If I were

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By-Dr Nunglekpam Premi Devi

Independent Scholar


If I were a wealth’s baby, I’ll hold onto gold;

If I were a rich man’s child, I’ll hold onto notes bundle;

If I were a wealthy daughter, I’ll have lots of friends;

If I were a rich man’s wife, I’ll hold onto ornaments;

If I were a wealthy mother, I’ll hold onto bold sitting;

If I were an army’s wife, I’ll be holding on separation;

If I were an officer’s mother, I’ll be holding facilitation card;

If I were a minister’s wife, I’ll be caring beauty and publicity;

If I were a queen, I’ll be holding lies and secrets;

If I were a wealthy mother-in-law, I’ll be holding importance;

If I were a rich grand-mother, I’ll be holding sitting hair;

Living’s an important culture, and it’s all if I were.


If I were a tamed dog, I’ll have been holding a zipped mouth;

If I were domesticated, I’ll have hold onto broken limbs;

If I were a caged bird, I’ll have been holding thirsty;

If I were a cultivator, I’ll have been holding crops lazily;

If I were an ant, I’ll have died multiple times stamping;

If I were shoes, I’ll have been shitting worn torn pieces;

If I were bags, I’ll have been holding heavy loads;

If I were a dustbin, I’ll have been holding stinking water;

 If I were a flowerpot, I’ll have been holding dried earthen;

If I were a sitting bench, I’ll have unbalanced legs;

Life’s not an incidence, and it’s all if I were.


If I were a communicator, I’ll have been gun down earlier;

If I were a radio, I’ll be holding screwing noises;

If I were a vehicle, I’ll have been honking all way along;

If I were ammunition, I’ll have been oiling every single hour;

If I were a rocket, I’ll have been suing to spying;

If I were a satellite, I’ll have been bomb blasted;

If I were a television channel, I’ll have never been telecast;

If I were a mobile phone, I’ll have been always inside the bag;

If I were a tractor, I’ll be holding a damp rusty engine;

If I were fire, I’ll have never been light up;

Living’s to technical corrupt and it’s all if I were.

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Maheshwar Gurumayum

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