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Rinku Khumukcham

Rinku Khumukcham

Rinku Khumukcham, Editor of Imphal Times has more than 15+ years in the field of Journalism. A seasoned editor, was a former editor of ISTV News. He resides in Keishamthong Elangbam Leikai, with his wife and parents. Rinku can be contacted at [email protected] 

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Assembly session adjourns sine die; Former ADC, Chandel Chairman surrenders, sent to jail: CM

IT News
Imphal, Feb 28
The 10th Session of the 11th Manipur Legislative Assembly has been adjourned Sine Die today.
On the last day of the session, the House reaffirmed a Resolution for establishment of the Manipur Legislative Council. Chief Minister N.Biren Singh who is the leader of the House also laid the Medium Term Fiscal Policy Statement, Fiscal Policy Strategy Statement & Macro Economic Statement and Disclosure” on the table of the House.
During discussion of the Manipur Appropriation (No.2) Bill, Chief Minister N.Biren Singh said that former Autonomous District Council, Chandel Chairman Lhukhosei Zou who was involved in a drug smuggling case and absconding for long has surrendered before the court and has been sent to Sajiwa Central Jail.
The Chief Minister also informed the House that two accused in the Nongda, Shantipur Minor rape case have been arrested of which one has admitted to his crime.
He further observed that the DNA Testing facility will help in fast delivery of justice in rape cases. He added that under the NIRBHAYA Fund, Rs. 3.5 crore has been released for DNA Testing Laboratory in the State. He said that the process for procurement of equipment has been initiated on December 16, 2019, technical evaluation has been completed and financial bid or tender will be opened in a day or two.
The Chief Minister also said that the government is under process to start construction of two Manipur Bhawans in NCR at Dwarka and Gurgaon soon.
He also said that regarding introduction of e-rickshaws in the State, the Centre will provide 40 percent Centre funding and for present Auto drivers who cannot afford e-rickshaws on their own will be provided soft loans by the State government.

Further observing that the Loktak Lake is Manipur’s life, the Chief Minister asserted that the government is putting efforts for a comprehensive plan to protect it.
Stating that the present issue arising out of the SALAI Holdings case is unfortunate, the Chief Minister further appealed to the people of the State to be careful while making financial investments.
He said that the government is trying to segregate the case into two cases so that the NIA can handle the anti-national aspect of the case while the State Police or Home Department can handle the Money laundering aspect of the case.
During discussion of the Manipur Appropriation (No.2) Bill, the Chief Minister expressed before the House that Rs.200 crore as corpus fund is meant for all departments to be utilised especially during urgency as State matching share of centrally sponsored schemes.
 He explained that the Budget has provision for State-shares for all schemes like Rs. 25 crore for MGNREGS, Rs. 33 crore for PMGSY, Rs.9 crore for PMAY, etc.

Regarding funding from NLCPR, the leader of the House also said that there has been no decrease or stoppage of funding under NLCPR; however the NLCPR has been changed to North East Special Infrastructure Development Scheme (NESIDS).

Regarding construction of IIIT, Mayangkhang, the Chief Minister said that a Revised DPR has been submitted for a total of Rs. 128 crore which will include a City Campus at IT SEZ Mantripukhri and permanent campus at Mayangkhang. He said that the government has also informed the central Ministry regarding additional acquisition of 10 acres of land for the construction at Mayangkhang. 

He continued for the IIT construction, the Government of Manipur has released Rs. 19.40 crore out of Rs. 44.8 crore to be released by the Centre while the Ministry of Human Resource Development has released Rs. 8.97 crore our of Rs. 73 crore.

Regarding an IT SEZ park at Mantripukhri, the first building with 1.38 lakh sq feet of space will be completed soon and a proposal of Rs. 4.18 crore has been submitted to the 15th Finance Commission. As for this year Rs. 19.5 crore will be provided this year.

Meanwhile, the Chief Minister has also assured to constitute a Special Investigation Team to probe irregularities in the SIRD.

