Maheshwar Gurumayum

Maheshwar Gurumayum

Maheshwar Gurumayum, Sub-Editor of Imphal Times is a resident of Sagolband Salam Leikai. He has been with Imphal Times since 2013. An avid adventure lover, writes mostly travelogue. He can be contacted at [email protected]

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IT News
Imphal, Mar 27:

To enable people to pay fees, taxes and payment for Government services online, Chief Minister N. Biren Singh today launched e-GRAS (e-Government Receipt Accounting System) portal,
This new facility will allow anytime-anywhere payment and will provide a quick and simple method of payment to the general public. For seamless transition, the option of payment through manually filled challans will continue for 2 (two) months starting today, after which this method will cease.
However, facility of payment across a bank counter will be made available with electronically generated challan. For initial implementation, the State Government has authorized the State Bank of India (SBI) to conduct the business of e-receipts and its various payment gateways will be available for online payment. The State Government will expand the list of banks after completion of necessary procedures.
To start with, facilities for payment of Professional Taxes (PT) and Value Added Tax (VAT) will be made available on e-GRAS. New services will be onboarded on the e-GRAS portal by the State Government, from time to time. Relevant orders, policy and FAQs will be available on the portal.

IT News
Imphal, Mar 24:

There is a saying about the Gorkhas in the world, “Turn any pages of the History, you will find their names among the Bravest of the Brave”.

Today, the 24th March 2021, is the 140th death anniversary of Subedar Hemchand Singh who died in 1881.

In a statement, the Manipuri Gorkha Youth Association stated that the inscription at the memorial of the Subedar Hemchand has been wrongly written as 1891. The association drew the attention of the government and concern authority regarding the English Translation which was wrongly translated at his memorial inside Kangla Fort.  The English translation which was engraved in marble stone few decades/years ago reads,    

The memorial of Subedar Hemchand of 44th Gurkhas was erected in 1891.  It read Subedar Hemchand, Lieutenant Backenbury, one Havildar other sepoy were killed on 24th March 1891 in the attempt by the British troops to capture Bir Tikendrajit from his residence at Kangla.

The Manipuri Gorkha Youth Association said that the original writings at the original memorial were written in Gurkhali Language of which the correct English translation is given below:-” Subedar Hemchand of 44 Gorkha Rifles died on 24th March 1881: Dafla, Naga, Burma, Chin Hill expedition. He was 49 years old’’.

The original write-up is in the Gorkhali language of the Gorkhas that came to be known as the Nepali language after 1930 with some changes in phonology and honorific system.

The association said that the English Translation will give a wrong message to the future generation and demanded a correction to keep the history straight and correct.

Wednesday, 24 March 2021 17:10

40th World Tuberculosis Day at Senapati

IT News
Senapati, Mar 24:

The District Health Society NTEP Senapati observed the 40th World TB Day today at DRDA Hall under the theme “The Clock is Ticking”.
Losii Dikho, Minister PHED, Printing & Stationary speaking in the Chief Guest speech stated that the present State government is emphasizing on the health sector for the betterment of people in the state. Recalling his childhood, he said that he has a deep admiration of doctors and health workers for their immense services to well being of society. Congratulating on the 40th World TB Day he appealed the member present to take up active participation from each and every individual toward in eliminating the disease. He also applauded the district health workers for their immense contribution in the state.
Th. Kirankumar, IAS, Deputy Commissioner, Senapati in his presidential speech stated that the main focus in the district toward the TB elimination is the notification through blood test, X- Ray detection, writing down the name of person purchasing the medicine in the Pharmacy and reporting suspected TB persons to the health workers like ASHA.
He said that drastic reduced can be even seen in the district if proper advantage is taken through the available facility. He also suggested Health Worker, CSO’s Village leaders and Anganwadi workers to join hand in hand for tactical mock drill exercise. He therefore appealed the member present not to be shy of declaring oneself as TB patient as the treatment of TB is available at free of cost.
Dr. Pfokreho Pfoze, Chief Medical Officer, Senapati in his Guest of Honour speech highlighted the Mandatory TB notification Gazette for private practitioners, chemists and public health staff under Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme which was notified by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India. He also appealed the member present especially the Health Worker to take active initiative in notifying the TB patients to DTO.
It may be mentioned that World TB day is a flagship of the National Tuberculosis Elimination Programme which is observed every year on 24th March since 1882 so as commemorate the discovery of Mycobacterium tuberculosis causing Tuberculosis by Dr. Robert Koch. It is also observed to generate awareness about TB and mobilize political and social commitment to fight against TB. India is the highest TB burden country in the world with 2.69 millions incidences and 44000 death. TB, a contagious disease that spread through air droplets can also be prevented through face masks. The Government of India has committed to end TB by 2025, i.e. five years ahead of the Global targets under SDGs. Due to ambitious target name of the programme and its logo has been changed from RNTCP to NTEP in 2020. Several initiatives have also been implemented like ACF, use of newer and shorter regimen, private sector engagement, NPY, expansion of diagnostic network, digital intervention. Regarding Manipur notify cases, it is 1148 out of which Senapati district has 188 notify cases despite COVID 19 pandemics across the country. Minister of Health and Family Welfare had called Jan Andolan (People’s Movement) on23rd November, 2020 to make 2021, a year for TB.
Later, there was Role Play/ Drama competition from 6 Health Centres out of which Bendramai PHC stood 1st position, then Tadubi PHC in 2nd position and Maram in position respectively. Besides, there was a testimonial speech and incentive was given to the survivor of TB disease.
The programme was attended by DLO’s, Various CSO’s, Health Workers like ASHA and survivors of the contagious disease.

Wednesday, 24 March 2021 17:02

Lamjing Meira: AMAND Ladies Club Talk Show

IT News
Imphal, Mar 24:

Prof. S. Sanatombi Singha (Vice-Chancellor, Manipur University) participated as chief guest in the Lamjing Meira Episode 1 organized by AMAND Ladies Club on yesterday. The Talk Show event is conducted in online mode through Zoom Meeting. She highlights women’s upliftment in women’s empowerment. As a woman, we need to work hard and to perform our responsibility for women’s empowerment. Life should be share and understand to bring peace and develop families. Without struggle, there is no success. She also encouraged the AMAND Ladies Club to organize the said Talk Show.
The Association of Manipuri Diaspora (AMAND) Pune is a nonprofit, non-government community organization founded by like-minded working/retired professionals from Manipur residing in and around Pune. AMAND Ladies Club is a part of AMAND, formed by the lady members of AMAND, to look upon women’s issues and have a collective voice of all women. Under the aegis of AMAND Ladies Club, various programs were initiated on a vast range of topics related to women like Vaccination programs, Awareness program on health-related issues, visit orphanages, etc As an apart of its activities, ALC will be launching “Lamjing Meira” a talk show by the women, for the women, on women related issues, on the occasion of International Women’s Month.

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