Md Mahin Laskar

Md Mahin Laskar

Md Mahin Laskar

Md Mahin Laskar is working as the Jiribam Correspondent of Imphal Times. Mahin Laskar is a resident of Babupara Ward No.6, Jiribam. He has experience of working as Staff Reporter of Manipur Chronicle and Chief Editor of Jiri News Network for 3 years.
He can be contacted at [email protected]

IT Correspondent
Jiribam, Jan.14:

The President of Jiri Development Organisation (JDO) N. Sadananda Meetei denounced the allegations of physical harassment level by Aming Shyla, Chairman Khedagar Khasi Village.
Speaking to media persons at the office premises of JDO, Jiribam, N. Sadananda said a team of JDO and other CSOs volunteers of Jiribam visited the Nunkhal village which falls under Jiribam Revenue District and there are no such incidents of physical harassment and threatened Aming Shyla.
He added, after the JDO had received a complaint from Nunkhal villagers about the illegal land encroachment, On January 7 the JDO and other CSOs volunteers of Jiribam went to the residence of Salan Khasia, Chairman of Kamaranga khashi village before they proceeded to Nunkhal village.
The Chairman of Kamaranga khashi village himself called Aming Shyla at his residence and after good deliberation and discussion regarding the land dispute, they together proceeded to Nunkhal village, Sadananda added.
Maintaining Sadananda said the matter was amicably settled in presence of Aming Shyla and other localities of Nunkhal village. The present people at the spot are evidence of it.
There was no such force or unlawful activities happened. The Tamenglong dwellers who were unconsciously trying to settle were also vacated from the place after they had considered the matter discussed with JDO and other CSOs volunteers of Jiribam.
However, the Khedagar Khasi Village Chairman Aming Shyla later raised allegations of physical harassment & threatened him which published in some of newspapers of Manipur is baseless and false claims which seems to disturbed the peace and harmony of two neighbouring districts.
Sadananda urged Aming Shyla to stop such vested interest allegations as well as appealed to the district administration of Jiribam and Tamenglong district to justify the matter and to bring amicable solution to district boundary dispute as earliest.

IT Correspondent
Jiribam, Jan.10:

The Jiribam District police inaugurated newly constructed multipurpose hall & District Arms Kote at Jiribam police station under the Manipur Police Department at the sanctioned cost of around 30 lakhs today.
Inspector General of Police, Zone II Manipur Clay Khongsai, IPS inaugurated Multipurpose hall & District Arms Kote in presence of S.P Jiribam Moirangthem Mubi Singh, Addl. S.P (Ops), Jiribam Akhoijam Sadananda Singh, Addl. S.P (LO), Jiribam Heisnam Basulal Singh, SDPO Jiribam Th. Sanatomba Singh and Officer in Charge (OC), Jiribam Laishram Khogen Singh.
Clay Khongsai, IGP Zone-II, Manipur said police Department faces tremendous challenges in Manipur in different time and situation but due to efforts of its personnels it bounced back in its duties.
He added, the role of S.P Jiribam and Deputy Commissioner of the District is commendable.
During the COVID-19 pandemic they work fearlessly day and night to send the people brought by the trains from different States to their respective district.
Clay Khongsai also lauded all who have been supporting police department in time and needs.
Superintendent of police, Jiribam District Mubi Moirangthem in his speech said there are lack of infrastructure for police department in Jiribam District. However, IGP, Zone-II extended full co-operation for the development of Jiribam District Police, Mubi said.
He added the construction work of multipurpose hall & District Police Arms Kote was accomplished with the physical contribution of VDF personnels of Jiribam without any external manpower from outside.
During the inaugural programme selected VDF personnels were presented gifts for their dedication and efforts to accomplish the work.
The inaugural function was attended by Deputy Commissioner of Jiribam District W.Malemnganba Chenglei, Col. Sakhawat Singh, 37 Assam Rifles, A. Biren Singh, Ex- Minister, Government of Manipur; N. Budhachandra Singh, Social Worker along with many other dignitaries.

IT Correspondent
Jiribam, Jan. 10 :

The Jiribam Sub-Jail which is one of the oldest Jail of the Manipur State is in a deplorable condition and within the areas of jail have been transformed to piggery farm and kitchen garden.
The jail was established on November 9, 1964 and had functioned very well as a full-fledged jail in older times upto 1996-97 under the supervision of a Jailor.
Thereafter, due to non - functioning, the sub-jail was converted into a morgue where dead bodies are kept since erstwhile Jiribam Sub-Division does not have its own morgue. It was again used as a temporary camp for security forces for a certain period of time.
As the concerned authorities have failed to look into the series of problems and its non - functioning , the law enforcement agencies of Jiribam District are finding it hard as their cries for help and hardships have gone on deaf ears.
The law enforcement agencies faced many problems if they arrest any accused person (s) who have to be brought up to Imphal which is 222 km far from Jiribam along the  NH 37, if they are to be jailed.
Moreover, the erstwhile Jiribam Sub Division was upgraded to District status and there are lots of changes in the newly upgraded District as compared to earlier times with a high rate of crimes which requires a Sub jail in Jiribam for the smooth functioning of law and order. 
On  December 26, 2018 the erstwhile law Minister of Manipur L. Jayenta Kumar and present Local MLA of Jiribam Assembly Md. Ashab Uddin visited the defunct Sub jail of Jiribam which gave a ray of hope among the people of Jiribam for the renovation of the jail but till the assurance remained as mere words. 
If the concerned authorities do not take appropriate steps at the earliest, slowly and gradually it will be reduced to nothing. 
The irony was that, the jail is situated within the municipal areas of Jiribam town occupying vast areas of land as unused as well as due to encroachment to the surrounding areas of jail, the size of jail area are reducing day by day.
Many people of Jiribam opined, if the jail is not to be reinstated than “ it will be better to utilize the land for other productive purposes for the development of the district”.

IT News
Jiribam, Jan. 08:

One day awareness programme on Gender Sensitization was organised by Social Welfare Service Association, Jiribam today at the Auditorium hall of JMC, Jiribam.
The programme was sponsored by Manipur State Commission for Women.
 Prof.Dr.Meinam Binota Chairperson MSCW, M.Meipaksana, Chairperson Child Welfare Committee, Jiribam, Lourembam Dayabati Member MSCW, A.Biren Singh Ex.Minister Govt. Of Manipur, L.Veerjeet Singh Chief Funtionary Social Welfare Service Association, N. Budhachandra Singh Social Worker Jiribam shared the dais as a Chief Guest, President and Guest of honour respectively.
Resource Person T Chuongsin Koireng ,Member, MSCW gave the speech on Gender Sensitization and Advocate L. Romen Singh gave the speech on Women Empowerment through law.


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