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Huirem Naresh

Huirem Naresh, a resident of Keishamthong Elangbam has been with Imphal Times since its start, 2013. He handles mostly Press release and announcement related news. Naresh is also a social worker. He can be emailed at [email protected]

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Headaches are the most common disorders which can occur to people of all ages but women are highly prone to it.  A headache can be sign of stress or anxiety or as medical disorder such as migraine.  Some major headaches can result of brain tumors. As per the reports of WHO (World Health Organization), half of the adults in this world experiences a headache in any given year.

“There are almost over 150 types of headaches. Some of them include tension headaches, cluster headaches, sinus headaches, chronic, post traumatic and migraine headaches among many others. As headaches are serious condition, seek immediate medical attention if the pain is regular, persistent and more severe. Primary headaches can be a result of over activity, problems with, structures within the head which are pain sensitive.  Primary headaches include blood vessels, muscles, nerves of head and neck.  Common primary headaches are migraine, cluster headaches, and tension headaches.” Said Dr. Rajshekhar Reddi, Principal Consultant & Unit Head – Neurology, Max Super Speciality Hospital, Saket

Basically secondary headaches are headache symptoms which can attribute to another cause.  These can be caused by various factors like brain tumor, stroke, concussion, Teeth-grinding night, dehydration and several other factors.

Tension headaches are most common in adults and teenagers.  The basic reason behind these headaches can be pressure of studies or work. The pain of tension headaches may be mild or moderate which can come and go over time. They usually don’t occur with any symptoms.

These headaches are the most severe ones as a patient can feel intense burning or piercing around both or around one eye. The pain can be so severe that a person can’t sit still and will often pace during the attack.  Sometimes eye reddens, pupil gets smaller and nostrils on side stuffs up. These are known as cluster headaches as they are usually occur in groups. There is no fix period for its occurrence, you may experience it one or three times a week, which may lasts till 2 weeks or for months.  Each headache attack lasts from 15 minutes to 3 hours.  These headaches can wake you up from deep sleep.  Men are three to four times to get these headaches as women.

“Mostly Migraine headaches are recognized as pain of “Gas”, “Weak Eyes”, “Sinus”.  It does not include only severe debilitating headaches. Its complications range from mild to severe, which varies from person to person.  Migraine with aura (usually visual symptoms) is also called Classic migraine and occurs in 15% patients. Migraine without aura (also called Common Migraine) occurs in 85% patients. Most of the headaches suffered by people in the world are migraine.” Added Dr Reddi

The management of headaches commences from clinically diagnosis or with the help of certain tests which rules out dangerous secondary headache disorders.  The treatment of migraine involves Lifestyle changes, Preventive Therapy, Rescue therapy.

It is important to recognize and appropriately deal with these disabling headaches to prevent Medicine overuse headache (MOH) which occurs when people take acute medications.  Over use of pain killers can cause ulcers and kidney dysfunction.  For the patients, who have daily headaches and went to unbearable stage, for them therapies like “Botox” are available.

Siam Sarower Jamil,
IT Correspondent
Dhaka, June 12

Bangladesh has urged the international community to ramp up pressure on Myanmar so that it creates an environment conducive to Rohingya repatriation.

After briefing diplomats stationed in Dhaka on Wednesday morning, Foreign Minister Dr AK Abdul Momen said Bangladesh has clarified its position about the matter,

He said: "They told us that they are with us. We told them to increase pressure on Myanmar to create a conducive environment.

"Almost all of them have agreed to do so."

Foreign Minister AKM Abdul Momen told reporters that recently the Myanmar minister said that Bangladesh is responsible for all the Rohingyas going to Bangladesh. Bangladesh is not cooperating in any kind. His statement is not correct. Bangladesh is always ready to return Rohingya.

He said, Myanmar is lying continuously, They does not keep talking. Myanmar was supposed to take back the Rohingyas. But it was not possible due to their non-cooperation. Due to the Rohingyas, different types of crimes are committed in Bangladesh's territory.

He said, 6 months ago when our meeting was held with Myanmar Joint Commission, they said they were working to get Rohingya back. They have repeatedly promised to take Rohingya. But no Rohingya is yet to return. Even those who are in Myanmar's no-manland are not even back.

The Foreign Minister said, we do not want to say anything against the neighboring country. Because they are our friends. But they are lying about taking Rohingyas back. How will we digest such lies? I request them to take back the Rohingyas. We will appeal to their friendly countries about the return of Rohingyas.

In the briefing at State Guest House Padma, Momen expressed his dissatisfaction over Myanmar's failure to ensure security and a conducive environment—in Rakhine State—in line with the provisions of the bilateral instrument for the repatriation of Rohingyas.

Bangladesh is now hosting over 1.2 million Rohingyas.

Most of them came to Bangladesh after the Myanmar military launched a brutal offensive in the pretext of a "clearance operation" on August 25, 2017.

Refugees and rights groups have accused the military and its local collaborators of crimes, including: murder, rape, torture, loot, and arson.

The UN's top human rights official described Myanmar's crackdown and treatment of Rohingyas as a "textbook example of ethnic cleansing."

Although Dhaka and Nay Pyi Taw have signed an agreement for repatriation, it has seen no progress.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has blamed Myanmar's reluctance to take back its people as a major barrier to repatriation.

