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Sh Ajit

Sh Ajit, a resident of Khongman, Imphal East is a regular contributor of Imphal Times mostly news photo and articles. He is a father of a lovely son. His favourite quote is " A Picture is worth Thousand words". He can be contacted at [email protected]

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IT News
Imphal, Sept 19:

House to House Campaign of Oinam Romen Singh, the Intending Candidate of Singjamei Assembly Constituency in the upcoming State General Elections 2022 in the National People Party (NPP) Ticket began this morning beginning from his Home Poll.
In the Campaign, a large number of electors participated from different walks of life supporting him and his Party.
Initiating the Campaign, Romen Singh stated that he will fight the Elections giving thrust to the youths of the Constituency as the youths of the Constituency remain jobless due to the failure of implementing different government policies for the youths. He will take up various initiatives for the welfare of the youths if voted to power. He said that the youths will be given various jobs through entrepreneurship so that they can be self-reliant. Without maintaining the youth’s self-reliant, there will not be any development in the Constituency. So his main focus is to the youths, he asserted. Women of the Constituency are very skillful in various activities so, taking up initiatives for them is also a must, he added.
Romen further said that NPP is the only Political Party which gives thrust to the youths and women, so he chose such Party to fulfil his desire to perform the activities. He has been taking up various activities for the welfare of the people of the Constituency for the last seven years. He has the intention to do further but cannot because of being a lame man, if voted to power he can do everything he desires to do for the youths and women and also for the aged as well, he assured.
He further said that the people of Singjamei Assembly Constituency are all intellectuals, so the electors cannot be wooed with money and muscle power, only needs to know the true mindsets of the Candidate. They will cast their franchise to the Candidate having the mindset of serving people only from the bottom of his heart. So the Elections of 2022 in Singjamei Assembly Constituency will be the role model of every constituency, he assured.

Saturday, 11 September 2021 17:14

154 performing artists honoured with awards

IT News
Imphal, Sept 11:

154 performing artists were honoured in a solemn function under the banner ‘Shanknairaba artist singbu ikai Khumnaba Utchaba’  held at the residence of Oinam Romen Singh, the Intending Candidate of the Singjamei Assembly  Constituency in the upcoming State General Elections 2022 at Singjamei Oinam Thingel, Imphal West District Manipur today. The function is organised by the New Development Organisation Singjamei (NDOS)

It is the first of its kind that the Artist comprising of Singer of Modern, Classical, Folk, Instrumentalist, Film and Drama Artiste. They were honoured with a shawl, a Citation, a Memento and Cash Rewards sponsored by Oinam Romen Singh.

Honouring the Artiste, Romen Singh said that Artiste has been taking a vital role in today’s society. They are the part and parcel of Humanity. Their art cannot be separated from us.  Their work is about connecting with people’s emotions. It becomes personal and at the same time universal. Artists play a different role and are committed to contribute to the well being of Society as a whole, so honouring them is a must.

Romen further said that organising the function of honouring the Artiste is not related to Politics. He has no intention to take any Political gain with such the Honour. It is the continuation of honouring different outstanding personalities of the Constituency. It is his sole duty to honour such persons acknowledging their contributions to the Society, he asserted.

 He said that he has been giving Aid to different backward class people of the Constituency for the last seven years tirelessly viz., launching of Widow Pension Scheme, Monthly Pension Scheme for Differently Abled Persons, Students’ Meritorious Awards and Scholarships for Students of the Constituency as well.

A number of 154 artists of different categories were honoured today. The Artiste thanked Romen Singh for the Act he performed.

IT News
Imphal , Sept 1:

