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Huirem Naresh

Huirem Naresh, a resident of Keishamthong Elangbam has been with Imphal Times since its start, 2013. He handles mostly Press release and announcement related news. Naresh is also a social worker. He can be emailed at [email protected]

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From a Correspondent
Rohtak, July 8,

Delhi, Punjab and Chandigarh continued to shine at the 1st ever Sub Junior Boys’ Boxing Nationals with as many as 6 boxers advancing to the finals of this prestigious national tournament held at the National Boxing Academy (NBA) here in Haryana on Sunday. Karan Vats of Delhi remains unstoppable as the 2018 Khelo India silver medallist and National Boxing Academy trainee is now one win away from the gold medal in 40kg following his 4-1 demolition of Chattisgarh’s Wasim Khan. He will take on Neeru of the Services, a 5-0 winner over Maharashtra’s Vedantbengle.
Rudra (35kg) and Deepanshu (43kg) ensured Delhi gets a chance to top the podium multiple times. While Rudra edged Rajasthan’s Dev Katariya 3-2, Deepanshu hardly broke a sweat in his 5-0 win over Bihar’s Rahul Kumar.
Standing between Rudra and the coveted gold medal is the Services’ Harsh, who dashed hopes of Uttarakhand’s Vishwas Mehra 5-0. Deepanshu would be put to a stern test by Goa’s Rupesh Bind, who showed ample fighting spirit to knock out the Services’ Rajan 3-2.
Chandigarh’s Aryan dominated Gopal Katta of Maharashtra 5-0 to keep their gold medal hopes alive. Services’ Nikhil Kumar, who defeated Mizoram’s LH Peihneisa 3-2, would be looking to give some stiff resistance to Aryan in the summit clash on Monday.
Nikhil (46kg) and Lovi (49kg) brought double delight for the state of Punjab. Nikhil remained sharp as ever to score a flawless 5-0 win over Arunachal’s Tadar Tadang. Lovi too won by an identical scoreline against Maharashtra’s Harshwardhan Wagh. While he gets to face the Services’ Vinay Viswakarma in the final, Nikhil will be up against Ranjana Rohith of Andhra Pradesh.
33 teams and 326 boxers have participated in this seven-day tournament.

IT News
Imphal, July 7,

Manipur today has become a totally dependent state in all spheres after India annexed the region and suppressed the socio-political and economic condition of the state and it is now fear that indigenous people’s identity may perish from the region. This was stated by I. Chaoren, Convenor of the Co-ordination Committee (CorCom), in a message sent on occasion of its 8th Foundation Day which falls on July 8.
CorCom is a conglomerate of 4 major rebel groups - PREPAK, PREPAK (PRO), UNLF and RPF. The message by the CorCom Convenor recalled on how the erstwhile Independent Nation of the South East Asia was forcibly annexed by the Indian Union. It said Manipur restored its freedom on August 14, 1947 from the British. In October 18, 1948, Manipur became the first nation to have a government elected by the people and have a Constitution of its own. However, in September 21, 1949, the then king of Manipur was forced to signed merger agreement to the Indian union in at Shillong . Since then Manipur’s freedom has been hijacked, Chaoren stated.
The statement further stated that India continue to adopt the hang over colonial regime of the British as India was created by the British. The divide on communities’ base on colour and regime still continue. Various independent nations like Junagadh, Hyderabad, Kashmir, Manipur, Goa, Sikkim, Tripura etc. were annexed by either conspiring or using force by India.
Since the region has been annexed people have been drown to intoxicants, development has been diverted, corruption rise, modesty of women has been rape, the people now depended on India for food, governance is now in the hand of the outsiders and youths are left without jobs, I Chaoren’s  statement continues.
It further said that  the only left over means to protect the indigenous people of the region is Independent Self Government and for restoration of the independence of the region various people have been waging war against the colonial ruler.
On the other hand, the colonial rulers are trying all effort to suppress the revolutionary movement using their army who are equipped with various black laws. Today India become a country which violates Human Rights, the CorCom convenor said and added that Bharat is using all effort to engulf the region. Outsiders are being sent to the region to overshadow the indigenous people, Chaoren’s statement said adding that a clear example of the racial assimilation is the lifting of the Inner Line Permit System in 1950.
The statement also said that after BJP government came in 2014 , the picture became more clear. The agenda of converting India as a Hindu Nation was tabled in 2016 by introducing Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB).
The opening of the Trans-Asia Highway/Asian Highway-1 International Trade Centre, Special Economic Zone, etc for successful implementation of the Indo-ASEAN Free Trade Agreement (IAFTA) will give impact to the indigenous people of the region, the CorCom’s convenor said. It also categorically stated on how the people have been exploited in the name of development.
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Sunday, 07 July 2019 16:39


