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Huirem Naresh

Huirem Naresh, a resident of Keishamthong Elangbam has been with Imphal Times since its start, 2013. He handles mostly Press release and announcement related news. Naresh is also a social worker. He can be emailed at [email protected]

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IT News

Imphal, June 17,

KCP MC in a statement released to address debates surrounding the inauguration of Sanamahi Temple has said Chief Minister Biren and Leishemba Sanajaoba have disrespected Sanamahi religion.

“Chief Minister and Leishemba Sanajaoba, whom some people consider Ningthou, were invited as Chief Guest of the program held in connection with the inauguration of the Temple”, the statement said.

 Both of them did not turn up for the event. Instead, the CM went to Hindu Vaishnavite Govinda Temple with foreign leader Ram Madhav. On the other hand, the so called Ningthou Leishemba Sanajaoba feasted with foreign leader Prahlad Singh Patel on the same day, the statement added. The outfit stated that khaki shorts wearing Gau Rakshaks have stopped these two people from attending the event. The actions of these two individuals show that they have no respect for Sanamahi religion.

The outfit stated that what Hindu terrorist Shanti Das Gosai did during the time of Meidingu Pamheiba to destroy this society, Leishemba Sanajaoba is also working with Hindu terrorist  organisation RSS to ruin this society. It urged the people to understand the situation in front of us. The people of Manipur should not take their actions lightly.  We should remember the words of Lourembam Khongnangthaba, “maruna thabadi houde, Sembi Mukaklei maru thabadi hougani.”

“We should understand that the sons and daughters of Sembi Mukaklei will not do anything good for the people. Their actions are not surprising at all in this regard”, the statement added.

Regarding the controversy of the word, Kiyong, people who are well versed in this matter should clarify on it. There is a need to settle whether this word is a newly constructed word or not. The outfit urges that the debate over the matter should go in the right direction.

Moreover, the outfit clarifies that the close watch that the outfit is keeping in Catholic schools has nothing to do with money. It said that KCP MC has already declared that it would not take any monetary contribution from the people. It is not taking any money from these schools. The outfit manages its finances with the help of Maoist  Communist Party of Manipur, it stated. KCP MC is only concerned with the manner in which these schools are used to spread religion by building churches in schools, according to the statement. It said that these schools should not be used as spaces to lure people for religious purposes. If these things continue, the outfit will call a public curfew, the statement stated.

Monday, 17 June 2019 17:01

Democracy And Behaviourism

The Literally cultured societies takes spontaneous move towards democratic socialism (.) Whereas, ethics of the political leaders involved to build a society ; but today substances of the oral Delivery from the leaders of Bharatavarasha dictates to be Denigrate, rather needs Institution before being shoulder upon the responsibility of a social, politician Institution (.) Whereas, Such leader do expose own inefficiency, moreover lacks to improve or remove deficiency, to become a leader .

