Huirem Naresh

Huirem Naresh

Huirem Naresh, a resident of Keishamthong Elangbam has been with Imphal Times since its start, 2013. He handles mostly Press release and announcement related news. Naresh is also a social worker. He can be emailed at [email protected]

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Manipur government is all set to introduce a stringent law to prevent bandh and economic blockade in the state.
Informing this to reporters, Deputy Chief Minister Gaikhangam said that economic blockade is violation of human rights and it’s undemocratic to impose blockade to meet a demand.
Highlighting the grievances during the ongoing economic blockade called by All Tribal Students’ Union Manipur (ATSUM), Gaikhangam, who is also the Home Minister said that imposing blockade is undemocratic and social bodies should opt other option than giving undue problems to people.
He also appealed the ATSUM to withdraw its ongoing economic blockade at national highways in the interest of the people.
In connection with the recently concluded ADC election, which was marred with violent incidents he admitted intervention of armed underground groups. With the help of underground groups some of the candidates of political parties have won the election and still they are in relation with armed group. Government is serious about the changing landscape in the political affairs in the state and will identify the candidates who have link with insurgent outfits, the Home Minister said.
He also informed that the oath taking ceremony of the successful candidates will be conducted soon.

Manipur Peoples Party today re affirmed its stand to protect the territorial boundary of Manipur. In a press meet held today afternoon at its office the party said the government should end the dispute arising at Dzuko valley and Koziiri boundaries and also the encroachers by Myanmar along the Indo-Myanmar border.
During the press meet Leishangthem Chandramani Singh said that MPP president N. Sovakiran has sent a letter to T.R. Zeliang Chief Minister of Nagaland and to Prime Minister of India to resolve the dispute of territorial boundary with neighboring State and Myanmar. 
He added that MPP will not allow the territory of the state occupied by neighbouring state or country. 
He added that in 1972, when Manipur People Party was in power, the then Chief Minister  Md. Alimuddin introduced “the potato seed foundation farm” at Mao hill. Many dignitaries from Manipur, Nagaland and neighboring state visited the farm and also at Dzuko valley. He said the visit of the dignitaries convinced that the valley was very much within the territorial boundary of Manipur.
He further said that after merger to India, Manipur has lost 29 of its territory at several occasion. The lost is not only for a particular region or a particular community, but it is about our people, we need to work together to resolve the problem, said Dr. L. Chandramani, former Dy. CM of Manipur.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015 17:12

Old age pension

The Social Welfare Department will distribute Old Age Pension tomorrow in the entire districts of the state.
It was informed by Social Welfare Minister, AK Mirabai today at her Secretariat office.
The minister also requested all pensioners to bring their original pension passbook, voter ID card, Aadhar card and necessary documents while coming to collect the pension.

The Scheduled Tribe demand committee of Manipur (STDCM) today urged the state government to pass a bill for inclusion of Meitei community in Scheduled Tribe (ST) category during the upcoming state assembly session which will begin from June 26.
Speaking to media persons at Manipur Press Club today, Dr L. Lokendro, General Secretary STDCM said that the committee will be compelled to launch various form of agitations if the government failed to table a bill for inclusion of the Meitei community in ST category in the upcoming monsoon session.
Lokendro further said that the Meitei/Meetei was counted as Scheduled Tribe category according to the census records of 1891, 1901, and 1931. However, the Meitei community was removed from the ST category from the official gazette of 1951 without any communication to the people of Manipur or to the government of Manipur, without obtaining approval of the Minister of Tribal Affairs, Delhi. 
Dr. Y Mohendra President of the committee while speaking on the occasion said that both the center and the state government has been enlighten about the facts of the Meitei community to be included among the scheduled tribe category. He said the inclusion of the Meitei people to scheduled cast will help to preserve the identity of the Meitei people which is becoming endangered with the flooding of outsider in the state.

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