Md Mahin Laskar

Md Mahin Laskar

Md Mahin Laskar

Md Mahin Laskar is working as the Jiribam Correspondent of Imphal Times. Mahin Laskar is a resident of Babupara Ward No.6, Jiribam. He has experience of working as Staff Reporter of Manipur Chronicle and Chief Editor of Jiri News Network for 3 years.
He can be contacted at [email protected]

IT Correspondent
Jiribam, March 6:

In the 2nd and final phase of the 12th Manipur Legislative Assembly Election, 2022 for the Jiribam Assembly constituency voting was held peacefully with around 90% voter turnout to casts their vote across 40 polling stations of the constituency which is placed within the entire Jiribam District.
Among the 40 numbers of the polling station, the polling station No. 40/3, 40/4, 40/5, 40/12, and 40/13  were fully assigned to the women polling officials.
As reported Polling Station 40/20 of Rashidpur, Jiribam recorded the highest casting of vote a percentage of around 98.35 with 477 votes polled out of 485 total votes while polling station 40/35 of Goakhal, Jiribam recorded the lowest voting percentage around 76.84  with 468 votes polled out of 609 total numbers of voters among the 40 polling stations of Jiribam constituency.
Out of 29298 numbers of total voters in the Jiribam Assembly constituency voters cast their vote which overall recorded around 90% votes.

IT News
Jiribam, Feb 24:

Poll preparation process for second phase election is moving on in full swing at Jiribam District as in other districts of Manipur with the District Election Officer, Jiribam Shri W. Malemnganba Chenglei appointing 6 separate polling teams exclusively for the Absentee voters.
The 6 polling teams for Absentee voters comprise of 2 (two) Polling Officials with videographers, micro-observer, and security personnel each. The main purpose of forming these teams is to pay visits to the address of eligible Absentee voters and also to issue and receipt of postal ballot apart from conducting a house-to-house visit. The house-to-house visit has been fixed in 2 rounds.
As per the Election Commission of India’s decision dated the 16th July 2020, the facility for voting through postal ballot paper is being imparted to Senior Citizens (AVSC), PwDs (AVPD) marked in Electoral Roll, and Covid 19 suspect or affected (AVCO) persons at their houses or place of quarantine/hospital.
The number of Absentee voters marked in Electoral Roll for AVSC, AVPD, AVCO is 387,173 and 0 respectively with the total figure coming to around 560 voters.
All stakeholders including absentee voters for postal ballot, candidates, and agents are requested to ensure the following guidelines of ECI for categories of electors in order to have a transparent and accountable election in addition to maintaining the secrecy of voting and ensuring 100% voting by all absentee voters of the district, as per a notice issued by DEO, Jiribam.

Wednesday, 23 February 2022 17:31

Flag hoisting of JDU candidate of Jiribam held

Ashab Uddin to get Ministerial berth if JD(U) get a share in the formation of government: Asfaque Ahmed Khan assured
IT Correspondent
Jiribam, Feb 23:

A flag hoisting ceremony of Md. Ashab Uddin, JDU candidate of Jiribam Assembly Constituency held today at Sonapur, Jiribam.
The flag was hoisted by the Chief Guest of the programme Asfaque Ahmed Khan, National General Secretary, Janata Dal (United) in presence of Khuslender Kumar, M.P, Lok Sabha; MK. Bodain, President, JD(U), Jiribam Mandal and MD. Achab Uddin, JD(U) Candidate, Jiribam Assembly Constituency.
Addressing the large public gathering Khuslender Kumar, M.P, Lok Sabha; Bihar said for the development of Jiribam people of Jiribam you need to vote in favour of Achab Uddin. 
You have seen during the tenure of Ashab Uddin, for the construction of Jiri-Tipaumukh road money has already sanction but the tender of the road was hold up by the BJP government, so that it will affect to the election of Ashab Uddin.
He assured that if Ashab Uddin win the election than he will work for the development of Jiribam under the guidance of Nitish Kumar.
He also assured if the JD(U) get their share in the formation of Manipur government than Achab Uddin will get the ministerial berth.
Thereafter, Asfaque Ahmed Khan, National General Secretary, Janata Dal (United) said JD(U) is a party for all. The party never did the blame and claim politics. Our objective is to work for the development of people. He also cautious to the rival party not to take JD(U) lightly.
He assured without the support of JD(U), no one can form the government in Manipur.
He appealed to all to vote in favour of JD(U) candidate and to bring development for all in Jiribam.
Addressing public meeting, Ashab Uddin said I will always remain indebt for your support and favour whatever you have given to me.
Taking jibe  to his rival, he added frightening the voters you should not break down such activities we will unitedly faced. 
Clarifying about the JT road work, he said the JT road has already sanction in my tenure there is nothing new to do.
Ashab Uddin said, his objective is to maintain peace, justice and development of all in Jiribam.

IT Correspondent
Jiribam, Feb 19:

One day political conference of the Indian National Congress was held today at the Ahmedabad,  Jiribam, organised Jiribam Block Congress Committee.
The conference was attended by Shiddeque Ahmed, MLA, South Karimganj, Assam as a Chief Guest.
Addressing the public meeting Shiddeque Ahmed, said the election is the mode of bringing changes in the formation of government so that development could be achieved by the people through their mandate.
“You have seen since the Independence Congress party has brought lots of development in the nation”, he added.
When the Narendra Modi led BJP government came to power, we have started to see the oily speech and false commitment with the people of India. Those things we have seen from demonetization that Narendra Modi makes people queues in front of Banks saying that to bring back black money.
Taking a jibe at the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Shiddeque Ahmed said BJP  leaders should “avoid telling lies “They are good at telling lies in front of you and me.
Shiddeque also took a swipe at the Ashab Uddin, he asked how many times you have changed the party after getting the mandate of people in the last election. He said the condition of roads in Jiribam is so deplorable, which indicates that development in the areas remains unseen by the local MLA and BJP ruling party in Jiribam.

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