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The Flying Flag of India (A Trubute to Atal Bihari Bajpaye )

By- Parthajit Borah

Wreathing a garland of new aspiration
running the kite in the horizon.
Eyeing on the evils flowering
the zeal of life.
A latent flame of emerald sea
rising from the profundity.

A sentinel of the flag lighting
thousand hopes for countrymen.
A spotless moonlight of Indian sky
flickers vigorous dreams for us.
A nomadic cry of state frames
the constitution of love.
Appealing poem of India
for lighting the flame again.

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Fate of Southern Nagas vies FA Pact

(By a slight inhuman judgement of India to the Naga Frame work Agreement. The Southern Naga People in Manipur state would be Doom.)

As of now, the world knows that India had forcefully annexed Nagas and all its land into the union of India. Many right thinking individual, human justices, intellectuals and freedom fighters of India had been propounded.
1. When Naga club led by Eno. AZ. Phizo met Subhas Chandra Bose the then Indian National Army (INA) founder and leader, they deeply and seriously discussed upon the Naga  Sovereignty the Naga club expressed varied problems of their struggles before Subhas Chandra Bose. The brave man said that you Naga would get freedom when I got it. When I got freedom today you Naga would have tomorrow and when I got freedom in the morning you Naga would get freedom in the evening.
2. Father of the Nation, Gandhiji said to the Naga delegation that Nagas have every right to be independence.
3. Former Prime Minister Pt. Jawahalal Nehru wrote a letter to Assam C.M. R.R. Medhi on 13th May 1956. I feel that we have not dealt with this question of Naga with wisdom in the past. We must not judge them as we would judge others who are undoubted a part of India. The Nagas have not such background or sensation.
4. Sir, Rajagopalachari, the first Governor-General of free India assured on 11 members of Naga delegation in Shillong on 28th Nov. 1949. India wants to deprive the land of Nagas, Nagas are at liberty to do as they like, either to become a part of India or be separated if it would be best for their interest to be isolated.
5. Jaya Prakash Narayan member of Indo-Naga peace Mission said;
1. India says all Nagas are Indian citizens but we do not accept what India says.
2. The Naga peoples are unquestionably a nation.
3. You can lives as a nation and preserve integrity.
4. The kind of relationship between India and Naga may be negotiated.
In the context of Manipur state, the Naga and Meitei had a different/separate administrative system before 1949 merger agreement.
Naga hill areas were administered by a Political Agent (P.A). The Meitei valley was controlled by President Manipur State Durban. (PMSD)
Sir, Robert Reid, a Political Agent posted for Naga Hills in Manipur during fag-end of the British rule. Sir Robert Reid said; The Nagas are not Indian in any sense of the word neither in origin, nor in habit nor in language, nor in appearance, nor in outlook, they can have whatever they wish from the union of India. They can lives as a genuine good nation.
 The merger agreement 1949 brought change Naga Hills into one administrative roof with Manipuri Valley people who were far advanced and well developed. However the central government identified Naga clearly as scheduled tribe of Manipur state. They are recognised as the weaker group/society than to those amidst the communities they are living together, India knows Naga tribal’s are fragile, insecure, who are in need of protection, they cannot live by themselves. Therefore the Indian constitution has given a certain opportunities to the society and to individuals to safeguard them.
Now, the bottom line of this article is, by a slight inhuman judgement of India to the Naga Frame Work Agreement, the southern Naga people, the tribal in Manipur are going to be ruined in the midst of those who are well to do and advanced society they are living together. As in social category the Meitei/Meetei are the general category, they are the scheduled cast, they are the other backward classes besides they are going to become a scheduled tribe category. Nagas are subjugating, strangulating, suppressing and intention toward assimilation. There is no provision to safeguard for the Nagas minorities and other tribal’s of Manipur state. Demanding, proposals and suggestion of the hills people are completely turn down time and again. No Six Schedule, No Alternative Arrangement, No Territorial Council, No Supra State, No Naga Cultural Body, No Financial Autonomy, No Naga Pan Hoho, No Naga Integration, No Naga Article 371 (A) instead of many proposals and rightful demanding, the Naga lands are split into pieces by creation of Seven Districts. The cruel and bias thought, the bitter feelings, the barbarous manner, jealousy and merciless mindset towards the hill people that can never be compromised and reconciled with the communal, bias majority of the valley peoples.
We the Naga people and valley Meitei have been presumed each other to be a mysterious brothers. But our real brother or clan in Naga blood are those who live in a contiguous Nagalims across the states and abroad the country like Myanmar (AVA). We the Naga are the real brethren, dirt on the body can clean with soap and water but blood can never be washed away, as thus the Nagas brethren can never be separated now and forever more.

