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Rinku Khumukcham

Rinku Khumukcham, Editor of Imphal Times has more than 15+ years in the field of Journalism. A seasoned editor, was a former editor of ISTV News. He resides in Keishamthong Elangbam Leikai, with his wife and parents. Rinku can be contacted at [email protected] 

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Thursday, 29 October 2020 17:12

Too Close Too Apart

By- Themneivah Sitlhou

We are living in a global village  of this modern world. Everything is modernised along with our living style. What makes the whole world a global village is because of the advancement in technology. Message, information and news can be passed on to anyone anywhere at any time. Atleast one of any technological equipment such as computer, laptop, mobile phone etc. is found in every household. This is how relevant modern technology is. Most of the people can now access to internet. Social media is the computer based technology  which help us in communication, sharing information and also help us in learning to great extent. The growing importance of modern technology is explicit. The birth of the advancement in technology can be welcome as a blessing or a boom but we cannot deny the fact that is has become our modern day tradition. It influence us a lot that we feel awkward if we don’t use them. This becomes a burden to a poor family. 
Our minds are lingering around the social media and our  hands are cuffed with our smartphone. Some of the top trending social media apps are facebook, WhatsApp, instagram etc. Most of the internet users have used them. We enter to a completely different world when we use them. We meet new friends from all around the world. New are updated timely and it can reach to any internet user at any instant. Online apps such as facebook becomes a useful platform  for people to raise their voice against any injustice things in a society. It also become a political platforms where people share their ideas and opinions about the politics in their regions. There are also a lot of entertainment and inspirational pages which help us to boost ourselves. Internet also assist us in our work in many ways and it helps us in our study as well. They let us live our life much more easier ever than before they existed. This is only one side of the story.
However, we have the darker side of the story  as well. Social media is also a cumbersome in our daily life which can abuse us mentally. We know that it has no bound to any community. They bring us together and we mingle among ourselves when we cannot perform physically. The worst time comes when we have communical riots in a society. Social media becomes a means to spread hatred to one another. The online platform which brings us all together itself create a rift of feeling between the two community or more. Cyber bullying is also a serious threat to humanity and it has becomes a serious sickness of our society. They invade someone’s privacy and expose them using social media. This causes a mental disturbance to the victim and when a person went through alot of psychological trauma they become ill . The advancement of technology comes along with a flock of feathers with degradation of moral and discipline. With no exception of youth and adults,we misused our freedom of life and expression over  social media. There is a blur of respect between the Youngs and the elders. Our moral ethics which govern our conduct of our life ebbed away. Using of cheap words and posting and sharing of inappropriate things flooded social media. If we don’t give a proper guidance to the young ones, these might hinders their moral development. 
Just as social media brings us closer to each other from all angels of the world , it can also create a big chasm of distance and feelings among the family members. Family means sharing of love and feeling. Electrical equipments such as mobile phone is like a drug. We can be addicted to it. This usually happen to the young ones who are fond of gaming. This can harm their social life as well. They alienate themselves from the family members. Without moving out from their room they can spend the long whole day all alone as long as they are accompanied by phones. This creates disturbance in their time management which in turn affect their studies. There is no peace of mind in a family where there is one of this kind.
This modern world also blind us from seeing the beauty of nature and restrain us from enjoying the peace of nature. It drives us to the very edges of busy life that we don’t have time for enjoying the nature. Engaging too much with mobile phones also restrict us from enjoying the reality of the event. This happens everywhere. We don’t really heed our mind and affection to any event that we joined. All we do is a mere presence and busy in taking photos. We missed the beauty of the right moment. In our present world we can’t really differentiate the true value of character from that of mere ones. We disguised hypocrisy to humanity. We are crazy over our own fame in a society than that of our true self and true intention. We tend to help others just for the sake of names good position in a society. 
Whatever it is, we can’t imagine of our life without internet and social media. Technology development becomes a milestone in human history. Also we can’t really estimate how hard our life would be without modern technology. Infact they brought us to this modern era. However we should also be very cautious so that we are not carried away by them. No doubt, our advancement in technology is a blessing to us. We should utilised them for our own betterment and to bring good in the society. We are really indebted to this blessing. We should pay up our debts by using them in the right way. This is what a responsible citizen does. Lets us use them to explore the world from a positive viewpoint. We should also priotized our values of character in our life. Let us also spare our time for self introspection. We are the one who develop the modern technology. We owned them. We shouldn’t be enslaved by them but we should put them in the right form at the right time. Above all, let’s not be too greedy to spare our time for nurturing nature. Because there is true peace in nature which will help us relief our ourselves from all kinds of threats. We should adore them and protect them and in turn we will earn happiness. Last but not the least, let us never  give a chance for human technologies to apart us mentally.

