Md Mahin Laskar

Md Mahin Laskar

Md Mahin Laskar

Md Mahin Laskar is working as the Jiribam Correspondent of Imphal Times. Mahin Laskar is a resident of Babupara Ward No.6, Jiribam. He has experience of working as Staff Reporter of Manipur Chronicle and Chief Editor of Jiri News Network for 3 years.
He can be contacted at [email protected]

IT News
Jiribam, May 23:

The school committee of Rashidpur Upper Primary School, Jiribam District appealed to the concerned authority to transfer the headmaster of the school, they also caution that if the authority fails to act on them, they will shut down the school.
Speaking with the media person, in a press meet held at Rashidpur Upper Primary School Md. Nazir Ahmed, a member of Rashidpur Upper Primary School committee alleged that few days ago the headmaster of the school Md. Makram Ali had collected money from the students with the hope to provide scholarships. “He is also involved in the case of stealing and sold the mid day meals rice of the school as well as misused the school development funds sanction from the government”, Nazir Ahmed added.
He also stated that in connection with the controversies of the headmaster, the guardian of the school put up a complaint to the Z.E.O, Jiribam. The Zonal Education Officer promptly took up the action and transfer the teacher from Rashidpur Upper Primary School. However, the said teacher was again reinstated to the school with an order from Manipur Education Director on the 18th May, 2022.
The School Committee of Rashidpur Upper Primary School, Guardian and local club members hysterically appealed to the concern authority to transfer the alleged headmaster from the school at earliest, unless they will shut down the school.

IT Correspondent
Jiribam, May 16:

Jiri river wiped out vast areas of Manipur land in the recent flood water. Many houses were destroyed and washed away by the flood water in the different low-lying areas of Jiribam District.
Recently, the Jiri river water receded as the rain stop, but the hovac which caused by the flood water is immense in Kamranga village which lies under Hilghat Gram Panchayat of Jiribam District.
It has witness, a vast areas of Manipur State land has been cut-off by the channel migration of Jiri river.
Nearby 4 to 5 hectare of land at Khutchoi khup were now surrounded by the flood water of Jiri river.
Local expected the recent channel migration of Jiri river might sift the vast areas of Manipur State land to Assam State which is on the other side of Jiri river.
People who were affected by the flood water are still at relief camp.
The Jiribam District administration continuously monitoring the situation of flood-affected places and channel migration of the Jiri river.
As of now, 60 houses were affected by the flood water. Around 340 people were out of their houses and 4 houses were washed away.
Relief materials were also provided by the district administration and local bodies at the relief camp.

IT Correspondent
Jiribam, May 13:

Based on the inputs, officials of the Jiribam Forest Division seized a huge consignment of teak-sawn timber from Jiribam District.
As per a report, last Thursday around 3:10 pm, a team of Jiribam Forest Division led by Rajesh Darade, IFS, Divisional Forest Officer, Jiribam Forest Division came across 356 nos. of sawn teak beams from Dibong, Jiribam with an approximate total volume of 112 cubic meters.
It was expected, that the said teak beams are likely to be transported from Myanmar.
The illegal forest products are seized under u/s 41,42 of the Indian Forest (Manipur Amendment) Act, 2018 and Rule 33(a) of Manipur Forest Rules.
The Confiscation procedure is being initiated under the relevant section of the Indian Forest (Manipur Amendment) Act, 2018.
The DFO, Jiribam Rajesh Darade, and N. Biraj Singh, in-charge Range Forest Officer, Jiribam Range appeal to the public not to indulge in such illegal trade. Such illegal acts are punishable under Indian Forest Act, 1927.

IT News
Imphal, April 22:

Friendly Environment Warriors’ (FEW), Jiribam and Jiribam Forest Division organised a tree plantation programme today under the theme “Invest in our planet” celebrating the Earth Day. Saplings were planted at Panjel Playground and BOC of Babupara, Jiribam.
Deputy Commissioner of Jiribam , W. Malemnganba Chenglei, IAS, led the tree plantation programme along with DFO Rajesh Darde, IFS, SDPO Chamna Anal,MPS, President of JDO N. Sadananda Meetei, President of MSF District Committee A. Ratan Singh, and with the members of Panjel club and Friendly Environmental Warriors’.
DC, Jiribam W. Malemnganba Chenglei said that “today Jiribam also celebrated the Earth day along with the worlds .We have to conserves our environment, to preserve our environment we have to work together”, he also further added that “with the plantation of trees it will control the pollution”.
The statement also informed that there were also distributions of saplings to the locals.

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