The Manipur valley people are claiming that they are indigenous people, if it is so they should know and well understand about the contents and perspectives of indigenous Rights. “UN DECLARATION THE RIGHTS OF INDIGENOUS PEOPLES” are laid down as many as forty six (46) Articles. Here I would like to write down a few Articles, not in serial.
(a) Indigenous peoples have the right of self determination.
(b) By virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economics, social and cultural development.
(c)  Indigenous peoples have the right to maintain and strengthen their distinct political, economics social and cultural characteristics as well as their legal systems, while retaining their rights to participate fully, if they so choose, in the political, economic, social and cultural life of the state.
(d) Indigenous peoples have the collective right and individual not to be subjected to any action which has the aim or effect of depriving them of their integrity as distinct peoples or of their cultural values or ethnic identities. Any action which has the aim or effect of dispossessing them of their lands and Territories.
(e) Any form of assimilation or integration by other cultures or ways of life imposed on them by legislative administrative or other measures.
(f)   So in conclusion but not the least why Manipur valley indigenous peoples, the larger the mightier people should force upon the minority and weaker indigenous Naga people of Manipur to be settled with them which Naga people are tired and no longer the might to bear with them.
Manipuri people, the valley people must be carefully considered, deliberate at this juncture. If these people could not understand or ignore all these rights, they are not deserved to be included in U.N. Declaration Indigenous People Rights.
Naga had declared Independence on 14th August 1947 one day ahead of the India Independence 15TH August 1947.
AZ Phizo informed this happy news to all the Naga tribes, He came at Ukhrul personally and said, we have got Freedom, and we are free now.    

Your Sincerely,
SS  Hunphun
Ukhrul Discussion Forum.

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Alphabet of Silence 

By - Parthajit Borah.

Burnt heart can’t be smelt,
Wan faces can’t be kissed
Flying hopes over the heart
Never made impractical.
Building an arcade to nourish  Fallen dream is an unanswered question.
Flawlessness of black clouds spewing 
Blackish deeds in the heart of darkness.
Silence mouthed the night 
Solitude armed the sight.

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By - Dr Nunglekpam Premi Devi
Independent Scholar

I hear you, I hear you
You’re a soft smooth shush, full of lyrical tranquility!
Your presence is peace to all,
You’re secrecy is our quietness;
You’re speech is concealing, still I hear you;
You know no boundaries; you avoid restrains,
You’re beauty, beauty of goddess
You unwind charges; you undo unhappiest,
You’re easer; you blunt sorrowfulness,
Miserable and depressions and mournfulness,
And gloomy and sorry and pains,
And sad and feeble and poor and heartbroken!
You’re magical serene peaceful compost!
You edit all; worries and fearfulness, and
Troubles and dying and egos;
You’re shadow to wholly, still you’re quite utterly.

I hear you, I hear you
You’re a soft smooth shush, full of lyrical tranquility!
Your presence is peace to all,
You knock me in boundless and untold;
You make me live immensely infinite, cool and
Calm and lavishing free;
I pay you alluring pleasant, heavenly pleasing so rich!
I speak fathoms of my inner;
And I expounded wonderful sublime of psyches;
I smiles thousand and thousand soul music;
I bounce and I leap with thy twinning; I perceive thy melancholia, divine beguiling;
Still you erase woes,
You’re supreme divine magnificent euphoria;
Still I hear yeah! All is good feeling thy about rich.

