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Huirem Naresh

Huirem Naresh

Huirem Naresh, a resident of Keishamthong Elangbam has been with Imphal Times since its start, 2013. He handles mostly Press release and announcement related news. Naresh is also a social worker. He can be emailed at [email protected]

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 Flash flood affected normal life in Pallel and Chandel District Headquarters

Flash flood due to incessant rainfall for the past 48 hours in the State wreak havoc and affected normal life in and around Pallel in Thoubal District and Chandel District headquarters today. As the Sengmai (Sengvai) river overflowed, several houses and agricultural lands located at Pallel in Thoubal District and some adjoining villages of Chandel District were inundated since last evening. The water level of the Sengmai river has been rising continuously as the monsoon downpour continues ceaselessly with the villagers moving their belongings to safer places using ropes. Houses and properties including livestock as well as standing agricultural crops were destroyed and submerged under the water. At Island, Theimungkong and Sainem villages in Chandel District, villagers left their respective houses which were half submerged under water while some villagers were seen moving their goods  wading through neck deep water to safer places. Moreover, there is also a report of the Chakpi River overflowing and causing flash flood in Chandel District Headquarters too. While informing our correspondence, Ts. Willingson Anal, Member 12-District HQ DCC said that due to heavy downpour of monsoon, the Chakpi River overflowed and wreak havoc at some villages in the District Headquarters since last night. Meanwhile, a team of newly elected Chandel ADC members and Naga People’s Front (NPF) Chandel Division also visited the flood affected villages near Pallel and interacted with the villagers this morning. Briefing the media persons, Chandel’s ADC member Ksm. Mathew Maring who is also the leader of Democratic Alliance of Chandel said that due to overflow of Sengvai river, villagers left their respective house and move to a safer place since late last night. And properties and agricultural crops worths lakhs of Rupees were also lost due to the flood, he added. While assuring relief materials from the side of the Alliance, Mathew also appealed the adjoining villagers of to extend assistance to the flood affected people. He further appealed to the concern government department to make necessary arrangements for the displaced villagers and provide relief materials at the earliest. Ts. Kanlun Anal, Member 13-Vomku DCC and John Molarsing, President NPF Chandel Division also took part in the visit.

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Non-locals banned in Thangmeiband : Anti-ILP people are enemy of Manipur: SEACO

While extending support to JCILPS, Thangmeiband United Club, the apex body of clubs in Thangmeiband area has unanimously resolved to impose ban on non-locals with effect from August 1 which, in effect, will prevent any non-local from entering the Thangmeiband area as well as engaging in any commercial activities.
According to report, the body decided to impose the ban on non-local shop owners and vendors till august fifteen.
It also resolved to impose public curfew on government offices under Thangmeiband Assembly constituency.
Meanwhile, JCILPS has stated that it will continue their agitation and will launch various civil disobedience movements against the state government including public rally, sit-in-protest, road block etc across the state.
Meanwhile, South East Asia Cultural Organisation- SEACO has stated that those who stand against the ongoing movement for protection of indigenous people are enemies of the state.
During the ongoing movement for implementation of Inner Line Permit System for indigenous people, a student namely Sapam Robinhood had sacrificed his life for the cause, said Laishram Kennedy Khuman, Secretary General of SEACO in a release.
Bandh and general strikes have already affected the economy of the state. While, without any cause bandh and general strike at this critical hour of the people of Manipur by some group of people and organisation is a distraction to the popular demand for the protection of indigenous people, it added.

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Protestor injured

A pro-ILP protestor identified as Koijam Umakanta alias Thoinao, s/o K Inaocha of Ghari sustained injury in police action during yesterday nights agitation at Ghari area.
According to reports, the he received injury while police fired tear gas shells. The injured has been hospitalised at RIMS and he is at critical situation.

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Cooperation over conflict

The current stand-off between the JCILPS which is spearheading the demand for implementation of the Inner Line Permit System in Manipur on the one side and the state government on the other is turning out to be more than meets the eye. The developments, especially the response of the state government to the political crisis lays bare the level of unpreparedness as well as the abject inability to shore up resources at its disposal to remedy the situation. How else would one explain the apparent lack of urgency with which the state government is approaching the issue, or the fact that it has not expressed or responded to the terms and conditions laid down by the JCILPS for the state government to fulfill if it wants to enter into a discussion and deliberation regarding the ILP. It would be overtly optimistic to assume that the state government could deliver on its promise of drafting a bill and passing it in the assembly within a period of a month, given the complexity and sensitivity of the situation. The immediate future of the state, or more precisely, the path which the state will be taking after the stipulated period- either towards progress and development or towards destruction and mayhem hinges on the ability of the state government not only to deliver the bill which is acceptable and inclusive of the points as demanded by the public, but also to complete the very task within the promised time frame. As many in the state who are keenly following and trying to form an impartial and informed opinion on the matter pointed out, time is running out for the state government. What should one read into the inexplicable silence regarding the terms laid down by the JCILPS for the resumption of talks? Certainly, it would not have been signaling its assent to the conditions as that would have resulted in the resumption of talks. The only plausible guess would be that it has brought the whole situation under control and is confident of pulling through with flying colours- the only opportunity left for the government to salvage its tattered credibility and political existence. Let us hand over the benefit of doubt to the state government for the time being and take a step further with the quivering hope and faltering belief that the bill has been drafted and passed according to the expectations of the public. What then? Is there any mechanism in place, or are being prepared, to ensure that the bill is enforced? Will the JCILPS be around forever to oversee and monitor the efficacy of the implementation of the particular system? Will it not be prudent to take this aspect into consideration and help the state government in coming up with a bill that can sustain and be relevant for the foreseeable future. We have learnt from the past. If we are to prevent its repetition, we need to participate and cooperate. We have left the state government to its own self-serving ambitions and decisions for far too long. Crying over spilled milk isn’t a very comforting option either.