Huirem Naresh

Huirem Naresh

Huirem Naresh, a resident of Keishamthong Elangbam has been with Imphal Times since its start, 2013. He handles mostly Press release and announcement related news. Naresh is also a social worker. He can be emailed at [email protected]

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IT News
Imphal, Oct 30:

Integrated Development organization (IDO) shows solidarity to the agitation by AMMSO and PSU-DMU.
A statement by Secretary Akhtar Hussain said that the Manipur Govt, vide its OM No. 9/l/90(OBC) DP: dated 27 Dec. 2007, notified that 4% quota is reserved for OBC (Metei-Pangal) for appointment to Government posts and also for admission in professional courses in professional Colleges/Institutes. However, the same was not extended to non-professional courses of higher studies.
He further stated that from the socio-economic and educational point of view, the Meitei-Pangal is the most backward community among the minority communities and other backward classes in the state. More than a decade after the new reservation policy, still they are not adequately represented in the services under the state. Without framing a proper reservation policy in proportionate to their population it is difficult to uplift the community. Specific attention of the government is highly needed in order to bring the community into the mainstream. Better education opens up a host of opportunities and helps in elevating the social and economic conditions of any marginalized sections of society it added.
There has been a long-pending demand for the community to extend the same reservation quota in non-professional higher studies since many deserving students from the Meitei-Pangal Community have been deprived of higher education due to the non-availability of seats. Extension of the same reservation quota to non-professional courses of higher studies would be a great boon for the students of the downtrodden community.

IT News

Imphal, Oct. 29:

Six student bodies of the state AMSU (All Manipur Students’ Union), MSF (Manipuri Students’ Federation), DESAM (Democratic Students’ Alliance of Manipur), KSA (Kangleipak Students’ Association), SUK (Students’ Union of Kangleipak) and AIMS (Apunba Ireipakki Maheiroi Sinpanglup) continue the relay hunger strike highlighting their grievances on COVID-19 issue and  demanding 12 point policy. The student bodies began the relay hunger strike from October 21 at Kwakeithal Thokchom Leikai community hall.

Oinam Surjakanta added that politicians including elected leaders, MLAs, Ministers and even  Chief Minister have been taking bi election more important than the COVID-19 pandemic.

The government while neglecting the COVID -19 issue are not giving proper treatment to the  COVID patient.

IT News
Imphal, Oct 27:

Founder Advisor of the Coordinating Body Khurai and Founder Vice-President of the Khurai Pana Apunba Singlup,Moirangthem Yaima Singh, 72, died at the JNIMS Hospital on October 13, 2020 afternoon after battling hemorrhagic stroke for 11 months. The two organisations condoled the demise of Moirangthem Yaima who was also the secretary of the All Manipur Women’s Football Association. He served as an Executive Engineer at the IFCD, Manipur. Late Yaima was the brainchild of the Coordinating Body Khurai and pioneered several public issues ranging from CAB and indigenous people’s movement, stated the two organisations in a joint press statement.
Expressing condolences, the two organisations said the death of Yaima was a tragic loss to the public life. Further, it stated that Yaima was first admitted at the Shija Hospitals in November 2019 and later shifted to JNIMS Hospital in May 2020. The two organisations also showed its gratitude to Dr. Kh. Palin, Managing Director of Shija Hospitals and Research Institute for extending his service of humanity with extensive care during Yaima’s stay at the Shija Hospitals. The two organisations also lauded the role of the doctors and the staffs of the Shija Hospitals and the JNIMS Hospital for their hospitality towards Yaima’s treatment during these vulnerable days of COVID-19 Pandemic.

IT News
Imphal, Oct 26:

RNYO, the vanguard of the Rongmei people in its emergency consultative meeting held on 24th October, 2020 expressed anger and strong resentment over the brutal killing of two precious youth on the night of 23rd October 2020 at Soubunglong Village, Longmai (Noney) District, Manipur.
A statement from its media cell called the incident as an act of cowardice and betrayal. It said that the interest of NSCN Unification faction being centred only for Nagas of Nagaland. Whereas, NSCN U (Raitu & Kamson) led the gang to Manipur and creating problems is not only violation of Ceasefire Ground Rule whereby NSCN Unification is wrongly implicated but also intruding and provoking the people of Manipur by committing violent activities in the state. The fact is a direct threat to the Rongmei people and the people of Manipur in General. The recent killing proved the points and therefore, the organization condemn in its strongest term the act of recent brutality.
“Such uncivilized and barbaric activities are outdated and denounced in the Rongmei society. Today, the Rongmei society is advancing towards a higher social decency and humanity. The Rongmei public cannot accept the old fashion to prevail in the present society”, the RNYO statement said.
The statement said that it is unfortunate to know that factional fight between the ZUF and NSCN Unification led by some few members of the previous defected ZUF who have merged in with the NSCN Unification have played the killing game out of desperation and madness. The Rongmei youth shall not remain mere spectators anymore. Every possible measure shall be exercised to get rid of all factional killing in Rongmei land. The organization shall depute agencies to find out all hiding and killing elements in every Rongmei inhabited area and village. Any faction having nexus with other or outside state elements or factions and operating in Rongmei area to create a killing ground shall be out rightly opposed and confronted. Further, any faction causing threats and insecurity to the public shall be confronted with befitting measures.
The organization in its meeting has resolved to take a drastic step after much patience and humanitarian consideration over the prevailing social evils. Now, the factional groups operating in the Rongmei area are informed and cautioned to immediately refrain from all policy of inter-factional hunting and killing. Failing to heed and comply with the good will information served shall the concerned faction be implied as terrorist and be held sold responsibility for any eventuality in the society. The Organization shall commission a mission agency as filler intelligence in all sphere of the Rongmei society to detect the presence of terrorist activists in the society and take stringent action against the perpetrator. The Rongmei youth shall risk and face all situations in defense of the people; promoting and restoring peace and serenity in the society. Further Indian military organizations are informed to cooperate with the organization in cleansing social destructive elements in the society.
The statement further added that all the Rongmei villagers and leaders of all walks of life are appealed to cooperate with the organization in the move for complete social eradication of all elements of factional activities in our society. No partial or self interest or favoritism by any monetary, clanism or party chauvinism shall be considered in the social cleansing movement. Therefore, all are called and appealed to come out for mass participation with the initiative of the Rongmei Naga youth organization. Our present and future society depends on how we act today. All concerned organizations and Govt. are appealed to cooperate and support the movement for common social security and peace in the society and state.

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