Salam Chingkheinganba

Salam Chingkheinganba

Chingkheinganba has been a journalist for more than 4+ years and is popular among the team for his reporting style. In his spare time, he teaches kids from his locality. He and his parents reside in Singjamei Chingamakha Kshetri Leikai . He holds a Masters Degree in Mass Communication from Manipur University. Chingkheinganba is available via email at [email protected]

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IT News
Imphal March 29

Former President of AMSU Manjit Sarangthem has today taken charge as the new convener of Joint Students’ Coordinating Committee (JSCC).
JSCC which was founded in 2011 was an apex student body comprising of four students organization of Manipur i.e. AMSU, MSF, KSA, SUK.
Speaking in an oath taking cum charge handing ceremony held at Press Club today Manjit Sarangthem said that student play a very important role in the society. Various roles have been taken by the students in different revolutions around the world he added. He further said that the responsibility of the youth and the students has been added even more in the era of Information Technology to bring social change in a place where various draconian laws has been imposed, many were killed by fake encounters and also even tried to eradicate the people of the state through various tactics since 1949 by mainland.
Highlighting the importance of Information Technology Manjit said that with the use of it we can know what was happening in various parts of the world. He also brought up the issue to bring an independent economy highlighting the enormous resources that Manipur has and appealed the people to build up a work culture attitude.
He concluded that they should fight the oppressor who tried to snatch the survival of indigenous people and to bring a strong bonding between the hill and the valley for a united Manipur.
Manjit finally concluded that JSCC will fight collectively to bring a new independent society.
Outgoing convenor of JSCC Ng. Milan President of MSF handed the charge to Manjit Sarangthem.

IT News
Imphal, March 29,

45th General Assembly election of All Manipur Students’ Union (AMSU) elects Peter Laishram as the New President of the student body.
An oath taking ceremony was held today at the Headquarter of the Union.
Peter Laishram said that he along with the newly executives of AMSU will primarily focus on the degrading education system of the state and the pending issues of the Citizenship Amendment Bill.
Huirongbam Priyananda and Makakmayum Abdul Hakim were the Vice President and Bipinchandra Ahanthem was elected as the Secretary General of the Union.

IT News
Imphal March 28,

Joint Students’ Coordinating Committee (JSCC), a joint body of four student bodies namely AMSU, MSF, KSA, SUK and four women organisations KANGLAMEI, Poirei Leimarol Apunba Meira Paibi Lup, CHITUWA and AMKIL today declared banned to KAI and Ningthibi Collection from organising social events.
Speaking to the media person at a press meet held at AMSU Head office, Convenor of JSCC Ng. Milan said that they strongly condemned Utlou incident which was organised by KAI (Ningthibi) on 22nd of March where the locals later disrupted for being inappropriate.
Highlighting the impact of such events Milan further said that not only the youths are demoralised by the event but the whole society was given a negative impact by it.  
In order to find a prolonged solution the student bodies along with the women organisation have thoroughly discussed with various stake holders and the organisers of the event. Milan said that organising such event gives negative impact to the youths and also it gives a way to fuse the imported festival Holi along with Yaoshang and the used of various liquors in the event in the state where liquors is banned  is a serious issue. He further said because of such reasons which will demoralised the youth and the society, the civil society organisations along with the student body were left with no choice but to ban the activities of the KAI (Ningthibi).
Milan also said that all the person who had attended the event should come and meet the Civil Society organisations within three days from today to discussed with them on how and why they are part of such event. He further warned that the responsibilities for those who doesn’t heed will be taken by the individual itself.
President of Poirei Leimarol Memcoubi said that the event have maligned the image of the unique festival. She added that such activities is very odd and not suitable for the society and also lead to demoralised the youths.  She added that the place where the event took place was also banned from organising any events.
Regarding the arrest of the locals who disrupts such events by police Memchoubi expressed strong condemnation. She also questioned the availability of huge quantity of liquors when the election code of conduct is in force. “No arrest was made from among the participants or the organisers who need to be arrested for the liquors, but instead locals who disrupted the events to protect the youths were arrested”, Memchoubi added.
Memchoubi also lambasted the silence of the Chief Ministers and his government regarding the issue.

IT News
Imphal, March 28,

As a part of its drive against illicit liquor and intoxicants, Coalition Against Drugs & Alcohol (CADA) today organised an awareness programme on the impact of the illicit drugs to student community at Master Sankey English School in Irilbung Bzar , Imphal East at 11.30 am.
Angom Konjenbam Somi-Administrator Master Sankey English School; Ningthoujam Doren – Vice-President CADA and Ningthoujam Memchoubi-President CADA IE District Committee attended as dignitaries. Secretary General of the CADA Ningthoujam Memchoubi spoke as resource person.
Geetchandra Mangang, while speaking on the occasion stressed on the various causes that force the students and youths in taking the illicit drugs. Misconception like using intoxicant as a manly character, considering smoking as a fashion is the root of encouraging youth in using intoxicants , Geetchandra said.  
The influence of users to the youths in using drugs was also elaborated by the resource persons . Peer pressure which is a pressure from users to non users friends were also categorically explained by the resource person.
Compulsion of beer and drinks in Birthday party which is an alien phenomenon but the alien concept has become a factor for spoiling the students and youths of the state.
Presidium member Ningthoujam Doren – Vice-President, CADA while speaking on the occasion said that students and youth are the future of the nation and it is a must that the students and the youth remain healthy to push forward the nation to a developed nation. If these future of the nation are damage with the intoxicant then the future is at stake.

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