By : B. Angousana Sharma
An Onlooker

Although, a leader of segment of society ; a leader of a state or a nation might occupy an administrative chair with the responsibility of the society ; the leaders somewhere overtakes own ststure, where, he or she was sitting. But such leader or a person, in the bounded society exert to overdo or never do own part of duties; instead, either he/she descend to benefit own family or society, or could not ascend into the national agenda. As a matter of the facts exposed to be anti-incumbent, administration declined to shaky; at the while, immediate criticism arise in the public platform. Such situation appeared to have been prevailed into the political parties of India, during the general election 2019, was in synthesis of situation.
The ruling was in the people with the agenda; whereas, opposition was on slogan with Modi Hatao; which was shame to be opposition parties of a democratic nation.
As of today from 1947 onward, from the first general election 1952 till 2019, we have been experienced the state level, national level, council, Gram Panchayat elections. We have seen Indian democracy which of the administration was proto-British, the “Divide and Ruled” politics. We have seen Nehruvian Institution of “Socialist Pattern of Society” which was just admixture of British-Russia pattern of Governance; but could not overcome from the bounded mind-set, to take upon a reformative exercise. Nehru could not connect to Eastern states (now N.E) even after British was open East through Rail communication already from 1891; from Bengal to Guwahati, from Chittagong via Dharamnagar of Silchar. Nehru had never have a vision in favour of New BHaratavarasha. Perhaps Nehru might dream while sleeping but his physical touch with the region was less, being Prime Minister found neglected east in his tenure. Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri had the spirit, but lost his at Taskent, Russia, which was lost of a leader in India. Smt.Indira Gandhi has been enthroned to the Prime Minister after Lal Bahadur Shastri died in 1967. Indira was bold leader. She tried to emulate Nehru’s leadership by reforming the system the previous phrase from socialistic pattern of society to “ Democratic Socialism” in the preamble of the Constitution of India. She could not hold the administration. Ultimately she has been compelled to impose emergency in the country with the help of the President under her advise. She has been thrown out of the position by Janata Party under the supreme movement of Jai Prakash Narayan. Modiji Desai became Prime Minister of India; but could not retain in power longer. Indira returned with more power; but insurgency in Punjab climb to the culminating high. Blue star operation leads Indira to end; with the bullets of her own security men. But Rajiv Gandhi became Prime Minister; but could not pull hardly one tenure. His Defence Minister V.P. Singh became Prime Minister of India.
  V.P. Singh could administer as Prime Minister for short period; I.K. Gujaral and chandrasekhar also became Prime Minister for six months with the support of the Congress Party, but could not hold as public wanted.
  Atal Bihari Vajpayee became Prime Minister with little amount of parliament member. After Vajpayee Narasimha Rao became Prime Minister of India as Congress was majority for five years, with the coalition of numbers of parties successfully.
Atal Bihari Vajpayee returned as Prime Minister for the 2nd term with the coalition partners. Ruled successfully for five years, which was known as NDA (National Democratic Alliance).
 After the NDA, the Congress led coalition govt. returned in the name of UPA (United Progressive Alliance). But Mohan Singh became Prime Minister of Indian after Sonia Gandhi’s denial to become Prime Minister, with the bitter opposition the BJP. Lasted up to 2014. Ruled 10 years by UPA Govt. remained under serious criticism of corruption, scam or bribes.
 The tenure of UPA Govt. Was most delicate time for congress. Because, the Prime Minister was under remote control of Sonia Gandhi, how ? When ? Mrs. Sonia Gandhi has been denied to become Prime Minister on the bitter remarks of the BJP she herself determined to surrender the post of the Prime Minister. Though, she could establish PAC (Parliamentary Advisory Committee) whose chairperson was Mrs. Gandhi herself, who was all the while on dominating place above the Prime Minister. But, it (the PAC) was not constitutional; it was self made committee to overpower the Prime Minister. This UPA govt. has been folded by BJP led NDA, led by Narendra Modi; who took the post of the Prime Minister in May 2014.
  But, it is mentionable, also remarkable that, all congress and UPA regime could not properly administer the Govt. because the system of British left Govt. which was most colonial, could not reform to Democratic way. Simply we accept the Transfer of Power from British India to India govt; in which less democracy exist. hence no effort been made by Nehru with the vast countey. Lack of vision appeared. The same system of traditionalism continued till 2014; but people of India elect also select Narendra Modi as leader of the nation.
  His (Modi) tenure of 2014-2019 was elementary or essence of democratic administration in India. His slogan of SABKA SATH-SABKA VIKASH with number of the society. which of the reason to be practical democratic movements towrads development of the society; which of the reason of the sincere performance of the Shri Modi waon the heart and soul of the population. Thereafter, the term Faith or Viswas has been suffixed; as SABKA SATH-SABKA VIKASH + SABKA VISWAS.
