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Jeet Akoijam

Jeet Akoijam

Jeet Akoijam, Resident Editor of Imphal Times hails from Singjamei Liwa Road. Has been with Imphal Times since its start. A National level Rugby player and  a regular Trekker and Nature Lover, loves spending time in lap of Mother Nature. Jeet is the father of two lovely kids. Jeet can be contacted at [email protected]

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Racial hate crime increasing in Delhi against the NE peoples

IT News

New Delhi, March 23

Yet another racial attack occurred amidst the pandemic COVID-19 at the capital city of Delhi. At around 9.30 p.m. just after the “Janta curfew” ended, two Delhi University students went out of their PG to get some groceries when a man in his 40s on a white colored two wheeler drove by and spat paan from mouth on to the girls aiming for their faces.

This uncivilized incident took place near the University campus at Vijay Nagar, Single storey - North-West Delhi. The street was deserted because of the curfew and the man in question took this as an opportunity to carry forth his devious action.

A complaint has been raised to the Delhi Police right after the incident. Due to the affect of the pandemic spread of the disease, most hostellers and PG residents from the North-East has left for their respective hometown. This has made a rapid decline of the number of people from the region staying at the capital, making them more vulnerable to the discrimination.

Racial Discrimination against the North-eastern residents in the capital is no news. There have been cases where people have actually died because of such discrimination.

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Naga Republic day

IT News
Imphal March 21

The Naga StudentFederation this year is celebrating its republic day in a curtailed yet symbolic manner, due to the covid 19 pandemic.
 The students; body pay homage to all who had laid down their lives in the service of the nation.
The Federation, in a statement expressed serious concern to the ever widening divide in our Naga society today.
“We can ill afford this during this critical juncture of our long political journey which has been sustained with blood, sweat and tears beyond borders by all Nagas.
At this critical phase, the NSF appreciates the NSCN -IM and the NNPG and all political groups’ dynamic leadership for all the contributions they have made towards furthering the Naga cause.” the statement said.
 That said, the palpable differences in ideology and approach between the groups have been doing the Naga society much harm than good despite all that they’ve achieved on different negotiating tables. It is the collective aspiration of the Naga youth and student community, for both the negotiating groups to shed their differences and come on a common  platform, to find the best possible path and solution  for the Nagas in the present political circumstances, with out losing the unique political history of the Nagas for a lasting peace in the region. We sincerely  appeal the political groups to forge a unified front in the interest of those who will inherit the out come of the political negotiation.
The future of the Naga society cannot be subjected to the nefarious whims of those seeking to divide and fragment us, but focus on confidence building measures to enhance brotherhood and camaraderie.
The NSF appeals the leaders of all the Naga political groups to shed aside their ego, mistrust and everything that is preventing  them from coming together as one entity. The time has come for both the negotiating teams to bring whatever has been agreed upon and mutually accepted in one table, carry out deep dive study, compare and contrast to deliberate the ones which will best serve the interest of the Naga people. They should be ably assisted by panel of Naga experts who have proven track record in the field of  Politics, Administration, Finance, Education, Constitutional, Developmental etc. In order to ensure and cater to the socio-economic imbalances in all Naga inhabited areas, as non inclusive policy adopted would only make the entire process shallow.  
It is our genuine belief that unless this process is initiated and carried out in the true spirit of Naga unity and Naga public aspiration for permanent peace in all Naga inhabited areas, the solution to the Naga issue will aloof us .The guiding principle should uncompromisingly remain ‘ one issue , one solution’, and it is possible only if there is clear political clarity on post accord arrangements  and deep political understanding of the subject and not flimsy assumptions.
The NSF, further, appeals the Government of India under the able and dynamic leadership  of Shri. Narendra Modi for the political Will to conclude the vexed Naga political issue. The GoI should now refrain from any divide and rule policy, instead change its approach based on its true merit and create a bonhomie environment to facilitate the process for early solution based on what ever has been agreed, as any reversion would only delay the process. The Naga people bank on the sincerity of GOI to bring forth a solution that is inclusive, honourable and acceptable as per the legitimate right of the Nagas.
In conclusion the NSF reiterates its earlier message to the Naga masses to remain united, show unconditional love towards each other, respect each others differences and limitations with humility and together with Christ, forge towards our ultimate goal till its logical conclusion.

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Congress has still 28 numbers - Ibobi

IT News

Imphal, March 20

Even though Forest Minister Th. Shyamkumar had boldly stated that he has not been disqualified from the post of MLA by the Speaker’s Tribunal, he had every right to enter the Manipur Legislative Assembly and had assured to cast vote in the upcoming Rajya Sabha Election, Congress Party firmly believe that the Manipur Legislative Assembly will be abide by the directives of the Supreme court to restrain him from entering the Assembly Premises.

Leader of the opposition while answering to a question on course of action that the party might take up if in case Th. Shyamkumar is allowed to caste vote in RS election, said that he didn’t expect the ruling government or even the speaker of the Manipur Legislative Assembly to go against the Supreme Court ruling.

Meanwhile, Ibobi said that Congress numbers in the state Assembly is still 28. In connection with a question to the status of the 7 defected congress MLA , Ibobi said that they have not been expelled from the Congress Party.   


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KSO threatens statewide bandh demanding punishment of culprits involved in Chassad incident; Zillai demands protection of the villagers

IT News

Imphal, March 19

Kuki Students Organisation (KSO) General Headquarters today threatened to call statewide bandh demanding arrest and punishment of those culprits involved in the burning of paddy field and houses on March 16 evening at Chassad Village of Kamjong district in Manipur from midnight of March 20.

In a press meet held today at Kuki Inn here in Imphal, the leader of the KSO said that the organization is not happy over the state government failure to nab culprits involved in Chassad arson even after videos of those involved went viral in Social Medias. The KSO said that if the state government authority fail to arrest and book those culprits within 36 hour, the KSO will call statewide bandh from midnight of March 20.

On the other hand the Zillai (Vaiphei Students Association) General Headquarters expressed shock to the news about the burning down of Chassad village in Kamjong district of Manipur on March 16.

“It is learned that about 150 houses, including a school, and about 10 vehicles were reduced to cinders. The loss in terms of household items like furniture, utensils, clothes and others is beyond quantification”, a statement said.

It said that the inhumane act perpetrated upon the villagers of Chassad is deplorable, especially with security forces nearby. Such a barbaric act was supposedly a thing of the past, and that it could be executed in this twenty-first century is deeply disturbing, and deserves outright condemnation without mincing words, the statement added.

Showing solidarity to the villagers of Chassad the Zillai urged the State government to provide adequate protection to the village and also to provide relief and compensation commensurate with their loss besides rebuilding the village.

The association also urged one and all to come forward in helping the homeless villagers as they struggle to rebuild their lives in the aftermath of this terrible tragedy, and show that compassion and benevolence is still alive in humanity.

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