IT News
Imphal, Oct 28:

Six students’ bodies of the state AIMS, AMSU, DESAM, MSF, KSA and SUK continue relay hunger strike denouncing government failure to implement effective COVID-19 Counter measures Policy in the state. The six students’ body began the relay hunger strike since October 21 demanding to implement the 12 points demand that they had submitted to the government.
Speaking to reporters a student leader Thongam Bijoykumar said that the attitude of the present government in tackling the COVID -19 pandemic is not satisfactory.
“This government is taking more interest in election campaign”, he said and added that He said the attitude of the present government showed that they are not serious about the COVID-19 Pandemic in the state. If the government is committed to fight the COVID -19 pandemic with a commitment then it will not be difficult or the government to contain the Covid pandemic.
He said that due to the negligence of the government people are facing extreme difficulties in their survivals. At present there are no places for the COVID positive patient to stay and the people are facing problem in testing.
The problem being face by the people due to the pandemic is due to lack of proper manpower. So, the government should immediately fill all the vacant manpower to make sure that people no face inconveniences. The six students’ bodies also demanded to frame a proper policy programme and implement it with extreme seriousness to contain the COVID -19 pandemic.

IT News

Imphal, Oct 28:

De Jure government of Manipur in Exile , which is taking shelter at London announced October 29 as the Independence Day of Manipur. On the occasion the self proclaimed Chief Minister , Yambem Biren greets the people of the region from where he has been taking shelter.

In the eve of the Independence day the Chief Minister Yambem Biren, while announcing Oct. 29 as the Independence Day of Manipur from India said that after having our Manipur State Constitution Act 1947, the Independence of Manipur gained from the British on 14 August 1947 by bilateral political agreement, ours not declared independence. His Highness the Maharaja of Manipur, hosted the State flag at Kangla where the heredity Palace of Manipur on 14August 1947 at 8.00 am.

He further said that , Our forefathers fought the war till their last breaths to save Manipur from the foreign occupation. Manipur defeated in the declared Anglo-Manipuri War of 1891even though the State did not annex to the British. Manipur State forfeited to the British Crown by a Notification No.1862 dated 18September 1891 of the Foreign Department of the Government of India. But Manipur remained as a Monarchic State with internal sovereignty. Manipur State ruled by the native King of Manipur as an absolute monarch Ruler under the paramountcy and suzerainty of the Crown.

He said, “The Manipur State excluded from the India - Empire of India as declared by the Order-in-Council by His Majesty the King, Emperor of India. Since Manipur State excluded from India, the whole territory of the State delineated in the maps of Survey of India at the date of 1 January 1947 ultimately the State has not remained as a part of India as Indian State. In the provisions as provided by British laws, there is not any provision to merge or annex the excluded State to India (Dominion of India now the Union of India).

“In violation of Section 9(5) of the Indian Independence Act 1947, M.K.Vellodi, Joint Secretary to the Government of India who is not an authority of law had passed an order the Manipur (Administration) Order 1948 on 15 October 1949. By this order, the Manipur State Legislature dissolved and immediately prevented the spirit of the Manipur State Constitution Act 1947 which was introduced and inaugurated by the bilateral agreement of the two sovereigns. The constitutional Government of the State of Manipur was illegally and fraudulently overthrown by order of the Government of India which is an Indian Government.

“And further, in the violation of Section 9(5) of the Indian Independence Act 1947, the Indian Governor-General of the Dominion of India C. Rajagopalachari who is not an authority of law had passed an order the States’ Merger (Chief Commissioners’ Provinces) Order 1950 on 22 January 1950.  An independent political State of Manipur illegally and forcibly annexed to India- Dominion of India by order of the Indian Governor-General of the Dominion of India who is not an executive authority. It is also a great threat to the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the independent State of Manipur.

“The British sovereign made a special political arrangement between India – Empire of India and excluded State of Manipur under the policy of His Majesty’s Government. Indian Government headed by Jawaharlal Nehru and C. Rajagopalachari, Governor-General of the Dominion of India had been exercised their power and authority beyond the British laws made by the British Parliament, immediately it should be checked by an appropriate law of the British Parliament and Court in an appropriate manner because the law made by the Parliament of any country can be justified in judicial review of that country alone.

“Formation of the Manipur State Council which is a de jure Government by the State authority under the Manipur State Constitution Act 1947 and the Manipur State Administration Rules 1947 was the immediate step for upholding, preserving and safeguarding the sovereignty of the State and political rights and human rights of the people of Manipur, and significantly by exercising the constitutional discretionary power by the Manipur State Council can refer the constitutional matter of the Manipur State to His Majesty or His Majesty in Council for the restoration of her de facto sovereignty from the foreign hands of the Indian Government. Therefore, the Manipur State Council formed on 14 March 2012 under the Manipur State Administration Rules 1947 for the administration of Manipur State.  It is a fact that the State cannot and does not exist without a government, no matter what form a government may assume. It is also a fact that the Government can change, and the Government can replace by others.