2019 General Election could win 303 of BJP, so coalition partners, altogether 353, out of 543 Lok Sabha seats. Thus, Modi led BJP won the faith of the population.
It was nothing, no magical instrument to win over the opinion of the population, but pro-incombentcy Govt. with the policy plan of the Govt. was in favour of the people. Modi could through the elementary examination with his sincere delivery of the programmes without any intermediary involvement. He execute the preliminary act, by constituting S.I.T (Special Investigation Team) against the Stash-money in Swiss bank, in favour of Indian individuals, which was leakage of National treasury, cache in the Swiss bank since time unknown.
      He (Modi) called - out all bureaucrats of India ; had overt orality as advice to have sincere hand. He called-out or invite all chartered Accountant s for meeting, hence advise to put sincere hand while proceeding toward a National programme. Modi could float numbers of schemes which of the benefits had directly reach to the beneficiaries. For example. (1)free gas distribution( 2)free toilet to the poor (3)direct transfer of loan to the loanee (4)Beti Bachao, Beti Parhao, (5) P.M.Gramin Sadak Yojana,(6) Farmers help for Rs.6,000/- which was directly transfer to the account of the beneficiaries. (7) P.M. Swachh Bharat, (8) Swabhiman Bharat, (9) Ayushman Bharat and numbers of schemes have benefied the people in which everyone has to have house, by providing direct involvement of the Govt.
  Modi could delicate the biggest war memorial at India Gate, New Delhi, Modi could endeavour to construct the Biggest Police Memorial and Museum for India, which was ever first in the history of India.
 Foreign Relations      
Modi could establish the best of foreign relationship under best coordination with the Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraji, the most learned Lady of the Nation, of the era. Modi became World leader with his superb personality. But, he sincerely endorsed that, his power in born of majority Govt. if majority not been commenced he could not have so much of power on the platform of the world; he could lodge and board himself to the world pavilion, due to Indian emblem i.e. democratic India. But parliament election 2019, with it’s constituent of council of Ministers says something beyond politics, which is of new Foreign Minister, the former Foreign Secretary. There is public opinion that a recently retired Foreign Secretary placed to the post of the Minister of the Big Chamber where he works, would be a biggest promotion, but deviates the public opinion. Perhaps administrative perception would be right, but, it seems hitch a little; because a bureaucrat turn politician has been promoted to the most vital Democrats/Diplomats post has been surprised. But, I would not favour to point to the leader who became Political leaders from bureaucrats.
    Although it might not reflect as I thought, because, man to man difference are there. However the next for secretary might be posted out, so that difference of egos may not tussie in future. But Modi’s personal reach out to the neighbouring countries of SARC, as well as U.K., Russia, U.S, China, German, France, Saudi, Iran, Iraq, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Israel, Palestine, Philippines Island, South Korea and small islands like Maldives was found to be commendable on the part of Foreign relationship. Also, hope next tenure of India Government will bring relations with the other countries on the journey of peace.
Internal Politics/Administration
Modiji mould the insurgency strings in Kashmir as well as in Pakistan with appropriate action. Modiji promotes sports in the country; he could improve public health and public economic status. Modi is the leader who could expand his party at the utmost desire with his party President Amit Shah; but leftist bound govt. in Kerala, rather Bengal with stubborn leader have to overcome politically. But, no win Bengal would not have the problem. Because, Mamata’s politics showing hollowness, but trying tied grip as last straw of a person when sinking in the water. But, Kerala has been inducted cadre promoted leaders like B.J.P. But, only difference is BJP is nationalist and constructive; whereas, CPI trying to fool the people in the name of securalism, which is unmatched in the 21st century.
Of course, by saying Global village is a noun but, unending question marks remain in it. Has a state unless societies or number of societies include ? It is like that, unless number of states remain no nation shall be built. After nation there is the term multinational which has no symbol of existence in one as communist party of India dream. But segment of the nations in sovereign character can not administer together under a single umbrella.
Also according to the philosophy of India, the administrator either of king or of Ministers have been blessed with the Vedic Sloka. As SWASTI PRAJABHYA PARIPALAYANTAM, Nyayena Margen Mahim Mahisam, Gau-Brahmaneva Mastu Nityam Loka Samasta Sukhino Bhawantu. (let the administration keep the subject healthy; let the subject guide and justify; let cow and Brahmans be kept happy and regard all the time). BJP led NDA discussed and adopt Vedic importance of manu-smriti, vedas and puranas of Vedas Vyasa; sanatana marga of adi sankaracharya; nyay, artha and rastrya niti of chanakya.

