Guru Aribam Naocha

Guru Aribam Naocha

Guru Aribam Naocha, a resident of Keishamthong Hodam Leirak has been with Imphal Times since Day 1. Naocha is the father of a son and a daughter. He writes mostly about PR and other notices in Imphal Times. he may be contacted at [email protected].

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IT News
Imphal, Aug 9:

Four more persons including two jawans from Border Security Force (BSF) have lost their lives due to Covid-19  in the last 48 hours in Tripura..
So far 40 people have lost their lives due to COVID in the state. Out of  1,97,734 COVID tests, 6,164 have found positive for the virus. Currently the state has 1,876 active cases.
The positivity rate stands at 3.04 percent, test per million is 49,463 while the recovery rate stands at 69.61 percent and mortality rate is 0.67 percent.
Meanwhile, in Mizoram, 28 fresh Coronavirus positive cases were detected while eight patients were discharged in the last 24 hours.
According to an official statement, the total number of COVID-19 cases in the state has gone up to 593. So far 296 patients have recovered from the highly infectious disease and 297 patients are undergoing treatment.

IT News
Imphal, Aug 8:

The news of a pregnant woman who was denied admission by various Hospital authorities which subsequently led to the death of the pregnant mother and her child came as an utter shock to many.  In fact, such inhumane act of apathy is indescribable but despairing and mournful to the core.
A statement by the International Human Rights Association, Manipur said that the rights body is extremely perturbed by how and why such acts of insensibility and irresponsibility still have places in our society. This extremely unfortunate incident shows a grave violation of Human Rights, and of the fundamental right to life.
“We strongly condemn any organisation or individual involved in the denial of admission or denial to initiate treatment leading to the death of the woman and her child. Such act of indifference can only bring adversities to the society in general and to the state in particular”, the Rights body said.
The International Human Rights Association demanded the government to take stringent actions against the perpetrators. In addition, the rights body also demanded immediate resignation of the Health Minister on humanitarian grounds since the deplorable incident is a clear portrayal of incompetence and the lack of dedication towards serving people in the true sense of service.
Nonetheless, we acknowledge and appreciate the concern and timely intervention of the general public, the leaders and positions alike to fight against a crime that is no less a cold-blood murder. 
It is an appeal therefore, to the concerned authorities and individuals to therefore put into action the requisite mechanisms that are important to bring Justice to the deceased mother and child while also assuring that such unfortunate incidents will no more have a place in our society.

IT News
Imphal, Aug 7:

The All Tribal Rights’ Protection Forum Manipur (ATRPFM), The INPUI Naga Union (INU), All INPUI Students Union (AISU), INPUI Naga Women Union (INWU) and Longmai Areas Authority Council (LAVAC),  condemned the inhumane acts of the hospitals in the strongest term that led to pregnant’s woman tragic demise at 4 a.m. on 6th August, 2020.    
A pregnant woman, Mrs. (L) Kapatliu Kamei, w/o Mr. Roshan Palang, a resident of Puichi (Oktan) village, Noney District, died after running between hospitals for 16 hours. The hospitals which are denied admission to the peculiarly dangerous nature of patients are - Senapati District Hospital, JNIMS, RIMS, Imphal Hospital, Raja Medicity, and Shija Hospital. The Manipur Hospitals made excuses to not admit pregnant woman in the name of Covid-19 or lack of doctors to treat her. The victim party had to shuffle between hospitals without either a proper admission or referral.So, an  administrative probe has to be set up into the death of a pregnant woman, who was allegedly denied admission to six hospitals and died at the casualty entrance at 4 a.m. of 6th August, 2020. ATRPFM strongly condemned and demanded  action against several medical officials and also concluded that private hospitals made “excuses” not to admit her. A probe has to be set up under the CMO of the concerned district and appropriate action has to be taken up in accordance with prevalent Acts and Rules.
A statement said that as by rules, if the patient cannot be admitted to the District Hospital, a senior employee of the hospital should contact a higher centre for referral. In this case, the patient was not looked at by a senior employee and was turned away. Taking seriousness of the situation, action shall be taken against the staffs and ward nurses for their negligence and inhumane discrimination against a tribal preganant woman only on the ground of caste and religion. The Senapati District Hospital, one the first hospitals approached by the victim’s family, was not admitted and was referred to JNIMS Hospital, Imphal.
When the patient approached private hospitals, an excuse was made that beds are not available, doctors are not available. This delay led to the death of the patient. The hospital staff on duty at the time are held guilty. The district administration will have to issue notices to the hospitals with regards to specific wrongdoings. In the event it is found that the government or private hospitals were not following medical ethics as mandatated, FIR shall be filed against them. As per the sources, the victim’s family had approached Imphal Hospital, Raj Medicity and Shija Hospital apart from the government hospitals. It was alleged that the Government Institute of Medical Sciences too refused the patient.
It was also reported that staff and security personnel of some hospitals made offensive remarks and did not allow the patient to be entered into the hospitals in spite of the peculiarly dangerous nature of the patient. Hence, a probe has to be conducted against staff and security personnel present who refused to admit her. Noney ot the Senapati District administration is demanded for action against the private hospitals as well for alleged negligence. The district administration should “ensure” admission of patients and that “communication” should be established with other hospitals in case of referral to minimise delay of which those 6 hospitals have failed to do so. Hence, ATRPFM demands an inquiry into the matter. The victim’s family begged and knocked on the doors of six hospitals, including government ones, before she died at the gate of the casualty ward, Shija Hospital. The hospital refused to admit her and then they were forced to run from one facility to another, but all refused to admit her. The victim family also tried to get admission in the private facility  as well as Government hospitals but were allegedly told that no beds or doctors were available. Finally, they got to the Shija Hospital but it was too late. Hence, ATRPFM and other tribal CSOs demand District Magistrates and the State Government to immediately carry out a probe and take action against the responsible officers and the hospitals. Additionally, the hospitals that denied admission have to pay adequate compensations in accordance with law, failing which ATRPFM along with other civil organisations and the general public will take our own course of action in the matter, which please note.

IT News

Imphal, Aug 6:

The Naga people’s mandate for a sovereign Nagaland has always been the guiding principle and the ultimate goal – a press release signed by Manwan, Education Kilonser of the NSCN/GPRN asserted today, further adding that in keeping with the glorious sacrifices of their forefathers, they have posed unflinching confidence and faith in the leadership of their President Nyemlang Konyak Naga to lead the Nagas towards the goal of sovereign political rights, and requested all to respect the decision of collectively forming a united front to defend and fight for their goal.

The release also states that the Nagas on the east side of the forcefully drawn boundary line has always shouldered responsibilities through thick and thin, and have borne the full brunt of hardships and atrocities committed by the occupational forces, yet have struggled in unison with hope and faith despite the odds stacked against them. It also placed on record that the Nagas do not identify themselves on the basis of the contentious boundary line as many Naga tribes are strewn across on either side of the unrecognised border and contends that the better conscious would not allow them to follow down the ruinous path that so many Naga leaders have fallen into; for reasons best known to them, and therefore declared that they will not follow leaders who cannot shoulder the responsibility of working for the Naga nation towards achieving the inherent sovereign political rights.

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