of the legal developments that comes out in the recent years.
However in the article there are few areas where I found confusion and conflated.
* The transgender rights bills comes out later 2014 and it is extremely regressive and harming the community. And the introduction of the article seems the bills is in favour of the community and because of the non implementation community have not been getting benefit out of it. Which I think it falsely address the bill
* The bill recognised only transgender/third gender but not as either male or female which has totally against the rights to self determination, body autonomy and gender non binary and this is contrary to the Supreme Court NALSA judgement. And the article convey the supportive message the recognition of third gender and failed to reflect the direction of SC NALSA judgement on freedom of self identification
* Manipur has transgender welfare board and it was formed in 2017 and chaired by the minister of social welfare but is not functioning. The article didn’t mention this fact
I would be happy to share information in the near future, if any of the journalist wish to write article about the community of the state.

Warm Regards,
Santa Khurai

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Chief Minister is requested to reintroduce Imphal-Silchar Flight Service at the Earliest

Imphal-Silchar air service should be relaunched again to cater to the acute transport needs of the people of Manipur and Assam particularly of the Barak Valley and adjoining areas in the way Imphal-Dimapur flight service was launched to serve the people of Manipur and Nagaland in particular by the Hon’ble Chief Minister on last 7th December, 2019 at Tikendrajit International Airport. The launching of RCS-Udan (Regional Connectivity Scheme) to be operated by Alliance Air is welcomed by all, particularly by the people of the two states as it was suspended  for a long  (about 5-6 years ago ) and aims in achieving the objective of “letting the common People/citizen of the country fly” at affordable fare in this region of N.E.

Reintroduction of Imphal-Silchar air service is highly needed considering the large number people, including  students, go for studies in silchar, Bangladesh, Shillong, Tripura, Guwahati and other places, and the poor road conditions of Imphal-Jiribam/Silchar since a long time, among others. Once the flight service is reintroduced the people to people contact between Assam and Manipur, more particularly of the people in Barak Valley, Jiribam and Agartala will be increased inpersonal communication and relations among the people of this region.

In the light of the above circumstances, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Manipur Shri N. Biren  is requested to arrange for relaunching of the air service between Imphal-Silchar at an early date.



Dr. Thangjam Ranjit

Sinam Leikai, Thangmeiband

Contact No. 8787692023/9612160990

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An open letter to the people

An open letter to the people
Khrotsolo Rhakho
BA 2nd Sem (General)
Unity College, Dimapur Nagaland.