I hear you, I hear you
You’re a soft smooth shush, full of lyrical tranquility!
Your presence is peace to all,
You’re one companion to solitary lone,
You listen to thousands and millions loons talking and sharing;
And still I do talk numerous isolations,
I sit upon thy bosom loving;
I speak billions, again and again concealing unpopularity;
I cried on thy lap multiple untold and unseen histories;
I asked thou too many shield questions?
Still you’re silent, undeclared and mute to too perfectly;
You’re the supreme answer to wholly unconditional emotions!
You heal every passions, lust and hunger;
Still I hear you unreserved.

I hear you, I hear you
You’re a soft smooth shush, full of lyrical tranquility!
Your presence is peace to all,
I touch thy tenderness spirit,
And I float and I drive cheerfully,
I sing and I dance to thy rhythmic kiss serene;
You hold perfectly key to worldly fellow-feeling pities;
You’re clear truth, companion to some greatly,
You long for valid closeness to all spirits,
Still I hear you and let it be and let it go.

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1.       The proposed 09-08-2018 program was organized after meeting the central Govt. official, Govt. of India by ANSF. So, ANSF invited both the representatives and to elucidate the flaming issue of Indo- Naga peace talk which was signed on 03/08/2015 in between NSCN/GPRN- IM & GOVERNMENT OF INDIA recognizing the Unique  Identity of the Nagas. The program was arranged for Tirap, Changlang and Longding Districts people, as they could’ve witnessed the statement from both representatives. This program could’ve benefited with heaps of knowledge about the inclusive of TCL region in the peace talk! And our TCL civil society representatives/people would’ve viewed and shared their opinion before the representatives.  The meeting couldn’t come about because of security reason and unavoidable circumstances, so the program is called off by the Government of India.    
2.       As per the circulated “WARNING LETTER” given from Eastern Naga National Government (ENNG) on 04/08/2018 in the social media against Arunachal Naga Students’ Federation (ANSF) President and General Secretary (mentioning by names), and where they have stated that “the meeting was summoned by NSCN-IM on 09-08-2018 at Deomali” is totally null and void. The ANSF question the ENNG authority that how NSCN-IM can summon the meeting?  As there is no ceasefire implemented in Tirap, Changlang and Longding region, but initiated through Government of India. The proposed was submitted by ANSF to the Government of India and by inviting them to hold a fair and fruitful meeting with the people of TCL region. This program was organized so that our people can realized about the peace process and it’s inclusive in it. The ANSF also stated that the Naga people of Tirap, Changlang and Longding districts have their own rights to decide. ANSF further stated that ANSF stands with the TCL people’s welfare and to maintain peaceful environment in the region, not against the wish of TCL people.  
3.        ANSF also mentioned that the Federation was established way back in the year 2012, with its motto as for “PEACE, AND UNITY FOR PROSPERITY”. The federation also said that Article 19(1) (c) of the constitution of India guarantees to all citizens the right “to form association and unions” and no law is above the law of Indian Constitution in India. To lucid the perplex of many people  ANSF clarifies that Tirap, Changlang and Longding districts is the land of the Nagas and by birth, blood and culturally, or if we look through legal process the TCL people is indicated as “Any Naga” in Ministry of Tribal Affairs, GoI, in schedule six, serial number ten. Naga (Nakha) is an identity of who we are and it’s not a tribe’s name. The tribes like Nocte, Wancho, Tangsa, Tutsa and Ollo are the Naga people who inhabit in their ancestral land since time immemorial. The federation also added that Nagas are not only in Arunachal Pradesh but also in Nagaland, Manipur, Assam, Myanmar and different parts of the world. The federation also stated that no one has the right to speak against the Naga people of Tirap, Changlang and Longding districts, TCL region have suffered a lot from every angle since decades and also in terms of development process but no one stood besides TCL people, when ANSF is trying to organized the said program for more proper understanding about the peace process and to maintain peaceful environment in TCL region by inviting both representatives, many unions and organizations of Arunachal Pradesh had opposed, instead of supporting and encouraging ANSF in the process of bringing peace in the region and to which it is very unfortunate to know. This program could’ve liberated the TCL people. 

