DFO Kangapokpi inspects Kanglatongbi Kangpokpi Reserved Forest

DFO Kangapokpi inspects Kanglatongbi Kangpokpi Reserved Forest

/ Other News / Thursday, 11 August 2022 18:21

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Imphal, August 11:

DFO Kangapokpi, N. Ganesh IFS along with Forest Officials and staffs conducted a route March along the boundaries of the Kanglatongbi Kangpokpi Reserved Forest. Patrolling of around 20 Sq.km. area was covered alongside route-march, to assess the anthropogenic pressures across the reserved Forests.
Route march is conducted to show the presence of the Department and it is also planned to conduct more such exercises in the near future. It is proposed to put more check posts on the boundaries of the RF for checking of such illegal activities in and around the RF.
It was found many small scale mining were being done inside and along the RF boundary. Some of the stones quarried were seized along with a truck loaded with full of stones and cases will be initiated against those. Range forest Officers were directed to make a fresh assessment of encroachers. DFO has issued strict warning to those who were involved in small scale Mining from the rivulets of KK RF.
It may be noted that the Joint Survey of Kanglatongbi Kangpokpi RF is still under progress. ACF Kanggpokpi and Range Forest Officers were also present in the Route march and patrol.

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