Health Minister L.Jayentakumar said that there is no need to deposit money by CMHT card holding patients in any hospitals including private hospitals.

He said there are five licensed Blood Banks in the State including at JNIMS, RIMS, Churachandpur, Thoubal and Shija Hospital and Research Institute. He added another seven blood banks are in the pipeline under budgetary support of the National Rural Health Mission. A Cancer Treatment Centre at JNIMS is also under process.

L.Jayentakumar said that the Arts and Culture department has a fund of Rs. 27 lakhs earmarked for conduct of any cultural festival in the hill districts.

Meanwhile, replying to a Starred Question raised by MLA K.Ranjit Singh, the Chief Minister said that BPL families eligible under the Socio Economic Caste Census (SECC) data can avail Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS), National Food Security Act (NFSA), National Social Assistance Programme (NSAP), Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana (PMUY), Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY), Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana (PMJJBY), Atal Pension Yojana (APY), National Rural Livelihoods Mission (NRLM), National Urban Livelihoods Mission (NULM), PMAY (G), PMAY (Urban), Ayushman Bharat Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (ABPM-JAY). 

On the last day of the session, the House passed Manipur Appropriation (No.2) Bill, 2020, Salaries and Allowances of Ministers (Manipur) (Thirteenth Amendment) Bill, 2020 (Bill No. 9 of 2020) and Salaries and Allowances of Members of the Legislative Assembly (Manipur) (Twenty-First Amendment) Bill, 2020 (Bill No. 8 of 2020).

The 10th Session of the 11th Manipur State Assembly which started on 14th till 28th February, 2020 lasted for 15 days with 11 sittings, one Short Notice Question, 104 Starred Questions, 34 Un-starred Questions, 11 papers laid, four Calling attention Motions, two presentation of Committee reports, nine numbers of Bills introduced, nine number of Government Bills passed, one Private Member Resolutions and one Enquiry Committee constituted.

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Group of Aspirants appeals student’s body to consider certain issues in connection with quashed MCSCC (main) Exam 2016

IT News

Imphal, Feb 28

Group of Aspirants of MCSCC (main) Exam 2016 while appreciating the demand by DESAM,AIMS and ANSAM for punishment of those guilty in connection with Quashed MCSCC (mains) Exam 2016, said that the three students’ bodies should clarify regarding the innocent candidates/officers mentioned by them for whom the state government needs to take necessary steps to protect its sincere/innocent employees by filing appeal or Special Leave petition before Supreme Court of India.

A statement by the MCSCC (main) Exam 2016 aspirant said that most of the candidates ( selected as well as non selected ) appearing in the said examination are innocent except those who may have used corrupt means in toto with concerned authority to get selection, if any. So, we will be grateful to the Student Organisations if they demand the Government to consider the grievances of the most of the candidates who appeared in the said examination including unsuccessful ones.

It said that the judgment and order of the special Division Bench of the High Court of Manipur dated 18.10.2019 that MCSCC (Main) exam, 2016 cannot be said to be an examination at all, in true sense, keeping in mind the cumulative effect of the lapses and irregularities. In addition to this, it is also clearly mentioned in the judgment and order of the Supreme Court of India dated 22.11.19 that illegalities committed go to the root of the matter which is vitiates the process of selection.

The statement further said that the MPSC conducted the said examination without following some of its “Conduct of Business rules” and even without framing specific rules like conducting the exam i) By the Secretary taking the charge of the Controller of Examination ii) Without any evaluation and tabulation rules iii) Giving no guidelines to the examiner iv) Appointing No Head Examiner and so on.

The statement added that they hope the three student bodies will do the needful for the welfare of the candidates and for the whole state considering facts and circumstances.

Injustice has been meted out to both the selected and non selected candidates and if one considers it deeply, injustice has been done more to the non-selected candidates. Selected candidates were in service for some years and they were paid salary. They have both financial resources as well as muscles power having good connection with authority. But for the non selected candidates, all they had to do was fight for the cause facing financial difficulties and social stigma being tagged as “Stubborn Failed candidates”. Despite having such troublesome situation, we still prepare for various competitive examinations, said the statement.