(Gawang Hakhun) President, ANSF , M: 08415073741 and Victor Honlem Khangham, General Secretary, ANSF


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In between

By- Dr Nunglekpam Premi Devi
Independent Scholar

Life isn’t shine bright, happy and smooth;
Living’s a dream; rich too materialistic;
Weak as poor, downtrodden as straight forward;
Courage’s power and power’s a maneuver;
Money! Money! Spoils the innocent, if I may say,
Understanding always a mistaken, priority always a fake;
Evidences not proven, lies standing tall true;
How may I? I understand little, a small lot;
You know! Circumstances aren’t that easy going;
One after the other; shout after shout;
Fight after fight; Anger overcomes anger;
Right and wrong, there isn’t judgment;
Deal me with care! Standing in between bribes,
I lay eyes upon the two, one to the other;
Still my heart beats equally, one a son two a father.

Listen to me! I try managing all cool,
Isn’t the way ‘you’ talk? Child’s a learner, learning;
‘Listening’ all that important; ‘Forgive’ is rewarding;
Brave as lion, stand tall front to front, son and father;
Family isn’t enemy; house isn’t a war field;
None lesser in pride, both equal in footage;
Nothing stopping, all Eye to eye; arm to arm;
Words to words, blame after blame; Heavy as I carry, fearing my heart what may I do?
Oh hale! I stand in between, Weak as glittering glass,
How fearless I’m? Consoling and lecturing either,
Shaken and upset and disturbing and jiggling;
I beg, ‘no’ ‘no’ to all!
Hard as I deal! Not a wall has fallen,
Hear me! I lay thin murmuring in between.

Living’s a sacrifice, Hope isn’t a memoir;
Small and big isn’t finding different;
Equip ‘him’ I pray hard,
‘Maturing and understanding and forgiving’;
‘Bordering’ isn’t loving, Father to son;
And son to father, and ‘I’ in between a wholly entity;
Fair ‘me’ enough, ‘I’ a woman, a mother and a wife;
See ‘me’ through in between, ‘Kind’ enough I pray;
Stop! I request, ‘it’s your father’ feel enough;
Listen and be listening, good as I care;
Never! I coach ‘him’, beating’s a sin;
Say a word feels a hug;
‘Fasting’ isn’t a solution, hear me my dear;
Tired and exhausted I compromise in between;
Feebly I slay angers,
Strong I stand tall in between favors.

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What does moonlight want?

By- Parthajit Borah

If I would know  what 
moonlight wants.
I may swing in the cosy womb of Phalguna.
Every careful sights often trouble 
To find me at a long distance.

If I would know what the spring 
says on my ears. I may sleep at the new leaves 
To  whisper the lost song of my blue tongue.

If I would know what Nymph 
smells at my salty bosom. 
May be the insipid juice of late winter.
Echoes of grief nest a black cabin
To sing the song of late night ethos.

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Lakshya wins Asian gold; BAI announces Rs. 10 lakh cash reward