Dr Nunglekpam Premi Devi
Independent Scholar

Understanding’s the humanity;
Understanding’s a divine option;
Understanding’s a caution, kind tender warmth;
Understanding’s the decency, a mystery;
Understanding’s the respectability, correctness to morality;
Understanding’s the etiquette, a politeness;
Understanding’s the civility, a consideration;
Understanding’s a formality, a custom;
Understanding’s a regulation, a mandatory;
Understanding’s a necessary, an essential;
Understanding’s a conception, an idea;
Understanding’s an appreciation, a respect;
Understanding’s an admiration, a regard;
Understanding’s the adulation, the worship;
Understanding’s the devotion, a loyalty;
Understanding’s the spirituality, an observance;
Understanding’s a dedication, a commitment;
Understanding’s the perseverance, a determination;
Understanding’s the worship, the homage;
Understanding’s the awe, the wonderment;
Understanding’s the veneration, the devotion;
When ‘he’ mis-understands, understanding’s a sin;
A fight to ‘understanding’ and a ‘submission’ to ‘acceptance’;
Understanding’s the humility between the two.

Understanding’s the sympathy, a support;
Understanding’s a pity, an emotion;
Understanding’s a notion, a belief;
Understanding’s an opinion, the concept;
Understanding’s a sense, the feelings;
Understanding’s the feelings, it’s a care;
Understanding’s the understanding, it’s a concern;
Understanding’s the tender, it’s a kind-hearted;
Understanding’s the reasoning, it’s a thoughtful;
Understanding’s the supportive, it’s a concerned;
Understanding’s a belief, it’s a standpoint;
Understanding’s an acceptance, it’s a realization;
Understanding’s the acknowledgement, it’s an acceptance;
Understanding’s a salute, it’s a noticing;
Understanding’s the awareness, it’s an appreciation;
Understanding’s so gentle, it’s the mercy;
Understanding’s a love, it’s an attachment;
Understanding’s the gentleness, it’s the approach;
Understanding’s so sensitive, it’s the charity;
Understanding’s a promise, it’s the vow;
Hold within those ‘misunderstanding’ I pledge;
Makes ‘me’ no’ deference, makes no conflict;
Understanding’s a bonding between the two.

Ah! He shouts and he frightens a soul;
Makes ‘him’ more energetic, still confusing;
Understanding a fondness, it’s an intuition;
He never knew what he’s up to, delivering speeches;
He takes and he talks thousands and thousands;
‘Believing’ and ‘impression’ all gone murky;
‘Understanding’s the misunderstanding so conflicting;
He won and I lost; confusing and all mix-up;
Understanding‘s an agreement, it’s the gentleman’s agreement;
Fancy and decorate himself, so tough I elaborate much;
Oh! Man disagreeing and alternating and falling out;
 Mis understanding a mis conception, it’s the mistake;
Understanding’s the intelligence, the ability of the two.

From a Correspondent
Rohtak, July 7,

Yashwardhan Singh of Haryana and Karan Vats of Delhi continue being the standout performers as they entered the semi-finals and confirmed medals at the first ever Sub Junior Boys’ Boxing Nationals held at the National Boxing Academy (NBA) in Rohtak on Saturday. Singh, a trainee at the NBA in Rohtak under the Khelo India scheme, demolished Karan Bisht of Services 5-0 to keep his fine run going.
Vats, who was the silver medallist at the School Nationals last year, was equally impressive in his 40kg quarter-final bout with Bengal’s Anshu Routh whom he beat 5-0.
The highly-skilled Vats was not the only one to win from Delhi on Day 5 of this prestigious national tournament. In 35kg, Rudra outpunched Goa’s Laxman Toralkar 5-0 to enter the semis. Deepanshu in 43kg was another winner for Delhi after beating Daman & Diu’s Priyanshu Kumar 4-1.
Punjab’s Nikhil dominated Daman & Diu’s Sumit 5-0 to keep hopes alive for the state. Chandigarh also registered a win through Aryan in 37kg who knocked out Sunil Kumar 5-0
Maharashtra had double delight through Vedantbengle in 40kg and Gopal Katta in 37kg. While the former showed his resilience in his narrow 3-2 victory over Haryana’s Divansh Shukla, the latter dominated Uttarakhand’s Aditya Tamta 5-0. Suraj Saini also assured a medal for Madhya Pradesh in 55kg after getting the better of Punjab’s Manmeet Singh 5-0. In 43kg, Goanese Rupesh Bind shone with a RSC in Round II victory over Madhya Pradesh’s Kishan Dadoriya.
The North-East, a long-established powerhouse of Indian boxing, too entered the medal bracket thanks to the efforts of Mizoram’s LH Peihneisa in 37kg and Arunachal’s Tadar Tadang in 46kg. The Mizo pugilist hardly broke a sweat in his 5-0 victory over Himachal’s Jagjeet. In sharp contrast, Tadang was made to work very hard by Thokchon Robert of the Services before he could grab a 3-2 victory.
33 teams and 326 boxers have participated in this seven-day tournament which will conclude with a grand finale on July 8.

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