The Indo Myanmar Association, Manipur today observed 26th foundation day by maintaining Covid behavior. The foundation day falls on April 23 but remains postponed due to covid-19 pandemic. The foundation day held at Khongman was presided by  Sh Shamu, Khongman, President Indo Myanmar Association.
Delivering keynote address, Pangambam Kunjabihari known as KB Enterprise highlighted the Association’s journey in building relations with the people of Myanmar particularly the Manipuri people who had settled in the neighbouring country.
Kunjabihari said the Indo-Myanmar Association (IMA) in collaboration with the Consulate General of India, Mandalay Sagaing District Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Manipur Industries Development Council, Manipur have jointly organized “Myanmar-India Business Summit and Trade Fair- from 11-12 January, 2019 at Town Hall Sagaing.
The Indo-Myanmar Association took an important part in the Summit. A 30-member delegation of prominent business leaders from Manipur dealing with various sectors participated in the event. The business delegates are from various sectors such as agriculture, fruits and vegetables, food processing, handloom, handicrafts, iron and steel products, financial services, healthcare, education, tourism, etc. The purpose of the Summit is to continue linkages among Manipuri communities, the business entrepreneurs of both the countries in this common platform. The business leaders from Myanmar had an opportunity to explore the possibility of business tie-ups, trade, investment and joint ventures with participating Indian companies. Companies from Myanmar can also take advantage of various opportunities for trade and investment in India particularly North East India, as today, India is one of the fastest growing major economies in the world and 6' largest economy; Government of India has undertaken a number of initiatives and introduced a series of reforms to further improve the businesses to avail of the various advantages of setting up businesses in Myanmar as the business environment in Myanmar is changing.
He further stated that the Indo-Myanmar Association donated 13 wheelchairs and a number of medicines to 3 Sagaing Hospital as a part of the Summit. The Summit was followed by visits to 6 industrial establishments in Sagaing Industrial Zone and I Individual presentation at the sites.
Sh. Shamu, President of the Indo-Myanmar Association (IMA) speaking at the function said that the Indo-Myanmar Association that the IMA was established in 1995 and registered in 2003 under the Manipur societies Registration act, 1989 (Manipur act no 1 of 1990). The founder president of the Association is Bijoykumar Langam who was born in Sittwe, capital of Rakhine state in 1922. He passed I.A from Judsan College under Rangoon University in 1942. He, however, came to Manipur during the Second World War. He is indeed a true son in this region of India and Myanmar. In fact, he was the first person who introduced learning of Burmese language in Manipur. Thus, the Indo-Myanmar Association was able to produce a number of Manipuris to learn the language.
President Sh Shamu further stated that at the Manipur University too, the IMA managed to open the Centre for Myanmar studies and imparted 1 year Diploma course in the language. Our Indo-Myanmar Association was able to publish 2 books for learning Myanmarese under his guidance. Now, on the demise of the founding President, I was elected unanimously for the g post on 23-April-2017 and continued to hold it till date. Our IMA’s principal objective is to enhance the contribution to the growth and development of the close relationship in socio- Economic, Trade and commerce including tourism and health sector in the region thereby increasing the economy of the peoples of both countries India and Myanmar under Act East Policy. Since IMA being a non-profiting organization under Least Developed Country (LDC), we want to develop a good relationship with Myanmar in general and Sagaing in particular and also to be involved in the activities for promotion of the economy of the people in this region Sh Shamu said.
While releasing the souvenir of Indo-Myanmar Association (IMA), Rk Nemai retd IAS said that the bond between these two countries - Government to Government and peoples to people need to be strengthened. And during the Covid -19 pandemic the Manipuri Myanmars will not forget those help from the Indo-Myanmar Association (IMA). And people will want to read the souvenir because the article of the write-up is excellent. The function attended Rk Nemai retd IAS,  Sh Shamu and  Khogendra khomdram President EGM, Dr Leishram Lokendra vice-President IMA as chief Guest, President, guest of honor respectively

IT News
Imphal, Aug 31:

Manipur Peace and Integrity (MAPI) Council expressed serious concern over the rising Covid-19 pandemic in the state. Many have been affected and many are having taught life trying to protect themselves from the pandemic. Almost all people have been facing extreme hard times due to the pandemic.
MAPI Council said that the 2nd wave is turning more dangerous than the 1st wave. It seems that the authority is facing extreme hardship in this second wave. Somehow the number of positive cases and fatalities rate has been decreased but the pandemic still is not under control.
The impact of the Covid -19 is making the lives of daily wage earners and those who live on borrowed money, either in the form of loan or through mutual agreement.
The problem is that borrowers have to pay high interest rate notwithstanding with the fact that the curfew or the lockdown has been open only a few days back. This only worsened the economic conditions of those people living on hand to mouth but it makes more to the money lenders.
The MAPI Council appealed to the money lenders and private as well as the government bank to stop collecting interest. Reports say that the money lenders are collecting 10%, 18%, 20% or 30% as interest rate. This is a serious matter and the Government of Manipur should intervene and relieved the daily wage earner.

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