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Huirem Naresh

Huirem Naresh, a resident of Keishamthong Elangbam has been with Imphal Times since its start, 2013. He handles mostly Press release and announcement related news. Naresh is also a social worker. He can be emailed at [email protected]

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Thursday, 30 July 2015 17:30

Reining in the emotions

The movement spearheaded by the JCILPS for implementation of the Inner Line Permit System in Manipur has steadily been intensifying against popular belief as unlike almost every previous agitation that have taken place, the present campaign have sustained and gathered strength with time. The timely and vital concern of the public which will allay the fears and lingering doubts pertaining to the continuity and preservation of the interests of indigenous people of the region needs to be approached with utmost care and caution as any mistake or omission will undoubtedly ignite another bout of chaos and upheaval in the immediate present, while rendering the act that have caused so much loss and disruptions ineffective in the long run, a waste of effort and sacrifices the public made to achieve the objective. A concerted attempt with the contribution and inputs from various quarters needs to be taken up to cover every aspect. The state government should make sure the representatives of every section of the society are involved in the process of drafting the proposal so that there is no repeat of the blunder that proved to be the genesis of the present social crisis.
With the increasing tension and emotion amongst the public, the frequency of altercations and scuffles between those engaging in essential services and ILP supporters is reportedly on the rise. The seriousness of the issue can be gauged by the recent press release issued by the Indian Medical Association (IMA) Manipur chapter condemning the physical assault and mistreatment of medical staffs by JCILPS supporters. What needs to be understood is that those of us engaging in essential services are not against the movement, but are also contributing in our own way by risking everything from police backlash to misdirected emotions of the ILP supporters. The JCILPS, being the steering committee spearheading the movement, should take up measures to ensure that the cause is not diverted by some elements who let loose their emotions and imaginations to the point that the objective of the struggle is clouded. This is a very dangerous development, one that has the potential to derail or put back the progress that has been won after so much sacrifice and effort. The various forms of agitations being used to make an impact such as blocking of roads, setting fire etc should be used as a symbol of the anger and dissatisfaction on the government for its failure to address the rightful concerns of the public, and not to intimidate or display personal aspirations. It is also a very stupid move to consume or use alcohol or other intoxicants while participating in the movement because more often than not, those who are reported to be intimidating or disrupting the work of those engaging in essential services are the ones whose mental faculty has been clouded by such intoxicants. Their very presence also demeans the very cause. The ILP system has become an unavoidable necessity in Manipur and it is bound to happen. In the meantime, what we all need is constraint and control of our emotions. We need an objective approach, not an emotional or impulsive spurt.

Flash flood due to incessant rainfall for the past 48 hours in the State wreak havoc and affected normal life in and around Pallel in Thoubal District and Chandel District headquarters today. As the Sengmai (Sengvai) river overflowed, several houses and agricultural lands located at Pallel in Thoubal District and some adjoining villages of Chandel District were inundated since last evening. The water level of the Sengmai river has been rising continuously as the monsoon downpour continues ceaselessly with the villagers moving their belongings to safer places using ropes. Houses and properties including livestock as well as standing agricultural crops were destroyed and submerged under the water. At Island, Theimungkong and Sainem villages in Chandel District, villagers left their respective houses which were half submerged under water while some villagers were seen moving their goods  wading through neck deep water to safer places. Moreover, there is also a report of the Chakpi River overflowing and causing flash flood in Chandel District Headquarters too. While informing our correspondence, Ts. Willingson Anal, Member 12-District HQ DCC said that due to heavy downpour of monsoon, the Chakpi River overflowed and wreak havoc at some villages in the District Headquarters since last night. Meanwhile, a team of newly elected Chandel ADC members and Naga People’s Front (NPF) Chandel Division also visited the flood affected villages near Pallel and interacted with the villagers this morning. Briefing the media persons, Chandel’s ADC member Ksm. Mathew Maring who is also the leader of Democratic Alliance of Chandel said that due to overflow of Sengvai river, villagers left their respective house and move to a safer place since late last night. And properties and agricultural crops worths lakhs of Rupees were also lost due to the flood, he added. While assuring relief materials from the side of the Alliance, Mathew also appealed the adjoining villagers of to extend assistance to the flood affected people. He further appealed to the concern government department to make necessary arrangements for the displaced villagers and provide relief materials at the earliest. Ts. Kanlun Anal, Member 13-Vomku DCC and John Molarsing, President NPF Chandel Division also took part in the visit.

While extending support to JCILPS, Thangmeiband United Club, the apex body of clubs in Thangmeiband area has unanimously resolved to impose ban on non-locals with effect from August 1 which, in effect, will prevent any non-local from entering the Thangmeiband area as well as engaging in any commercial activities.
According to report, the body decided to impose the ban on non-local shop owners and vendors till august fifteen.
It also resolved to impose public curfew on government offices under Thangmeiband Assembly constituency.
Meanwhile, JCILPS has stated that it will continue their agitation and will launch various civil disobedience movements against the state government including public rally, sit-in-protest, road block etc across the state.
Meanwhile, South East Asia Cultural Organisation- SEACO has stated that those who stand against the ongoing movement for protection of indigenous people are enemies of the state.
During the ongoing movement for implementation of Inner Line Permit System for indigenous people, a student namely Sapam Robinhood had sacrificed his life for the cause, said Laishram Kennedy Khuman, Secretary General of SEACO in a release.
Bandh and general strikes have already affected the economy of the state. While, without any cause bandh and general strike at this critical hour of the people of Manipur by some group of people and organisation is a distraction to the popular demand for the protection of indigenous people, it added.

Thursday, 30 July 2015 17:02

Protestor injured

A pro-ILP protestor identified as Koijam Umakanta alias Thoinao, s/o K Inaocha of Ghari sustained injury in police action during yesterday nights agitation at Ghari area.
According to reports, the he received injury while police fired tear gas shells. The injured has been hospitalised at RIMS and he is at critical situation.

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