The (CAB) that have been passed is not a matter that should be taken lightly it is a very serious issue that will clearly destroy us in the days to come. Citizenship Amendment Bill which is now an Act will reshape the whole of India but not in a good way. This Act is not only a direct threat to the fabric of Secularism but also the rights of indigenous people. No promise, No assurance and No legal/administrative measures from government can save us from the “irreversible change” that this unconstitutional, scary, communal Act will bring. This Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019 is going to create following troubles:
1. It will grant citizenship to already existing Illegal Bangladeshi Hindu Immigrants who are millions in number. Every Naga knows this fact. When I wake up and go to College I witness this reality.
2. It will gradually create irreparable, irreversible damage to the demography of a region.  
3. Inner Line Permit System, 6th Schedule, Autonomous District Councils and special provisions like Art. 371 (A) will be useless, helpless, meaningless to tackle the menace that would soon be created by Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019.
4. As it is by bringing ILP in entire tribal region of the northeast this cunning Act created new class of people which is against the spirit of the Constitution. This is a clear cut attempt of ‘APARTHEID’.
5. Finally, this Citizenship Amendment Act 2019 is highly discriminatory. This ‘specific’, ‘hidden’ feature of Act becomes visible when its provisions are read with the provisions/rules of N.R.C.  The Illegal Immigrants (numbered 19,06,657 according to ‘The Hindu’ newspaper) could not make it to NRC/ excluded from N.R.C. now  will be ‘legalized’ and ‘naturalized’ through Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019. Moreover it is learned that maximum illegal immigrants who are out of NRC are Hindus (Reference: https://www.indiatoday.in/india/story/nrc-final-list-bjp-worried-over-exclusion-of-hindus-inclusion-of-illegal-bangladeshi-muslims-1593966-2019-08-31). 19 Lakh is not a small a number. In Nagaland we have millions of Illegal Bangladeshi Immigrants, other states in the northeast too face more or less similar situation. Total number of Illegal Bangladeshi Immigrants will be much more than what we can ever imagine. Therefore, this matter of CAA is not that simple to understand.
As we all know that India is known for its diverse culture but this ‘Citizenship Amendment Act’, 2019 will clearly destroy the diversity of India. We all should know the critical condition that we are in right now and should take a stand if not now; then the Citizenship Amendment Act will become the root of all the problems that we will face in the later days to come. If we do not wake up and stand against and oppose it strongly in Constitutional way, then later it will become a Cancer and bring darker days not only to our generation but for our future generations also.
Remember; peace and justice cannot be achieved just by sitting at our home and asking for it but instead it is fought. We the people (in general) have the bad habit of waiting for others to take a stand first then we fallow. Why? (“The question remain”).This monstrous piece of legislation called as Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019 might not show its symptoms right now in Nagaland but mark my words, and I am bringing my words on record; that later it will surely do and when that does we will stand to lose our right to complain because it was us who did not take a stand at the first place. When entire India was exercising its constitutional right to protest we were waiting in line to stock up petrol. Why? Have WE forgotten our fighting spirit due to easy prosperity, money and little power? Where are our Civil Society Groups, Where are our Students organizations?
With UNITY our ancestors fought good battles in the past. We were undefeated. Our forefathers fought against every injustice with bravery. Now, the battlefields have been shifted, “Thoughts and Pen” has taken place of “Dao and Spear” and the “Constitution of India” has become our shield. If we are to keep quite now and see others suffering then later the problems will face toward us and when that happen imagine suffering without any comfort from other (it will be hell).If there is any hope for those who are suffering then be that hope be that ray of light in the life of those who are suffering and are already in the darkness. I beseech all of you to kindly exercise your Constitutional Rights under Article. 19, Article. 21, Article. 32, Article. 226/27  of the Constitution of India and save  Nagaland from the upcoming dark shadow of Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019.
We now know very well that every protected area including ours and all those areas under their own special constitutional provisions as well as 6th Schedule, and Autonomous Districts are going to take the first blow of the Act. How are we going to protect ourselves? Politically speaking, it is a fact that, the state Government is not in a position at all to oppose the Law, or take position against it. Inner Line Permit is an Illusion. Assurance from Central Government is not going to work.  Therefore, the time has come that every citizen of Nagaland must invoke his Fundamental Rights under Constitution of India. Article 19 of the Constitution gives us right to dissent and protest in peaceful manner. When are we going to use this right? Art. 32 which in itself is a Fundamental Right give us a right to approach to Supreme Court to challenge violation of our Fundamental Rights. Introduction of Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019 is direct, total, absolute, complete, systematic violation of our Fundamental Rights as individual, as well as people. We cannot afford to be selfish and be happy in our own world. I am a college going student, but I want to tell my people to educate themselves about the evils of Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019. We must oppose it not just because it is unconstitutional, but because it is like a chronic incurable disease that once caught is bound to deliver ‘patient’ in the arms of death.
Entire northeast including Nagaland is infested with Illegal Bangladeshi Immigrants. This is not a question of just a survival of the Secular spirit of India, but also a social, cultural, political and economic survival of you and me-us as people!

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A Letter to B.R. Ambedkar

By -Inamul Haq

Jai Bhim!

