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Jeet Akoijam

Jeet Akoijam, Resident Editor of Imphal Times hails from Singjamei Liwa Road. Has been with Imphal Times since its start. An International level Rugby player and  a regular Trekker and Nature Lover, loves spending time in lap of Mother Nature. Jeet is the father of two lovely kids. Jeet can be contacted at [email protected]

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Tuesday, 09 April 2019 17:10

The great escape

To the utter disbelief and consternation of many in the state, arguably the highest level of ‘Captive politics’ if one may use the term- was witnessed being practiced by the Biren-led ruling state government during the Rally held at Hapta Kangjeibung Day before yesterday. The scene unfolding during the late afternoon inside the compound where Prime Minister Narendra Modi was canvassing for his second term can only be described as controlled chaos to put it mildly. While it is a certainty that the state machinery and its think-tanks would have constructed their best possible explanation, no amount of justification or diversionary tactics will ever be able to cut ice with the public. The picture of a large number of ‘supporters’, mostly women clambering to come out of the compound through the gate which was kept shut from outside and manned by the security forces on the outside visibly trying to prevent those from inside from making an exit tells its own story. That a few of these women risked their lives by climbing the high iron gates in order to escape the fenced compound bears testimony to a grand scheme gone awry.
Given that politics is a game of numbers, it is not theatrical gestures or megalomanic oration that will retain the trust of the public. Politics of religion, hatred or coercion will only work so long. Fear has its limit and one who is pushed with the back against the wall will have no other option but to use the fear to come forward fighting with everything one has. This fact applies to a collective group or region as well and it would do well for those in power to recognize and remind themselves of this at all times. It is no secret that there are various jokes doing the rounds in the state regarding the alacrity with which the present Chief Minister reacts to any criticism to his personal self or his functioning. To a true leader of the people, such criticisms should be taken as an indicator of the perception of the public towards the temperament of the leader and not a personal affront. While money still opens many doors when it comes to influencing voting decisions, the palpable shift in social behavior and outlook of many a common man towards a more transparent, stable and tolerant party with a leader who walks the talk should be noted and given due importance.   
The biggest concern emerging with the various reports of the hidden motives and undeclared agenda behind the plethora of schemes and programs launched with more than the necessary fanfare and publicity ostensibly to benefit the common man and bring about social and economic benefits is the continuing relevancy of the present ruling party in affecting the desired changes increasingly needed by the common man without considerations for favours or faith- a vital point especially in the state as well as the North Eastern part of the country where respect and regard for another faith and belief is relatively high and more tolerant.
Bottomline is- instead of importing and implementing coercive and often vindictive means of making the public toe the line, a more liberal, participative and transparent governance will enable any political party to win the heart and hand of the common people. If the present state government believes it is up to the challenge, it should reign in and take strict measures to ensure insurgent groups like KNA who are reportedly threatening a number of villages with violence and unwanted consequences if the BJP candidate for the outer parliamentary constitution receives less than 90 percent of votes does not meddle in a free and fair election, to start with. Else the people of Manipur and the rest of the NorthEast region as a whole might very well adopt the stand of the people of Mizoram.

IT News
Senapati, April 7,

Expressing strong resentment and suspicions over the alleged escape of Nando KCP from police custody of JNIMS security ward, Senapati District frontal bodies in a joint statement has called for visible & intensive action to re-arrest the dreaded criminal.
 A joint statement issued by Naga People’s Organization (NPO), Senapati District Student’s Association (SDSA) and Senapati District Women’s Association (SDWA) has cried out foul play into the escape of Nando KCP and suspicious custodial death of police constable Manjur Ahmed.
Vehemently condemning the whole conspiracy of setting free a dreaded criminal who is an accused into the brutal murder of Baby Lungnila Elizabeth, the laxity and security lapses of the law enforcement agencies and the State Government is highly questionable. “Even before a final judgment is passed on the heinous crime the perpetrator committed against an innocent child, the escape of Nando from a security ward speaks volumn of immoral conspiracies and seriousness of the State Government” it noted. It also extended sincere solidarity to the family members of the demised Manipur Police constable Manjur Ahmad who died in police custody during arrest and interrogation in Nando KCP escape case. Demanding visible and stronger action to re-arrest Nando and book him under strictest law, the civil bodies has set a deadline of re-arresting the criminal within one week time, failure which the apex bodies will launch intensive agitation until Justice is delivered to the victims.