While the selected candidates have lost only few month post the quashing of the exam, for the non selected candidates have wasted more than 3 years from the day the exam result was declared. All the candidates appearing in the examination have inter alia wasted precious time, money and livelihood.

The MCSCC (main) Exam 2016 aspirants also added that they would appreciate if the student organizations had empathized with the sufferings of the non-selected candidates too and not only selected candidates alone. The student organizations are requested to reconsider their views from a broad perspective keeping into accounts that of non-selected candidates, and not from a narrow point of view only keeping the sufferings of the selected candidates alone.

The group of aspirant appeals to DESAM,AIMS,ANSAM and any other student organizations, Intellectuals, Senior Citizen, Concerned authority and people of Manipur to deal proceedings, observations and directions of the Court in this matter and work for the welfare of the candidates as well as for the whole state.

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A Nation of reality

Every person has differences of opinion either in some way or other. Even husband and wife sometimes quarrel over differences and misunderstanding to the extent of sabotaging their lives. Divorce, secrete bigamy, polygamy etc. are the causes of misunderstanding between spouses. Quarrel, fight over differences of opinions and misunderstanding happen mostly between blood brothers. Neighbours engage to furious fight just for encroaching inches of land. And this happened from a very long time back and is still happening in human society.
When a small family grows into a bigger one with more brothers and sisters, each member gets separated as their families grow. They start living in separate houses. The increase in the number of families leads to formation of a society and each family then starts getting separate entity in the society. When the society grows, they start contacting similar larger family of similar interest, then comes similar practice of living under a common cause. Sometimes, there are people in the society or the larger society , where actually they come from. When it grows, the concept of nation building comes.
The state of Manipur, today, has a distinctive history of thousands and thousands of years. And this so called distinctive history of the erstwhile nation was formed by accumulation of various unique histories of many ethnic people settled together in the same society living under a common cause.
The erstwhile nation, which is known as Manipur - an Indian state of today was a nation of many communities living under the same roof. The need of that time was perhaps the reason for living together. And if one goes to the concept of Nation as interpreted by Benedic Anderson, the Manipur Nation of post 1947 till 1949 until it merged to the Union of India was a nation of ‘imagine community.
Manipur, then, was a nation of imagined political community and imagined as both inherently limited and sovereign – an answer probably given by Benedict Anderson if asked to define the then erstwhile nation call Manipur.
The present fiasco that has been haunting the state after a group called NSCN-IM had started hypnotizing the imagine communities of the state. The process of building another nation by implanting divisive theory among the various communities which have been living together since time immemorial, was short. It only began from early 80s. Building a nation by bifurcating the communities living under an imagined political entity within short span of 30 years will be another big history and will surprise the historians.
Manipur, perhaps, can be considered a lucky erstwhile nation as it is now a state in India which joined the Indian nation by signing an agreement called the merger agreement in 1949 at Shillong. Manipur is termed as ‘lucky’ as the world knows that the administrators of the country (India) are perhaps the best in India. A diplomat took only few minutes to defend the country by giving befitting reply to the Prime Minister of Pakistan. A National Security Advisor of the country took just few months to make the country follow a single constitution by abrogating the Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir, if the government running the country have supported. And when it comes to the North East India, a top bureaucrat officer of the country took just 3 years to find a solution for ending the decade-old issue arisen due to armed struggle by NSCN-IM. All knows the solution can be brought anytime whether it is accepted by the NSCN-IM or not.
The experiment and perhaps the zeal of the collective leadership of the NSCN-IM to separate the so called Naga they accumulated under an unimaginative perception is the fall out of the differences between major ethnic groups of the erstwhile country. The misunderstanding had brought so much hatred to the communities of the erstwhile nations and has lasted for almost 30 years. Now it is time that the collective leadership of NSCN-IM realizes the fact that the misunderstanding could be resolved and as the Supremo of the NSCN-IM now is left out from the purview of the original Nagas of Nagaland. He should now come back to stitch his relationships with his own people here in the state of Manipur, a once upon a time Asiatic nation. What Muivah should understand is that his dream of the sovereign country, with a separate flag  and a constitution can only be fulfilled if he realizes that his dream lies in Manipur and his only brothers are the different communities of Manipur. A stitch in time saves nine – the saying still stands true and it is still not late for Avakarar to return for reconciliation.