"The problem lies with Myanmar. It [Myanmar] in no way wants to take them back. There is the problem," she told the media on Sunday.

IT News
Imphal, June 11,
Press clarification made by PRO of the Manipur Legislative Assembly in connection with the Imphal Times news report published on June 9, 2019 issue under the caption “Caught in Camera: Bihar MLAs enjoy sexy dance with local girls in Indo-Myanmar border town”terming it as misleading and attempt to tarnish the image of the visiting VIPs as well as Manipur Legislative Assembly is unfortunate as the Imphal Times was only delivering its duty.In the statement by the PRO it is stated that “....... The persons shown as MLAs of Bihar Assembly are neither MLAs nor officials of Bihar Legislative Assembly who visited the state from 31stMay to 3rd June 2019 on official tour”. This statement is confusing the general public as this newspaper have evidences of all the people shown on video posing for an official photo session at the Manipur Legislative Assembly house.Above all the Bihar Legislative Assembly also confirmed that the official team of the Committee on Internal Resource and Central Assistance did visit the Manipur Legislative Assembly. The Speaker of Bihar Legislative Assembly,Vijay Kumar Chaudhary had also issued a show cause notice to all the members of the committee who are involved in the incident.Interestingly, instead of conducting a probe over the reported news, the Secretary of the Manipur Legislative Assembly in a letter sent to Editor, Imphal Times, also coined the word “misleading news” without conducting any short of enquiry and order to explain Imphal Times position regarding the news item within “24 hours”. Which law of the country permits a Secretary of the State Assembly to summon an editor of a newspaper which is registered under the Registrar for Newspaper of India, is a matter which this newspaper fails to understand. Had it been from the Speaker or from the privilege Committee, then this newspaper would honour .As for the Imphal Times, the report was published on Sunday ,9th June,2019 after maintaining high professional standards and verification of correctness. It is free from misleading ,distortion and confusion.Now, if the Manipur State Assembly said that those in the video are neither MLAs nor officials of Bihar Legislative Assembly then the PRO should clarify the people about the identities of the Committee members entering the State Assembly House and pose for official photo session. If in case the people in the photo are not the members of the committee or not related with the study tour then the PRO should clarify under which rules of the State Assembly , does persons not related are allowed to enter the temple of democracy.

When the PRO of the Manipur Legislative Assembly has been trying hard to protect the people in the video JD(U) MLA Rajkumar Rai, one among the member has suspended his PA after getting the news report.In a message sent to Republic TV by MLA Rajkumar Rai reads, “As soon I got to know that my PA was involved in the activity I have given in written to suspend him with immediate effect”. From the action of the Bihar Legislative Assembly it is now clear that those are the team of the Bihar MLAs shown in the picture. The Imphal Times also stands with the report of MLAs being present when the dancing took place.On that day, that is June 2,2019, some of the committee members visited that Hotel and some civil dress local persons (security) also accompanied them.Following the news report of official visitors dancing in hotel room in Myanmar Border town, Myanmar Police had given verbal instruction to all the hotel runners to prohibit customers or tourist from taking video inside the hotel room.In the news report published by Imphal Times under the heading Caught in Camera:Bihar MLAs enjoy sexy dance with local girls in Indo-Myanmar border town” Imphal Times intention is to open the eyes of the state government regarding things that are happening. It also aims to highlights on how the elected representatives and their staffs are spending publi cmoney in the name of study tour. It is natural that the committee members guided by State Assembly staff and record shows that 2 staffs of the Manipur Legislative Assembly accompanied them.

By a Correspondent
New Delhi, June 10,  

With a motive to introduce young Indian minds an exposure to the magical world of innovation through electronics, a three- day introductory workshop was conducted successfully at India Habitat Centre(IHC)
Under the banner name of ‘Let’s Make Electronics Fun’, the introductory workshop was help from 7th to 9th June for student in the age bracket of 13-16 years. The event was curated by Mr Pranav Budhiraja, who is an electronic engineer, worked with various globally famous brands. The same workshop was also conducted at the Ambience Public School, Delhi during 15th-17th May.
 “Through this workshop not only the young intellectual talent gets a helping guide but also a stronger push in the right direction. The world has changed a lot in the past 5-6 years and we’re currently at a very opportune phase in time when there exist certain tools and devices that enable just about anyone to become an inventor or a creator.” Said Mr Pranav Budhiraja, Curator, Funtronics, India.
Through this workshop, the students gained better knowledge about the basic building blocks of electronics and how they can be used to innovate. Students will now be able to put their ideas to life and in the process will gain a lot of practical knowledge supported by a solid theoretical framework.
“I had never ventured into this field of technology at all since vacations were going on and it seemed interesting, I decided to give it a shot. I was amazed at how powerful yet easy it was to build basic gadgets! My favorite was the tone follower - A circuit that makes different tones depending on different hand gestures.” Said Rohan, 16 year old participant and an electronic enthusiast
“Through the hands-on workshop, children were taught on how to build and create electronic devices using the Arduino platform. They built various mini-projects through the course of three days such as a burglar alarm, a soil moisture monitoring apparatus, a motor that’s controlled by a hand wave and much more! At the end, they walked away with a lot of practical knowledge on hardware, coding, logic and innovation.” Added Budhiraja
Buddhiraja is currently pursuing his full time passion of building circuits, innovating and teaching young students to do the same, through various workshops being conducted in schools and public venues.

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