I do not know how to start this letter. As the father of Indian Constitution, I have so many questions regarding my basic rights that are not being fulfilled. Baba Sahab, you took lot of difficulties in framing the constitution, borrowing fundamental rights and duties from other constitutions of the world. While framing it, the constitution became the book of every individual irrespective of religion, caste, colour and creed. Baba Sahab, today, I am going to question you about the caste, class, religion, because these things will remain dominant in our society. you know well the case of Rohit Vemula, a PhD candidate from Hyderabad Central University, who wrote his last words that when equality is denied, everything is denied, and my birth is fatal incident. This is not one case in this country, where students are being forced to do suicide on the name of caste and religion. The crime of Rohit Vemula was that he belongs to lower caste. Recently, a bright student of IIT Madras Fathima lathief was also forced to give her life and in her phone note, it was found that she was being harassed on the name of religion. Her last words were my name itself is a problem. Baba sahab, you have worked too much, but I think, you must have rise again and fight for this opium that divides us on name, identity, region and soon. Baba Sahab, who created this caste and if he created what kind of similarities and difference he found in upper and lower caste.
Baba Sahab, the constitution that you provided to this country have been buried slowly and slowly by the fascist government. They murdered the real meaning of democracy and democracy remains only headline. The power hunger reached too much extend that with tax money, political parties are doing horse trading in order to form government. With tax money, the Prime minister is visiting foreign countries, enjoying Mushroom dish and Aam ka ras. However, when the students protests against the fees hike, they are being charges with sedition and well wishers of politicians are calling such institutions as anti-national, sex racket, and urban naxalite hub. Why there is no space for dissent.
Baba Sahab, in this country why a Kashmiri is treated as second class citizen, why we people are caged. Where are our rights that you granted like liberty, right to life and right to law?Why we are being pushed into state of exception and state of liminality. The state of Kashmir that was connected with India through article 370. Instead of consulting the representatives of Kashmiri people. The present government created such panic in the valley, which had terrified everyone. On 5th August 2019, the Article 370 was abrogated unconstitutionally. Besides that, on the same day till yet, seven million Kashmiri’s have been caged.  Baba Sahab, what is their crime, being Muslimsor something else. The communication and internet remained suspended. Schools and other institutions were closed. Baba Sahab, definitely, you had to wake up again in this country. Otherwise, we will be more colonized.

Note:  The letter has been written in a competition organised by department of social science, Central university of Gujarat on constitution Day held on 26/11/2019. The letter was awarded the first prize.
The writer Inamul Haq is a Research Candidate, Central University of Gujarat.

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Meiraba Luwang clinches Korea Junior Open title

IT News
New Delhi, Nov. 3

Maisnam Meiraba Luwang lived up to his top billing as he clinched the boys’ singles U-19 title at the Woncheon Yonex Korea Junior Open International Challenge 2019 in Miryang, Korea on Saturday. The top seed from Manipur needed just 36 minutes to brush aside the challenge of 15th seed Lee Hak Joo of Korea in a 21-10, 21-13 win.
Also claiming the bronze in the same category at this Junior International Challenge tournament was eighth seed Sathish Kumar Karunakaran, who had bowed out to Luwang 16-21, 22-24 in a gritty semi-final contest on Friday.
Luwang, who currently holds the No. 9 spot in the World Junior Rankings, was impressive throughout the week and dropped just one game in six matches. This is the 16-year-old rising star’s third international title this year following his triumphs at the Russian Junior White Nights 2019 and India Junior International 2019.
Luwang would especially be pleased with the way he rebounded after a disappointing exit from the World Junior Championships last month, where he crashed out in the Round of 64.