“We unilaterally declared the independence of Manipur from India – Union of India by forming the Manipur State Council on 14 March 2012 in Manipur and further immediately announced the deceleration by the Chief Minister as a Chief Executive of the State before international media in London on 29 October 2019 to send out the message of the independence of Manipur from India to all the sovereign countries or States of the members of the United Nations. It is the legal duties, legal responsibilities, and legal rights of the people of Manipur. Our unilateral declaration and de jure government connect to the spirit of the State Constitution Act 1947, and the State Administration Rules 1947 of the Manipur State and international laws and UN Charters.

“We declared independence from India under the domestic law, international law, and Charter of the UN; it is a legal step. Now we have opened the de jure Government in exile in London. We, the people of Manipur together stand up against the illegal and unconstitutional acts of the Indian Government for the restoration of de facto governance in our Monarchic State under the Manipur State Constitution Act 1947.

“Any authority of the Indian Government has not opposed Manipur’s independence from India – Union of India including Indian High Commissioner in London which has remained silent. According to international laws, when a State that has an interest in the matter is silent, it will generally be regarded as acquiescing in practice.

“The de jure Government of Manipur in exile in London is now appealed to the Indian Government for a concise consideration in withdrawing the occupational forces with ceasing the de facto Government now installing in Manipur under the Republic Constitution of India without further delay. The Republic Constitution of India should be limited and operated within the territories of India – Dominion of India now the Union of India not in the part of the excluded State of Manipur. The independent political State of Manipur legally protected under the Charter of the United Nations and international laws so, time will bring our legal and political opportunity within a short day. The De jure Government, it is now reminded Article 2(4) of the Charter of the United Nations to the Indian Government that ”All Members shall refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any State, or in any other manner inconsistent with the Purposes of the United Nations”.

“At last, I, with my Council members, share the pain and sadness with the bereaved family member who lost their love one due to coronavirus death and for our suffering people of Manipur and the miseries heaped on them by the occupying forces of India. The prosperous days of the independent Manipur are not far. Together, we will win, rise and shine”, the self proclaimed Chief Minister said in a statement released from London.

Wednesday, 28 October 2020 18:10

Egoistic Ethnicity

The tenacity of the people of Manipur to cling on to concepts of normalcy while actually indulging in acts that reaps results to the contrary can only be marvelled at.
We profess unity while setting up and supporting ethnically intolerant groups. We demand peace while burning and inciting violence. We insist on freedom even when we are indulging in extortions and intimidations, and we ask understanding of others according to our own terms and views. We publicly donate only to claim it back in private. Perhaps the present social churning threatening to alter the social fabric of the state is an event whose time has come. Maybe we all have been contributing, albeit unwittingly, to its present condition. But all is not so dark or dismal. There are changes, unintended fallouts that promise to yank the people from the stupor and the self-deceiving delusions of superiority. There are signs of the people awakening to the realities staring them back in the face, even if that reality is not very savoury or one everyone have expected or desired. We have come to participate in social discussions and debates, and have slowly yet surely started to learn to air our vows, never mind fact that, more often than not, a large number of such views and personal opinions reflect the underlying ethnic leanings and are unnecessarily abrasive and harmful.
This is, after all, a starting phase to the trend of social participation and will hopefully learn from the mistakes, and with time, to polish up on one’s thoughts and outlooks. The most significant outcome is perhaps the increased awareness not only of one’s own history, tradition and customs, but also of other communities as well. There is also a tangible change in the manner in which the public consume resources. The sustained lack of facilities have evidently stirred the curiosity and raised the enthusiasm of the public. There is an increased effort by various groups and individuals to usher in self reliance, especially with regards to food. If the well-meaning but clueless state government can harness the present agitations and unrest, then perhaps we can channelize the energy into something productive instead of playing the reluctant leader. It may be hard to admit for a lot of self-appointed leaders and undeserving representatives, but one cannot deny the fact that at the root of the present turmoil is economic considerations. 
The sooner we admit and understand that, the easier will it be to work out a solution. Times are changing, hopefully for the better. With increased awareness, participation and enthusiasm, it is now the duty of everyone in the state to take up the cudgel and wield it productively, and not to batter each other until nothing remains. Every life is precious, and in order for all of us to make our existence worthwhile, we first need to snap out of the illusion of superiority of language, caste, creed, clan, religion and customs.

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