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Huirem Naresh

Huirem Naresh, a resident of Keishamthong Elangbam has been with Imphal Times since its start, 2013. He handles mostly Press release and announcement related news. Naresh is also a social worker. He can be emailed at [email protected]

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Saturday, 16 January 2016 18:01

‘Mother where is my country......’

Delhi based Journalist turned writer Anubha Bhonsle’s book “Mother, Where’s My Country? Looking for Light in the Darkness of Manipur”, was released today at Manipur Press Club.
The book was written based on the fake encounter stories from Manipur, however the books aimed to publicize the unfaithful stories of the state to other parts of nation as well as to the world.
While recalling her stand to the book, Anubha called on people of Manipur to write more and more books on the issue as tool to raise our voice and one book will not be enough to do so.
The writer was encouraged to write the book by an incident of fake encounter which she encounter while visiting Manipur as a journalist in 2006.
The book depicts her experience of fake encounter stories in the state.
Babaloo Loitongbam, Human Rights Activists, Pradeep Phanjoubam, senior journalist, Prof Bimol Akoijam, Activist Nandini Thokchom among others took part in the book release function.

“Until they become conscious, they will never rebel, and until after they have rebelled, they cannot become conscious.” — George Orwell
Political prisoner is a deviant, few observe. A political prisoner is jailed for “freely expressing” any disagreement, no matter how tranquilly. She/he is also jailed for disobeying the mainstream definition of acceptable “social behavior” as constituted by the government. She/he can also be “legally” arrested for belonging to an organization, race, or social group unapproved by the “democratic” government.
It will be wrong to uphold “violent” political prisoners because they are naturally violating the axioms of self-ownership that are the basis for freedom and peace. The non-aggression principle (NAP) is such a maxim, and it is the idea that each person has the right to make his or her own choices in life so long as they do not involve aggression (defined as the initiation of force or fraud against others). The principle asserts that aggression includes any encroachment on another person’s life, liberty, or justly acquired property, or an attempt to obtain from another via deceit what could not be consensually obtained, and so is always illegitimate.
In the current scenario, the kind can be assessed to “direct violence” and “indirect violence” daily. Direct violence is an offensive crime committed by the political prisoners and is unjustified. However, the State cunningly tags it as a defensive measure when committing direct violence in conflict like the “war on terror” or “war on drugs” or “war on naxals” or the kind of war being carried out against the insurgence of NE states particulalrly in the state of Manipur.
Anyone who constructs a logical refutation of the government’s stupidity or attempts to identify the said distinction is charged under a sedition act, patriot act, defamation act, etc. In the eyes of the State, exposing so-called “defensive measures” as direct violence is the most offensive act a person can commit to deserve becoming a “political prisoner.”
At present in Manipur prison, a total of 25 persons are being detained under NSA. Altogether 623 prisoners are detained in the Manipur Central jail among which only 42 are convicted(as on Nov. 2015). This means trials for the remaining prisoners are still underway and the police is still yet to file any charge sheet. This prisoners may have some excessive activities most of them are detain just because they fight with an ideology.
 The central government and various state governments of India are so worried about their activities that it is unthinkable that they can remain free and making them rot in jail for year after year has become a mainstay of state policy. The general public mostly remains ignorant about these people, and the government’s efforts are constantly directed towards maintaining that ignorance. Sometimes, some news appears about them, hidden in the inside pages of newspapers and soon fading out of public memory. The only people concerned about these prisoners are a few human rights organizations and activists, some political organizations, and their hapless relatives who hope that, one day, their near and dear ones will again breathe in free air.
It is unprecedented, in recent history, for such a large number of people accused of political offences to be imprisoned for such prolonged periods of time by a State which claims to be democratic and which is (officially) not at war.
The central government and various state governments of India constantly try to obscure the difference between political offences and criminal offences, so that the usual public sympathy towards political prisoners can be suppressed and it becomes easier to harshen the conditions and sentences of the political prisoners. For this reason the Indian State promulgates a series of laws which, although nominally supposed to control or prevent organized crime or terrorism, practically become the main weapons in the hands of governments to suppress the slightest political dissent.
By all these standards, We the Imphal Times can be charged under 124 (a) of Sedition Act in India for boldly expressing our views in defense of liberty and nonviolent political prisoners.
So, how free is our freedom?

Saturday, 16 January 2016 17:56

While going through the deadly tremor

By: ReenaNongmaithem

"Being a physically challenge person, it is difficult for me even ifthe wind blows a little bit unusual or a storm comes but that tremor almost killed me, I thought that was the end of my life”, said BT Keikhilang @ Akei (47) of KabuiKhullen Part I, who has been a spinal cord patient since 1996.
Akei’shalf of his lower left body part has been paralyzedafter he felled from tree while he was cutting tree branches when he was around 25 years old.
He said that the quake shook so hard that people were thrown away from their sleeping bedsand so was he too.
 “I hold very tight on to the wooden bar beside my bed so not to fall from the bed”, shared Akei during this reporter’s visit  to the village which was worst affected by the deadly tremor on January 4 early morning.
He said many still felt sickness as side effect of the shook.
“Villagers prayed if the World was going to end that day”,he added.
He was the only person to stay at home during night time these days while whole villagers were staying together at the relief centers.
“Since my physical condition challenges from staying together with the villagers at tent houses, I along with my two little sisters stays at home” shared Akei and said I will face the consequences even if the tremor hits again.
On that jolt his only television that accompanied his life over bed was completely damaged, said Akei whoever he said he is grateful that his radio set was save and sound.
Akei is a regular caller to All India Radio’s phone in entertainment programs like “Good Morning Manipur”. Interesting Akei’s called was picked up by the anchor of the “AIR” programme ‘Good Morning Manipur . He request the anchor to play a popular Manipur song from VDF Thasana. Thanks to AIR Imphal for Akei could stay away from the shock of the tremor.

The construction of temporary market sheds came to a grinding halt when MLA Joykishan of Thangmeiband Assembly Constituency intervened. The labourers were force to stopped working and the GI sheet and plastic walls erected on the roadside for construction of the market sheds had been forcibly removed. The construction is being underway after the two Kwairamband Keithel has been put to a danger level after the damage in the 6.8 magnitude of Jan 4.
Narrating the whole incident to our staff reporter, MLA Joykishan said that he came to the site of the construction of the temporary market sheds today morning around 9:30 am, which fall in the jurisdiction of his constituency and asked who is constructing the market sheds and under whose authority. A man who is said to be the contractor of the work said that the work was being executed under the instruction of the Chief Engineer and Superintending Engineer of PWD and being supervised by Assistant Engineer Uttam.
 MLA Joykishan asked the concerned engineers on the phone and the engineers said that under the instruction of the Chief Minister, the work was being executed on a war footing without awarding work order and calling tender. Acknowledging the response, MLA Joykishan stopped the work immediately saying that it could not be continued.
MLA Joykishan warned official of stern action if the law is violated.

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