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Siamchinthang Tangpua
Lamka, Oct.17: Chavang Kut Celebration Committee salutes the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the Tribal peoples on August 31, 2015. Bearing in mind the existing circumstance the committee offer explanation for the decision to organize an event in a solemn and muted nature, it said.
In a press release, the Kut committee Churachandpur said that the cultural event is planned to lost numerous cognate groups and wide to boost cultural integration, solidarity, and a peaceful and positive
deterrent to tragic incidents such as, witnessed in Churachandpur.
The occasion will feature cultural integration and traditional items representing Tribal common heritage that forge unity, informed T.S. Haokip, Secretary and T.Samuel, chairman of Chavang Kut Committee.
The committee said that as a mark of respect, members of various cognate groups will collectively honour the nine tribal martyrs at the Cemetery or at the Morgue.
Night program will not be held nor did any activity encourage that promotes frivolity it added.

Wahengbam Rorrkychand
Imphal, Oct 17: Member of Manipur Legislative Assembly, Nongthombam Biren has questioned the authority of Nagaland MP, Neiphio Rio and Chief Minister of Mizoram, Lal Thanhawla who are urging the Government of India not to give consent to the Bills.
His comment came after Neiphio Rio recently justifies about his letter to Prime Minister of India urging the government of India not to give its consent to the bills as it reportedly against the welfare, desire and will of the tribal people.
While requesting the MP of Nagaland and Chief Minister of Mizoram to mind their own business rather than to be a part in the division of Manipur, N Biren also asked their (Neiphio Rio and other politicians from Nagaland and Mizoram) problems in introducing permit system for non-Manipuri people in Manipur on lines with other three northeastern states- Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram and Nagaland where ILPS was already implemented to protect their land and people from the alleged looming threats posed by large scale non-local migrants.
He also urged the MP of Nagaland to study the Bills thoroughly before making any comments as their unsolicited remarks might add fuel to communal tension and divide the state of Manipur in communal lines.
After yearlong protests under the leadership of Joint Action Committee on Inner Line Permit System (JCILPS), the Manipur Assembly had passed the three Bills- The Protection of Manipur People’s - 2015; Manipur Land Revenues and Land Reforms Bill (MLR & LR) (Seventh Amendment) - 2015, and The Manipur Shops and Establishments Bills (Second Amendment)-2015 on August 31, 2015.
However, soon after the bills were passed some tribal organisations opposed Bills with the apprehension that the “Anti-tribal Bills” would undermine the existing land ownership pattern in hill areas and majority community- Meitei would grab their lands.
In an exclusive interview with this reporter of Nelive at his Majorkhun official residence, N Biren, who is also a member of drafting committee of ILPS Bills clarified that there is no question of argument over the Bill (MLR & R) as it is an amendment to the existing undisputed MLR & LR Bill. In consultation with legal experts, the bills were amended “within the scope of the Bills and relevant to the subject matter of the clause to which it relates” as per the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business.
“There is no inconsistency with the existing MLR & LR which is currently in force in Manipur and two other Bills. However, if any human errors are detected and found to be stand against any section of the indigenous people of Manipur, the state government is ready to call back the Bills,” the MLA retorted.
The hills areas in Manipur are protected under Article 371 (C) as Scheduled Land under which no one could settle at the specified areas except by the scheduled tribes of the state. The objective of the Bills is to protect the land and people of the state from the unchecked influx of non-Manipuri and safeguard the holistic interest of the indigenous people.
“Since it does not affect the interest of the any community of the state, there was no room for consulting Hill area development committee at the time of amending the MLR & LR Bill. While Any Bill should be prospective and not retrospective,” said the MLA.
Condemning the recent unrest at Churachandpur district and death of civilians during anti-ILPS Bills protest demonstrations, the MLA also said that such rumours spread out by political leaders and some section of the society misled the people that led to instigation of public uproar against the Bills.

IT News
Imphal, Oct 14: Mera Chaorel Houba, the festival for preserving and promoting unity and integrity amongst all the communities living in Manipur has begun at Uttra Shanglen, Sana Konung (Palace Compound) today.
Mera Chaoren Houba, an auspicious day observed by various Maibas and Maibis and common people offering tribute to the indigenous diety at Kangla,
 It is celebrated on the first day of the month of Mera in Meitei calendar since time immemorial.
It symbolizes refreshing of the age-old bonding between the people in the hills and valley of Manipur.
Gracing the occasion at Sana Konung, Leishemba Sanajaoba, titular King of Manipur said the festival is celebrated to seek blessings of the Almighty for peace and bountiful food grains.
The importance of the festival is to promote and sustain the age-old relationship between the hills and valley.
Starting from today, other festivals related to Mera Chaorel Houba, Sana Konung will also organize other festivals. One of the most important is the “Mera Mei Eratpa” (Burning of fire). The reason for burning the fire is to seek blessings from the Almighty, to prevent the bad things face and which will be face by our society in the future. The fire will keep burning for seven days continuously nonstop, he added.
This festival will be celebrated for over a period of 15 days from the first day of Mera month till the first full moon day of Mera.
During these 15 days of celebration, exchange of gifts and sharing of feast between the hills and valley people will be highlight, he added.
Leishemba Sanajaoba, Titular King of Manipur also conveyed that from this festival, all the people of Manipur, people following different religions and the related groups and society to seek blessing to the Almighty according to their believe, for our society to bring peace and harmony among us, to guide us, protect us and to have the strength to face the challenges together which lies ahead.
The celebration was held under the aegis of Lainingthou Sanamahi Temple Board at 1st MR complex.
A mass procession, attended by people belonging to different communities in their traditional attires including priests and priestesses performed rites amid rendition of the traditional Pena, a musical instrument associated with religious practices of the Meitei community was taken out from the complex of Lainingthou Sanamahi Temple to Kangla, from where the sacred water was collected from Nungjreng Pukhri.

IT News
Imphal, Oct 14: Manipur People Party describe the period of O.Ibobi led government as “age of corruption” or “period of dark age”. In a press meet held at its head office Imphal today president of the MPP N.Suvakiran said that human civilization will remember the period as dark age.
He further said that the state government has not taken up any visionary works in this two decade. Because of this people are restless on apprehension about the issues encircling to the integrity of the state, protection of the indigenous people and protection of agricultural land.
He slammed the government for taking serious only in construction of building and buying of land in the metropolitan’s city.  The government should accept their failure in administration as court quash recruitment  over 1400 primary teacher, the allegation on K-PRO scam MI dam and others. Such scandal and failure of administration had deserved to call Ibobi’s period as the age of corruption.
He demanded CBI investigation to the multi crores Loktak scam.
He further added that Manipur Bhavan of Guwahati has fail to complete yet, such act is very shameful for our state.

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