IT News
Imphal, June 16, 

Chief Minister N. Biren Singh who is presently camping at New Delhi would receive an insulting blow if the portfolios that were taken out from Minister Bishwajit and vested on him restored, a political analyst who happen to present at Imphal airport said to this reporter. 
The reply by the Government spokesperson Th Radheshyam gave a clear indication that those portfolios withdrawn may not be restored. This means that the present crisis will only be settled at the cost of Th. Bishwajit. 
“In politics it takes no time for change of decision, anything can happen anytime, until Chief Minister returns and acted as per the decision he had taken before leaving, and make it visible to the people, people have to wait and watch”, the political analysts and a close aid of BJP who did not want to disclose his identity said.

Sunday, 16 June 2019 20:11

In the name of Love

By-Dr Nunglekpam Premi Devi
Independent Scholar

Call me by something, different and ‘even’ name;
‘Please’ me by cute, tiny and strange name;
‘Ebemma’, ‘echoubi’, ‘echan’, ‘e-che’ and ‘enao’;
Fascinating by the tangling ‘ethos’,
Captivating and enthralling and charming;
Oh! Those emotions so sweetening  
Making me proud; making me beautiful;
‘You’ hate me for nothing, blank;
‘You’ chase me for defying your words;
‘Naughty’ as I could; ‘Innocent’ as I exist;
Jumping and running free as I could,
There built no barrier ‘gender’ or ‘religion’;
 No secrete ‘hand’ dare tempt to touch,
So wildly and so vividly I flung off ‘naked’;
Re-birthing ‘me’ each day cocooning,
Tendering and fondling, caring and worshiping;
‘Home’ sweet home ‘ema’, ‘baba’ and ‘we’ll’,
Love, o love! Love’s a different meaning.

Call me by something, different and ‘even’ name
‘Fight’ me by worst, conquering and crushing ‘name’;
‘Kasubi’, ‘Besha’, ‘Oktabi’ and ‘Minai-nubi’,
‘Lam-chat naidbi’, ‘O-lakhi’, ‘Hing-chabi’ and ‘Mi-hatpi;
Criticizing and defeating with no mistake;
Killing ‘me’ so apart alive when in ‘you’ try ruling,
Pulling and triggering my emotions ‘unsaved’;
‘Whisking’ me away, forcing deep drowning;
Ah! You the ruler so timid,
Calling ‘me’ by different name ‘sarcastically’;
‘Rules’ for what goodness; ‘mastering’ your ‘egos’;
Living’s so threatening; I doubt as I live;
Oh! Log me in; count me off the ridge ‘social’
‘Ditching’ me into the category ‘scarlet’;
‘Flashing’ me helping ‘glowing’ so profoundly;
Love, Oh! Love you’re too daring I may say;

Call me by something, different and ‘even’ name;
‘Please’ me by trick, fraud and challenged name;
‘I love you so deep and I’ll die for you’;
‘I’ll buy for you’ and I’ll gift you’;
Oops! Everlasting sound emotions, sparkling into,
‘You deserve this and that’; Do I?’
‘Believing’ thousands, I fall down until I twisted;
‘Higher’ I float; ‘Lower’ down deep you pull me into;
Whirling and whirling until you shred ‘me’;
‘Into the jaws of shame; into the jaws of sinner’
‘Into the jaws of humiliation; into the jaws of embracement’;
‘Throwing me out’ and ‘kicking me out’;
‘Spit onto me; and slapping me harder’
‘Dragging me by hair and cutting it hurriedly’;
‘Who am I? And what you’re to me?’
‘So cruel and so murderous’ you become;
Love, Oh Love!  You’re so inhuman all thy ‘name’.

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