IT News

Imphal, April 5,

Three persons were injured and at least 70 houses damaged in a hailstorm, which hit Churachandpur district of Manipur on Tuesday, an officer said.

Mata, Tangmual, Bohlui, Sekhen and its adjoining areas were struck by the hailstorm, that lasted for about an hour.

The injured were admitted to the district hospital at Churachandpur, the officer said.

The severe windstorm at around 2.30 pm also damaged power supply lines and uprooted trees.

Detail information about the extent of losses caused by the hailstorm was being prepared.

Saturday, 30 March 2019 17:14

The approaching day of redemption

Keeping pace with the increasingly oppressive temperature which is evidently getting worse with each passing year, the heat is truly on for the upcoming Lok sabha election which is just over a fortnight away. With the candidature for the various contesting parties having finalized, most of the public in the state have made their decision, some more openly than others.
This time around, there is obviously a perceptible change in the way people approach the ‘Election Festival’ in that the candidates are less vocal and are more subdued in their approach towards canvassing support of the public. Is it that they have really and truly lost the plot and are playing safe by keeping mum rather than invite the wrath and scorn of the ever increasingly unforgettable and unforgiving public who now have the means and the temerity to dig out empty promises and lies at the swipe of a finger on their smartphones? Or is it that they have shifted their gameplan to harness the power of the internet and are funding exorbitant amount of money without a trace to shore up proxy supporters to try and sway public opinion- a ploy not unfamiliar with the citizens of the nation?
Whatever the truth may turn out to be, one thing that is felt absent by all and sundry is the ‘Manifesto’ or ‘Pledge’ or ‘Promises’ or whatever else one might term it- the list of expressed necessities the candidates and the party is set out to fulfill. Rather than focusing on the future of the state and the country by raising issues and topics which the parties and candidates feel deserves attention and prioritization, there is a growing trend for self-declared supporters or idolaters as some had declared themselves, to delve into the past of the candidates and comparing the legal and criminal records. No doubt, such revelations are useful in considering the choice of right candidates but also can, and are often misleading to say the least. Such a growing trend also points to a submissive mentality of having forced to choose a lesser evil rather than viewing the election as an opportunity to make a resounding statement and to exercise the best gift of democracy. The sad reality is that the people in our state as is like the vast majority of others in almost every state does not see the whole process much beyond certain personal benefits and are willing to exchange or give up their suffrage for meagre financial gains.
In this connected digital world of today, it is easy to sway or be swayed by various inputs and social media contents. We need to consider the pros and cons in a very objective manner taking into consideration the ability for individuals to handle various pressures and challenges and their response to the same. This should be viewed as a golden opportunity for the public to rectify the wrongs perpetrated by the representatives and serve as an example that the aspirations and needs of the common people cannot be ignored nor abused. But for that to happen, we the people need to exercise our suffrage with utmost care and respect. Let us all realize our worth and act accordingly. We are the source of power and if there is anyone to blame for the stupid and self-centred people winning elections, it is ourselves. It is almost too late to make another mistake that will haunt us for the next half-decade and probably the rest of our lives.
Our acts rather than our words will determine if our society as a whole is matured enough to warrant passing judgment on our leaders. Notwithstanding the plethora of promises and rosy pictures of a better future being peddled by the political parties in their bid to woo the voters which has come into significance during such times, it will ultimately be the decision of the public to retrospect, deliberate and act on our own decisions. And the time to act is now.

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