Bangladeshi Cricket Players end strike as BCB accepts demands

IT News
Dhaka, Oct 24

The striking Bangladesh players ended their boycott and decided to return to the field next week after holding talks with the Bangladesh Cricket Board officials at Mirpur late night on Wednesday.
‘The talk was successful, the BCB president and directors who were here they heard our demands and they assured us they will fulfill them at the quickest possible time,’ said national Test and Twenty20 captain Sakib al Hasan.
‘Based on that assurance our first-class players will start playing from Saturday and our national team players will start camp (for India tour) from Saturday,’ Sakib said.
Sakib said that the officials of the Cricketers Welfare Association of Bangladesh also agreed to organize an election at the earliest possible time to accommodate the representative of current players.
BCB president Nazmul Hasan said they agreed to fulfill at least nine demands of the players.
‘Among the 11 demands they made, the first demand is not in our hand [CWAB] and we told them that we will decide about the last demand [participation in more than two franchise leagues]. Apart from these two demands, we have agreed on all their nine demands,’ said Nazmul.
‘We wanted to cancel the third round of NCL. But the players said that they wanted to play and they wanted to reschedule the third round of play. So we have decided to start the third round from Saturday,’ he said.
Nazmul said they sent the two new demands of the players to the Board’s legal department.
‘We haven’t made any decision about the last two demands. When we saw that a legal advisor is involved in the case, we referred the matter to our legal advisor,’ he said.
Supreme Court lawyer Mustafizur Rahman Khan earlier in the evening read out a list of 13 demands on behalf of the players at a news conference, which included two fresh demands – a share of BCB revenue and better wages for women players.

An open letter to the authority of BSNL


I, on behalf of IWSC, Khumbong would like to draw your kind attention and necessary favourable action.

That, the mobile and broadband internet service provided by Khumbong telephone exchange is very irregular and disappointing. It is learnt that the exchange is now entirely depend on the electric power provided by MSPDCL. The DG set installed inside the exchange is not operational due to the stoppage of fuel supply. Moreover, the battery/power backup used in the exchange is now no more reliable as all the batteries are obsolete and they are in the condition of disposal. As such, the mobile and broadband internet services stopped with the outage of power supplied by MSPDCL leaving many customers disappointed.

You may aware that there are many BSNL customers (who trusted the services of BSNL) under the coverage of this telephone exchange. Further, there are different Government offices, school, bank and other business establishments in Khumbong and its neighboring villages who entirely depend on services of BSNL for their different routine activities.

I, therefore, request your good self to kindly look into the matter seriously and take appropriate actions to improve the services provided by Khumbong telephone exchange in the interest of customers who trusted BSNL. We are looking forward a prompt and positive action in this regard. Thanking you.


With sincere regards,

Atom Samarendra Singh

Secretary, IWSC, Khumbong

Cell no. 9436287906

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Meiraba Luwang, Tasnim Mir takes India to its 3rd consecutive win at BWF World Junior Mixed Team Championships

IT News
New Delhi, Oct. 2

Meiraba Luwang and Tasnim Mir led India to an impressive 4-1 victory over Australia in their Group E clash as the contingent continue their winning run on Day 2 of the BWF World Junior Mixed Team Championships 2019 in Kazan, Russia on Tuesday.
In the opening match, Goa’s Tanisha Crasto and Chattisgarh’s Ishaan Bhatnagar continued their striking form by securing a win in 21-17, 20-22, 21-11 over Jack Yu and Kaitlyn Ea of Australia. The 43-minute match provided India its first point of the day.
Junior World No. 10 Maisnam Meiraba Luwang then crushed Australia’s Rio Agustino 21-17, 21-11 in 29 minutes to secure India’s second point for the day. The Manipur youngster carried his rich vein of form from his Russian Junior White Nights 2019 title win and his runner-up finish at the India Junior International earlier in the year.
India’s third point came in the girls’ singles category as Gujarat’s Tasnim Mir clinched an easy 21-11, 21-15 victory over Angela Yu in just 22 minutes. The rising shuttler has been roaring after grabbing two golds at the Dubai Junior International Series earlier this month.
Manjit Singh Khwairakpam and Dingku Singh Konthoujam gave India their fourth point of the day. The Manipur duo made a comeback in the second game to choke Ricky Tang and Otto Xing De Zhao 17-21, 21-8. 21-14 in 35 minutes.
The sole setback for India came in the last match of the day where India’s pair of Aditi Bhatt and Tanisha Crasto lost to Victoria He and Angela Yu in a 17-21, 21-18, 15-21 scoreline.
Earlier yesterday India whitewashed Armenia with a 5-0 win after starting their campaign with a strong 4-1 triumph over USA. With another 4-1 win today, India continued their winning streak in Group E on Day 2.
Action in the group stages will continue till October 2 following which the knockout rounds will begin.
In their final group assignment on Wednesday, India will next face the mighty Japanese, who haven’t dropped a single point in two matches so far.