The Cheewalla Meet 2020: Namaste Trump!

By T S Haokip

The relevance of wall and Donald Trump is not confined to the US alone. Inspired by the US President’s wall policy, India too built one just a few weeks before the POTUS’s visit. It was neither grand nor costly but it did justice to the idea that is Trump. A lot of efforts were put in to ensure that the newly built walls caught the notice of the visiting President. ‘Namaste Trump’ was chosen over the Gujarati ‘Kemcho Trump’ to greet the POTUS after the Central Government decides that Namaste represents India. One wonders how the question otherwise even occurred. There surely must be someone who confused his role of himself being a representative of whether Gujarat or India.
‘Modi hailed from a Cheewala family, ‘ said the US President, evoking praise and admirations to the Indian PM. ‘Chee! Chee! Chaiwala ko Kaise pronounce Karta hain,’ said one viewer of the Press Meet even as Donald Trump was literally enduring a tongue-twisting exercise, trying to pronounce Swami Vivekananda’s name correctly at the inauguration of The Motera Stadium, the largest cricket stadium in the world. The largest statue in the world, situated in the same state was unveiled by Modiji just a year ago. Just as ‘Kemcho Trump’ was considered a probable to represent India’s welcome message to Donald Trump, the infrastructure development of Gujarat state is also regarded as one representing the country’s development by both the rulers (Read ruler) and people alike.
The US First family visited Taj Mahal not knowing the fact that the monument no longer is in the State’s Tourism brochure. Standing in front of an iconic structure, which symbolises love and Sacrifice, The President appeared to have said something to the 1st lady. It cannot be, ‘Want me to built one for you?’ as the President’s family is expected to be briefed at least about Taj Mahal being a monument built in memorial of a lost love; Mumtaj Mahal. Whatever was said, we just hoped it was not, ‘want me to buy this for you?’ though that would naturally delight few people working on making the ‘statue of unity’ a trump card for India to brag about.
The 1st lady visited schools in Delhi which the Delhi Government under Arvind Kejriwal administer with near perfection. That being said, the rationale behind India displaying its schools to a US President seems to puzzle everyone. In India, a foreign delegate being shown schools and students would normally mean a display of supporting evidence for aids and grants. But showcasing our schools to the US? It does, however, makes sense if we, considering the high number of students flocking the US for higher studies, are trying to romp in American students for studying in Indian Primary and Secondary schools. That would make perfect sense.
At the backdrop of the now almost pandemic,’Novel Corona Virus’, two world leaders meeting could have given false hopes to few. However, it does not require one to be an expert on world politics to understand that the US is the last country in the world that will be bothered by ‘sufferings in China’. Many believe that Trump-Modi meet was all about vote bank politics and an image make-over initiative where one leader who has just survived an impeachment and is fighting an election later in the year is eyeing Indian origins’ votes and the other leader who received flaks from various quarters on the passage of one legislation by his Government, CAA to be precise, wants redemption, especially from international community. Be that as it may, the visit proved to the world that India and the US are not just ready to work together on many issues but Donald Trump and N Modi are indeed best friends.
Trade is a trait Donald Trump was born with. Considering the fact that all trades, irrespective of its size require meticulous planning and execution or simply put, ‘preparation’, India is not far behind in having experienced leaders from the field. The visit, surely, does not contain any major trade deal. But what is also important is the fact that, apart from trade talks, two largest democracies in the world- ‘India and US’ should find common goals and strive towards collaborating and shouldering their roles effectively in ensuring world peace and prosperity in the 21st century. After all, whether one likes it or not, there is a world beyond the wall.