From our contributor
New Delhi, July 23,

 India’s Lakshya Sen took just 46 minutes to beat top-seeded Kunlavut Vitidsaran 21-19, 21-18 in the final of the Badminton Asia Junior Championships on Sunday to win his maiden gold in a major tournament at Jakarta Saturday.
In the process, the six-seed not only upset the Indonesian applecart but went on to win several hearts amidst the initial local support for the Indonesian in a near-packed hall.
The difference between the two finalists was very minimal and it could be because of the two were meeting each other for the first time. But by the time they began the first game, the vociferous crowd behind Kunlavut it was evident that the 17-year-old Indian will have a tough time.
“I am really happy with my performance. I got a very good support from team members as well. This Asian Junior gold is precious to me,” said Lakshya after the medal ceremony.
“The win against second-seed Chinese the other night helped me. I carried my confidence further and beat the fourth-seed in the semi-finals. And today, I played my natural game to beat Kunlavut. Since it was our first meeting, I played freely without any pressure,” he added. An Asian Junior gold in men’s singles have come India’s ways after 53 years. The last Indian to win gold was Gautam Thakkar in 1965.
An elated BAI president Himanta Biswa Sarma promptly announced a cash reward of Rs. 10 lakh for the shuttler. ”Lakshya has done the country proud. We have been investing on youngsters and we are happy seeing the dividends,” said the BAI chief, who lauded Lakshya’s historic feat. 
Understandably, Lakshya was cautious in his approach and started trailing by a few points in the first game before he caught up at 9-9 and then used his customary dropshots and half-court smashes to keep the top-seed shuttler back and forth. In the process, the Indian went ahead 13-11 and from there he never looked back despite his rival coming close to him at 16-15.
After that the Indian just allowed him four more points even as he maintained a comfortable lead to pull it off, much to his relief.
In the second game, Lakshya led with a slender margin but managed to maintain a two-point lead almost all the time. However, midway through Kunlavut inched closer to his opponent and was trailing by a mere single point at 10-11. Yet, there was no real threat to the six-seeded Indian who upped the ante and forced Kunlavut into errors at the net, gaining a four-point lead. Not to be outdone, the Indonesian reduced the margin but it was too late in the day for him stage a real recovery.
Ajay K. Singhania, General Secretary, congratulated the shuttler’s efforts. “It was a great occasion for all of BAI family and officials to celebrate. Winning a medal in Asia is always good, but winning gold is even better. We are really proud of the teenager,” said the BAI Secretary-General.

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Indian Eves shine on the Opening day at the Asian Juniors

Kiran outlasts Malaysian Chong; Manjit-Dingko duo make it to the second round

- Men Singles: Kiran George bt Chong King Ling 24-22, 21-16; Aman Farogh Sanjay lost to KaronoKarono (INA) 16-21, 21-16, 17-21.
- Women Singles: Dipti Kuttybt Aisha Zhumabek (Kaz) 21-18, 21-13; MedhaShashidharanbtIyaGordeyeva(Kaz) 21-9, 21-10; Kavipriya Selvam bt Seng Jar Nan (MMR) 21-5, 21-8.
- Women Doubles: Nafeesah Sara Siraj/MedhaShashidaran lost to Guo Lizhi/Yijing Li (CHN) 9-21, 18-21.
- Mixed Doubles: Srikrishna Sai Kumar/Srishti Jupudi lost to Muhammad Juan Elgiffani/Windi Siti Mulyani (INA) 21-17, 13-21, 15-21; OrijitChaliha/PreerthiKonadam lost to Lin Yu Chieh/Cheng Yu Pei 15-21, 18-21; Edwin Joy/Nafeesah S. Sriraj lost to Wu Guan Xun/Teng Chun Hsun17-21, 13-21.
- Men Doubles: Manjit Singh/Dingku Singh btMhod. C Chaniago/H.A. Hanifa (INA) 22-20, 23-21.