Manipuri players clinch 11 medals in MMA

IT News
Imphal, Sept.30

Manipur Mixed Martial Arts Association (MMMAA) team which represented India clinched 7 Gold & 4 Silvers in the International Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Championship which was held at Greater Noida, G.B. Nagar ( Delhi NCR) on  September 28 and 29, 2019.
The mixed martial arts players who got medals are -  1) Sagolshem Roshibina Devi - Under 35 kg - Sub -Junior Girls - Gold. 2) Konthoujam Nancy Devi - under 50 kg - Sub - Junior Girls - Gold. 3) MD. Sayed Ashif - Under 45 Kg - Sub - Junior Boys -  Silver. 4) MD. Rustaque Ahamed  - Under 50 kg - Sub - Junior - Gold . 5) Chingakham Rajesh Singh - Under 55 kg - Sub Junior Boys - Gold. 6) Hijam Mocha Singh - Under 60 kg - Sub - Junior - Silver. 7) Konthoujam Bikash Singh - Under 70 kg - Sub - Junior  Boys - Gold  8) Chingakham Budhachandra Singh - Under 55kg - Junior Boys - Silver 9) Shagolshem Rameshwor Singh -  Under 60 kg - Junior Boys - Gold 10) Sinam Romio Singh - Senior Men’s - Under 55 kg - Gold 11) Konthoujam Birohini Devi - Senior Women’s - Under 50 Kg - Silver 12).
Master Ch. Premchandra Singh of Manipur Mixed Martial Arts Association (MMMAA)is the Team Coach cum Manager.

Assam Rifles conducts State Level Archery Championship

IT News
Imphal, Sept. 26

The 6th edition of the State Level Archery Championship organised by Keithelmanbi Battalion of 9 Sector Assam Rifles under the aegis of HQ IGAR (South) concluded yesterday at Keithelmanbi garrison.
The event was organised to promot and encourage archery in Manipur. A total of 115 archers (82 male and 33 female) from 16 archery clubs from across Manipur participated in the competition which was held in three different categories namely Indian, Recurve and Compound rounds.
Col Siddharth Chandra Officiating Commander, 9 Sector Assam Rifles was the Chief Guest at the closing ceremony held yesterday. The special guests for the event were Mangisana Sharma and GA Ebopishak Sharma, Vice President and Secretary of Manipur Archery Association, respectively. The Manipur Archery Association appreciated the initiatives of the Assam Rifles especially in the sporting arena and advised the archers of the State to work harder so that they can bring laurel to the State and the Nation as well.
Medals were awarded to the winners of the competition by the Chief Guest and the special guests of the event.  In the Individual Recurve (Men) A K Amarjit clinched Gold medal, while M Malemnganba got Silver medal and N Parithoi got Bronze medal. In the women Recurve event L Seema clinched Gold medal while Jenifer P got Silver medal and Lumilla PH got Bronze medal. In the Individual Compound (Men) S Ramakanta lifted Gold medal, while M Bikram got Silver medal and N Malemnganba got Bronze medal.  In the women Compound Sh Manorama clinched Gold medal, L Dulina got Silver medal and T Suchitra got Bronze medal. In Indian Round (Boys) L Milon clinched Gold medal, M Bikash got Silver medal and S Robert got Bronze medal. In the women category M Baby clinched Gold medal, Abesana Irom got Silver medal and L Sophiya got Bronze medal. In addition to the medals the winners were also awarded certificates and cash award. Consolation prizes were also distributed to all the participants during the event.  

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