From our Correspondent
New Delhi, July 18,

It was a mixed bag for the Indians in individual events at Badminton Asia Junior Championships on the opening day at Jakarta yesterday.
After surviving the first game, the 16th seeded Kiran George kept his date with destiny in men singles to outlast Malaysian Chong King Ling 24-22, 21-16 and cash in his teammates’ wonderful day in women singles. But a little before Aman Farogh Sanjay lost his first-round to tenth seed Indonesian, KaronoKarono 16-21, 21-16, 17-21 after a good fight.
Kiran met a fine match in the unseeded Malaysian who kept challenging the superiority of India No. 3. But Kiran responded well and despite losing two match points won on the third to go confident in his next. Kiran kept a tight leash on Chong and made fewer mistakes which paid dividends in the end for the seeded Indian.
Earlier, Dipti Kutty, MedhaShashidharan and Kavipriya Selvam found easy opponents in their women singles matches to move into the next round even as the Manipuri duo of Manjit Singh Khwairakpam and Dingku Singh Konthoujam did themselves proud to hang on by a thin thread to live another day in men doubles.
India No. 7 Dipti provided India some cheers after the two successive losses—Srikrishna Sai and Srishti Jupudi and OrijitChaliha and Preethi lost in Mixed Doubles—in women singles as she prevailed over Kazakh counterpart Aisha Zhumabek 21-18, 21-13. Brushing aside her early problems, the girl form Kutch in Gujarat stopped the Kazakh three points short in the first set and went on to win the second rather easily.
This win was followed up nicely by MedhaShashidharan who accounted for IyaGordeyeva, also from Kazakhstan, with utmost ease (21-9, 21-10) and then Kavipriya Selvam who put it across Myanmar’s Seng Jar Nan 21-5, 21-8.
But what overshadowed other Indian wins was the men doubles match in which the two Manipuri boys—Manjit Singh and Dingku Singh—put up a wonderful resistance to overcome their Indonesian rivals Muhammad C. Chaniago and Helmi Abu Hanifa 22-20, 23-21.
No doubt, the match was over in 34 minutes but credit must be given to the Indian pair which came back nicely in the first game in their race to 21 points. But when the Indonesians deuced at 20-all, it was a touch-and-go affair for the Indian duo who held on to their nerves to claim the next two points.
Indonesians, tossing up well with deep serves and indulging in long rallies, kept the Indians on their toes in the next game as well which saw a couple of deuces and after saving a game point, Manjit and Dingku smashed the winner, much to their jubilation.
Later tonight, sixth seeded Indian Lakshya Sen is to take on Korean Hyeong Jung Kim in their first-round battle while PriyanshuRajawat will meet Sri Lankan Vikum Fernando.

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Double for Babit, 3 runner-up places for Sandeep in DMSC 2018 Autocross

Open Category: 1. Babit Lyngdoh (Meghalaya, 2:00.47); 2. Sandeep Sharma (Delhi, 2:03.22); 3. Dennis Assumi (DMSC, 2:04.28) 
Above 1.1 category: 1. Babit Lyngdoh (Meghalaya, 2:03:81); 2. Sandeep Sharma (Delhi, 2:03:91); 3. Obeth (AMAM, 2:04.09) 
SUV category: 1 Kamlesh (Meghalaya, 2:14.13); 2. Sandeep Sharma (Delhi, 2:14:50); 3. Denis Assumi (DMSC, 2:18.91)  
Below 1.1 cc: Imli Pongen (2:06.50); 2. Atoka Awomi (2:09.78); 3. TomitoShohe (2:09.81)
Rookie: Imli Pongen (2:06.06); 2. Atoka Awomi (2:11.34); 3. Jaki Trang (2:11.41)
Special category (Lady): Phoebe (Meghalaya)

IT News Dimapur, July 16,

The 4th DMSC JK Tyre 2018 Autocross successfully concluded here late on Sunday, with the Meghalaya duo of Babit Lyngdoh and Kamlesh and Delhi’s Sandeep Sharma claiming the top honours.
Driving through twisty and hairpin turns inside the track in front of delighted crowds, Babit completed a grand double, winning the Open as well as the Above 1.1 Categories. He hit the post in a record-breaking 2:00.47 in the Open category and was equally fast (2:03:81) in the Above 1.1 category. 
Kamlesh proved to be the star in the SUV category, needing 2:14.13 to emerge the victor. Sandeep underlined his class, taking the second position in as many as three categories. He took 2:03:22 to finish behind Babit in the Open category, 2:03:91 in the Above 1.1 Category and 2:14:50 in the SUV class for two runner-up places.
Local lad Dennis Assumi too had the distinction of coming third in two races, the Open and the SUV categories
Over 60 drivers from different parts if the country participated in this three-day event organised by the Dimapur Motorsports Club. The winners were  rewarded with trophies and cash prizes.

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